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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  March 26, 2016 8:30am-9:30am EDT

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it's 41 right now on sath taten island. and it's 30 in monticello and 32 in sussex. but we're seeing a good amount of sunshine out there to start. we will see that marine layer develop with the east flow. i'll tell you how long that lasts and we'll also look for your next chance for rain. it's coming up in your seven-day forecast. right now a subway station is a busy crime station. >> it is. police looking for suspects in yet another slashing. this one happened in tht 96th street station. and ray villeda is live at the scene. ray? >> reporter: kerry, gus, a disturbing attack. it all started here at this bus stop. apparently this 19-year-old was waiting for the bus when he was approached by four men. he got scared so he ran over to this subway station and it was there the attack unfolded. let's show you video from when this happened. it happened around 12:05 early
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he noticed four guys coming up to him acting suspicious. they asked where he was from. that's when he decided to run towards the subway station. it was there one of the suspects began going through his pants pockets and attempting to take his cell phone. they slashed him in the back of the head, the hands, and the back. he was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. in the meantime the folks we talk to who go to this station every day say they're concerned. >> it's scary. very, very scary. >> you know, it's new york. you always got to watch yur back. it's terrible that it happened, but hopefully it will come to an end soon. >> reporter: a lot of folks feeling that way this morning. if you take a look, this is a busy intersection. no doubt police will be looking at surveillance cameras to catch up to those suspects. i'm ray villeda, today in new york. >> thank you. a 16-year-old boy is fighting for his life this
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head in east harlem. jawan tavares who also goes by chico crossed the street from the school and a playground where he was shot. many heard shots and saw boys running away from the scene. >> he was one of those jokesters, loves to dance and sing. he's a good kid. he had dreams of leaving the projects. >> tavares underwent brain surgery last night. also new this morning smoke and flames forcing residents out of their building. this fire broke out a little after midnight on the sixth floor of this apartment building on west 151st street. two residents and two firefighters taken to the hospital with minor injuries. no word yet on what caused it. also police searching for a robber who targeted two women in the bronx. investigators released this photo of the guy they're looking for. he walked up behind a mother an
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and put that 60-year-old woman in a head lock while he went through her purse. he didn't let go until the daughter gave him some money. the hunt is on to stop the next attack. we're learning one of the suicide bombers at the brussels airport is suspected of making one of the bombs in the paris attacks. news 4's sevilla vargas with the latest. >> reporter: heavily armed officers launched raids across the capital hoping to prevent another attack. nearly a dozen people detain. one of the police operations unfolding at a stop. a suspect took a woman hostage. police shot him in the leg, the woman got away. a robot examined the suspect, then officer dragged him away. secretary of state john kerry paid tribute to the victims in brussels. he says while the u.s. and
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iraq, the group is looking to retaliate. >> there's serious pressure being put on them and i think, you know, that's going to raise the potential that some of the people who have been sent out of syria over the course of the last five years may try to act out in other places. >> we're learning among the 31 killed, two americans plus a brother and sister who lived in new york. sascha and alexander pinczowski died in the airport. mason wells is among the americans injured. he survived the boston marathon bombings and the attacks in paris. now he's lying in the hospital with burns to his face and hands. >> the second blast went off went off to my right and i could feel the blast. i feel very lucky. and new this morning engineers will assess the stability of the brussels airport. that's going to happen on tuesday. and that is the earliest the
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meanwhile the pentagon moving to increase the number of american troops in iraq to battle isis. the pentagon announcing that haji imam was killed. he was the top money man for isis, the second in command. in his radio address, president obama renewed his vow to continue his campaign against the islamic state. >> we're supporting iraqi security forces who are beginning to put pressure on the isil stronghold of mosul. and we will not stop until isil's safe havens are destroyed. >> the president also offered prayers for the families of the americans killed in the attack. now to decision 2016. donald trump denying allegations that he's the one spreading rumors about his rival senator ted cruz. an article in the national enquirer says he has had affairs.
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have nothing to do with the it and did not know about it. >> this story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear. >> trump angered cruz even further by retweeting a picture of his wife melania next to an unflattering photo of cruz's wife heidi. trump blames cruz for this ad showing melania in a salacious pose. let's head over to the democratic side. delegates from three states up for grabs today. meantime, there was an up expected introduction at a bernie sanders rally. this was in oregon yesterday. a bird perched there on the podium. sanders suggested the bird was really a dove asking for world peace. i n't believe that looks like a dove, but it's a nice analogy. of course senator bernie sanders
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night's contest and john kasich joining to talk his strategies going forward. "meet the press" airing sunday at 10:30 right here on news 4. happening a bit later today, time to soak up the sights and sounds of the coney island boardwalk. opening day ceremony at luna park today. the first 100 guests today will get to ride the historic cycle roller coaster for free. >> that's the wooden one, right? >> that's the old school one. >> those are fun. >> nothing like the sound of it. >> a little rattly. but fun. coming up on today in new york, hulu and netflix about to get some competition. there is a streaming service that will let you rent your favorite movies and shows. >> and what you need to test a device to make sure it doesn't get into the wrong hands. >> excellent. and erica is going to slam away at the trivia. >> easter sunday is tomorrow, of course. we're celebrating and testing your knowledge of the holiday
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good, only fios can. waking up to 39 degrees and a live look at the brooklyn bridge. cool skies but cooler than we've been used to. erica grow going to take us through the next couple of days. >> always important for the bunny. we want to talk about this though. a question for anyone who's recycled an old computer or cell phone. did you erase your personal data first and you think you did but you're not sure. >> it turns out just moving all that stuff to trash or recycle bin and then emptying that bin is not enough. nbc's tom costello has a warning for all of us. >> what do you keep on your phone or computer? photos, e-mails, and contacts, bank and tax forms, credit card and password information.
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computer or phone, just deleting your data doesn't do it. >> the truth usually is that it's not wiped. >> reporter: it's not? >> it's not. >> reporter: to prove it the recovery experts had me delete from my computers personal photos, mock financial information, and passwords. i have two computers here. a windows and a mac. i want to get rid of all my personal information. i'm going to delete it on the windows base computer and on the mac i have it on an external hard drive. now i'm going to wipe it. we then sent them off to the lab to look at this gap in security, kroll bought 100 used pc's and phones online. nearly half still contained personal information even though many of the previous owners thought they erased it. it's not as simple as hitting delete. >> it's like when you take the
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you might not know where it is but it's there. >> reporter: and he or she can steal your data. as for my data i erased -- >> it was very simple. yes. >> reporter: my photos, e-mails, and those financial records. we created this bank statement. it's not real, but the point is i thought i deleted it. >> right. and it was there for the taking. we have your bank statement, your bank account numbers, how much money you have, all that stuff there. >> reporter: credit card numbers and expiration dates. >> and even the pin and security code that needs to go with it. >> reporter: i would expect you to recover that because you're the pros. but what if i sell on it ebay or second hand story? >> they would be able to recover that data with free software. anybody could. >> reporter: so my personal data is compromised. >> it is. >> reporter: so what can you do to protect yourself?
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all of your datand provides a certificate with proof. the other is to get physical. taking a hammer or drill to the memory chips inside your computer. but don't go easy. >> there's data stored on both sides. so you want to make sure you drill all the way through it or crush it all the way with a vice or a hammer. >> reporter: the whole thing must be destroyed? >> yes. the whole thing must be destroyed. >> that was tom costello reporting. you may have seen recycling bins for cell phones given away to people in need. just like you would check he pocket before you give a coat to charity, make sure you deleted everything. >> i could see erica wielding one of those sledge hammers. >> i'd have a great time. i've got a drill at home. i could just do that to. yesterday was in the 70s. big change this morning. >> 72 yesterday and today we won't get out of the 50s which is more seasonable for this time of year. let's get things started with a
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another lovely look at lower manhattan and i believe that's the -- is that the manhattan bridge we've got there? yeah. there we go. my monitor is looking smurfy. that's funny. it is 39 and sunny right now. so that sunshine is a little bit deceiving. let's look at the weather headlines. we'll see increasing cloud cover later on today. an easterly wind is going to keep us cooler. it's going to bring in that ocean influence that builds the deck late today. seasonal on sunday, but as i just mentioned that means it's going to be chillier than what we've become accustomed to. same temperature in north port. it's also 40 degrees in north babylon. 37 in newburgh. danbury 32. when you factor in the wind which is light right now. but at these temperatures, even a bit of wind, you feel the windchill. it feels like 29 in danbury and
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by this time in late march we want the mild weather. but it is kind of nice to get a break from that humidity that we had yesterday, right? storm tracker showing the reason. the cold front has departed and area of high pressure is drifting in moving over the new england states. and that counterclockwise or clockwise flow, i should say, that clockwise flow around that area of high pressure brings in clouds from the east. it also brings in that cold ocean influence because temperatures are still in the 40ust s over the ocean. so we get a little bit of that ocean influence keeping our temperatures down. overnight tonight make sure to bundle up. it's been a little while since we've had temperatures this consistently chilly. tomorrow sun to cloud cover still cool for this time of year -- sorry. it's not cool for this time of year. it's cooler than what we've become accustomed to with a high of 56. today, 54 as i mentioned. those clouds arriving late. it will be breezy from time to time.
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to 15 mile-an-hour range this afternoon. then overnight tonight, patchy clouds, a low of 40 degrees. can't rule out a little bit of fog as well. pretty much the same kind of weather we had on thursday of last week. that's what we're going to see for the day today. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. on easter sunday, a high of 56 degrees. on monday, we're back to 60 with the on and off rain and even thunderstorms possible back down in the 50s on tuesday. ups and downs continue. so you want to always stay up-to-date with your forecast, use the news 4 new york app to do that. select the weather tab. see the latest forecasts, interact iradar, and how to submit your own weather video. the app is available in the app store right now. back over to you. >> thank you. 8:46. it's time for sports. >> here's john chandler. >> good morning, everybody. yes the mets are on the cover of "sports illustrated" baseball preview. cleveland in the world series? whoops.
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also si cover boys and the mets are well aware of how that turned out. but if that can't get you to forget the si jinx, maybe noah syndergaard can help. again hitting 101 miles per hour. six innings, syndergaard struck out nine, walked none, allowed two runs on five hits. 19 strikeouts, just 1 walk this spring. mets trailed 5-4 in the ninth. kevin the mets and cards finished tied 5-5. the yankees' fifth spot in the starting rotation is up for grabs. neither sabathia and nova can get a grip be on it. yesterday nova admitted he put himself in a bad position here. working with the 5-1 lead when things fell apart. caleb joseph sends it out by the palm strees in left. nova allowed two homers and
8:48 am
j.j. hardy also driving one deep and gone to left. clearly the wind was blowing out but still. tied at eight after nine, they played a tenth inning. orioles rallied to win this on a bases loaded single. it's a walkoff. 11-10 spring training win for the orioles over the yankees. as the nhl barrels towards the playoffs, the playoff in the east is chaos. eight teams separated by seven points or less. and hey, the devils are gaining. stumbling. losses in 6 of 8 coming in make it 7 of 9 after a disaster of a third period. midway through, thomas greiss makes a blocker save but gives up a juicy rebound. look at tyler johnson there to pound it home. jason garrison would put it out of reach 20 seconds later. and the islanders fall to the
8:49 am
devils have stormedk to the playoff picture. at it again blanking the caps in regulation. after 159 minutes and 34 seconds of shutout hockey, the streak ends in overtime. john carlson burying the winner. the caps' next point will clinc the president's trophy. this is a hard earned point for the devils. they are five points back of the last playoff spot. knicks and nets both had the night off. both are at home tonight. the knicks host lebron james and the cavaliers at the garden. nets take on the pacers at barclays. ncaa tournament continues tonight with the elite eight action getting under way. for today in new york, i'm john chandler. all right. listen to this. redbox is set to watch a streaming service. variety magazine says the new redbox digital will allow you to rent tv episodes and movies or buy the digital copies. they shut down its first
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it was only up for about 18 months. they're making a second go of it. still ahead this saturday morning, what would you do if you caught a burglar in your home? a woman fought back. >> it's an impressive story. and of course it is time to ask produce pete. hey, good morning. the first thing that pops out of the ground in the springtime is asparagus. coming up next, all you want to know about asparagus.
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a lot of people love asparagus. >> today getting the answers to all of your asparagus related questions on this week's edition of ask produce pete. >> okay. it's time to ask produce pete and today he's talking asparagus asparagus. is this a lily? >> it's in the lily family. >> i remember what you teach me. yeah. >> actually, i'm hoping by the end of may i'm going to get out to donaldson's farm again. they have their jersey ones coming up. i want to show people how they grow. it's unbelievable. the most asked question i get about asparagus, how come they're so expensive. they're labor intensive. once they're planted, it takes about three y rs for them. then they keep coming. yeah. about three years. then they come every year. >> and they come back. >> one thing, though, that's impressive is they come out of
8:54 am
bout six inches every day. so they grow really quick. my friend joey said to me the other day, he went to an asparagus farm we picked them in the morning and that afternoon they were growing again. >> that's cool. >> the reason why white asparagus are really very expensive is what they do with white asparagus, they cut the -- not cut it, but once it comes out of the ground, then they burrow down about nine inches and cut it off. then they put that and put it in a dark box. that's why they're white. once the sunlight hits them, they turn green. and they make them more tender. >> really? >> if you think about it, this comes out of the ground this much, then burro down, then cut them. it's hard enough for these when these come out of the ground that you got to bend over and cut every one by hand. >> individually. oh, yeah.
8:55 am
so this time of year, we see aspur gus in the springtime. we see it this time of year and easter always seems like the -- which easter will be tomorrow so easter seems like that's the time of year for the asparagus. you'll see price range of asparagus difference. people said last easter they were this price and the easter before. what happens with asparagus is east ser about a month apart. it could be march, it could be april. when it's in march you usually haeve t mexican asparagus out and the california start. more supply, prices down. as the season go on, you only have california. less supply, the price goes up. so you'll see them at a reasonable -- you'll never see them -- sorry betty, she doesn't like me to say cheap. >> inexpensive, how about that? >> but they'll be out there. when buying asparagus, years ago when you bought it they were
8:56 am
green the rest of the way. well, they grow more green now. they grow the ones that are longer that are more green and that you can use the whole asparagus. mom used to do this. use. she never threw this away. she'd make soup, anything out of it. but mom never threw anything away. so that's really when you want tender asparagus, that's the tender part where it breaks. and once you get the asparagus home, you want to treat them like a lily. treat them like a flower. i want you to put them -- stick them in a container of water like stand them up like this. you treat them like a flower. the top of the asparagus. you never want to get them wet. when you go to the store to buy asparagus, you want to treat it the same way as a flower. give it a little smell. if it smells funky, you don't want the asparagus. you want to make sure the top is
8:57 am
you want this purple in color in the asparagus and you want all the tips to be nice and feathery. you don't want them to be wide open or anything. >> got it. >> that's the easy way to hold them. you bring them in. but produce is always meant to be eaten, not stored. so what you want to do is bring them home and eat them. happy easter to all my family and friends and happy easter to you, patricia. >> thank you, peter. they are available. >> thank you. >> happy easter, pete, and all of you. send your questions to produce peet. and there's a lot more on today in new york. >> including our top story. >> reporter: subway slashing. a 19-year-old is slashed in front of this subway stop.
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waking up with you rockland and westchester counties as we look at the tappan zee bridge. the entire area waking up to temperatures a bit cooler tha we've seen recent days. i'm gus rosendale. >> although we have warmed up good morning. i'm kerry bair yet rrett barrett. we're going to check in with erica grow. >> we'll take anything we can get, right? we're looking at the sunshine right now helping to get things
9:01 am
but temperatures aren't going to rise very quickly this afternoon. and it's because of an east wind that's going to establish. we're also going to see that wind bringing in some more cloud cover. that ocean influence. so 48 degrees at noon and 6:00 p.m., 52 degrees with more clouds. right now it is 40 degrees in mill basen in middle village. 41 in city island. 39 in poughkeepsie and danbury. on storm tracker you can see we did have a bit of high cloud cover earlier in the morning up. because of the east wind i mentioned before. we'll talk more about the cooldown and also our next chance for rain coming up in your seven-day forecast. right now a man is recovering in the hospital after a group of men jumped him on the upper west side. >> police say he ran to the 96th street subway station for help and that somebody slashed him
9:02 am
ray villeda is live with details. >> reporter: the attack started at this subway stop according to police. that man was approached by four suspects. he got scared and ran to this subway station. tchs there that the slashing unfolded. take a look at the video gathered after this happened. it happened just after midnight. here's what happened. he noticed these four guys approach him at the bus stop. he gets scared after they ask him where he was from and runs to the front entrance of the subway stop. one of the suspects started going through his pockets tried to take his cell phone and that's when the slashing occurred. he was slashed on his head, the hands, and back. he is in stable condition in the hospital and now police are looking for the suspects. and the passengers i spoke to said this is concerning. >> sad, sad. it's too bad they can't find something better to do than harming people. like i said, i watch my back and just, you know, try to get by. >> reporter: you know, take a
9:03 am
this is a very busy intersection. there are a lot of cameras, a lot of businesses with surveillance cameras. no doubt the police will be looking through that footage to find the suspects. >> thank you. police now offering a $2500 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the person who shot and killed a staten island man and his mom. family and friends gathered in mourning yesterday in mariner's harbor where that took place. police say anthony morales walked up to anthony rivera and shot him in the head thursday night. when his mother tried to help, she, too, was shot. >> she was a great, great mother. my son anthony was a great boy. had a big, big heart. >> detectives say morales also shot a friend of rivera's and he is recovering. an historic new jersey church that was destroyed in a raging fire is now getting an
9:04 am
the flames tore through the church of englewood. all different faiths offered to open their doors to first presbyterian members. >> even the mosque in englewood. it's amazing. >> it's a model for what our world should look like. >> the congregation is planning to hold easter services tomorrow at the bergen performing arts center. still no word on what caused that fire. a woman in the bronx is suing the nypd after an officer shot and killed her dog. after hearing police in her hallway, you see the dog walk towards the officer. the tail wag. the officer took aim and shot the dog. >> just threw myself over him and i'm begging him not to leave me and he's twitching and his tail is still wagging. it's like he's still trying to hang on but he just died and i just couldn't believe it. >> the nypd says it is
9:05 am
heading now to bergen county where officials offer a temporary fix. the office appointed a temp trar monitor to oversee the wyckoff police department. that's after a memo allegedly written by sheriff fox. to check out suspicious black people in white neighborhoods. the county prosecutor and state attorney general is now investigating and fox is on temporary leave. an investigation now under way after fliers bearing hate-filled messages poured out of printers at several colleges across the country. the fliers featuring links to a neo-nazi website started on thursday. defamation league says a white power league seemed to have hacked into network printers. a woman went toe-to-toe with a burglar and she won. >> it was at her apartment in
9:06 am
she told michael george that she was not going to let him go without a fight. >> climbed up this fire escape and entered there an unlocked window. but he didn't realize he picked the wrong person to mess with. what would you do if you caught a burglar breaking into your home? would you fight or run? tiffany chang had a split second to make that call. >> and i walked in and saw this man halfway out my fire escape with my laptop in his hands. >> reporter: tiffany could have ran but at just 5'7," 125 pounds, tiffany is not to be underestimated. he's right he . he's in the window when you catch him. >> yes. >> reporter: so you say? >> are you kidding me? and he smiles and he said, yeah. i remember saying something like, no or you're not going to do this. and i ran forward and grabbed the laptop. >> reporter: they wrestled for the laptop. tiffany won.
9:07 am
cell phone and h oom jewelry. i asked her why she went after a thief that could have been armed. >> it was a lot of indignation. i've been robbed before. >> reporter: how do you feel about what you did? >> i feel empowered. >> reporter: if something like this happened again, do you think you would react the same way? >> i would hope so. it's my stuff and i wouldn't want to draw a weapon or anything, but if i can protect my own stuff with my own body, i'm happy to do it. >> reporter: tiffany knows she's lucky this guy wasn't armed and she wasn't badly hurt. police have been looking into a rash of robberies across brooklyn, but they don't think this one is connected. michael george, today in new york. just into us here now belgian prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for a new suspect on the brust ls attacks. >> we're just getting this information into the newsroom. the statement identifies him. he is one of the three men you're looking at in this particular picture. he was there at the airport
9:08 am
he is suspected now of leaving the airport, fleeing the airport after two alleged accomplices blew themselves up there. at least 31 people died. more than 270 were wounded in those explosions. this is a story we'll be following closely throughout the day. meanwhile, if you are traveling between staten island and new jersey to visit friends or family over the easter weekend, we've got good news for you. the bayonne bridge is remaining open until monday morning. they are working to raise the road on it. after half a century, rolling stones fans in cuba finally got some satisfaction. the stones performed in havana for the first time ever. it was the last leg on their tour.
9:09 am
>> i think it was mick jagger that says time changes everything. except them. they look the same. >> hard living in those years too. >> they have. my word. still ahead on today in new york, some really tense moments during a landing in the bahamas. >> thank you, lord. thank you, lord. >> the scary maneuver that shook passengers after their plane was already on the ground. and storm team 4's erica grow returning with a look at the forecast.
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welcome back. a rough landing for passengers aboard a backed jetblue flight on the way to the bahamas. >> here's the video. the pilot could not get t nose gear all the way down. so pilot on the ground was watching this all play out. you can see got it on camera. the plane eventually comes to a stop and then what's when the nose gear collapsed altogether. and the nose dropped to the tarmac. passengers on board said they knew what was going on which made the experience scarier. >> they told us the nose landi gear was not coming down so they were going to circle and release fuel. >> i got really scared and started hysterically crying. >> i was interesting.
9:13 am
>> it was scary when we landed because it was a lot of smoke and rough landing but it was okay. >> the good news here, nobody was injured. dramatic images nonetheless. >> you can imagine as you're circle, you know that's going to be rough as you come down. that's dicey. >> don't want to be on board when the pilot says we have a problem. >> they usually handle it well. >> glad they were all safe. >> exactly. easter sunday. one of the big forecasts of the year. how we looking? >> looks like you're going to want a sweater over the new easter dress you got. at least the easter bonnets are not going to get wet. we have good news there. let's take a live look outside right now. plenty of sunshine. you're going to need the shades early. but then you're going to want to put them away and make sure you have that coat handy all day. 41 degrees and sunny right now. it's going to be much cooler today than where we were yesterday. yesterday into the 70s. today we won't get out of the 50s. the clouds are going to build in
9:14 am
east wind developing. it'll be seasonable on sunday as the easterly flow continues. right now in hampton bays it's 41 as well. and 42 in islip. it's 38 in sussex. and it's 40 in bridgewater. so temperatures are slowly creeping up a little bit because of that area of high pressure bringing us the sunshine. but the high pressure is centered over new england. that's a clockwise flow that brings in the east wind. and that east wind is going to keep things cooler. the ocean is still in the 40s. also it's going to bring in a little bit extra moip. remember what it was like on thursday when we had the low cloud cover develop and got misty at times? could see the same scenario play out to a lesser extent today. see t t flow become a bit more southerly. that's going to help prevent developing. but then late in the day we'll
9:15 am
ad once of the next storm system. seasonably chilly on sunday. and then on monday up to 60 degrees. rain and a thunderstorm possible, though, especially early in the day. we could have the rain and see the storms develop later. you'll see that on future tracker. the rain moving in by 5:00 a.m. the morning commute on monday, the rain starting to arrive. but then we see the band in the stronger colors here. the oranges and the yoel lows, that's an indication for the potential of heavier rain. we'll clear things out monday afternoon into the evening commute. but it does look like it's going to be an unsettled day. not for the weekend, though, thankfully. 54 is cool but at least it's dr a little bit breezy with the winds out of the east at 5 to 15 miles per hour. overnight tonight dropping down to 40 degrees. partly cloudy. winds becoming a little bit more southerly. east/southeast at 5 to 15. here's a look at the seven-day
9:16 am
56 degrees on sunday. so it still will be seasonably cool. monday we're looking for the rain and thunderstorms to roll through. breezy on tuesday. you can stay up-to-date with the news 4 new york app any time. just ap the news 4 logo in the corner, select the weather tab. there's that app music. see the latest forecast, interactive radar, and find out how to submit your own weather video. we love to get weather video. the news 4 new york app for iphone is available in the app store right now. all right. it is almos trivia time. ile onli you can play our interactive trivia game. this week's questions are inspired by the easter holiday. log on, test your knowledge.
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welcome back. we are back to play this morning's interact itriya game. >> first let's congratulate last week's winner. that's rob johnson.
9:19 am
take it away. >> thank you, gus. it's trivia time. this week all about easter. for those of us who -- for those of you who are joining us for the first time, here's how you play. log onto you can play on any smartphone, tablet, computer, or web capable device. hit refresh frequently because your web browser must be up-to-date. once we officially begin, the questions will pop up on your tv screen. you'll have 12 seconds to choose an answer by selecting the options on your browser. while online you can chat with fellow trivia players on the site. now let's get the countdown clock started and of course you know easter is storm. for christians it's the holiest day in the calendar. and did you know early christians used to dye the eggs red to symbolize the blood shed by jesus on the cross. the tradition of decorating eggs
9:20 am
egyptians and greeks. easter is said to be the reason pope gregory changed the calendar because the holiday was getting farther away from the spring equinox. remember the only way to play is by logging onto answer quickly as possible. the first question, marshmallows shaped like birds are called what? every year these marshmallow creations fly off the factory and -- fly out of the factory and onto store shelves. of course they are number one peeps. the company that owns peeps is called just born as we talked about earlier from bethlehem, pa. but it was founded here in new york. question two. people show off what creations at the new york easter parade? says the parade is a
9:21 am
people show off their easter bonnets. elaborate on occasion. the parade, let's keep going here. the parade that goes back to st. patrick's cathedral is so popular they made it into a movie musical. question three. russian tsar alexander iii gave what easter gifts to his wife? this is a favorite gift of the russian family. of course it's a faberge egg. they're so beautiful and elaborate and super famous. that's the answer. number four, which rabbit was framed for murder? well you may remember that this was a movie at the time this half animated film was the most expensive movie ever made. and it was number two. roger rabbit. gave kids all over the world nightmares. it cost $70 million, by the way, according to mental floss. mickey mouse made a cameo in the movie.
9:22 am
how many chocolate bunnies are made for easter every year? easter is reportedly the second biggest holiday for candy after halloween. and number two, 100 million chocolate easter bunnies are made for easter every year. 89% of the people told the association they eat the chocolate bunnies, start with the ears first. question six. 16 billion of these are made for easter each year. well, if you filled them in a plastic easter egg, it would be the size of a nine story office building. it is number three. jelly beans. all right. let's ove on to question seven. how are you doing, trivia players? having a good time. hopefully you're playing along and getting all these answers right. number seven. for christians easter is a celebration of what?
9:23 am
most revered holiday in the christian faith and it is for number one, jesus' resurrection. all right. we believe that jesus, of course, rose from the dead to save humanity. and orthodox easter is usually on a different day. now question number eight, when was the first white house easter egg roll? and it was in 1878. quite a while ago. by the way, president obama will have his final easter egg roll on the white house lawn on monday. question number nine. which of these are a traditional easter food? well, according to the smithsonian magazine, queen elizabeth i decreed it should be hot cross buns. and apparently it was because it was too sacred of a food to be
9:24 am
than easter or certain other ones. finally question ten. how did easter island get its name? and it was because it was discovered on easter day. by explorer jacob rogavene. well, thank you so much for all of our players for playing. great game. web id number 9507 is the big winner. 9507, right? oh, i'm sorry. that's how many points you got. sorry, i'm new to this. player number 0171 is our big winner today. don't forget to fill out the form at theened of the game. we'll be right back after the
9:25 am
9:26 am
might be a little cool for us today. but here is a sign of the season in our nation's capital. the cherry blossoms in peak bloom. each year thousands of visitors come to capture that perfect moment. they're going to have to act fast. peak bloom only lasts between four and ten days. >> it's really quick. if you remember a couple months ago they were wondering what the bloom would be like this year
9:27 am
winter. but beautiful still. >> a few of those buds did pop earlier in the winter. remember when it was in the 70s on christmas eve? that's when a few buds popped but they came back. >> not the 70s today. >> no, no. we're done with the 70s for the time being. 50s in your forecast today and tomorrow. we'll see an increase in cloud cover late today because of an east wind. it's going to be similar to the way the day ended on thursday if you remember that. on sunday, we'll have clouds from time to time with a high of 56. monday we're going to see the showers move in by around the morning rush. in fact, before sunrise. so it looks like both the a.m. damp. then dry things out for the middle of the work week. >> and back to 68 on thursday. there was a possibility of rain on sunday in the evening, that's moved out at this point? >> i don't see the potential for it. >> so no rain on your easter bonnets. >> right.
9:28 am
monday morning. >> we're just getting through the weekend at this point. thank you for spending your saturday morning with us. we're glad you did. >> our next newscast is at 6:00 tonight. you can always get updates online any time on
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