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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  March 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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test. showdown in mo taun town. >> the final four gop prnoesidential candidates face off going on the heels of super tuesday. and the night ends with a car plowing through the front of this hair salon. now nypd officers have a lot of explaining to do. >> and snow could be giving the morning commute a problem. alternate side street parking has been suspended across all five boar rougs tomorrow. >> the trend continues to be farther and farther offshore with the system. we're not expecting much snow around here now. it's generally less than an inch. maybe a coating in some spots or
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just some flurries here and there across the area. maybe across southern new jersey they might see up to an inch of sn ow, but overall it's not going to be a major storm. it will be snowing during the morning commute and there might be a few slick spots south of the city or it may stick just a bit for a time. you can see some of that light snow moving up towards tom's river and over parts central new jersey. the core of the system is to our south. norf k is getting parts some of snow now. but likeli mentioned it's mainly going to be south and east of our area. we're pretty much down to flurries throughout the rest of the morning and the track is more offshore now. we'll have sun by the afternoon. that will be breaking through. the breezes will k k up though. will will be some gusts over 30 miles per hour in some spots. i'll talk more about that and the warmup next week.
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and you can of course track the snow with our nbc 4 new york app. just tack the nbc logo and there you will see the interactive radar, the latest forecasts and any alerts that you need to know about. now to decision 2016. in a name calling angry debate, they tried to take down a trump. this the same day that mitt romney called trump a phony and a fraud. >> moving on. >> it got nasty fast. >> this little guy has lied so much. >> marco rubio defended calling donald trump's anatomy small. >> if anybody has deserved to be attacked that way it's him. >> i guarantee there's no problem. >> the next fiekt was over primaries and polls with ted cruz.
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ten, he's won three or four? two thirds of the people who have cast their votes in the republican primary have voted against you. they do not want you to be our nominee. the national poll where me's at 15, he's at 15. >> of all the people on the stage he performs the worst against hillary clinton. >> donald trump has written checks to hillary clinton ten times. >> john kasich. >> the next fight, trump on tape tell the new york times he would not deport 11 million migrants? >> there's a difference between flexibility and telling people dowhatever you need to do to make them do what you want. >> use ear the one. let me just tell you, i've given >> name calling in an fort to take down the front runner. n>> infuriating many donald tr mp
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the only possible plan, republicans to vote for cruz other candidates. nypd officer have been suspended. the accident itself is one issue, leaving the scene of the crash just compounds it. here's michael george with startling accusations. >> reporter: it all started right here according to law enforcement sources. that lieutenant and two detectives allegedly left a bar and immediately drove through the window of the business next door. we spoke with that business owner as she's still cleaning up the damage. >> surveillance photos show a car inside this wrecked salon just after it plowed through a front window and the ones inside the car, three offduty nypd officers, according to
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now investigating. >> it was in the salon. >> reporter: this is the salon. she was shocked to learn the hit and run drivers were cops. it's lucky her business was closed that no one was hurt. >>ng i'm happy it. happened in this score and not the bar next door. >> reporter: they were at rookie's sports bar. as they they were leaving they backed hrough the gia bunt window of the salon next door. buzz they're accused of abandoning the car and fleeing the scene leaving behind more than $50,000 in damage. >> how bad was the damage? >> substantial. yes, it was bad. >> reporter: they had to board up the window, remove broken glass and debris. there's tire tra s on the ground, cracks in the wall. >> garbage bags because there was tons of debris. >> reporter: they're
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he time of the crasooh. they could face charges for leaving the scene of an accident. but despite all the damage, she hopes they keep their jobs. >> i heard that they got suspended and stuff, which is okay. they got suspended but i hope it doesn't ruin their lives and they do lose their job or anything. it's an accident. it happens. >> reporter: and the accused, they're all part of the nypd's force investigation unit and according to information we've learned the sleek vehicle they were in was not a department vehicle. >> an> we're getting some new video of a veh, le involved in a hit and run in queens that left a woman fighting for her life. this minivan you see going there hit a woman on sunday morning and as she lay bleeding in the street, the driver tack uf. that woman was taken to the hospital. she is in critical condition.
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would like to hear from you. slashings across the city. people attacked on the street and the subway and following confrontations on the job. one community gathered to try and stem fears. >> reporter: david, the subway has really been the area of main elsewhere. a cabbie in williamsburg, a dunkin' donuts worker in the bronx and fighting residents are calling for more help from police. what they were told by com unity leaders is by doing as something as simple as picking their heads up and being more aware of their surroundings that they could be a part of the solution. as slashings climb, residents question if they err safe. >> people just literally passing by, that's it. >> he wants to protect himself. he left a community meeting even
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>> i can put it in my hand and i can go like this and mess somebody up. but at the same time this is only going to do so much. >> reporter: they're beefing up su ay pra tolls. >> i was surprised to learn that it was only 20% because i would have thought it was much more. >> state senator agrees. >> i think 20% is low. because it -- i mean, think about it. every other day you almost read about another slashing.'s two here, there's one at a cab, there' one at dunkin' doe nutzs. there's one at the l train, the d train, the g train. >> mayor de blasio has a theory. they're reaching for guns, not knives. >> some people are turning to a different weapon.
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the nypd will go bet those we tons. >> people need to be more aware. >> get your head up and get your head out of that phone because if not, something like this may happen. >> reporter: it is important to note that the nypd notes that of those 20%/ing numbers, they say th is a slight uptick and they say that most of those are not random. so something to consider. live in jackson heights, queens, john chandler, news 4 new york. well, he was twice her size and at least half her age but he allehadly choked and robbed a 91-year-old woman at gun point and took from her a single dollar. the man followered her yesterday afternoon. started asking her questions and then attacked her. >> he pushed me and he began choking me.
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>> police believe that the man you see in that picture is also responsible for another mugging. this one happened last month. a 71-year-old man was hit in the face and robbed. of course if you recognize him call crime stoppers. the nypd says it's going to crack down on scammers targeting tourists around battery park. an extra 12 officers are going to patrol the area to stop bogus vendors from selling tickets to the ferry. one alleged person attacked a person trying to buy a ticket. and now to a story that we broke here on news 4 norkt. the contingency program.
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scrambling to find ways to and from work. extra buses will be brought in to shuttle commuters. but the agency concedes that that plan would only accommodate about 40,000 riders of the 105,000 people who use nj transit to get to their jobs in the city so every day. that plan could tack on another hour or more to your commute. >> probably going to have to rent a car or car pool. >>r i can't stop school for a few days. i'll try to figure something out. >> that's my only transportation to get to school, the train. i won't be able to do anything. >> well, the primary issues are wage and health insurance increases and back pay. the unions have been working without a contract since 2011. the two sides are set to meet tomorrow in washington, d.c. coming up on news 4 new
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the woman accused of driving a car with a license plate made out of cardboard. and a good reason to reach for the yogurt in the morning, ladies. the big health benefit for women. >> and the search tonight for a person who shot an animal with a bb in the head.
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charges have been formally dropped now against the five teenage boys accused of gang rapesing a woman. the woman first told investigators that those teenagers assaulted her back in january, but as details emerged the woman recanted those allegations. still the prosecutors called
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new tonight, a warning for parents. police in manchester township say he struck twice yesterday s first ago kids to use their cell phones and another child didn't hand hid phone over and was beaten by this man, police say. the thief is between 18 and 23, about 5'10" with green eyes and black marks with the left side of his face. he's been seen riding a purple mountain bike. the phose cuss of an a vestigation in what appears to be the latest case of police you tallty and this may be tough to watch. >> that is a 16-year-old boy getting slapped and kicked by a school officer. this is in baltimore. a second officer there look on. the school's police chief going
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definitely excessive force, end quote. baltimore's mayor clearly disgusted by what she saw. >> as a parent of a baltimore city school student, i was apalled by what i saw. >> officials say the officers were responding to a report of intruders, but a lawyer for the teenagers' family says he is enrolled as a student at that school. both those officers now off the job. driving without a license plate usually will get you a ticket, but what police say the next driver we'll tell you about did was enough to land her a trip to jail. it's a crude new york state license plaed. it's made out of cardboard and paint. when he pulled the driver over, no registration, no insurance, say police. 28-year-old now charged with a felony for the forgery. and a health alert now. ladies, stock up on that yogurt.
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heart healthy. rez searchers who ate five or more servings of you burt per week may make it a better way to lower blood pressure other than other products. >> the royal caribbean anthem of the seas will set sail again despite de despite cutting its trip short weather. we are keeping a close eye on the storm and this is the same ship that was battered by another storm last month. this is das yoh cam video from the police chief's zu in vermont. he was responding to another car that slid off the road when he lost control, rolled backwards, down the hilt and flipped over. the 4-wheel dive didn't help him
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moving into to the tristate will not bake it that bad. >> we're not expecting ice. we're expecting light snow, very light accumulations too, unless you're south of the si and maybe traveling down towards dc. we'll break it down coming up. here's a look autooid viegt now. our view looks great tonight. temperatures are ol. it's not too, too bad out there. cloudy skies and 34. we've had some but but the emphasis is light. it's not going that big of a deal for most of us. th mere might be accumulations, but otherwise it's a knew sense snowfall. a major warmup next week. it doesn't remain winter much longer. look for the temperatures climb
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tuesday, the 16 v 6 0s. in arch is in the mid to upper 40s and we'll be closer to that. ocean county around a winter ewetry add viery. you can see it's the only road that you may get really slick. there's that light snow hooufing up towards howell and we're on the northern fringe of all of this. heavier snow showers across the delmarva and north of virginia. so light snow and flurries but for the commute, but it's really over with by noontime and right along the coats. well, looking at a coating or less with the ex- plosion. north of the city, very little. we go into the weekend and it looks pretty nice except there will be some overnight showers
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the day parts will fine. they're dry during the day and saturday, hoes then. then we move ahead to next week where string really makes its presence known even though march is a transitional month and we get a little winter weather and a little spring weather. and then we start to see the warmup. >> you're saying it. okay. >> i've got friends now. >> always. >> all right. bruce is here with some anxious moment from in sports. >> indeed, there was 30, 40, 60s and 70s? don't sleep on crosby and the rangers. and lundqvist showed pittsburgh eaaly on that they would not be a sushover.
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they're still solving controversy. mellow sounds off next at news 4 at is 1:00. -- 11
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new. >> there's a sergeant who needs you to play detective to help figure out who shot him. he was shot with a bb gun. his owner found the entry wound on sergeant's head when she was grooming him. if you know anything about that
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and police's horse ran wild time es s square. following his add van chur last night, he tossed the officer off as they patrolled near 48th a and sunny avenue. he sideswiped some mirrors off some cars, but they caught him a few blocks away. >> the officer had minor injuries.
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switch to better. switch to fios. juror on the ice, the red hot rangers look to pedal to the medal as they pay a visit to the pen agains. the blue shirt got a big square early in the second. both players were slow to get up. althe wing was not happy because no whistle was blown. he took out the frustration on his goal and threw a delay of game penalty. but later he surrendered three goals in just 39.
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the third period. here's head coach on the health of lundqvist. >> his neck was spasming up and you know, they thought that the best thing was to keep him off and work on him during the third period which they did, so i don't think it's anything serious, but they want it to go on the safe side and so we took him out. next up for the blue shirts, the caps tomorrow and then the islanders on sunday. speaking of the aisle isles, three directed by anders ly to tie the game at p and for ot in the extra session. deflects off the head of the defender and kyle who score it is game winner as the isles pick up a huge two points.
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nashville and on the power play, the rebound comes out to adam who bury it is game winner. 5-4, the final, as the devils stay on the fringe but playoffs contention contention. the knicks are many the he adlines for all the wrong reasons. carmelo anthony had some words owwith a disgruntled fan on tuesday night. he told him to take it up with the team owner and asked for a refound. he issued an apology. today after practice, anthony talked about the off the court drama. >> if you had to to do it again would you say what you said? >> i don't want to keep harping the same thing, but i don't want to think i said anything wrong. i don't think i said anything wrong. this guy was saying he wasn't coming to any more games?
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about me against this business. talk to me about that. talk to the owner about that. so i wasn't no hostility, we had to say what i had to say and that was that. >> that was that. got olove the dan didness of mellow. the dysfunctional nix are at boston tomorrow night and the beat goes on. >> this is the drum beatdown. thank you, chris.
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vaccine. it protects against diseases like meningitis. that can be serious, even deadly. yeah, that's why they can't start school without it. something to share? (giggling) actually, yes! talk to your health care provider. even kids who've had one shot
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thw bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande - th veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. tha does it for news 4 new york at 11:00. >> today new york begins at 4:30 a.m. have a good night, folks. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart


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