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tv   News 4 New York  NBC  August 30, 2015 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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police say a man managed to get past security by entering the hallway through an exit. now, take a look at this picture. the man who posted this photo on social media says he saw tsa agents chase a man down with guns drawn, and as they went in and they arrested him. now, exactly what that man was doing when he entered through the exit or allegedly ran from the tsa to begin with is not clear, although, a witness tells the associated press he heard the man rambling about being afraid of getting shot and money. at least some of the p'ssengers we spoke with tonight say the incident made them a little uneasy. >> i think it's pretty scary, in a way, like, despite of all of the check points and all inspections, someone could still go through. >> there to chase them, but they caught him and averted anything, you know, so could have been worse. think about it, could have been wod'rse. a lo
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t of crazies out there. >> reporter: certainly could haisve been a lot worse. again, that man is in custody toni t, and investigators are trying to figure out how and why he went through that exit door. reporting live from newark liberty airport, news 4 news. >> ida thanks. to the death of an iconic filmmaker, you may not know his name, but know his movies that gave you nightmares. >> a for you two, don't fal asleep. >> wes craven author of "nightmare on elm street" and many others died in his home today in los angeles after a battle with brain cancer. he's known for bringing audiences the scream franchise, box office sensations, but craven was not only the director of horror films, but the prolific filmmakers of all time, survived by his wife, producer, and former studios vp, his son, daughter, and their families.
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the family stated he was surrounded by love in the presence of his family many his los angeles home and want everyone to know he was a nature lover and committed bird conservationist serving as a long time member of the board of directors. wes craven dead at the age of 76. meanwhile, the heat is cranking back up. we hit 90 today. the question is, though, are we in the middle of a heat wave as we usher in september? steve? >> the answer is it's very likely. kids are headed back to school as we head into this work, which not all kids, but some kids are going back to school as pe head into this weekings and it will be a very warm week. in fact, today, in the city, we kind of had a high of 90 degrees, and morristown 90, bridgewater 90, and belmar at 90 as well. that would be day one of the potential heat wave. tomorrow morning, when we first start off the day, temperatures
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will be in the mid-7 o s, but as we head into the afternoon, look at that, factoring in the heat and humidity, it could feel like the mid-90s. a little cooler tuesday, but with the heat and humidity, it feels like the 90s from the city back to new jersey, but not as bad down the jersey shore. good news there. in the meantime, one isolated shower in sussex county tonight. what about the rest of the week? any rain in the forecast? talking about that in minutes. back to you. >> steve, thank you. remember to track the forecast any time with our news 4 new york app. sign up to get weather alerts straight sent to your smart phone or tablet. new tonight, helicopters and boats used to search for a woman in the hudson river. police tell news 4 the worm walked into the water off 68th street before 9:00 tonight and never came back out of the river. nypd is in the river searching
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for the woman. we are making calls for more formation about what happened here. new tonight, the school ye off a violent start at rutgers. two students attacked within two hours in separate incidents off campus. one was sexual assaulted near richson and wyckoff street, and the other student hit by a flying object someone threw out a car window on hamilton street. ray has more. ray? >> reporter: rob, students are really concerned, especially about the extent of the attacks not far from campus days(before the start of the fall semester. some students are uestioning their safety. >> it's our third night living happening. >> reporter: unsettling week. students received a crime alert a fe ow student was sexual assaulted near richardson. >> that could have been one of us, and that's scary. >> reporter: happened at 2:45 sunday morning. a man walked behind a young
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woman trying to talk to her. police say he followed the victim in the backyard and sexually assaulted her before running off. sunday morning, investigators were combing backyards for evidence. >> sad you can't walk home by yourself, even if we were here, living a minute ape way, scary you can't walk by yourself. >> reporter: before that, a young woman hit with a movingy projectile from a moving car. police are looking into that crime. making me feel so unsafe. it's a college environment, thatever, and it's still unsafe. >> unnerving for a group of juniors picking this neighborhood because thinking it was safe. >> across from the library, and close to the campus. >> reporter: in a statement, we urge courage all members to use good personal safety practicings such as w iking in groups and report activities to police. >> i wake up to a crime alert ha that a girl here was sexual assaulted. that could have been me.
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>> reporter: rutgers had police controls in the neighborhood, the most heavily populated by students and offers officer escorts who feel they need one. classes here start on tuesday. live in new brunswick, new jersey, news 4 new york. >> great, thank you. meanwhile, a horrific scene at the port authority bus terminal. a 46-year-old stabbed in a public restroom before 7:00 this morning. these two men knew one another, got in an argument with 22-year-old green, pulling out a knife, and stabbed the other several times. green was arrested a short while later. the victim is in stable condition. moving to a deadly dispute between a landlord and tenant. it's not clear what sparked the violence, but the ten nanlt was shot dead, and the landlord, a man in his 80s, behind bars, facing manslaughter charges at a home in new jersey, and the story now from news 4.
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>> reporter: police tape still surrounds the home where john weave shot and killed his tenant saturday afternoon. >> very disturbing when it happens next door from where you live. >> come home to see police cars, mobile units, it was kind of thscary. >> reporter: the police found the 58-year-old's body in the back of the house, shot in the chest after an argument. they have not said anything about the potential cause of the fight, but the neighbor thinks is stemmed from moving out issues. >> supposedly the gentleman who was killed was going to have a really hard time relocating, and there was a competition between the two of them, police were here a few days prior to this. there might have been a dispute that completely isolated to something horrible. >> two weeks ago, they were both in the bank talking. you know, didn't see any issues. >> reporter: they don't know much about the tenant killed. they didn't think he was capable
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of even shooting a gun. he asked us not to show his face for safety concerns. >> when i heard he shot somebody, i couldn't believe it because he was so weak. i can't believe he was able to shoot a gun. >> reporter: police arrested him, facing an aggravated manslaughter charge. in new jersey, news 4 new york. well, the bright lights of broadway dimmer tonight following the tragic death of a rising star in le miss misreables. >> he died after a fall from a forty story fire escape on friday. he was just 21 years old, the first african-american and youngest person to play the role on broadway. cast members spoke about the tragic loss after today's matinee performance. >> just really happy and fortunate to have everyone going through a collective grief. no one feels alone. >> very shocking to have
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something like this happen, so unexpectedly, and to someone who had so much ahead of him, his future was very bright. >> the actor who played the role in today's performance honored john by wearing a black arm band in the final scene. still ahead on "news 4 new york" hillary clinton was a serious threat in iowa as new polls show what many thought was a long shot. her nearest rival closing in. terrifies close encounter, look at this, a shark circles and then follows a pair of frightened kayakers.
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well, we are back with fresh insight into the 2016 race for the white house. new iowa results put bernie sanders 20 points ahead of hillary clinton. donald trump stop in iowa is paying off, however, a washington outsider, dr. ben carson, is nipping at his heels. >> is it trouble? >> reporter: two front runners, two different fortunes in a new poll today while trump surges. >> our country's in big trouble. >> hillary clinton is struggling. today, secretary clinton is out raising money as a new iowa poll catapults sanders within striking distance, seven points
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behind clinton, her support plummeting 20 points since the last poll. sanders, who is also catching up to clinton in new hampshire, weighed in today. >> this is pro-bernie sanders and pro a message that says enough is enough, and the country and government belong to all of us, not just a handful of very wealthy people. >> reporter: while a poll shows the e-mail issue is not important, they are lacking on to the controversy. >> hillary clinton, one scandal after another. >> reporter: the wild card for democrats? vice president joe biden with a surprise appearance in delaware saturday. he's not even announced, but comes in third place with 14% support in iowa. >> this is a movement. >> reporter: meanwhile, trump leads by 23% support in iowa. this weekend, trump courting voters in nashville. >> i don't want it about me. it's about common sense. it's about doing the right thing.
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>> reporter: another gop surprise? near surgeon ben carson is a close second to trump at 18%, ahead of ted cruz, jeb bush, and scott walker. ben carson has circuts, but seen at nontraditionals and washington outsider. >> i will never go and lick the boots of rich people and special interest groups. >> reporter: sanders, trump, and carson vote show voters want none establishment candidates. >> democrats or republicans, they are tired of politicians. they distrust politicians and looking for somebody who is authentic, genuine, telling you the truth even if you don't like it. >> the clinton campaign brushing aside the polls saying it competitive race is expected. in new hampshire next week, hillary clinton will get a public endorsement from a popular endorsement from once governor of the state.
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president obama leaves tomorrow for alaska to push for sweeping action on climate change, a three-day trip, first of the kind for a sitting president, calling for ur gent and aggressive action to tackle climate change ahead of a meeting in paris in test. it's a don't over how to balance environmental protection with development. the final okay for shell to drill for oil off the west coast. >> somebody like president obama who presumably understands science and numbers, it's effectively drill, baby, drill. >> inaction is no longer an option, the families, the communities, their way of life is being threatened. >> on the eve of the trip, major announcement as president obama is changing the name of the alaska's mt. mckinley to mt. denali. >> all right. we have a check of the weather. we hit 90 today. there's a chance we'll move into
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another heat wave, yes? >> yes. in fact, most of the week, temperatures will be in the 90s, and then you factor in the humidity. >> it's hot out there right now. >> very warm, and factor in the humidity, and it feels like the lower to mid-90s for most of the week, and school kids are going back to school starting this week, so as we go back to school, they will need shorts because, boy, oh, boy, it's a hot one. otherwise, right now, as we look down on the plaza, we could have a brief shower move across the five burroughs, but now it is quiet. we hit 90 degrees in the park, first day of a potential heat wave, and it looks like in the next several day, temperatures will be in the low 90s. most of the week is hot, humid, and generally dry this week. no real rainstorms headed our way, maybe a spot shower or thunderstorm tomorrow, but that's about it. most of us, though, remaining dry.
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76 currently reading over to floral park. cooler in stanton island, and monticello at 68 degrees. most of us dry. one shower in sussex county, moving across the five earlier, cooling us down, across to nassau county and sussex county. in pennsylvania, spot showers, isolate isolated, and some moving through the overnight hours. otherwise, we are dry, but notice all the clouds stretching all the way down to the deep south. showers and thunderstorms across the carolinas, and all of this will start to move on out to sea, but it is forcing some clouds into the region. we will see cloudy skies tonight into tomorrow morning, and tomorrow afternoon, we go partly sunny as high pressure builds in, and the area of higher pressure keeps us hot and humid throughout the week. tomorrow morning, stepping out,
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it's a warm one, in the mid-70s up to 90 tomorrow. mix of sun and clouds. early tomorrow morning, there are all those clouds, especially from the city and down to the jersey shore, and in the afternoon hours, we go partly sunny, and we can't rule out a spot shower here and there, otherwise, partly sunny, and with the southwesterly winds, temperatures tomorrow in the low 90s, feeling like the mid-90s factoring in the humidity. tonight, it is a warm one, and coastal areas in the 70s, inland in the 60s as we head into tomorrow, daytime high of 91 in midtown, feeling like the mid-90s with the humidity, and check out that seven day forecast. no rain in the forecast. we could use some, especially to break some of that heat. we are in the 90s for most of the week. that is, yes, quite a warm stretch right there. >> steve, thanks so much. >> you got it. >> all right. so officers took time to rescue a bird tangled in string off of long island. look at that.
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sussex county police marine bureau officer saw this thing struggling along the railing of the national bridge north port platform platform, covered him in a blanket, and black to untangle him. the bird was not hurt, tossed into the water, and went on his way. >> didn't look good in the first picture, and right there, just fine. >> good one, guyings. >> absolutely. bruce is next with sports, plus, serena williams on a mission to accomplish something that's not been done in the tennis world for nearly 30 years. parents demand a refund, so the i-team took action. tuesday at 5:00 on news 4 new york.
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u.s. open begins tomorrow, and serena williams makes her quest to make history, could be the first in nearly 30 years to win all four grand slam tournaments in one calendar year. the last female player to do this was steffi back in 1988. he would tie, and would open things up tomorrow night. >> she's amazing. might be the most dominant athlete in her respective sport. that's how good she has is. i think she can do to. after losing back to back games to the red sox at home, the mets
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try to stop their series against boston today in citi field. cruising until the sixth inning when big david ortiz unloaded a mountainous rous two run homer to right, giving up four runs in six and two-thirds. tied with four in the seventh. two outs, ripped a single to left, and daniel murphy flies home to give the 1-0 lead. the mets closer strikes out, and the ball game ends, 5-4 the final, and washington won, so they are five and a half games ahead in the nl east. >> to be a good team, you have to do that, short memory, rebound, and win games, and doesn't matter what you did the night before or two nights before in this case, you neat to go out and focus on solving that seriesment tonight, today, we were able to go out and do than.
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>> that is mean eye black. before the game, the mets acquired reliever from arizona. the flame thrower is a former closer with 104 career saves. now to the yankees who gunned for the sweep of the braves in atlanta. bombers off to a roaring start. e blasting a three run homer at the top of the second, and headley blasting a shot to center in the third. later in the third, drew chips in with a two-run homer of his home to give the yankees a 7-0 advantage. it was 8-5 in the seventh when rodriguez came to the plate with the bases loaded, and a-rod comes through with a hit to center, spak rking a huge nine run inning, a result of a 20-6 victory. toronto won again so yankees are a game and a half back. coming up, a talented cubs
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pitcher starts with a no-no tonight. highlights in a moment.
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the verizon fios sports desk is brought to you by -- the cubs, yes, the cubs, are having a season to remember. the love of a loser likely head to post season, and got a signature moment tonight in los angeles. where they faced the first place dodgers and jake fired a no hitter. the 29-year-old right hander struck out a side in the ninth
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inning including chase utley to end the ball game. 12 batters, walking just one. the sixth no hitter in the majors this season. that sell abrasion never gets old. in soccer, the red hot red bulls hosted d.c. night in the longest running rivalry in mls with the red bulls leading in the 42nd minute, setting up phillips, and this goal is a thing of beauty as they hammer home the volley to make it 2-0. bagging two goals in the night, an assist, and red bulls road 3-0 and pull to within two points of dc united for first place in the eastern conference. now to the little guys in the little league world series. tokyo taking on the boys from louisberry, pennsylvania, and home runs flying here, there, and everywhere. a 10-10 ball game in the third,
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and two on, two out, cranked one to center to put japan on top for good, tokyo wins the title. >> sharapova pulled out with a leg injury, the toughest test in tennis begins in less than 1 2 hours. in golf, final round, first leg of the fedex cup playoffs, and what a day for brian harman, hole in one, par 3, another great shot, would you believe that this one results in another ace? yes. on the par 3 14, two in one day. it's the first time in pga tour history a golfer carted two as in the same round.


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