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tv   Today in New York  NBC  November 6, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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span two states. plus this morning it's a sin caught on camera. police looking for the man who stole from a local church. and chris christie's reaction to being bumped from the main stage at the next republican presidential debate. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. friday morning. it is november 6th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. let's check in with storm team 4's chris cimino. it's 92 degrees outside. >> it is a nice july morning. it's 66 degrees. in november, that's already almost 10 degrees above the normal high for this time of year. evn' the suburbs, sussex at 63. you were in the 30s earlier on this week. down the shore in the mid-60s. very warm day ahead. could be a record setter. record high in central park today is 74 degrees. 72 by noon. we're breaking that record, we think, with a high of 77 this afternoon. we'll talk more about that and some changes over the weekend in a little bit.
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let's get the first check on our friday morning commute. >> we have issues on the subways already. uptown 2 trains are terminating atlantic avenue.o i'll continue tv keep you posted on that. we have fast track maintenance on the e for just about 29 more minutes. no e trains between jamaica center and briarwood. you'll need to use the shuttle buses. more weather and traffic coming up. >> thank you. 4:31 right now. police investigating a grisly hit-and-run that killed a woman in queens. overnight a bus that may have been involved was stopped nearly 90 miles away. tracie strahan is in flushing where that hit-and-run tsok place. >> reporter: as you mentioned, this is an investigation that now extends to connecticut because state police tell us they have detained a bus that fa originated from this area. they also tell us they're now waiting for detectives fism the nypd to arrive there to try and gure out what heppened here. this is main street.
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we want to show you a photo of the bus that's been pulled over. it's a skyliner bus. we know it's a skyliner bus that left flushingast night for that area around 8:00 p.m. it was around 8:30, however, fethat police responded to a call of someone being hit here at the intersection of main street. officers from the 109th precinct discovered a woman with severe body trauma lying in the street who was pronounced dead at the scene. we spoke to a woman who got out of her car after noticing the victim on the street and said it looked like that body had been there for several minutes. >> i left the car right there, actually. i immediately ran over there. i see that it's a body. i said, it's a body, isn't it? he said, yes, it's a body. >> reporter: right now police have that bus pulled over in madison, connecticut. you're looking at a map here. that's about 40 miles from the fox woods casino. many buses originating from flushing head to casinos in this
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the name of the woman killed at this intersection has not yet been released, but this comes after tuesday's hit-and-run bus accident in brooklyn that so many people are still speaking about. the driver in that incident is now facing charges, including leaving the scene of a crime. back to you. >> tracie strahan, thank you. new this morning, a first look at a violent collision in germany. it's a passenger tndin with about 50 people on board. it hit a truck that was carrying a u.s. military vehicle. the train pushed the truck along the tracks for several yards. thc driver of the truck and the train driver both died. several others are injured. a correction officer is recovering in the hospital this morning after being jumped by two min mates inmates at rikers island. the guard was attacked around 4:30 p.m. yesterday. weti're told one inmate distracted him while another put him in a choke hold and slashed him several times in the head and face. the department is working on re-arresting the inmates
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> big political story now. waiting to hear from governor chris christi this morning now that he's out of tuesday's primetime debate. fox business network says the governor is polling too low, so he'll be in the earlier und dercard faceoff with three other contenders. of the eight leadsing con dates, they're goien to appear at 9:00 p.m. on the main stage. right now christie is pressing forward with his campaign in new hampshire. >> whether it's the folks i've been debating with before or other folk, i don't really care. put a podium out here on the th lawn in front of the f iniage and i'el debate them out here. >> governor geor pataki and lindsey graham are both out of t the earlier debate entirely. ahe lot of changes to the debate lineup. that's been a big factor. >> from the first to now. all right. 4:34. incredible weather. i walked out there morning, and i almost forgot where i was.
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>> and it's ore than my usual disorientation. >> i understand what you're feeling. we're talk temperatures that are only 8 degrees away from the record high and it's 4:34 in the morning. we have low clouds, a little spotty drizzle, and fog out there. most of us are just dealing with low clouds. the clouds will break up for mid afternoon sunshine. we'll have a warm breeze. we're talking about temperatures climbing to the mid and upper 70s this morning. already starting out in the city at 66. a lot of 50s and 60s early on this morning. by noon it's 72. the clouds start to break are up. gets breezy and windy at times. 77 is the expected high for the day. we'll talk about the weekend cooldown. let's talk about the commute righhenow with lauren. >> good morning. let's talk about the roads. we have construction out there on the fdr this morning. we see minor delays already at 96y,th street coming around the
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bepd here heading southbound. northbound the construction, all lanes arbject to closure. we have a disabled vehicle on d the bqe eastbound. that's in the right lane. watch out for minor delays here altern rside of the street parking rules in effect today. more weather and traffic ahead. >> lauren, thank you moery much. now to a commuter alert. it is a big one for anyone going back and forth between manhattan and queens. this weekend a long stretch of the 7 train is going to be shut down. katherine creag is at queensboro plaza station. there's always an ordeal for 7 train riders somewhere. >> reporter: right. as you said, a long stretch, michael, a substantial stretch as well. we just want to show you the signs are everywhere around her where commuters can pick up a shuttle bus. for example, shuttle buses here can take commuters to the vernon boulevard, jackson avenue subway station. the shutdown begins at midnight tonight. it lasts through this monday, 4:il30 in the morning. it is a long stretch of the 7
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train that will be shut down as you can sees here for weekend track work and other repair-ts between queensboro laza and the 34th street hudson yards. the newly opened subway station there on the far west side of manhattan. the projectawill include installing a new signal system and fortifying the tunnels. thls comes months afer a rally by 7 train riders and a councilman who complained about poor service, cro >>ed platforms. the mta has said before it's trying to make the 7 line more reliable. that's why all of this work has to be done. so one shutdown of the 7 train between those place, queensboro, happening this weekend. >> kat, thank you very much. on long island, suffolk county police are looking for a $1 no00 from a church. investigators released this video. the suspect sat in a pew at st. patrick's roman catholic church inha smithtown for about an hour.
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it happened last month. >>can seefhim looking around. then he kneels down, not to box. if you have any information, please contact police. coming up on 4:38. police have released surveillance video involving a upper east side. police say he got away with laptops, electronics, jewelry, and prescription drugs totaling several thousand dollars. mourners will gather at the wake today for the 10-year-old girl and her grandfather who were killed when a driver slammed into a group of trick-or-treaters on halloween. police say the car jumped a curb in the bronx hitting nyanna aquil and louis perez. the two will be laid to rest tomorrow. 24-year-old kristian leka was also killed while pushing his sister out of the way of the vehicle. his funeral was wednesday. and we're learning new information right now about the pilot killed in that pne crash
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off the coast of queens. this even as federal investigators work to figure out just what brought that plane down. officials confirm pilot james brad mcgee was killed when his two-seat plane crashed in the waters off of breezy point wednesday night. he was the only person on board. news 4 investigates has learned the former navy commander had been a pilot for three years. relatives say he was returning home to new hampshire after a meeting in philadelphia. we're told he spoke to his wife just before he took off. >> he called his wife terry prior to departing. there was some discussion about whether or not it's the right thing to do, to fly home then, because of the darkness. and brad had said that, you know, he wanted to get in front of the weather. >> well, recovery crews have found most of the plane, including the wing, some of the fuselage. ntsb investigators are looking into the pilot, the plane, and the weather as well. all as possible factors in this crash. the united states is
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reviewing security to overseas airports in light of the russian jet disaster in egypt. there's a growing consensus that the metro jet airliner was brought down by a bomb, and it's likely that isis planted it on board. that's sparking fears that security screenings at some international airports are inadequate indian and need to be ramped up. and happening today, malcolm smith expected to begin his seven-year prison sentence. smith wanted to surrender at the end of the month so he could take a seminar on life behind bars. he's convicted of trying to bribe his way into the 2013 mayoral ballot as a republican. it is 4:40. still ahead, new allegations against the illinois cop once seen as a hero. what police now say he tried to do. plus, see the moment tennis star serena williams went after a man who took her phone. and we're going to be fighting the fog again this morning. your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up.
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welcome back. 4:43. here are four things to know this morning. state police in connecticut stopped a bus that may have been involved in a deadly hit-and-run in queens. we just learned nypd investigators travelled to connecticut overnight. that bus was stopped in madison heading to fox woods casino. the hit-and-run happened last night in flushing. meanwhile, nj transit is bringing back some of the late night, early morning trains that were cut back in september. they're the 12:56 a.m. train out
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train from dover to hoboken. that new schedule will take effect sunday. today parents across new their frustrations about common core standards. several public hearings are taking place, including some here in our area. and the american museum of national history approved a addition. this now has to be approved by the city, but look at this. looks fascinating. this could happen as early as 2019. i was just at the museum with some young nieces and nephews. it's such a fantastic place. place to visit. i think we don't visit it enough here. sort of on that school trip, right, when you're a kid. >> field trip. >> i got to go more often because i chaperoned my kids' trips. >> you're right. it's that and visitors come from friends.
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we're as excited as they are. but it is amazing. the planetarium, the museum. it's great they're expanding. meantime, how about this. we're talking about temperatures in the upper 70s this afternoon. it's the first week of november. record setters. i'll show you what the record is for the date in a second. right now we're looking at 66 degrees already in the city. sky is cloudy. suburbs, not all that much chillier. we only have 8 degrees to go to get to the record high of 74 for central park. some of the other records lower. i have a feeling perhaps all of these may go by the wayside before the day is through. headline, we are talking about record warmth today. we're starting out with low clouds, patchy fog, and drizzle around in parts of the area. a nice weekend ahead of us. i think saturday a little sunday a little chillier. both days should be dry. 65 right now in chelsea.
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66 in city island. poughkeepsie, 60. visibility not a big problem right now. we're starting to see it come down in some locations. it's down to half a mile in westhampton. quarter mile in trenton. half mile in bridge water. there will be areas of fog forming within the next couple hours that could be dense in some locations. a few showers moving offshore. the main culprit still sits out to the west. that's going to be the change that comes over the course of the weekend. ahead of that, we have a southwesterly flow of air. we'll get some sunshine in here peeking through the clouds this afternoon. it really isn't going to take much to boost those temperatures. you can see on future tracker, a couple early spritzes go back. noontime, still a fair amount of clouds. breaks in the cloud cover comes mid to late afternoon. about 6:00, 7:00, a couple showers develop to the north and west. that's the actual cold front. tomorrow it hangs up a little to the south. we get some clouds that linger. a couple showers past to the south of us tomorrow afternoon.
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the day, setting the stage for a nice looking sunday with lots of sunshine. it will be chillier at that point. not chilly today. 77 the expected high in the city with that southwest wind getting gusty later this afternoon. mid and upper 70s in central new jersey. just a little cooler across long island. still in the low 70s. that could be record-setting high there is. 58 the low tonight in town. not very low at all. a couple passing showers possible early. the really cool air doesn't make its move into the tri-state until we get to sunday. sunday's high, about 57. notice the low at night, 41. that'll mean 30s in the suburbs. lots of sunshine on sunday. plenty of sun on monday. maybe a couple showers and breezy by thursday. temperatures next week actually continue a little above normal. let's get a check on our friday morning commute. >> so far, so good for the most part. we have a new accident out there in bridgewater. new jersey commuters, this one is southbound on 287 by exit 17, which is the route 202-206 exit. that's in the right lane. some injuries reported.
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heading over to the bqe, we have this disabled vehicle eastbound by cadman plaza. that's adding to the normal delays we have out there because of road work. if you're getting on the trains, some uptown 2 trains are terminate ing at atlantic avenue. some downtown 2 trains terminate terminating at chambers street. we have overnight track work on 12 different subway lines. your commuter checklist, so far, so good. we'll have more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you very much. a halloween prank has landed two high school sophomores in litchfield, connecticut, in jail. investigators say these students dressed up like the shooters from columbine high school. they threatened to hurt other classmates. school officials heard about these threats and spend the weekend investigating. they did arrest the students. that face multiple charges. this morning, we are hearing from a mother attacked and
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robbed as she was breast-feeding her baby in a manhattan park. elena and her baby are fine, but she says she doesn't feel safe going to the park anymore. she had been taking her baby for walks there several times a week. just a few days ago, though, a man with a knife attacked her. he pushed her to the ground, injuring her 6-month-old daughter in the process. >> this part was swollen, and it was scratched and bleeding. when i saw the guy, he was like walking around the bench. there was a knife. >> the thief stole her cell phone, but thanks to a tracking device, police arrested him, 31-year-old juan garcia, shortly after the attack. he's facing several weapons and robbery charges. turns out tennis champ serena williams is an intimidating opponent on and off the court. williams posted on facebook saying a man tried to steal her cell phone while she ate at a restaurant in san francisco. surveillance video shows williams confronting that man outside.
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she says she asked if he'd taken the phone by accident. he said he did and he handed it over. she wrote on facebook later on saying fight for what is right, be a superhero. >> all right. nearly a year since that massive inferno along the hudson. now soj edge water residents are suffering a setback in court. a federal judge throw out one count of the case brought against the avalon complex. he rules it fails to prove damages under new jersey's consumer fraud act, but those residents can still pursue negligence and nuisance claims. many of them sues for their losses, including pets that died in the fire. new york state's attorney general is taking a bold legal move over climate change. eric schneider man demanding exxonmobil hand over documents. environmentalists argue industry research showed a link between petroleum use and global warming and that was suppressed. exxonmobil denies suppressing any of their research.
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suicide tried to put a hit on a village administrator. they say fox lake lieutenant joseph gliniewicz contacted a gang member to kill ann marin. they say she was auditing the town's finances. they believe gliniewicz had been stealing and laundering money. a former postal worker says he's ready to plead guilty for his protest flight. back in april, douglas hughes landed his gyrocopter just within feet of the halls of congress on capitol hill. his lawyer says he's going to plead guilty in two weeks to one count of not having a license. now, that's a felony and it could get hughes three years in prison. 4:51. still to come, the company that wants to help parents put their
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plus, the feature that apple could be adding to the iphones. and wish granted. who came through for a "star wars" fan who made a dying
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welcome back. tv before bedtime usually not recommended, but netflix has launched a new series that runs only five minutes an episode. so parents can let their kids watch one more show before bed. netflix also polled parents about what tactics their children use to delay bedtime. they found most kids negotiate about being hungry or thirsty. a small percentage of c ldren
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i think that's hilarious. you know what it is? they get very creative and resourceful. >> they keep putting it off like it's the worst thing in the world. >> they're going to miss everything. >> the thirsty thing, that one i remember. the other stuff seems a little dramatic. >> you start making protests. you were in the studio at the time. >> it was a little embarrassing. we're used to it at this point. >> not guilty. all right. thank you, michael. let's move along to a day that's going to feature a lot of low clouds early and some fog and drizzle in spots. really, on seasonably warm. you may want to strip naked today. 77 the expected high on a november day. i don't recommend that. it didn't come from me. record high is 74. tonight, generally cloudy sky, a couple showers possible. a low temperature of 58. it will get progressively cooler over the weekend. by the time we get to sunday, normal temperatures around here.
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nothing normal about today >> not at all. >> hey, lauren. . >> hey, guys. good morning. we have some delays on the roads already. we're going to take a live look at fdr drive, where there's roadwork heading southbound by 96th street. delays aren't so bad. just something to keep in mind. heading to the george washington bridge, things still moving along nicely into the upper-level tolls. you're in for our decent ride at all of your hudson river crossings. >> thanks so much. a staten island guitar shop with a rich history may soon have to close its doors for good. they've catered to legendary commerce such as ob dylan and bruce springsteen, but the store has been struggling for the past year following the death of its owner. his wife and two sons have had a hard time running it. now they're looking to sell. >> i would very, very much like to see the business go on. i'm absolutely positive that the
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us to remain in some way in existence. >> well, the family says they're hoping someone is going to buy this shop before they are forced to shut it down. let's hope that's the case. 4:56 right now. the world's most famous passenger ship is getting a theme park. titanic land is set to open in 2018 in dubai. 20th century fox and the al ali holding group are partnering to create the park. it will create a, qu e, immersive experience. the park will also feature rides from the "planet of the apes" and "sons of anarchy." i don't understand it either. it will cost about $850 million to create. the producers of the new "star wars" movie have granted a dying man his wish, to be able to see the film. you've probably seen the story of 32-year-old danl fleetwood. he suffers from a kind of cancer called spindle cell sarcoma. he worried he wouldn't live to see the movie.
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media campaign with the hashtag force for daniel. this week, director j.j. abrams gave him a rough cut to watch at his home where he'a in hospice care. >> very nice. rockefeller center, the christmas tree, it's in manhattan. a lot of you mayhhave spotted it overnight. certainly hard to miss. rolled down 5th avenue with a police escort after making the drive from gorn arner, new york. it's actually going to be brought into the plaza this morning, of course on the "today" show. be sure to tune in wednesday, december 2nd at 7:00 p.m. that's when the lights will go on. >> looking forward to it. all right. they are toys that probably topped a lot of lists for santa at one time. >> the national toy hall of fame announced this year's inductees. twister, the super soaker. now, the puppet, i'm not too familiar. they're all being inducted. they've been chosen over classics. among them, battleship.
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people love battleship. and wiffle ball. >> i'm team battleship. i have that at home right now. >> always hard to get the sub. apple may be gearing up to add an impressive new safety feature. the company has patented a new panic mode for devices that you can activate with a specific finger. it would alert friends and family that the user could be in danger and possibly flash a light and sound an alarm. it also blocks access to any personal data stored on your phone. it is coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. right now, nypd detectives on the scene in connecticut. the question is, is this the bus connected to that deadline hit-and-run in queens? trouble on the 7 train. we have a warning for commuters about a shutdown that will last for days. and chris christie's reaction to missing the main
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