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tv   Today  NBC  February 18, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. baby love my baby love >> look what's in the kitchen with us on thirsty thursday, february 18th. >> smiles! >> oh, so good to see them. bob by is going to be with us to tell us the latest stuff. >> don't babies make everything better? i don't care what else happens in the show today.
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friends, just like their moms. how awesome. >> that was bibs by kelsey. >> she doesn't even realize it. >> like kanye. we do have a great show. from "entertainment weekly," tim stack is going to fill us in on everything we can't afford to miss, coming up. >> and then it's thirst, lewis and jill are here looking for a deserving couple to ambush. we're going to reveal their looks after this. >> and we have a really special love story, proving it's never too late to tie the knot. and we brought a song called "it's never too late for love" and the glorious victoria clark is going to sing it. >> you know what today is? it's a birthday. hannah kotb is 9! >> yes she is. >> happy birthday to hannah. wishing her a good one today. >> and equally important, it is national wine day.
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important? a child was born! to the world! >> well, this child was born many, many, many decades ago and national wine day. >> you know how many tweets i got about national wine day? what do people think? >> we were shooting a thing on the street the other day, and a truck goes by and these guys lean out and say, "where's my wine?" >> almost as big as spanky tuesday. >> almost as big. if you saw the daily news today, check out the daily news column. it gives a great description of spanky tuesday. worth a read. >> we're following up on yesterday, random acts of kindness day. and you shared your stories. >> megan said while she was grocery shopping with her crying baby, a cashier handed her a gift card, telling her, quote, someone wanted you to have this. and she said, i guess they figured i could use a hand. it was greatly appreciated. helped pay for some of her groceries.
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her telling her little girl they couldn't afford new shoes for the school year. so the woman offered to treat her daughter to new shoes. i love stuff like this. >> random acts of kindness. misty told us once a co-worker came in on her day off to bring cookies for her birthday. people are very kind and sweet. >> we don't hear about them enough. that's why we like to do this. this is a little girl discussing her breakup. >> her name is quick. she is very little. and she wanted to break up with her boyfriend, but she is worried about how she should do it. take a look at her talking it through with her mother. >> i think i'm too young to have a boyfriend. but it's, like, he looks so happy. i don't want to break his heart. he looks so happy. >> when he's with you? >> yes.
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really -- >> what are you going to do? >> i guess i'll just tell him. it's the only thing i can do. i guess i'll just tell him -- it's time to break up. >> and so it begins. do you remember how old you were when you had your first boyfriend? >> yeah, i was in -- i think i was in sixth grade. >> she's 5. >> she's 5 years old. >> oh, my god. how about you? >> well, it wasn't my boyfriend, but it was my first crush was on a guy -- what was his name? i'll think of it in a moment. three were really cute. dewy phifer, john lee and chuck kennedy. all three of them at the same time. >> look at you! you know what's funny? >> what? >> three at the same time? >> well, three guys i thought were cute. >> how old were you?
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>> you know what's funny, i'm just having a memory. my parents were super strict. i remember being at virginia beach and there was this boy out in the water and we both sat on a raft together. and i'll never forget what it felt like, because i felt like, you know -- my parents were very -- like i told you, uber strict and i remember him kind of putting his hand on mine. and you could just feel like your heart pounding. i think i was probably -- >> i remember how it started when you touched mine, hoda. >> wow. like your heart flutters and you remember it. it's so weird. >> what was his name? >> i don't remember his name. but i remembered -- we always went back to the same beach. i remember looking for him. and it was just that one summer. >> if you were that guy and you want -- you want to love yourself some hoda woman, you give us a call. alrighty. apparently -- well, this is interesting. we were talking about adele yesterday and what it must have felt like when she was singing and had the audio problem. >> she had the audio issue. she was on the "ellen show" i
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and she ppened up about what happened during that moment. so take a look. >> the sound check was great, really well. i was really excited. and then during the changeover, the microphone fell on to the piano strings which is what the guitar noise was. some people thought it was bieber rehearsing, but it wasn't him. we were on great terms. >> could you tell when you were singing? >> i heart heard it straightaway. in the rehearsal, we're going to double mike the piano in case one doesn't work. and i wanted to turn around and i froze. i actually thought it went well. in the room, they actually sorted the problem and i'm always a bit pitchy anyway. so i wasn't particularly -- it's emotion. i was embarrassed. people were saying, we still love you, don't worry. and i was saying, i don't ask you if you still love me. i was embarrassed. >> did you feel bad the next day? >> i cried pretty much all day yesterday.
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>> i would have cried if it went really well. if it were a standup performance, i always cry. >> did you want to start over? >> next time i have any sound issues, i'm going to stop. otherwise, bye. >> yeah, yeah. >> the bane of your existence when you're a singer. one person controls your life and it's the sound guy. >> i didn't think i could love her any more. she's so real. >> and she says she has stage fright, which makes you love her. of . >> isn't that interesting? all these singers like carley simon, adele. is that something you see a lot of in that field? it's interesting. >> the ones you end up learning about are the ones who have gotten over it. if you have real stage fright, you never make it to the point where anybody knows your name. >> right. >> i remember my son cody who is an instinctive actor, but is terrified of auditions, so he went the other way.
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but fear can paralyze you, as you know. >> are you ready for "i hoda?" you tried to stall but you can't stall any more. sometimes if you notice, kath draws things out so we don't have to go this way. >> people get mad at me for not liking what i can -- what i consider not good music. sorry. we're talking about being a singer. i was a singer for 40 years of my life. and you just have a standard that you care about. >> right. >> i'm not going to pretend to like things just to make everybody happy. >> okay! this was great. so watch. daniel bradberry is a country singer and she has figured out how to combine country and rock. it ain't gonna be pretty you won't see it coming it's like a curveball
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he's got you on the sideline towards the end zone you're just headed to the friend zone >> let me break it down for the facts that's all i gotta say about that yeah you've got to take a ride >> i get it, i get it. i liked it when it was a song. >> you don't like it when it goes rap? >> no, i don't, hodi. i don't. >> are you sure? >> i'm sure. you can listen to us on sirius xm, channel 108. we don't know why you would, but apparently you do. and you can find hoda there every monday and wednesday at 2:00. are you still loving that? >> i do love that. it's a lot of fun. thanks for anyone who is listening. i don't know if anyone does. >> they don't do ratings over there so you have no idea. >> unless you ask for a call. that's when i'm really shocked. if you say, hey, call in -- and then you go, my gosh, people are listening.
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step 1, cleans step 2, whitens. every time i use this together, it felt like... ...leaving the dentist office. crest hd. 6x cleaning, 6x whitening i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before. now that there are hundreds and hundreds of places to go to be entertained, we thought we would help you narrow down the focus. >> so we have what not to miss the next couple weeks on the small screen or big screen like on your phone or computer. >> he is "entertainment weekly" writer tim stack. >> you should be called loveable. >> do people call you stackable? >> people do, actually, yes. it's mostly my family. but yeah. people do, actually. oh, you're stackable. and i'm like, okay. >> you're also snackable. >> oh, lord. >> i don't know what that -- >> all right. so let's get started. we have a handful of things you
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"fuller house" is number one on your list. >> "fuller house" is highly anticipated, the return of this classic sitcom from the '90s and it's the tanner family. they move back in. dj is a mother now. she's a widow and moves back into her childhood home with her as i say itter and her old best friend, and the original cast returns. dave, john stamos, lori lockland. lori is on your show tomorrow. >> sure is. >> but everyone is really excited. it's sort of the same old thing. obviously the olsen twins are not in this one. but sort of return to form. and i think everyone loves this show so much. and so it's highly anticipated. >> you think it's going to be a big hit. >> i think it will do really well. for netflix, i think. nostalgia is a big deal with netflix. so this hits on all of that. >> this is something parents can watch with their kids. >> yeah, totally. a family show. >> all right. let's talk about hugh jackman, our boyfriend.
10:15 am
jackman, storing in a movie called "eddy the eagle" comes out next friday. it's a true story about how he's an englishman who participated in the 19 88 calgary olympics, and was kind of a nerd, not exactly an athlete. >> but a phenomenon. >> it's charming and really cute and kind of family-friendly, aside from one scene. >> frank and i did -- hosted the late-night olympics back in 1988. >> wow! >> and the bobsled -- the jamaica bobsled. so those are the big stories, because it was so warm. >> yeah. >> it was unbelievably warm. hardly any snow, but eddy the eagle was quite the phenomenon. >> let's talk oscar. >> chris rock is the host this year. >> but he's not dropping out for sure. >> he's not dropping out. people put a lot of pressure on him because of the oscar diversity thing.
10:16 am
>> and i think too, he'll be able to comment on it quite honestly and from a personal place. and i think it's just -- he's so interesting and so provocative and a great comedian. but he'll be there. >> opinionated. >> opinionated and "the revenant revenant" has huge buzz, and bri larson for "room" will definitely win. jacob tremblay from "room." and gaa gaa will perform. carry washington. the weekend is performing. his song, eddie redmayne. lots of people. >> the blind spot is hot and it's back. >> blind spot is sort of the biggest new show of the year and it will be back. it's been on since november 23rd. forever. it's like thanksgiving. so it will come back, and there's going to be more sort of, you know, secrets revealed about jamie alexander's character, her tattoos
10:17 am
>> they're clues, right? >> like a road map to her past. >> and "cards." >> "cards," season four. this is one of the shows i have to cover. it's like getting government secrets, impossible to find out anything. but it's coming up for its fourth season. they're adding a bunch of new characters. "the killing" and "suicide squad." season three ended with claire leaving frank. and so this will sort of see the fallout. sorry, hoda. >> yeah, thanks a lot. >> frank? >> i mean, hello. >> just a couple of seconds. but tina fey's new movie. >> "whiskey tango fox trot" about a woman who goes to afghanistan, based on a book about a true story of this woman who actually did do this. >> is this a comedy? no. >>is like a dramedy.
10:18 am
and everything is beyonce. we think beyonce's album is coming out in the next few weeks. >> what? >> yes! >> alrighty then! >> formation. >> formation. >> thank you, guys. >> alrighty, then! oh, baby, you're gonna love what bobbi is buzzing about. >> new gear that's fun and functional for the little ones. >> oh! hi there! oh, oh, look at before there could be a nation, there had to be people willing to fight for it, to take on the world's greatest challenges, whatever they might be. so, the u.s. army masters not only tactics and strategy, but also physics and chemistry. we make battle plans and create breakthroughs - in medicine, science and engineering. our next mission could be anything.
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a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. it's time for bobbi's buzz. >> if you have a little one at home or are looking for a great baby shower gift, we have the new product every mom is going to want. >> here to show us, bobbi thomas, who has brought along
10:22 am
>> and her friend's name, andrea. >> what you got, kid? >> this is all about some baby love. i have recently discovered the wonderful world of food that gets spit back at me so this is a brand-new high chair from for moms. i wondered why hasn't somebody done this before. this tray top he's trying to get into the bowl is actually a magnet base. and watch this, guys. >> oh. >> the bowl stays put. >> yeah. >> oh, my gosh! >> and you can just -- watch. glide the tray back on and it snaps in place. so this also comes off. and goes into the dishwasher to wash -- he can't push the bowl off to fling is back at me. but you can -- >> it's -- the game is over, buddy. >> so, yes, you can eat now. >> aww! >> what's that? >> and if you already have a high chair that you love, easy peasy that is thought of another way to keep everything put. you'll notice that tag is diving into cheerios. but this mat right here is
10:23 am
the plate is built into the silicone mat and it's by easy peasy. it stays put. it's also at restaurants, on the go, coffee tables. this is a great way to keep the plate in one place. >> very, very cute. >> okay. so -- >> and what about bibs? >> the bibs are there for fun. >> just for fun. >> they're interesting. just stickers. >> they're just -- >> perfect. >> what's on this table? >> this is actually such a great idea. boon has come up with three different tops that go on to -- not just the cup you get with the straw, but it goes on to any cup you have, at a restaurant or what not. and look at that. >> cute! >> so you can have a sippy cup anywhere you go. and not stress about it. so this is another great thing. and it comes to bath time, nail freida, such a smart idea. take a look at the s-shape here. this is actually a nail file that is shaped so that you can get into the corners of your little guy's nails and shape all
10:24 am
so that you can get in those little spots without clipping him with your big nail file. >> really unbelievable to me. >> they all come with clippers. and when it comes to the actual bath time, this other product -- miles is getting all the love over here. >> aww, go to aunty hodi. >> this is called a shelfy, not a selfie, a shelfy. a ledge that sticks on to the side of the bathtub so the toys can have a place to stay put. >> that is so cute! >> and over here because our kids love our cell phones, this from skip hop is a stretchy silicone tether and it sticks on to any stroller and your cell phone won't go flying on the ground and breaking. skip hop, very smart. lots of customers request it. and city stork, if you live in the city, there are wheel covers for your stroller so you don't have to track the dirt back into the house.
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live, this is news 4 new york now. >> live over the hamilton bridge, it's 10:27 on this
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gargiulo. a free wifi system launches today in manhattan, it's called link nyc. the program turns old pay phones into wifi hot spots that can be used for free. official launch scheduled for noon, but a link shows some of the hot spots are ready, up, and running. check of the weather, high of 37 tonight, down to 23 tomorrow. chance of rain or snow in the evening, 40 for the high. saturday 53 for the high, sunday still 50. monday back to school and work, sun and clouds, 48 degrees. up next on the "today" show, kathie lee and hoda see a very special grandmother. join us at noon, all day long on, tomorrow morning on "today" in new york. have a great day. [ male announcer ] eight hours after you quit smoking, your bloood oxygen level returns to normal. in 3 months your lung function improves up to 30%. and ten years after you quit your risk of dying from lung cancer
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but right now...'re one cigarette closer to cancer. every cigarette makes you sick. quit smoking today.
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in case you didn't know it, it's thirsty thursday, and we are ready for the big reveal of our ambush makeover. two lucky ladies who were primped and pampered, courtesy of "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, luis licari, la la la la. >> all around fashion niece at that, jill martin. >> hi, guys. >> how was it out there today? >> it was good. i think a little more mild. when the weather is more mild, we have more people to take from which is much more fun. >> and you get to see more of
10:31 am
>> phaly is 53 years old from boston, massachusetts. pam works as an accountant so spends most of her time in business clothes. today is her last day of vacation and is ready to go home with a brand-new look. let's take a listen to her story. >> this week, it's olivia and sydney's birthday. hurray! but this gift is for mom. why do you want had for her? >> she hasn't had something this nice for a while and i think it would be good for a makeover and a new look. she deserves it. >> are you ready for us to do whatever we want? >> i guess so. >> all right, kids. i see husband david, i see daughter sydney and olivia. >> they don't see you, hoda. >> exactly. keep your blindfolds on for a minute. here's pamela before. all right, pamela. let's see the new you! >> all right, gang. take off your blindfolds. take a look.
10:32 am
>> everyone -- >> are you ready? spin right around. take a look. >> oh, my god! i love the hair! >> almost exactly like -- >> oh, wow. >> beautiful. >> your husband -- >> oh, my god! >> look right there. your husband is crying. >> david. there you go. david, are you okay? >> you know what i love? i love this. look at david for one second. david, what do you think? >> beautiful. gorgeous. >> thank you. >> luis, the color is spot on, like the daughters. >> every now and then, you get lucky, hoda. what i did here is obviously -- she had highlights on her hair. she is starting to go a little bit gray. it happens to all of us. >> yeah. >> but making her hair look ashy. her skin even paler.
10:33 am
this is -- vanessa haircut today. simple, because she has great texture. >> jill, that outfit is killer. >> i love winter white. you could wear winter white in the winter. white house, black market and look at the asymmetrical slits. >> i love that! >> kids, what do you guys think? >> she looks amazing. >> she is beautiful. >> aww! >> big round of applause for pamela. enjoy your family, sweetie. >> our second lady is alyssa kauffman, 45 from commerce, michigan. alyssa works as a speech pathologist and is here on vacation with her family. before our glam squad had a handle on her, she had never colored her hair. >> wow! >> let's listen to her story. >> there is a little excitement in here, because you really tell us why. >> i'm so excited to be here. my family is at the hotel. i got up at 5:00 a.m. to get here and i'm ready. >> okay. so we asked this earlier. are you going to let us do whatever we want?
10:34 am
>> good girl! >> oh. >> she's here with her husband larry and daughter shelby and emily. >> everybody got out of bed. glad you're here. >> look at alyssa before and bring out alyssa kauffman! >> alyssa! >> woo! >> wow. >> oh, yeah. what a nice -- all right, are you guys ready? >> beautiful. >> take off your blindfolds! >> oh, my god! >> whoa! >> well? >> where's my wife? wow! >> oh, my god. i can't believe it. >> you look awesome. >> beautiful! >> cool! >> wow, i can't believe it. >> spin right around and look at camera 12, please. >> alyssa, the whole thing is, luis, i don't wear makeup, don't do my hair, never color it, barely cut it. so i wanted to keep it close to home. i made her warmer around the same shade.
10:35 am
or she could color it. i'll give her a formula to take with her. anita did very natural makeup. a soft, simple haircut by vanessa. >> look at the family. >> and what did you put her in? >> some pieces, warehouse black market. i love this faux leather blaser. great mixing and matching pieces. >> so lightweight and washable. you can wash it. >> let's bring other our -- pamela, come on out, sweetie. >> vanessa and everybody backstage. two people who prove it's never too late for love. >> you're going to love this story. >> i can't wait. >> nice job, ladies! next,on the fingerhut network. i'm so sorry, my love. why, darling? you deserve much more than this. well, a new kitchen aid mixer would be nice. i know. and our tv has seen better days. what can we do? we could go to and get low monthly payments on
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story to share with you. lindsay wrote us about her wonderful grandmother, phyllis. >> she recently married her high school classmate, nathan workman. let's listen to lindsay's letter to us. >> last year was the year of the wedding for me. my boyfriend and i attended four. afterwards we joked we had officially survived wedding season. but, boy, were we wrong. >> 85 and 83. how awesome is that? >> in late november, while at a family birthday dinner, my grandmother's 85-year-old boyfriend nate clinked on his glass and announced they were tying the knot. just three weeks later, i was back at another wedding. this time, for my best friend, who also just happens to be my grandmother. my bubby. >> i'm going to make a toast to you. >> as is customary i gave a speech and told everyone about how i met my bubby at my birth and she was instantly crazy about me. growing up, i was fortunate to live close by to my best friend.
10:41 am
it's never too late for love. my best friend had started exchanging e-mails with a boy named nate, whom she had recently reconnected with at her 50-year high school reunion. my bubby has had a case of the school-girl giggles ever since. i didn't think it was possible for my grandmother to become even more beautiful. but nate has cast the most magnificent light that shines through her smile and sparkles in her eyes. while the best friend usually closes the toast with some wedding advice, i decided instead to end with a quote that symbolized their love and 70 years of friendship. a good marriage is where both people feel they are getting the better end of the deal and i am confident that my beautiful best friend and her handsome groom are both coming out on top in their marriage. who would have thought that the fifth wedding i would attend in 2015 would be the most memorable? >> we never get tired of stories
10:42 am
so special. here are the newlyweds, phyllis and nate along with phyllis' granddaughter, lindsay. >> how is married life? >> wonderful, right? >> you guys like it? >> nate -- >> a lot of fun. >> you do? >> nate, were you nervous proposing? >> i didn't propose. we just did it. >> what do you mean? >> how did that happen? >> takes planning, don't they? >> we were at my boyfriend's birthday dinner. we finished eating our cake and he stood up in the middle of the restaurant and tapped on his glass, and my boyfriend was like, oh, that's so nice, he's going to say happy birthday to me. and he said, "we're getting married!" >> and phyllis, what did you think? >> and she said we are. >> so you discussed it. >> yeah. >> on the car ride over. >> oh, on the car ride over. >> some of the best things in life are that spontaneous, right? >> they had been dating for ten years. >> and thought it would never
10:43 am
>> and you guys didn't have a wedding song at your wedding? is that right? >> that's right! >> we had a wedding? >> you're about top one. don't go anywhere. we have a special love song written just for the two of you, okay? >> and it's going to be pompld by the tony award winning victoria clark, right after this. mmmm mmmmm mmmm (laughter) mmmm, mmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmm, mmm! mmmm, mmmm mmmm. yoplait. one-up your cup. add a few simple ingredients for a snack the whole family will love.
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10:48 am
we are just back with our newest everyone has a story honorees. lindsey and grandmother phyllis and phyllis' husband nate. >> they just got married but still need a wedding song so david friedman and i wrote one just for you all. it's called "it's never too late for love" and here to song for us, one of the greats on broadway, tony award winner,
10:49 am
we all grow older as years go by and wonder have we had our final chance to look in our lover's eyes again to blush and feel alive again to hold another close again and dance a romance well it's never too late for love never too late to find what we've been dreaming of love never goes out of fashion love never runs out of passion
10:50 am
we all grow grayer as years go by youthful beauty fades away we long for the years we had before and wonder what we're living for longing for that something more someday by i say it's never too late for love never too late to find what we've been dreaming of love never goes out of fashion love never runs out of passion no it's never never too late for love so open your heart open our
10:51 am
around the corner around the bend sometimes you'll find it right there in a friend a friend who will love you forever so remember to never say never it's never too late for love never too late to find what we've been dreaming of love never goes out of fashion love never runs out of passion no it's never even if it's
10:52 am
for love >> yes! >> congratulations. >> so beautiful. >> we'll be right back with another surprise. >> beautiful!
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
today we are honoring a very special family newly woods, nate and phyllis here with their granddaughter, lindsay. they were just treated to a special broadway song. david friedman and david wild from hollywood. >> what did you guys think of the song? >> wonderful. >> well, it was outstanding! >> you know what i noticed, nate, you were looking at
10:56 am
that's what you were doing. >> that's what i do. >> that's what a man in love does, right! >> you have your wedding song now, all right? >> yeah! >> your life is complete! >> everybody should have one. >> everybody should. >> we want to keep the celebration going, okay? so we know you guys are going to head back to massachusetts. so barbara lynch's flagship restaurant is treating you three to a special dinner. >> wow! >> and there's more. >> and the renown boston symphony orchestra would like to invite the three of you to a performance of your choice throughout their season. so you'll have a beautiful dinner and a night out. >> a beautiful night out in boston. >> wow! >> terrific. >> does that sound good? >> thank you so much. >> thank you, guys. and if you've all been moved by this at home, remember, we want to tell your story too. go on our website, tell us your story and we'll be happy to write a song for you too.
10:57 am
i'm blown away. hello? >> thank you so much! >> great job. >> coming up, what are you doing? >> new album came out. >> great, great. david? >> films in hollywood. >> and victoria, what you are you doing, baby? >> i have a concert coming up with the beautiful cast. >> tomorrow, lori loughlin here to join us. >> and the guys from flipping boston show you how to add a fireplace just about anywhere.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stand by billy and kit, stand by camera two. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. welcome to "access hollywood live." as i was yesterday, i remain today billy bush. >> i believe i'm kit hoover on this thursday, but we don't know. >> we have to keep saying our names every day. >> they put it up on the thing every day. that's us. >> i'm giving up the name. >> we'll just say welcome to the show. let's start off by talking about the two sides of kanye west. this guy's unbelievable.


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