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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  August 29, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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the department was targeted because he was wearing a uniform and now the man who took his life, behind bars for what authorities call a cowardly execution. >> the gas station has reopened but the pump getre the killing opened as turned into a memorial. people from all otover the community and beyond cominto honor the department. the 30-year-old spect has a criminal record but the sheriff says before last night, department goforth had not encountered his killer. >> jacob, thank you. overseas to a deadly anthd growi f crisis unfolding oe?the borders of europes. thousands of refugees trying to esc hape war and poverty in search of a better life. richard engel is on the bor r tonight. >> reporter: syrian
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fugees are on the run. we met this young man, 16 years old. he's heading north to seek asylum. he's een traveling for two weeks already through five countries. the next stop is hungary. >> i'm aptimistics. i hope to get there and no one will stop us, he says. just one more country to go. >> the biggest migration since world war ii is underway. a new trail of tears from the war zones in the middle east to western europe. if the can mak it. >> reporter: for him, the day began across from a park in belgrade, packed with fellow syria yans. then one bus after another, battling other syriaens to get on. determined, he always ma shaged to find a seat.
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>> it's a huge responsibility, i'm my family's own hope, he says. >> reporter: his home was destroyed in the war. he hasn't been to school in four years and plans to settle in germany and then bri g his family, but he spent nearly all their savings already and doesn't have much left. >> i walked 30 miles or one more day, he says so i wouldn't have to pay 30 for a taxi. but he says he has to make it. >> reporter: one of thousands of teenagers and children, traveling in difficult conditions for an uncertain future. this is a mass exodus, le paderless and spontaneous, as yria yans have decided there's no hope back home and to hit the road. nbc news. >> closer to home toni ght, erika as we prakened into a tropical low pressure system. now heading toward florida where it threatens heavy rains
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and possible flooding. our report tonight from gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: today a wider look at the devastation and the small caribbean island island. roads washed away, the airport batters as tropical storm erika barrelled through. the death toll now up to 20. dozens are unaccounted for. the prime minister says the damage will set this country back for two decades. >> we have to pull together steady yourselvus. >> r orter: today erika dissipated. this woman in port-au-prince said she was lying in bed when her neighbor's usl collapsed on her. the storm's remnants are drenching cuba. florida still under a state of emergency and bracing for heavy rain tomorrow. >> the storm has been completely we have to continue to watch it.
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coast guard. >> reporter: the coast guard is warning boaters of the looming storm which could restrengthen. >> all mariners are advised to use caution. >> reporter: where the storm dumped a foot of rain in less than four hours, tonight communities are unrecognizable. sinking in. ten years ago tonight, hurricane katrina slammed new orleans. it was the deadliest hurricane in u.s. history. more than 1800 people died. nearly half of them drowned. while today was marked by commemorations, it was also a day to highlight the work left to be done. christen, hi. >> reporter: good evening. none of us who were here during that time will ever forget the destruction. no 80% of the city was under water. 70% of the homes damged or destroyed.
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but this is this the headline today, resurrection. ten years ago, water filled new orleans ninth ward. >> reporter: today a flood of people. survivors, celebrating resilience resilience. >> we're back. we love it. >> reporter: there was a replay to honor victims who were never identified. a parade to show new orleans music and spirit are stronger than ever. people were also doing what they have been every day since katrina. rebuilding. this woman has only been back in her house for a month. >> i've been through so much. and finally 2015 was my year. >> i'm dedicated to new orleans. >> reporter: for this woman, now lives just a few blocks from the
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rebuilt levies, there are fears. >> you can see the levies. do you trust it in. >> i do not. >> reporter: so many, this is home, so this is where hope lives too. >>he i'm not going anywhere else. and i love new orleans. there's nothing else for me. >> reporter: a lot of encredibly strong people we've met over the past decade. while it is an uneven recovery, there are places celebrating. >> in mississippi, the echoes of katrina remain as well. ten yea after the turn destroyed families, the population hasn't yet fully recovered. and while the scars are slowly healing, struggling to return back to normal. mark potter as our report tonight. hurricane katrina struck the mississippi coast, the town of waveland bore the brunt of the storm.
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and was obliterated by 120 miles per hour winds and a nearly 30-foot high ocean storm surge. most of the homes and businesses when we arrived were destroyed. 25 residents were killed. this woman lost her mother to the storm. >> it was like the big biggest bomb you could imagine went off. >> reporter: waveland has cleaned up and many have rebuilt their homes near the coast. >> why would you not want to live here and rebuild? >> this right here was a rest restaurant. >> reporter: the mayor says there are problems as the town still struggles with its recovery. since katrina, waveland has slupg from shrunk. the mayor blames strict building codes and high insurance rates. >> my flood insurance
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is going to go to $3900 from 700. >> there are only five businesses. much of this area is nothing more than empty field. the 29-member police department still works out of a trailer after 12 feet of water building. forcing them to cling to rooftops and trees during the storm. >> you were literally lost in your own city. >> this woman now paints in memory of survive. warning others in future storms to heed the evacuation orders. >> don't do it to the people you love. how hard is it to go? it's not that hard. go. >> reporter: ten years lat'ter, the resilience continues while an undercurrent of pain still lingers. mark potter, nbc news, waveland, mississippi.
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>> a teacher who died trying to protect her children at sandy hook has been honored with a school in her name. the victoria soto elementary school opened. she was among six educators and 20 children killed in the shooting in december of 2012. her family said she would have been proud to have taught in that school. >> a new target for republican front runner donald trump in another in his series of remarks. he blasted hillary clinton's top aid and her husband. katie katie tur is on the trail with trump tonight. >> reporter: at the national in a initialville. if your a republican in name only yk you're not welcome. >> i think it is on the minds of a lot of the members here today. >> donald trump who
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opponents have oi accused of being a rhino is here today. calling himself a reagan republican. >> i'm a republican. i'm a conservative, but i'm just as angry with the conservative. >> by coming here. are you telling them you won't be doing a third party run? >> i think over the next couple of weeks you'll see some things that are interesting. >> is he a reagan republican? >> i think he's a trump republican. >> i don't think he's created a new category. it's based on people believing that through his sheer will that he will be able to deliver on some greatness in the future. >> reporter: the billionaire billionaire's nashville appearance, he was cheered for taking aim at hillary clinton's topped a vie or the and her husband who left congress in
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the wake of a sex scandal. >> so uma is getting classified secrets. she's married to a bad guy. i've known anthony weiner for a long time. >> the clinton campaign firing back calling his words disgraceful. >> about a fund raising appeal echoing that the rules for the next republican debate people her off the main stage. i asked trump. he said it would be a shame not to see fiorina up there. >> chuck todd will have much more on the trump effect tomorrow morning on meet the press. when nightly news continues on this saturday, when the medical professional in charge of your primary care is not a doctor, plus, spelling out daily protein needs muscle health? high protein nutritional drink can help you get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong
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why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong. >> we are back now with medical information about a growing doctor shortage expected to reach 31,000 within the next ten years. so worry somethat now patients are turning to nurse practitioners to fill the gap but not doctors and not all states are on board with that decision. >> reporter: the hope family clinic in salt lake city probably looks like your typical doctor's office. but the owner will tell you something is different here. >> at this clinic is there a doctor overseeing you? >> no. here in utah, nurse
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practitioners do not need the oversight of a physician. >> a registered nurse for 25 years, she went back to school to become a nurse practicer. >> she cashed in her 401 k to open up this primary care clinic in march largely treating problems like cold, flu, and ear infections. she charges less than most clinics and has more than 180 patients. many don't have insurance. >> i would have had to figure out the payments. >> reporter: experts expect a shortage and some feel a clinic like this is one that can help fill the gap. but 29 states prevent nurse practitioners preventd vent them from practicing without a doctor. physicians undergo
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more rigorous training. >> the answer to a shortage of one profession is not creating more of a different profession. it's ensuring that we have coordinated care across an entire team of health care professionals doing the best possible work for patients. >> if i have a patient who has a condition that's more than i can deal with, i'm going to refer them to a specialist. >> reporter: she consults regularly with a doctor. >> a good practitioner regardless of their specialty, they know their limits. >> reporter: for patients with more serious needs, she starting a foundation to help with expensive procedures. like this woman. a knee surgery will cost $10,000. >> so the clinic is going to try to help you raise the money. >> yes. >> reporter: what does that mean to you? >> it's wonderful. >> reporter: a healing hand with a nurse's
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a horse beat the odds to overtake the champion horse. in june they became the first horse to sweep the kentucky derby, the preakness, and the belmont stakes. a vast majority of americans say they are good spellers but some words are still causing more trouble than ores. the three versions of there along with february and definitely are all words that annoy people most when spelled wrong according to a new survey. women say they notice mistakes more than men. but millennials are the most annoyed. as for any grammar pet peeve, it's then versus than. vin skully will be back for a 67th season of calling la dodgers game. the owner of the team delivered the news last night on the stadium jumbotron along with jimmy kimmel and fans immediately cheered for the 87-year-old icon.
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>> reporter: at home in suburban indianapolis, black labs are ordinary family pets but casey and cole are also on a mission to help save lives. >> what are you going to do when you see smoke? good job. your clothes are on fire. good job. these pups are on the road constantly, 400 visits a year to elementary schools, summer camps and church groups teaching fire safety. stop drop and roll pupper pup pupper pup pupper pup pupper pi style. >> at least 15 kids have told rescuers they learned what they used from his dogs to get out of a fire alive. >> you never go back in your house, not even for a brother or sister. >> if he had come here all by himself, do you think you would have remembered these lessons as well. >> no. i think having the dogs here would help us remember it more.
6:55 pm
>> and a little comedy helps too. >> kind of i like when her rolled over and showed that you could end up a dead dog. >> reporter: owens has been doing this for more than 22 years reaching more than 4 million kids. >> i've been the firefight in a fire pulling children out. i live with those images -- i'll live it with my whole life. if i can prevent a firefight from having to do that just once, it makes all the difference in the world. >> reporter: with 12-year-old retirement, the next generation is in training. meet 15-week old ca callie. >> reporter: winning hearts and maybe saving lives. >> wow. casey, cole, callie, that's a great story. that is nbc nightly news for this saturday.
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reporting from new york, we'll see you back here tomorrow night.
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odell beckha jr. took the in the by storm last year. in 12 games, 91 catches and 12 touchdowns but he's looking for his first catch of the preseason and he will be tested tonight because the jets welcome back, darrelle revis who spent the last year winning a super bowl with new england. he's back to anchor the jets' d. summer in the city means a football tradition in late august, where bragging rights are, once again, at stake. careers. >> and sanchez in a lot of pain. franchise. >> touchdown giants! 99 yards. >> we want to be the best team in town, no matter what happens at the end of the season.
6:58 pm
>> and tonight, we see the best. >> going up. >> line up against the best. >> what a catch by the rookie! >> it's something that will never leave my mind. >> it's rivalry renewed, the giants and jets on a hot summer night, next. nbc 4 new york presents new york giants preseason football. and we welcome you to metlife stadium in east rutherford, new jersey. nbc 4 new york presents new york giants preseason football as the new york football giants take on the jets in the metlife bowl. hello again everyone, so glad you can join us. we're live in the new york presbyterian hospital broadcast booth, i'm bob papa. it's the bragging rights, it's the giants and jets. they'll meet in the regular season, which will be a giants home game. two weeks from tomorrow night the giants kick off their 2015 season in dallas against the cowboys.
6:59 pm
there are still a lot of questions to be answered for this football team and some of those will be answered tonight in this third preseason match-up. joining me as always a two-time super bowl champion and celebrating his birthday tonight, carl banks and you participated in nine of the giants-jets preseason games. it's more than just the third preseason game. >> it really is. and the opportune time is now because it is the third, final rehearsal, dress rehearsal for the starters so the intensity is really going to be that of a regular season game but here's always some intensity for the bragging rights and just a big rivalry. >> when you take a look at the new york giants going into 2015, one of the things you feel comfortable about was what they c do on offense. giants head coach tom coughlin wants to see more. >> in the words of tom coughlin, show me something. he wants better communication, better execution, better timing and better availability of the players that are going to be out there.


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