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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 31, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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it looks like pope francis will be adding another stop to his new york vieat. a motorcade through central park. so tens of thousands more can get a chance to see him. >> let's let that plan come together, because things could still change. >>.reporter: this on top of other planned stops, like st. pad.trick's, holding mass at madison square garden and attending the u.n. asmbly. thousands of extra officers will be assigned in helping provide security. the pope's visit means thousands of people at any given time could be trying to catch a glimpse of him. and that visit in late september comes as the city usually braces for gridlock with world leaders in town for the annual u.n. conference. police today warned to expect extraordinary gridlock on the streets, below ground extra trains expted to be put into service to help with crowds. although at other times, some assess to stations could be limited or even closed. >> it's going to be an
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unprecedented challenge for this department that has dealt with many precedents in the past. >> reporter: part of that challenge, just as the pope is leaving town, president obama is coming into town for the u.n. the general terror threat environment a concern, which will mean added vehicle check points, uniformed officers deployed across the city, along with additional security measures, not visible. >> we're going to work very hard to make sure that as many people as we are able to actually get to see his holiness while putting layers of security in and around that. >> reporter: as for the possibility of a motorcade through central park, a spokesman for the archdiocese this afternoon declined to comment as a decision has not yet been formally reached. back to you. >> all right, jonathan. for complete details on the pope's upcoming visit to new york, including his schedule, be sure to head to our website, new at 5:00, nearly two years after a daredevil leap off one world trade center.
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the last b.a.s.e. jumper has been sentenced. marco markovich will spend 300 hours of community service, and he will pay a $2,000 fine. the jury found markovich and two friends guilty of reckless english dangerment earlier this summer. the judge handed down similar sentences for his friends. a college student from connecticut has disappeared while studying abroad in south africa. authorities say 19-year-old nicholas upton went for a swim in the eastern cape province sunday and has not been seen since. upton is a junior at george washington university in st. louis, and a resident of reading in fairfield county. school officials say they are closely monitoring the situation. they hope and pray for nicholas' safe return. spring valley police looking for a man they describe as a person of interest in a deadly attack. this is a picture of that person. malik ballpark teeft. the victim was an immigrant. police found him lying on the ground on johnson street, robbed and beaten the morning of august 17th. he died monday.
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18-year-old alfred degraw iii has already been arrested in the attack. tonight we are learning new evidence against a man accused in the execution-style murder of a texas deputy. shannon miles faced a houston judge today. of he is charged with capital murder in the death of deputy darren goforth. he was shot in the back of the head just minutes after filling up his patrol car friday night. today the d.a. explained miles emptied his gun, shooting the deputy 15 times. >> shot in the back of the head. deputy goforth fell to the ground, and the male stood over him, and fired several more times. when deputies arrived, they found deputy darren goforth face down in a pool of blood, dead from multiple gunshot wounds. >> prosecutors also say the ba list particulars test on the gun found at miles' home matched the one used to kill the deputy. decision 2016 now. and more proof that voters are not happy with the status quo in washington.
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donald trump still leads the gop side, but now ben carson's numbers are rising and democrat bernie sanders is surging in iowa. nbc's steve handelsman is in washington to explain. steve? >> reporter: thanks. it's part of a trend. the senator serves on capitol hill but rages against politics, as usual, has virtually doubled his support in iowa. >> the big bank buster himself -- >> reporter: it's the same liberal bernie sanders attacking the system. >> i hope every man here tonight will stand with women and fight for pay equity. >> reporter: but suddenly, sanders, who leads in new hampshire, is just seven points back in iowa. hillary clinton, who had been steady at 50% in iowa, is down to 37 in the respected bloomberg des moines register survey. >> the big story from this poll is more about hillary clinton's numbers going down rather than bernie sanders' numbers going up. >> reporter: dozens more of her i. mails were declared
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classified today retroactively. plus, clinton is an establishment. >> what's going on, people understand that there is something fundamentally wrong in this country. >> reporter: 71% nationally in the new quinnipiac poll say they are not satisfied with how things are going. >> yes. >> reporter: 71%. does that include you? >> yes. it does. >> definitely. dissatisfied. >> every time something comes up, there's more gridlock. >> reporter: so the nonpoliticians are rising. ben carson chief among them, preaching a conservative war on poverty. >> fix the economy, and create a ladder. >> reporter: the neurosurgeon who has never run for anything is tied with donald trump in the monmouth poll. and carson's close in the des moines register poll. in a political season that so far is tough on politicians. so far. but recent history shows the front runners of both parties in iowa and new hampshire who lead
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in august seldom actually win their party's nominations. live from washington, steve handelsman, news 4 new york. >> thank you. you could learn more on our website. visit and search decision 2016. the saga continues. this week, a judge will rule on the deflategate scandal involving patriots' quarterback tom brady. >> that does not mean the drama is going to be over. news 4's john chandler joins us now. john, we have been talking about this since the afc championship game back in january. >> we may be talking about it next january, at this point, too. that's how long this is dragging out. both sides left with a settlement in no place today as they left court. there may be no end in sight to this deflategate saga. today even the presence of giants' owner jeanmara couldn't bridge the rift between the nfl and tom brady. both sides leaving the courthouse in lower manhattan today for the third and final settlement conference, flanked by armies of attorneys. roger goodell and the nfl won't accept anything less than an
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admission of guilt from brady and the patriots' quarterback refuses to admit guilt, one because the league has produced no tangible evidence and two because he would risk perjury. since he said under oath he did nothing wrong. the judge adjourned his 17th floor courtroom and said he will announce his decision by wednesday. jay feely spoke on behalf of the nfhrl players association and brady afterwards. >> we tried our best to reach a settlement, which we did not reach. but i think for us it reinforces the desire and need for an independent arbitrator. in these matters of personal conduct. but we understand tom's position, and i think the process will work itself out. >> the process. eight months into this now will work itself out in an appeal, probably, that could drag this deflategate drama out even longer. once this decision is announced by the judge this week, whichever side loses heads straight back to court and ask for an appeal. >> and it continues and continues. john, thank you.
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and remember, the football season starts right here on nbc 4 new york. we're kicking it off thursday, september 10th at 8:30, as the patriots host the pittsburgh steelers. coming up as we continue, a sandwich shop clerk goes on the attack against a cook looking for more than a $5 foot long. we have the video. and a surfer nearly becomes a shark's dinner. next, what she was thinking after the toothy beast took a big bite of her board. plus this -- >> a stunt pilot's tragic death is bringing changes to a major air show this week at the jersey shore. >> you hate losing a performer, especially one you know real closely. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg. why his performance in atlantic city could have been record-breaking. and then allegations of abuse at a high school football camp. now at 5:30, what a mother says happened to her son and what's being done about it.
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a surfer narrowly escaped a shark attack in california. and her surfboard holds the dramatic evidence. take a look here. you see that? that's a giant shark bite right down the middle of eleanor dempsey's surfboard. it happened saturday at morro bay. dempsey says she noticed a dark shadow beneath her just as the
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shark chomped down on her board. what she did next was pure instinct. >> i think what happened was, i got into complete survival mode. because when i started swimming, that's what i was doing. i was so concentrated on just swimming as fast as i could. that was all i was thinking. i really had no other thoughts. >> adrenaline kicking in. wildfire officials say based on the bite mark, the shark was likely a six-foot-long juvenile white. >> subway restaurant worker took matters into his own hands when somebody robbed the store. take a look at this video. you can see the thief hop over the counter of the subway shop in the bronx, break into the cash register and take money. and seconds later, a worker chases him out, hitting him with what looks like a pipe or a broom handle. authorities say it happened more than a week ago in longwood. but this robber is still on the loose. tonight we're getting a look at video from westchester county, showing a bank robber in action. these are pictures from the wells fargo in mt. kisco saturday morning. you can see a man in a hard hat
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and reflective vest pass the teller a note, demanding money. the man got the cash, simply walked out of the bank, down new bedford road. if you recognize him, call police. new at 5:00, changes are coming to a new jersey air show days after that deadly crash in orange county, new york. the pilot of this small plane was killed when it went down near stuart airport while practicing stunts friday afternoon. ted green berg finds out what's being done. >> reporter: the pieces are coming together, but two days before the atlantic city air show, hearts here are heavy. >> we lost andrew on friday. it hit us all hard. >> reporter: these organizers knew andrew wright personally. the 53-year-old stunt pilot was killed when his plane went down while practicing for a weekend air show in orange county. its tail broke off, just before the crash. >> it's always in the back of your mind. you hate losing a performer, especially one you know real closely. >> reporter: wednesday's atlantic city air show was set to be the texas pilot's biggest
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yet. he was slated to give an aerobatic performance, plus attempt to set a new world record for the most inverteded plat spins. >> we want to do it in a grand style. so 700,000 people here in front of the beach would have been a great time for him to do it. he was thrilled. >> he was really excited about coming to a big show like this. it's a big honor to get to a show of this size. >> reporter: organizers say there's no need for any changes in safety, but they have altered the show's lineup. >> it will be seamless to the public. >> reporter: they're also planning memorial tributes to wright, and master sergeant cory hood, a member of the army golden knights parachute team, who died following a collision during a stunt in chicago two weeks ago. >> they would not want us to interrupt a single thing in the planning of this show, and would want us to carry on and do the performances. >> reporter: we're told an arrow battic pilot from suburban philadelphia is being added to the show's schedule. he'll dedicate his flight to andrew
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andrew quite. ted greenberg, news 4 new york. "saturday night live" is adding a fresh face to its fall lineup. meet john rudnitsski joins as a featured player. he won the laugh factory, a college comedy contest and built his following with youtube parodies with "house of cards" and " true detective." check him out october 3. >> season 41. 41 years on the air. >> that's incredible. >> it is remarkable. quite a legacy for him to step into. >> the pressure is on. >> wish him luck. >> october 3, though. i wonder what the weather will be then. >> cooler than now. >> i would bet on it. i would hope so. unfortunately, though, it may take until october to get to that cool stuff. this heat has real staying power, which you'll see in the seven-day forecast. there is a look outside right now from the top of the rock. it's hazy, it's hot, and it's humid. the triple hs going on today.
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feels like 91 degrees with that higher humid. let's look at your headlines. day two of a possible heatwave. we have to hit 90 again tomorrow, i think we are going to do it. we'll look at the seven-day forecast. and today is the last day of august, so it looks like it will put us in the record books for central park, hottest august, one of the hottest we have ever seen. here's a look at storm tracker now. you can see we have lots of sunshine from the hudson valley, a couple clouds off to the south. here's the top five hottest augusts we've ever had in central park. the records go back to the 1860s, so this is quite an extensive record here. and right now we're tied for third place. 78.8 degrees. but that doesn't factor in today's average temperature. it will bump us up. a solid third. we're not going to make it to the 2005 level of 79.7. but still, we're going to have to settle for bronze. the third hottest august we have ever seen here in central park. it's also hot in queens for the u.s. open. your weather tonight, hot and sticky.
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84 degrees once the games kick off around 7:00. and it's going to stay hot tonight if you're headed out there. get ready for hot and slightly uncomfortable night of tennis. should stay dry. temperatures in the 90s in morris town. 89 in white plains. 87 bridgeport. we have the high humidity. when you factor that in, it takes the numbers up a little bit. feels like 92 in bridgeport. 91 in poughkeepsie, and farmingdale. i'm sure the ac is on in everyone's car. future tracker for the rest of the evening. a couple spotty storms possible south of new york city. nothing major, though. most of us will stay dry. overnight tonight, quiet around 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning's commute, 7:00 a.m. on tuesday, another quiet ride. still hot and muggy. the humidity never really goes away. and temperatures don't get much cooler tonight, we're down to the 70s, and then we're back to the 90s tomorrow. taking a look at the seven-day forecast, heat and humidity right through thursday. in fact, thursday is the worst day with a high in the mid 90s. a weak cold front will knock the
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heat down a little bit on friday. look at labor day weekend. back to 88 on sunday, and near 90 on monday, labor day. great beach weather but still the heat goes on and on. chuck and shiba. >> thank you. we saw the temperatures are really high out there. the start of school still a week away for some kids. the big question for parents, how to keep them busy. >> up next, how one enterprising mom came up with a solution to keep her kids cool when she found a popular public pool closed. and coming up at 6:00. attention parents. new car seat laws take effect tomorrow in new jersey. >> we abide by the law. >> the change in rules for traveling with children and how much more the fines could cost you. >> it gives the police more guidance. >> next at 6:00.
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news 4's andrew siff is here to show us. andrew? >> reporter: shiba, chuck, that can be a real challenge. first of all, you're stuck at home with your kids. then a heatwave is coming. you have to take vacation days from work. of and then what if you find out one of these pools is closed? fortunately, there is a backup plan. >> mom's job is never done. i have to do what i have to do for my children. >> reporter: and what tanya thomas did is take five vacation days from her office job so she could take care of her kids in a week with no school and no camp. they drove to the red hook pool, which was closed for unexpected cleanup today. so -- >> sunset park it is. >> reporter: they went to the nearest pool that was open. cool activities, the key to getting through this challenging week in a summer when thousands of families face the challenge. new york city schools don't open until september 9th. >> try to keep them busy as much as possible, so for me, any activity that's free and available through new york city is what i do.
5:23 pm
>> reporter: another mom, tanya martinez, took her kids on air conditioned buses to visit museums and playgrounds. >> i'm enjoying my summer. >> reporter: so you're in no rush to go back to school. >> no. >> reporter: what's your strategy for keeping them cool? >> a lot of water. drinking a lot of water. >> reporter: the quirky calendar in an expected september heatwave could make things even tougher later this week. for now, moms like meredith are glad to have extra days with her son who is polishing his dump truck skills before starting upk. >> go to the playground, museums. and just enjoy the rest of the summer. i'm really enjoying having this last week with him. >> reporter: by the way, that red hook pool which was closed today the city says will be open tomorrow. the city has dozens of pools so there is, as we indicated, a backup plan and other moms tell us if you want an indoor option, the library is a cool place to go. live in sunset park, brooklyn, andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> parents always have a backup plan. of always. david is here now with a
5:24 pm
look at what's coming up new at 5:30. >> tonight, many are remembering the young actor with a bright future on broadway who died after falling from a fire escape. history made in the nypd. for the first time, an african-american woman is promoted to the two-star rank of assistant chief. a local high school's football team rocked by allegations of assault. and the u.s. open kicks off today and here in the bronx, tennis is look brighter than ever. the serena effect. that's coming up.
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news 4 new york begins with breaking news. >> we want to get straight to an update on that breaking news we first brought you at 5:00. two young girls in serious condition after an suv jumps a curb and then hits them in yonkers. >> news 4's brynn gingras is at the scene with late details. brynn? >> reporter: david and shiba, a lot of damage happened on this sidewalk, as well. let me show it to you. this is a parking meter mowed down by the car, and also this rail here in front of the post office. as you guys said, two young girls were standing on this sidewalk, and they were certainly hurt with this. and here's what yonkers police tell us happened. one car rear-ended another here on main street. it appears the driver of the car maybe panicked and hit the gas instead of the brake, and that car jumped the sidewalk where the two young girls were standing and hit. they're both under the age of 10, according to police. and paramedics rushed them to the hospital. the good news here, both are expected to be okay. but had serious injuries.
5:28 pm
people who witnessed this crash said they tried to help those girls. >> the two girls walking past the post office and he hit them. the two little girls -- there was so much excitement, people were screaming and running to help the girls. >> reporter: now police did leave this scene. their investigation complete, at least here at the scene, and it shows that no criminality on behalf of both drivers. it's unclear if any of them will face charges. brynn gingras, news 4 new york. >> thank you. a staten island mother says her son was assaulted with a broom stick at a football training camp. the school now investigating claims that several students came home with injuries they didn't get on the practice field. news 4's gus rosendale reports. >> reporter: you can see the training equipment behind me here as susan wagner high school gets ready for football season. but tonight there is serious questions about an incident involving the jv squad during summer training.
5:29 pm
the new york city department of education confirms with news 4 tonight, it is investigating an incident that some parents believe happened at an upstate football training camp. julie ann played jv sports at susan wagner high school and says the allegations are out of character for the school and its sports department. >> i used to play jv sports for the school for three different seasons, and i've never come across anything that would seem controversial. everything has always been very fair, very family-oriented. >> reporter: a mother first told the staten island advance her son and other students were hit with a broom handle during summer training by other members of the team. she wouldn't describe it as hazing, but she reportedly said the injuries weren't the kind you would get during standard football practice. the incident allegedly happened when the jv football team attended training at camp pontiac between august 19th and 26th. parents like dominic want answers. >> get to the bottom of it, find out, you know, what exactly went on and try and stop it.
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>> reporter: a spokesperson for


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