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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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record breaking weather. let's start with janice. >> dave and i would like to do a dance as well. i love that. weather like this generally makes people really happy even if it's a bit unusual. it's far unusual for us to see these kind of record highs 30 degrees above average. bridgeport one of the few spots that did not set a record today, but islip, newark and central park. lopt lo of 70s from staten island. cooler 50s across long island. but you can see it's starting to co cool down to the north and west because we have clouds and rain showers. we're talking light rain generally between now and into the overnight period. we're still going to see some steady rain showers and cooler air to follow that. what about tomorrow and the
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i've got those details coming up. and the spring like feeling was out in the open in new jersey today. in weehawken it was just as over cast as it was here, but the warm temperatures still got a thumbs up. it was a great day to be on the hudson river. just ask dave price who is in washington heights. hey, dave. >> reporter: hey, sibila. beautiful night we have here. if you look at the background at thofe george washington bridge you see some cirrus stratus clouds as the sun begins to set. a gorgeous evening capping a beautiful day, a beautiful day which brought new yorkers and folks around the tri-state area ourst, and out with a smile. >> light breeze. little bit of moisture in the air. >> we've been able to take our class out and do some science experiments in the park. i'd rather be outside doing
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room any day, especially after a long winter. pleasant it's really encouraging to see everybody out in brooklyn. >> my first spring in new york, so this is on time for me. >> i've been living in the city my whole life and i love this city. when springtime is just around the corner. it's like, boom, flower >> reporter: and i don't think anyone in this city is disagreeing tonight. while the 70s and 80s won't last forever, clearly they're going away this evening and cooler temperatures are going to prevail as we head through the weekend. they'll be back. janice will have you full forecast coming up and she'll tell you when the 70s retu . >> you can track the temperatures wherever you are with our nbc 4 new york app. click on the weather tab to get instant access.
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before a new jersey transit strike. negotiations ended today without a deal but greater tensions on either side. new jersey in a statement warned they will have their medical benefits su spended. the union called that re wataliatory. >> reporter: authorities say you can expect a lot more traffic and a lot more people on ferries. that's because new jersey transit's contingency plan still leaves 10 000 customers without a ride. a lot of those customers are expected to show up here at the port imperial on monday looking for a way to get across the river to manhattan. even here in weehawken, right ac 5ross the hudson, commuters could find their plans derailed by ferries crowded with extra
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>> we expect a major flow of extra passengers coming to our terminals. >> reporter: new york water way promising to have ferries on stand by to handle the extra commuters if the transit railway strikes. putting the brakes on transportation for 160,000 nj transit riders. >> there aren't any other ways to get out there for me. it is a lot of concern to me. >> reporter: towns like maplewood coming up with their own plans. >> we're afraid that by the time we get our people to a certain location, those buses or subways will be full. >> reporter: and even with the shuttles nj transit says 60% of riders would have to fend for themselves. miles long traffic backups already fo ecasted.
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to organize carpools or ride shares. >> i work on an odd schedule. i work afternoons and nights. so i don't know how much it would help me. >> reporter: over in ewark, prudential isn't waiting to see what happens when the clock strikes 12:01 sunday, urging workers to start planning now, even if that marine eans working from home. >> let her know there was the possibility and of course that was a lose-lose situation for both sides. >> reporter: new york waterway, path and other transit systems say they plan to cross-honor tickets in most s cases. regardless of your alternative plans, make sure you plan extra time because you will need it. sheg a failure to reach a deal here would
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as many as 42 hundred work 00 workers. we learned that conductors account for as much as a quarter of the roup. police are looking for the man we first showed you at 5:00 who they believe randomly slashed a brooklyn woman. we've obtained surveillance video of the man running down argyle avenue and rospect park south. take a look. the victim was just walking down the street when a man came behind her and cut her in the netck with a kitchen knife and left behind this scarf right there. the woman is expected to survive. in downtown brooklyn today a man who spent a quarter of a century beentd bar hind bars for a crime he did not commit finally won his freedom. >> he raised his arms in victory as his family applauded his release. michael george as the whole
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>> reporter: after 25 years behind bars, andre told us the first thing he wanted to do, the first thing was get some barbecue. we walked here from the courthouse with andre as he experienced freedom for the first time in decades. smiling proudly, andre hatchet took his first steps as a freeman. he told me he never gave up hope. >> i feel good. i'm glad i'm free. i just want to stay with my family and stay out of trouble. >> repormeter: a re was convicted of kil ng a woman back in 1992. the brooklyn d.a. says the only evidence against h >>im was one witness. andre and s defense team were never told the witness also pointed the fin r at another suspect. dre was also on crutches at e time and likely couldn't have beaten, dragged and strangled the victim.
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decades behind bars ended in a moment. andre was 25 when he went to prison. today he's 49. i asked him if he's angry. >> i ain't angry because i know i didn't do it. >> reporter: and andre kept that smile as he reunited with family, children and grandchildren that will now get to know him much better. andre told us what his first act as a freeman would be. man would be. they marched straight to get some barbecue, where after spending half his life behind bars he enjoyed his first taste of freedom. i just want to be with my family and go eat some real food. >> reporter: this is the 19th conviction over turned by the brooklyn d.a.'s office. they tell me they're continuing ton. work with the innocence project and they're looking at
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coming up as we continue, growing concerns over drinking water. now passaic county is joining newark in tap water testing. plus violations of medical privacy laws. the sensitive personal initformation tossed into the
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> we are continuing to follow breaking news in crown heights brooklyn. we now know that two teens were shot that afternoon wbt about a block from clara barton high school. they are listed in serious but stable condition. no one has been arrested.
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> in new jersey passaic valley water commission is expanding its testing for lead by encouraging more people to participate in water sampling. letters will be sent to 135,000 homes and businesses to explain the free testing program. yesterday newark shut off water in 30 public schools after elevated levels of lead were discovered. the family of a man shot and killed by nypd officers with demanding justice. the protesting the u.s. attorney's decision not to file charges against richard haste. the officer said he thought graham was going for a gun when he reached into his waste band. istband. but the 18-year-old was unarmed. >> these officers should not be running around with a gun or a badge. they murdered my son in front of his six-year-old son and also higrenandmother.
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was not enough evidence to purr sigh charge pursue charges. coming up, update on o of the hottest spots to eat in new
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people feel more relaxed, feel happier when they've got that extra hour? >> the research suggests that changing body rhythm and losing that extra hour of sleep carries this real risk. we're going to talk about some things that you can start doing tonight that may make it a little easier. we never leave you hanging with just bad news. now to an i-team exclusive. personal medical information left out for anyone to find in direct violation of medical privacy laws. >> this is between me and my doctor and nobody else. >> reporter: gloria brown was in disbelief when the we showed her personal medical information about the 88-year-old woman including her date of birth, address and phone number. >> this is wrong.
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rights. >> reporter: and that wasn't all. there were dozens of records belonging to other patients containing personal private medical information, information that is fiercely protected under hipaa medical privacy laws. also inside the trash bags were torn up prescriptions, discarded receipts and lunch orders. a suggestion this was all considered regular trash, all parentally discarded from this facility. >> if they do it in this medical facility, then they can be doing it all over the place and nobody knows about it until someone find the information and goes public with it. >> they ought to either leave the trash here or put them in these con containers containers. >> they're transparent. so i pressed down on it and sure enough it was a report for a patient. i opened up the bag, took it out.
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the block, but this was hipaa and it's a violation to put it in public trash. >> reporter: cesar noticed white bags from the medical facility. one night he took this video when a worker from the facility rried trash to this garbage bin owned by a restaurant next door. he says he tried to tell employees at the senior health center about it but he continued to find hipaa documents. >> it's not supposed to end out in public trash, un . >> reporter: we went to mount sinai senior health to find out why they were dumping the dical documents in the regular trash. >> i'm not sure what's going on at all. >> reporter: medical records. >> we dispose of it in the proper way.
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and picks up all of our recycleable materials. they issued this statemen meanwhile sandy is switching doctors for her mother and also thinking of how she cannot be a victim again. >> you never think of security. now this must be something else we have to think about. >> reporter: munt sinai beth isisrael says they are conducting their own internal investigation to see what went wrong. and they'd notify patients to let them know their information may have been compromised.
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we first b ught you last october october. >> the columbia student running a supper club out of his dorm room. he caught the eye of a talent agency and he tells nbc news that he is meeting about a te vision serieexand talking to anthony bourdain's producers. he is scheduled to g traduate this year. not too shabby. >> we wanted to go in and see if his dorm. >> i know. that's okay. he'll be doing well pretty soon. our weather was tops today with temperatures at record levels once again, 70s and 80s in a lot of spottings. s. the rain will fall and so will the temperatures but not all that cold. we'll start out with clouds but it will be a great fin toish
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day on friday. these were the highs today. some of them were records including new york city's 79 in central park. that was a record. the old record was 74. we saw 70s and 80s across the area. we've got 60s and 70s on the map for the most part right now. 70s out ahead of that front in philadelphia and d.c. but 40s and 50s behind it in chicago, detroit and columbus, ohio. we're on the lighter side of things. this front is sagging to the south .ow. we're picking up some light rain showers over the hudson valley. it will continue to sag to the south tonight. all of us will see at least some
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this will continue through 9:00 this evening. notice the temperatures drop to the 60s and some 50s north and west. still not all that cold, but the temperatures are falling. some heavier showers out towards the hamptons. your morning commute should be dry with just a few clouds. rainfall totals generally between a tenth of an inch and a third of an inch. to rrow after the clouds move d.out, we're up to 63. so a dramatic change in the temperatures but still about ten to 15 degrees above average. a great weekend too with highs in the 60s saturday. sunday down to around 60. cool and rainy on saturday but back up to 70iny next week. >> it just occurred to me the mets and yankees did not have to go to florida for spring training. >> i would still rather go there, you know? it was a day of firsts at spring training.
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start for the mets. and how did the cuban missile look on the hill? plus another shakeup at rutgers. basketball to coach eddie jordan is
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switchers guarantee. we'll arrive when promised and set up your devices to your new wi-fi. switch now and get 100 meg speeds, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online. switch to better. switch to fios. even though he will serve a 30-game suspension during the remember season, chapman is allowed to pitch in the preseason. today he made his spring debut for the yankees against toronto. th efings started out well for chapman as he struck out the very first batter he faced. but he then lost command of the strike zone. he hit a couple of batters and walked to more. chapman was pulled after getting just two outs.
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jays 11-4. in sarasota castro continued his spring today against the orioles. he had three hits and three rbis.mein port st. lucie noah syndergaard looked great in his spring debut against the cardinals. he fired through shutout innings giving up just one hit while striking out too. in college hoops news rutgers has parted ways with head coach eddie jordan three seasons. jordan took over the program in 20 13 after the mike rice scandal but never had much success. he was 29-68 overall.
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this season. the big east tournament takes center stage at the garden. seton hall. villanova pulls away from georgetown in the second half. hart had a game high of 25 as the third ranked wildcats win 81-68. they face providence tomorrow. at barclay's center florida was knocked out of the tournament by richmond. here the first half buzzer with the floater, he scored 17. in football news the jets resign ed resigned powell and robinson. they join forte in the backfield.
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game. ben gammel makes a sensational dyeing diving grab. coming up next on nbc nightly news the dangers of springing forward. breaking news tonight. donald trump accused of encouraging violence at his rallies. his campaign manager accused of roughing up a female reporter. the rising death toll as record floods rage. high-water rescues. brawl on a plane. mayhem as fists fly. shocked passengers with the melee. you won't believe what


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