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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  November 15, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EST

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now on "today in new york," tributes around the world as new details emerge in those deadly terror attacks in paris. >> and there's a big question this morning, did one of the attackers get away? what french police found in the paris suburbs overnight. and heightened security at sporting events adaund the u.s.
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good morning and welcome to "today in new york" at 10:00. so thankful you can join us. i'm pat battle. >> i'm gus rosendale. a lot of developments from when we last saw you at 8:30. we'll t to them in a moment but first a quick check on the fo frecast. raphael miranda with that. getting milder already in the mid-40s, but it was a cold start to the day. on storm tracker 4 live radar, very quiet conditions. a look at the weather headlines, we had the cold start north and west of town. temperatures started out in the 30s and even the 20s. but the day gets better as it goes on turning into a beautifully nice afternoon. we'll have dry weather to start the workweek but it does not finish that way. you'll see that in the seven-day forecast. high pressure in control again on this sunday morning. you can see temperatures are still cool at 45 degrees. we have sunshine in midtown. not as chilly by lunchtime as we are back into the 50s. did not make it to the 50s yesterday. and it is much less breezy than it was yesterday. we are not dealing with the whipping winds like we have been over the past few days. today's high temperature, 57 degrees. pleasant through the evening. then we'll take a look at the
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seven-day forecast and show you when the rain is moving in coming up in just a few. pat and gus, over to you. thank you. now to the terror in paris, here's what we know this morning. seven people have been detained in belgium as the investigation into the li ly bombings continues. seven of the actual attackers are dead but an eighth may be at large. >> belgium officials identified two of the attacker who is er ers who died in paris. one of them had a noun connection to islamic read call groups. >> the death toll stands at 129 people including an american student, this young woman from cal-tech studying design in paris. more than 300 people were hurt in those attacks. as we mentioned, there have been major developments into the investigation into those attacks overnight. >> officials confirming they are searching for one attacker and other accomplices. our chief investigative reporter jonathan dienst begins our team coverage with the latest on the
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>> reporter: this apparent isis terror cell complex and appears to touch on several countries, france, belgium, possibly germany and, of course, syria. what we learned overnight after this vehicle was found in the suburbs of paris, take a look at this. this is one of the vehicles used by the terrorists to attack the restaurants and bars. then they drove and fled away for miles. and now we are being told investigators believe they changed cars and fled back to belgium. and that is part of the reason why we also saw raids in belgium in the last 24 hours where, as you said, seven arrests have taken place. so it appears that there were suspects from belgium as well as from inside france. and one of the suspects who has been identified is ismael omar mostefai.
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french officials did not have him under tight surveillance and did not know he was connected to a specific terror plot or group. and he was apparently one of the suspects who set off the explosive device. also, a suspect who was believed to have traveled from syria using a passport under the name of ahmed mohommad and he apparently traveled through greece and serbia. and his identity is now known. so the raids in belgium rounding up, perhaps a support network, and/or the eighth suspect if there was one who managed to flee that suspect may now be in custody. we are awaiting more information from prosecutors in belgium. so developments out of france and belgium today. meanwhile, here in new york, the stepped up security presence is also continuing as a precaution. nypd officers will be, again, out in force in public areas like times square, lower
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manhattan, bridges and tunnels, transportation hubs like grand central, all as a precaution. officials stress no specific threat here but the fbi, the nypd, taking no chances. senator schumer late yesterday briefing the press about his update on the isis threat. >> there are literally thousands of french citizens and people who reside in france who have gone to syria. and either fought for or been trained by isil. the number is much, much smaller in the united states. and we keep an eye on every one of them. >> reporter: so again, the major headlines, the attacker, seven of them died in the attacks. two of them have now been identified. arrests out of belgium. and they are also believing one of the suicide attackers may have disguised himself as a ref you refugee from syria. that's the latest. back to you. >> jonathan dienst, thank you for the update.
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david ushery is in paris and has been there since yesterday. decidedly somber mood as the city begins a three-day mourning period. >> david, let's go to you now. what are you observing this morning? >> reporter: we are observing that somber tone and mood that you were describing, gus and pat. in listening to jon, the french interior ministry wants a meeting of the countries. obviously this investigation immediately stretching throughout europe and now more planned collective response needs to be on the table. so that is how the government is responding. let's talk about how parisians are responding collectively and individually. here's video we shot earlier from place de la republique. police came over here to console this woman. we saw a number of people there today, but we saw something else with families gathering there today.
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compared to saturday with very few people out, not a lot of today. also in the face of the emotion you're seeing -- we continue to see this in places around paris. and we came across an american, kaley weaver, transport from seattle, here on vacation. she had a glorious day on friday with friends and we wanted to talk to her about what she sees as she's living through this with the people in paris. listen. >> i would move back to paris in a heartbeat. i think it changes my view on 9/11 being no longer just an american thing. it's a global issue. it's heartbreaking. it's evil that you really can't explain. >> reporter: and we're seeing that, of course, a lot of people envoking the memories of 9/11 and certainly here the people of france stood in solidarity with us during that time. and support came from around the globe. off camera i can't show you, but there's a candle vigil here.
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throughout the week where this is the club behind us where so many were killed. people, again, standing in silence. some of them have tears running speechless. gus, back to you. >> david ushery reporting from paris for us. thank you. >> thank you, david. at the g-20 summit in turkey, president obama calls them attacks on the civilized world. in the last few hours the president wrapped up his first of two days of talks at the summit. this morning he pledged to help hunt down the paris attackers. security is tight at that resort where the summit is being held and is just a few hundred miles from the syrian border. from the g20 summit to the campaign trail, the terror in paris is dominating the conversation. chuck todd is live in washington with the preview of "meet the press" for us now. you just interviewed the french minister of justice. what did he have to say? >> well, look, we heard from her, number one, and she talked about the terror network. the investigation in france is going to arrests made in
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belgium, germany and now spain, they believe. somebody that was involved in this attack may have taken the investigation to spain. so you can see this is, as the french have put it and as the justice minister put it, that this is a full-fledge terror network that put this -- that was able to make this attack happen. but look, on the larger questions here on the show, you'll hear from the president, one of the president's closest national security advisers who agrees, says the president agrees with the french president, this was an act of war, but stopped short of saying they would like to see france invoke the treaty, the most important treaty that the united and that's nato. if france says to invoke something called article 5, gus, that basically says an attack on one is an attack on all. the president's team essentially do that. we'll see if they do. and if they do, it may mean the u.s. has to escalate whether the
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our treaty obligation. >> as it always does on something like this when it happens, it affects domestic politics, too. what are the presidential candidates saying about this now? >> well, i have jeb bush on the show, and it is -- the question is going to be, and where he goes with this, is this a time for an outsider? someone with less experience? this has changed the mindset of the republican primary voter, in particular, who have been gravitating to outsiders with less experience, trump and carson. this has changed that. on the democratic said, you have this debate last night, hillary clinton definitely on the defensive. but what was fascinating, we have a piece of a focus group that was taken after the debate, and a simple question to the democratic primary voters in that room was, who do you trust on terror? nobody raised their hands for sanders or o'malley. everybody raised their hands for hillary. that's how this could change everybody. >> chuck, we'll speak to you in a minute. stick around for "meet the press" at 10:30 right after "today in new york."
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well, if you're going out to metlife stadium today you will notice the increase in the number of state troopers assigned to the stadium. there's going to be increased security across the league today in the wakes of the attacks in paris. yesterday four scenes gave powerful tributes to the 129 lives lost overseas. at west point, army's football team took to the field carrying the french flag in blue, white and red. and the navy saluted the victims before kicking off against smu with a moment of silence. around the nhl, the french national anthem was played before the puck dropped in the arenas including montreal and ottawa. and the newark devils had a stirring tribute. and a mass honoring the victims is just getting underway in new york. >> and greg cergol is joining us from st. patrick's cathedral just behind him there. greg? >> reporter: pat, just a few minutes ago the normally joyous sound of church bells echoed throughout midtown here outside
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st. patrick's cathedral, but this sunday is a little different. as you said, special mass getting underway in just a couple of minutes here. we'll remember the victims of the paris attacks and what cardinal dolan calls a very special way. now security is, as you might expect, very tight. we've seen armed nypd officers and police dogs in and around the church here. the scene looks the same at another famous cathedral. notre dame and paris. church goers lined up for a special mass today for the families of victims and survivors of the attack. those church goers had to endure surges as well before they went into that cathedral. we now know that the 129 victims of the attacks came from nine countries including the u.s. 23-year-old college student from california was among the daid ead,
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nohemi gonzalez was achieving her dream of studying there before being killed in a restaurant. she and the victims are on the minds of many at st. patrick's this morning, including a couple tourists from scotland who said they lit candles for the lost. >> i can't imagine what the families are going through and it just says something that touches your heart. >> reporter: and, of course, the fear is that the death toll will continue to rise. we're told that 99 of the injured in paris are in very critical condition. again, the prayers of the faithful here will be echoing out at st. patrick's shortly. the 10:15 mass here remembering and honoring those who were killed. we're live outside st. patrick's, greg cergol, "today in new york." >> greg, thank you. and still to come on "today in new york," after the break, we'll tell you how "saturday night live" took a break from comedy to show support for friends.
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a live look at the french consulate along fifth avenue, we are seeing people like we are now paying respects, leaving flowers and notes. it is something americans have appreciated over the years when we have faced tragedies. our embassies and consulates have been visited by people who stand in solidarity with us. and today that honor is shared by americans who are feeling for their allies abroad, allies who are hurting this morning. >> and so many tributes in many ways of paying respects. "saturday night live" opened without humor and a tribute to those lost. >> it was a powerful message spoken in english and then french offering support and love to the french people. >> paris is the city of light. and here in new york city, we
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know that light will never go out. our love and support is with everyone there tonight. we stand with you. [ speaking french ] and now, live from new york, it's saturday night. >> simple but it gets you. the show continued as planned with host elizabeth banks. and raf ye phael miranda joining us now with the forecast. the winds have left us and nice weather is rolling our way toward the beginning of the week. >> much nicer this afternoon with temperatures in the 50s. a nice turnaround from yesterday. still blustery and chilly. today, not so much, maybe a light jacket is all you need, especially from now through the rest of the afternoon. temperatures are back into the 40s. it's 45 degrees in central park. we have a mostly sunny sky.
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beautiful sunshine all around the region this morning. you can see on storm tracker it's another high pressure day. clear skies now in the hudson valley and also as we head across long island. nassau, suffolk county, you're looking good. norwalk, connecticut, sunny skies for you starting your day. temperatures on the rise hour by hour now. we start out in the 30s. below freezing in many spots in fairfield county. but now we approach 50, already a sign of things to come. 48 in fairfield. 47 in stamford. 45 in shelton. and 47 degrees in strapford. temperatures are on the rise from the jersey shore across long island. 50 in long branch and 48 already in poughkeepsie. you started your day in the 20s. not nearly as windy as yesterday, but we are getting a few gusts. not like what we saw yesterday, yesterday we saw the winds gusting up to 40, even 45 miles per hour. today we're talking about 18 to 20 at most. and that's especially right along the coast here. and we will see some of those occasional breezes, but when you talk about the windchill values, they are on the rise and chilly. you still need jackets in
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37 degrees later on today it's nice. nice for football for taking on the giants and pats, mostly clear at 4:25. temperatures in the mid-50s and a light breeze. sunshine continues right through the afternoon. stopping this at 7:00 tonight in case you have dinner plans, you're going to be making your way around town. no weather problems here. forget about the umbrellas today and forget about them tomorrow. it's not until the end of the week you see a rain chance. 7:00 a.m., it's dry, bright and fine. temperatures are in the 40s around much of the up region tomorrow. tomorrow evening's commute is also looking good. mostly clear skies around 6:00 p.m. and that trend continues right into tuesday. temperatures are much better than yesterday. we were stuck in the 40s on saturday. 57 for the high on this sunday. bright blue skies and of course the key to the forecast, less windy than it was over the past few days. 45 for your low overnight tonight, mostly clear skies. it is cool and quiet.
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look at that, 62 for your monday. keeping it sunny there. a cool down on tuesday with a back door cold front knocking the temperatures back down to the low 50s. and then we are tracking that rain chance thursday. your umbrella day with some of the showers lingering into friday. stay up-to-date with the news 4 new york app. tap the logo in the corner, scroll down to select the weather tab and see the latest forecast, interactive radar and submit your own weather video. the news app for the iphone is available in the app store right now. and coming up, our coverage of the paris attack continues from the french consulate. >> reporter: i'm sheldon dutes live with a look at how new yorkers are standing in solidarity with the victims of the attacks in paris.
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a lemorial grows around the french consulate here in new york. >> and sheldon dutes is continuing our coverage from there this morning. >> reporter: all week long police have been stopping here at the french consulate to drop off flowers and light candles to show their support and solidarity with the people of france. and those displays of solidarity have been shown all over the city. [ singing in french ] >> reporter: mourners sang the national anthem in washington square park yesterday standing shoulder to shoulder to comfort each other and to write condolences and well wishes. mayor de blasio pledges that new york will stand with paris. >> new york city knows the pain, we know the loss, we also know
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and we know paris will persevere. >> i think they u erouand what we are going through. and i think it is really touching. >> reporter: and that empathy was also on display here at the french consulate. and mourners gathered for a candlelight vigil. and here's a l moive look outside the memorial of the french nsulate. you can see how much it has grown since yesterday. so many people stopping by to pay their respects. pat and gus, this morning, the nypd is still keeping an eye on the front en thece. they have got two police officers here this morning. one at the door and one outside on the sidewalk. back to you. >> sheldon dutes live on the upper east side. thank you. >> we are coming right back with a final check of your forecast. you're watching "today in new
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i'm sure you may recognize that tune. the gentleman playing john lennon's "imagine" in a cordened off area outside of paris as that country mourns the deadly te, rror attacks. anotosr emotionalttribute, countless touching tributes to the victims who were lost in that attack. >> we have seen from david ushery's reporting from over there that the crowds are not being kept far back rom the sites. you would think they couli be kept miles away. like here at home. it's 6:30 at night there, and
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people are bringing their families. this is a live look of what we are talking about here, the enormous crowds and what david remarked on today, one of the differences you see in a white jacket there, people have brought their kids. one of the most powerful moments we saw today, pat, was that a little boy, i'm guessing around years old, was carrying a candle. how do you explain it to a child, it is hard enough to an adult, how to explain to a child what is going on? >> all of us are sad by this fact this weekend. now we'll shift to raphael with a final look at the weath a forecast. one last check. milder today and less windy as well. the high temperature of 57 degrees. so we're feeling better heading into the afternoon. overnight tonight, down to 45. tomorrow, 62 as we head back to work. and it is cool again on tuesday. a chance of rain on thursday. all right. raphael, thank you. thank you for spending your sunday morning with us. we appreciate that. go out and make it a better day. we'll see you next saturday arting at 6:00. >> "meet the press" is up next. thank you for having us in for
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