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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 31, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the clerk chases him off hitting him with something that looks like a broom handle. it happened on east 163rd street and near southern boulevard. it's just over a week ago from saturday. new this morning, police are investigating a deadly crash on long island. a teenager is dead and three others in the hospital after a frightening crash on west babylon. police say the officers got the 911 call just before 9:00 last night reporting that a car barreled into the corner of a house on little east neck road. four people in that vehicle were rushed to the hospital with injuries. one of them a 17-year-old girl did die. two other people being treated for serious injuries. no word as to whether anyone was inside that home. a man is in custody after a security breach at newark liberty airport. this shows the man lying on the ground being held at gunpoint. the man had apparently entered a secure hallway through an exit
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and tried to runaway after being spotted by tsa agents. that led to a partial evacuation of the airport. his name is not being released. he's undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. in decision 2016, political outsiders are seeing a surge in their fortunes in the polls. among democrats, vermont senator bernie sanders closing the gap on front-runner hillary clinton. a new iowa poll show 37% support clinton, 30% back sanders. it's the first time clinton dropped below 50%. donald trump has a 23% of the likely voter support in iowa. that's on top. the only other candidate in double digits, retired surgeon, ben carson. he's got 18%. >> it is 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s starting with chris. good morning. >> good morning, darlene. michael. the heat is on again. heat wave number two heading our way. we will probably see a string of three or four days of 90 or better.
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a hazy morning out there. the air is thick. it's a hot day, highs in the low 90s this afternoon. could be a couple of isolated thunderstorms, especially to the southwest and west. most places will be rain-free. we do need rain around here. starting out, as i said, at 77. some 60s in the suburbs. looking at 88 at noon. 92 at 3:00. maybe an isolated shower or thunderstorm late afternoon early evening if you're lucky enough to get one to cool you off. let's get to emily west. >> overnight track work you need to be aware of. the 2 and the 5 not going to find trains running between 149th grand concourse. also buses detoured. the b 39, e 45, m 50 and q 32. everything else looks okay. commuter checklist on schedule this morning. pretty good start for your monday. alternate side meter fluls effect. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> thank you, emily. happening now, police are searching for a rape suspect in brooklyn.
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a 19-year-old victim tells police she was walking in rockaway parkway and canarsie what she was attacked sunday morning. the man took her into an alley and raped her. this morning, women at rutgers university are being warned about a sex assault near campus. it happened near wyckoff and richardson early sunday morning. rutgers police say a man started walking behind a young woman and tried to talk to her. he then followed her into a backyard and sexually assaulted her before taking off. students learned of the attack from a crime alert in their e-mail. >> that could have so easily been us. >> sad that you can't walk home by yourself. even if we were here, we could walk back a minute away. it's scary that you can't walk back by yourself. >> before the sex assault, another young woman was hit by an object thrown from a moving car on hamilton street. police are looking into both crimes. a dispute between a landlord
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and tenant turned deadly in new jersey. a landlord in his 80s is accused of shooting a man in his home. the victim's body was found at the back of the house. he was found with a .38 caliber handgun. neighbors, understandably, are shocked. >> supposedly, the gentleman killed was going to have a really hard time relocating and there was a confrontation between the two of them. police were here a few days prior to this. >> the suspect reportedly was the one who called police about that shooting. the police charged him with aggravated manslaughter. wes craven is dead. the writer/director died yesterday at his home in los angeles at the age of 76. he was the master of the horror films. scream and nightmare on elm street to name a few. he was a college english
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professor before launching his moviemaking career. a family statement said he died from brain cancer. the bright lights of one of broadway's rising stars has gone out. actors are mourning. death of kyle jean-baptiste. he fell from his fourth story fire escape in brooklyn. he was 2 is years old. he made history as the youngest and first african-american actor to play the leading role of jean valjean in less miss eshls on broadway. >> no one feels alone. >> it's very shocking to have this happen unexpectedly and someone who had so much ahead of him. his future was very bright. >> and the actor who played jean valjean in yesterday's performance honored jean-baptiste by wearing a black
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arm band in the final scene. happening today, patriots quarterback tom brady due back in a manhattan court for the appeal in his deflated football scandal. both brady and commissioner roger goodell were ordered to be in court today. the federal judge deciding the matter could possibly make a ruling. however, he has until friday. no matter which side he rules with, an appeal is expected. tennis takes over queens today. it's the first day of the u.s. open. this year, though, the fans are not only battling the crowds but also serious heat. katherine creag, a ranked tennis player herself, is joining us from flushing. hey, kat. >> reporter: high school varsity. second string. i showed up. i want to show you this amazing shot, though. of arthur ashe stadium. later on, it will be a view of the traffic jams. it is looking beautiful here. the first day of the u.s. open. as michael pointed out, it's
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going to be hot in more ways than one. the weather and competition hot. speaking of hot, serena williams is on fire. she's the favorite to win the women's title. a victory would mean more than a trophy. it would be the first female singles player winning a calendar year grand slam in more than 25 years. one much her competitors, maria sharapova she dropped out because of an injury and serena talked with our bruce beck. an interview for the ages he would say. >> it's home. this is the only slam in the united states. you know, it's just you want to do well in new york. i grew up watching this event. i grew up dreaming of holding up that trophy. you know, i don't want to -- i have to keep going. >> reporter: you'll hear more of that interview. speaking of being here on the grounds of the billie jean tennis center, construction, already a lot of it going on.
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retractible roof being built. we've noticed construction equipment and walls up. it only adds to the traffic issuers that will happen later on. we'll talk more about that. >> it's become its own world out there, kat. really amazing all that they've done. >> reporter: riept. it's such a great complex. a lot of security as well. we saw that and police officers already here as well. >> totally understandable. thank you so much. it's 4:41 right now. just ahead, he's known for stealing the spotlight at awards shows. what kanye west said this time. >> he went on for a while. president obama announces a big change and it's a really big change. the tallest mountain in the united states is getting any new a new name. >> august ending with a bang. the return of major heat. your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. follow us on facebook and twitter. darlene4ny and michaelg4ny. you're watching "today in new york."
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here are four things to know this morning. the fdny is back up after the computer dispatch system went down last night. they had to take down information with pen and paper for a short time. bluebell ice cream returns to store shelves after a nationwide recall of listeria. the company pulled products from stores in april. governor christie makes his first late-night appearance since announcing his run for president. he'll be on "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon tonight on nbc 4 at 11:35. people in florida bracing for a lot of rain from the erika. they're preparing for several inches of rain in tampa. chris, does this mean they're not going to get the direct effect or that they will get -- >> at this point, there's only remnants left. you can get not necessarily wind but a lot of rain.
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it's too much of a good thing in a hurry. in the meantime, for us, we've got more heat headed our way. we could use a little rain too. 77 degrees in the park. flags, barely moving a little bit. there's a bit of a breeze but not much. this air is pretty heavy. it's leaning on you with a partly cloudy sky. haze, heat and humidity. normal high should be 80. we're forecasting 92 today. that's well above normal. in terms of the lack of rainfall, we're in a moderate drought in parts of long island and abnormally dry in northern new jersey and the city into the hudson valley. the numbers don't lie. for the year so far, the city, central park, 6 inches below normal. islip, over 8.5 inches below rainfall. everybody in that same general range. no rain of consequence for the next six, seven days here. 77 in the park. 75 in floral park. not a big spread in temps. even hudson valley. mild.
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>> 67 in sussex. all under a cloudy sky. this is hurricane fred. that's the coast of africa, though, well away from us. heading towards the cape verde islands. it looks like the northwest, making a sharp turn into the middle of the atlantic. should not be an issue for the u.s. mainland. it's moving northwest, makes that turn in the middle of the atlantic and weakens and should die out. keep an eye on it nonetheless. heat is on back home. isolated thunderstorm. your high at 92 degrees. best chance for showers or storms to the west, northwest of us. 76 in midtown. near 70 in the suburbs. forget 50s and 60s. not likely to happen. the heat continues tomorrow. that puts us in a potential heat wave, forecasting a high of 91. the wind may become more on shore. that could play a little game with a 90-degree temperature in central park.
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we may get close at 89-ish. >> you could still burn in a half hour or so. then the haze, heat and humidity continues in full force wednesday and thursday. we're looking at highs in the lower 90s. for early september, that's way above normal. finally a cold front comes on through. the winds turn to the northeast where the end of the week into the weekend, the temperatures drop into the middle 80s. should be a nice weekend as it starts from an early perspective on a monday. 92 today. isolated thunderstorm. low 90s tuesday, wednesday, thursday. back to the 80s on friday. notice to the weekend, dry. temperatures in the middle 80s and no rain of any consequence in that seven-day forecast. let's see if there are early issues. emily west has the answer for that. >> we have an accident that popped up. atlantic avenue, you'll find a crash here. in the left lane near exit 27. westbound at hamilton avenue, 26. two lanes blocked with this roadwork.
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let's take a live look in queens this morning. grand central parkway near laguardia, fine now. going to be busy later when the u.s. open begins and starts up. the l.i.e. near commack road in suffolk county, moving along nicely too. that's the westbound go. not bad. alternate side meter rules in effect. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> thank you very much, emily. 4:48 right now. the yankees and braves pay tribute to a man who died in a fall over the weekend. a moment of silence was held at turner field before the game. during saturday's game, long time braves fan greg murrey fell from the upper deck. witnesses say he was yelling at alex rodriguez. his son said he was passionate about baseball and had the same seats for more than 23 years. >> the night greg passed away, he was doing one of his favorite things, watching the braves play. >> the manager called the death extremely sad and the players
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are still startled by tt. no word on funeral arrangements. man is under arrest for standing inside the port authority bus terminal. he was accused of attacking another man with a knife during an argument inside one of the terminal's restrooms. this was yesterday morning. police say green and the man he stabbed knew each other. that victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition. >> nypd teams will be back on the waters of the hudson river to resume a frantic search this morning. helicopters and boats scouring that water for hours searching for a missing woman. the woman walked into the water at 68th street before 9:00 last night. but apparently never came back out of the river. new york city will be rolling out another emergency measure to help the homeless. the latest aid is focused towards homeless adults without children. $10 million will go to help around 1,000 adults get back on their feet. much of that money will be in the form much subsidies for long-term apartments. in may there was a similar
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measure to assist homeless families with children. happening today, president obama tackles global warming issues in the arctic. he will travel to anchorage alaska for the conference on global leadership in the arctic. he warns ministers from several places to -- this year alone, the average glacier, scientists say, will lose 30 inches of thickness. you see some breaking apart there. before he heads for this historic trip, he is changing the name of mt. mckinley to its alaskan name denali. that means the great one. alaskans lobbied for years for that name. it's the tallest mountain in north america. it was a night of drama, big winners and surprises at mtv's video music awards.
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>> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> and there it is. rapper kanye west announced his presidential bid as he was honored with mtv's video vanguard award. the honor was presented by taylor swift. kanye, you remember infamously interrupted her when she beat out beyonce. it was a big night for swift. she took home the biggest honor, the award for best video. the host was miley cyrus. known for a few vma moments much her own. >> taylor did a duet with nicki minaj to put to rest -- we have to duet. >> we had a twitter beef, right? >> we'll do a duet in a bit. >> we do a duet every day. >> that's right. 4:51 right now. still to come, it may not occur to you, doctors recommend parents tell their kids before you even turn ten years old. she's sort of a sanitation scientist. why one woman is spending her
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days going through our garbage. hear what a surfer was thinking when a shark took a bite out of her surfboard. you're watching "today in new york."
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welcome back. 4:54. 77 degrees. it's monday morning. last day of august. it was pointed out earlier. >> it doesn't feel like it. feels like july-ish today. hot. >> hot stuff and muggy. stepping out. the temperatures are in mid-70s in the city across long island and nearby suburbs, white plains, bridgeport in the 70s. just a few 60s showing up here and there. even that is generally a muggy feeling. 67 or 68 degrees out there. 92 the expected high this afternoon. that would be day two. yesterday we hit 90.
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plenty of haze, heat and humidity. an isolated thunderstorm possible. most of us are rain-free again and an uncomfortable muggy night. partly cloudy and a low temperature of 76 degrees. we will break this heat wave. but it's going to take a little while. kids will probably have to go back to school in some of this. >> they're going to love it. >> you started it. >> still keep the summer stuff out. >> exactly. >> that's a thought i had already. we do have some subway track work in effect for the next few moments. the 2 and the 5. no trains between 149th grand concourse to east 180th street. a live look at the tappan zee bridge. everything is moving fine. not too bad of a monday morning start. there is trouble on the bqe. i'll tell you about that. news for your health, a warning to people who work at computers or binge watch tv. sitting for long periods of time can lead to fatal blood clots.
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a study in japan shows people who sit for hours at a time have a six-fold risk for pulmonary 'em embolisms embolisms. they recommend walking around every couple of hours. country's leading group of pediatricians says parents are waiting too long to talk to kids about the dangers of drinking. the american academy of pediatrics say children as young asinine start thinking positively about alcohol. that's the time when parents need to encourage kids to avoid alcohol and peers who drink. experts say nearly a quarter of young people take their first sip of alcohol before they are 13 years old. new high tech tackling dummies becoming a hit on one ivy league campus. immediate the mvp or mobile virtual player. it's the latest addition to the dartmouth college team.
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quinneth connell came up with the device. it has a good benefit here. cuts down on concussions. it replaces the need for players to take repeated hits during practice. >> the idea here is to much better simulate a player in motion doing something that you don't know they're going to do. >> this could potentially become a staple will on fields. >> the goal is to take it nationwide. they're working out the kinks, trying to figure out how the technology will stand up to all the hits. the chicago cubs are celebrating their first no-hitter since 2008. taking on the dodgers, jake arrieta struck out everyone in the ninth inning to complete his first ever no-hitter. he struck out 12 batters and allowed one walk during the 2-0 win. it's the 13th no hitter in cubs history but the second one thrown against the dodgers in ten days. there were a couple of close encounters with sharks along the california coast this weekend. hammer hefd sharks were spotted twice near san diego.
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the first one captured on video by a group of kayakers saturday afternoon. it even followed them back to shore. that looks like a hammerhead. they had to temporarily close the beach as a precaution. yesterday, a smaller hammerhead was seen in the same area. >> a another woman has a reminder of her run-in with a shark in central california. look at that. a big piece missing from her surfboard. she was out on the water and she noticed a shadow in the water beneath her. at first, she didn't realize it was a shark. >> its body was right here, like literally next to me and time sort of stops. i thought i got to get a -- i thought it was a dolphin. it was the color of a dolphin. >> it wasn't a dolphin. dempsey swam as fast as she could to shore. she never looked back. it appears as it came from a young white shark, 6 feet long. dempsey will share more of her
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story on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m. >> she said never looking back. >> that was quite the chunk. coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york." download the "news 4 new york" app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. on the run, this morning, police are releasing new details about the woman who escaped from police custody. what happened when two planes got too close. >> the heat is on and it's sticking around. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this morn. last day of august 31st. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm darlene rodriguez. chris cimino is here with the forecast. chris, good morning. >> good morning, guys. climb at that logical summer ends today. temperatures up towards the north, not that cool. rhinebeck 64. that's one of the cooler numbers. lagrange, 65. 73 in stony kill.
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72 in corn waul wallcornwall. still 76 in the park. same thing in farming daily and it's muggy too. on top of the heat, we have the humidity making it more uncomfortable. same old same. hazy sunshine. it's going to be hot and muggy starting out in the and upper 70s. isolated thunderstorms with a high of 92. few seconds after 5:00 a.m. emily west is here. how is the commute shaping up? >> we had problems at the l.i.e. reports of a vehicle fire. it's extinguished and out of the way. forget this whole thing. it cleared out of way. connecticut turnpike in stratford. all lanes are closed. vehicle fire with a tractor-trailer on fire that is between exit 33 to 34. so we are starting to see delays with that. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> emily, thank you very much. a suspect is on the run. she slipped out of police custody after convincing officers to take her to the hospital. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is in lower manhattan
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with a look at the suspect and how this all happened. >> reporter: michael, she initially told police that her name was christine. it's really tiffany newman. another possible lie that she told police that brought her here possibly helped her escape. show you the photo circulating by the nypd just within the past few hours. you're looking at it and you can see it again on our website, the 23 year oefld was arrested on charges, including petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. canine units were all over the hospital ach 9:00 last night when she escaped. newman asked to be brought to the hospital after telling police she was pregnant and complaining of pain. now, that has not been confirmed. but she did somehow manage to slip out of handcuffs and she fled while still in the hospital gown. now, right now police are working to confirm report thars that hospital gown has been spotted over the past few hours, michael. we still don't know if she's pregnant and where exactly she is at this hour.
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back to you. >> the search is on, tracie. thank you so much. happening right now, police are searching for a rape suspect in brooklyn. a 19-year-old victim tells police she was walking in rockaway parkway in canarsie early sunday morning when she was attacked. the man took her into an alley and raped her. women at rutgers university are taking new precautions after a student is assaulted in a backyard near dam campus. it happened at wyckoff and richardson. a man started walking behind her and tried to talk to her. he then followed her into a backyard and sexually assaulted her. >>. students learned of it in a crime alert in their e-mail. >> that could have easily been us. sad you can't walk home by yourself. even if we were here and walk back a minute away, it's scary that you can't walk back by yourself.


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