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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  March 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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4 new york. >> toilet stall peeper? a security guard secretly filmed a student in a school bathroom. then thrown through the air, a teenager is struck by a car steps from a ball field. the search for the driver police say took off on foot. and trump backtracks on the bombshell comments he made about women and abortion. the reaction still rolling in. good evening. i'm chuck scarborough. >> and i'm sibila vargas. well begin with that gross invasion of privacy. a school security guard busted, accused of filming a student using a bathroom. >> it happened ik toe roosevelt high on long island. news 4's marc santia is in mineola and explains how that guard got caught. >> reporter: tonight police are saying that security guard followed the high school student into the bathroom. then they say the security guard didn't use a hidden camera, but he used his own cell phone to record that student while he was in the stall. this is daniel williams, a security guard entrusted to make sure students say safe at
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police say he betrayed that trust. >> the defendant did go into the bathroom. he did follow the student in. and he was able to videotape the student in the stall using the facility. >> reporter: and that has parents angry. >> i'm glad that they caught him, though. >> defendant williams was arrested today, wednesday, march 30th, 2016 without incident at the school. >> reporter: police say after recording video of a 16-year-old male student in the bathroom stall, williams sent it to someone on snap chat, a social media app where it was viewed by someone else. they reported it to the school, and administration immediately alerted nassau county police. >> it is a 16-year-old victim. we would like to protect his identity. we know it's an embarrassing and traumatic experience. >> reporter: does he live here, sir? with news 4 cameras rolling, we knocked on williams' door looking for his side of the story. family members did not want to talk. no statement? thank you, ma'am. back at roosevelt high, parents like shalena carter who has two children at the school are on edge after learning detectives
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to determine if there are other potential alleged victims. >> yes, i am very concerned. >> reporter: now williams was charged and released today. he has no criminal past. if found guilty, he could face up to four years behind bars. he is due back in court on april 11th. we're live tonight in mineola, marc santia, news 4 new york. >> mark, thank you. new tonight, a car jumped a curb and hit five pedestrians in front of a jewelry store in the bronx. it happened in front of the jewelry store in east fordham. the car crossing the sidewalk and hitting the building. all the injuries are minor. and no word on why the car left the road. but police say the driver is in custody for driving with a suspended license. and in the bronx tonight, police are trying to track down a hit-and-run driver who struck a teen with so much force, it launched the young man through the air. this happened along union avenue steps from a playground. news 4's michael george is live at lincoln hospital where the injured teen is being treated now. michael? >> reporter: well, sibila, right
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critical condition, and the driver who hit him, well, police say he never even stopped to see how his victim was doing. and right now that driver is still on the loose. witnesses told us they saw a car moving at high speeds, then a teenaged pedestrian, thrown into the air after being hit. >> he went about seven feet into the air, the guy that got hit. >> he was bleeding from the head. there was a lot of blood. i hear he is in serious condition. i hope he is okay. >> reporter: but police say the car didn't stop. it kept going right into the back of a semitruck. the driver build a out of the car and took off on foot. >> the guys just ran. i saw the car crash, and i was like wow. we ran to the side. >> witnesses say they saw two people in the car. but police can't confirm that detectives comb the scene for hours, searching for evidence leading them to the driver. and all of this unfold right across the street from a playground while there were still children on the baseball field. chopper 4 was over the playground right after the accident.
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>> it was horrible. it was like scary. i didn't know what was going to happen next or anything else. >> reporter: and that teen right now has severe head and body trauma. he is fighting for his life. as for the driver, police are still working to identify him. we're live outside lincoln hospital, michael george, news 4, new york. >> all right, michael, thank you. happening now, airport workers across the country are on strike, including airport here is in our area. the cabin cleaners employed by prime flight aviation services went on strike an hour ago at jfk and newark. they're demanding better protocols, higher wages and union rights. they claim they're not given much time to do safety checks on planes when they clean. >> you know, we're sitting on the back of a horrible, a horrific attack out in brussels airport. these are threats that are everyday for airport workers. and these are guys and gals who every day are the front line for safety in the airports. >> we reached out to the port authority. a spokesperson did not comment
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on strike, but did say disruptions to the airport's operations are not expected. police released new photos tonight of two men wanted in a rash of robberies in brooklyn. their m.o., breaking in while their victims are sleeping. take a good look. the photos captured on surveillance video at the smith ninth street subway station after an alleged break-in two weeks ago. we showed you exclusive video last week. since then police say the crooks have struck two more homes, a total of 19 break-ins in williamsburg, carol gardens and green point. they made off with bank cards, electronics, cash, jewelry, even a car. well, donald trump appears to be in full retreat tonight, backtracking on remarks he made backing punishment for women seeking abortion if it were banned. news 4's ray villeda is live in the newsroom with reaction and what the trump camp is saying now. >> reporter: donald trump appears to be taking back his words.
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abortion sparked a firestorm, specifically, when msnbc's chris matthews asked trump if a woman should be punned for having an abortion if it was banned. trump's answer outraging voters and his political opponents. >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for woman? >> yeah. there what to be some form. >> ten cents, ten years? what. >> that, i don't know. >> you tell bhae the law should be. tell me what the law should be. >> reporter: on the streets of new york, the exchange the comments drawing sharp criticism. >> wow. i think that is not a good thing. >> i don't think they should. you know, sometimes there is issues. there is rape, and, you know, they need to consider that. i think they'll be judged at the end of time. not by him. >> it seems to be his style saying blanket statements and not backing up anything. >> reporter: trump's political opponents on both sides of the aisle pouncing on the words. >> to punish a woman for having
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>> what donald trump said today was outrageous and dangerous. >> i think probably donald trump will figure out a way to say that he didn't say it or he was misquoted or whatever. i don't think so. i don't think so that's an appropriate response. >> with senator ted cruz trailing behind trump in the republican delegate count tweeting we shouldn't be talking about punishing women. we should affirm their dignity and gift to bring life into the world. trump making those statements in a town hall hosted by msnbc's chris matthews. just a few hours later, trump's campaign back tracked, releasing this statement. if congress were to pass legislation making abortion illegal and the federal courts upheld this legislation, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. the woman is a victim in this case, as is the life in her womb. >> shocking. >> oh, right. >> he wants that initial spike when he says it and then he'll back off. >> strong reaction there. in the midst of the fallout,
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steer attention in a new direction. trump's campaign posted a letter on his website. it's from his tax lawyers which states his tax returns inside the 2009 are still being audited. but tonight it's his abortion comments which haven't cleared in voters' minds. ray villeda, news 4 new york. >> thank you. new york's presidential primary is less than three weeks away. but at a rally in harlem today, democratic front-runner hillary clinton sounded like she was already looking ahead to november. >> on the republican side, what we're hearing is truly scary. >> clinton took aim at republicans donald trump and ted cruz, blasting trump for supporting torture, and accusing cruz of racially profiling muslim americans. according to an emerson college poll taken earlier this month, 71% of new york democrats support clinton compared to 23% for sanders. but with 291 delegates at stake, sanders is not giving up. he plans to hold a rally tomorrow afternoon in the bronx,
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dawson at st. mary's park inmont haven. the rally is set to begin at four p.m. and we're told it will be free and taupe the public. coming up, one minute they were sorting mail at a ups store, and the next a car was barreling through the building. coming up, workers say they know the woman behind the wheel. then mid-air collision. take a look at this. a skydiver knocked unconscious, and manages to survive. now he is talking. plus this -- >> are you sure you're not going the back to work? >> i'm positive. >> a garage attendant turned boredom into nearly 500 million
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a close call in connecticut. authorities are looking into how a driver barreled her car into a ups store in norwalk and nearly
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they were sorting letters near the mailboxes. witnesses say the crash was so loud it sounded like an explosion, but no one was seriously hurt, and the driver managed to climb out of the car. >> she basically crawled out the back door of the car. and by then, the police and the ambulance were here within a minute. >> store owner says the driver is a frequent customer at the store, and there was a similar crash at the store 25 years ago. a scare in west chester county when the bullet plowed through a wall of a home. it was one of several shots fired last night on north chatsworth. luckily nobody was hit. the gunman is still on the loose. authorities say there have been several robberies in the area, but it's not clear if they are linked to the shooting. now to the latest on the terror in brussels. tonight we are learning the identity of another american killed in the attacks. 41-year-old gail martinez was traveling with her husband, an air force officer and their four children. it's not clear if she was at the airport or the metro station.
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and children are still hospitalized but didn't talk about their conditions. four americans were killed in the bombings. the fourth victim has not been identified. man on trial for dumping toxic materials in suffolk county has cut a plea deal. tom datre jr. pleaded to four felony counts of endangering the environment. he is the alleged mastermind behind the dumping at veteran's way, and clemente park in brentwood. he will be sentenced to one to three years in prison and will also pay the cleanup costs. you might want to stand up for this next story. seriously, stand up. brazilian researchers say excessive sitting is responsible for nearly 4% of all deaths worldwide. so how much is too much? more than three hours a day, they say. the study analyzed data from 54 countries. the conclusion, you'll live longer if you sit less than three hours a day. and the less time you sit, the better. incidentally, researchers say that americans currently spend
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average. >> do a lot more standing. this skydiver is very lucky to be alive tonight after a mid-air collision over florida. gopro video captured wing suit jumper sebastian colliding with another jumper in zephyrhills last week. he was knocked unconscious and was saved by his automatic parachute that deployed. it was his reserve chute. and he ended up landing on a road where several people rushed to help him. >> i've had some near collisions, which were scary. but i had never actually experienced or seen a collision of this type. >> well, he fractured his spine in four places. he is paralyzed now from the waist down. doctors are hopeful he will recover. >> lucky to be alive indeed. a big storm is sweeping across the country, packing powerful wind gusts and spawning tornadoes. sirens blair as a tornado
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in oklahoma that same storm system brought torrential rain and hail in missouri and arkansas. water was so high in one parking lot, a dumpster began floating away before workers managed to haul it back. not to panic anybody, but parts of this system are heading our way. >> that's right. we're going to be on the northern side of it which is the less severe side. we may get some thunderstorms here and some gusty winds on friday. we're tracking it right now. and we'll give you the latest coming up. right now, though, let's look outside and see our view that is nice and quiet tonight. the empire state building is going green for the 2016 home opener of the new york cosmo soccer team. i guess green is good luck for the season. let's check out our temperatures now. we're at 47 degrees in the city under partly cloudy skies. it's not going to be as cold tonight as the last couple of nights around here. and the warm-up tomorrow. you're going to need something from just about every season's wardrobe over the next five days. summer and spring tomorrow. we're talking 70s. then umbrellas for friday with thunderstorms.
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something from your winter wardrobe. inform the meantime, we're tracking the storm system we just spoke about where they got the severe weather breaking out on the southern end. not on the northern end. but there are some thunderstorms on the northern end. that's the part we get on friday. but severe thunderstorm watches still in effect for parts of missouri and kansas and tornado watches from memphis down to jackson, mississippi for tonight. looking ahead to saturday, after the rain moves through friday, we clear out. and then look at the temperatures drop. we go from 60s on saturday to 30s and 40s saturday night into sunday. and yes, maybe a few snow flurries to go with that. maybe as far as south as the city. we're still tracking it. let you know more tomorrow. in the meantime, 40s tonight. up towards poughkeepsie, 48. 46 in islip right now. so not too bad. well still have the south wind coming in. between 5 and 15 miles an hour. so it's brisk out there. but not all that gusty, like we saw on yesterday. for tonight's little temperatures, we stay in the 40s. union, the city, smithtown, down to 43.
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upper 30s around liberty, but no temperatures below freezing. it's not all that cold. for tomorrow, we warm up. we're talking 70s. if you're away from the coast. because the coastal areas will still get the onshore flow. so along the coast you've got the sea breeze. you'll be in the 50s and 60s. but you go north and west, you're in the 70s. and the city will be right on the cusp of 70 for tomorrow afternoon. tracking temperatures going into thursday, friday, we expect the readings to get even warmer on friday. but that's when we get the rain. 60s on friday morning with showers. some thunderstorms will roll through in the afternoon. we're talk 60s and some 70s. and then it starts to get down behind that once the rain moves offshore. in the meantime, your weekend is going to be all over the place. with sunshine, breezy conditions, 60 on saturday. flurries saturday night. sundays high of 45. will probably feel like 25 with the winds we're expecting. so it's going to be everywhere. we're going have a little bit of
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monday's weather pattern. might even see a few more snow flurries on tuesday. with a high of 42 it's going to be really cold for a couple days anyway. before you know it, it will be 80 next week, the week after. we'll seattle. >> dress for all seasons. get ready for it. >> that's right. >> all right, thanks lot, janice. if you've got some money saved up, you can have your own popemobile. why not? one toffeeiat cars used by pope francis during last year's manhunt visit is up for auction. proceeds will go towards catholic schools, charities and relief service. bids for the papal ride have climbed to more than $250,000. the charity auction wraps up thursday afternoon at 3:00. >> fun to see where it ends. >> we'll see. bruce, what is ahead in sports? >> chuck, the yankees bull pen that was supposed to be a three-headed monster might be down to one. we'll explain. coming up in sports, the mets are breathing a little easier
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mound despite the results. and tonight at radio city, it was a reunion eight years in the making. we'll hear from mike and the mad dog later in sports. and here is what jimmy fallon has coming up tonight. >> hey, guys, james spader is my guest tonight. plus we have collin hanks, it's a great show.
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all right. so we love this story. greg spent 36 years parking cars for a living. >> now somebody else is probably going to be parking his car. >> congratulations! >> he worked in a parking garage in battery park city. last month he was feeling a little bored one day so he decided to go across the street and buy a couple of cash for life tickets from the new york lottery. he said he had no idea he won until the next day when a coworker told him the winning ticket was sold at the store he went to. >> i walk aid cross the street. the guy who sold me the ticket, a little small guy, jumps up from beyond the counter, gives me a big hug. and goes i know you won. >> what? that's kind of cool. velez quit his job that day. he took the lump sum payment,
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he says he plans to pay off his bills, buy a new house, take his daughters and grandkids to disney world, and we're also hearing that he plans to hire a chauffeur, which is understandable. he parked cars for a living. >> 36 years, eight hours a day. he is not driving around the block. >> he is not driving another car. he is in the back seat. go ahead. >> bruce beck in sports. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new
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the verizon fios sports desk is brought to you by verizon fios. leave snow internet behind. get fios. >> so spring break is almost over. >> spring training. >> spring training. here we go. you know, take it away. what are they trying to accomplish? >> that's a very good question. every spring the goal is simple. make it to opening day healthy. now the yankees are holding their breath after playing the braves today in lake buena vista. check out what happened in the seventh. on the first pitch he fired, andrew miller gets drilled on the right risk by a line drive. it was the only pitch he through. he left the complex and went back to atm tampa for skpras, which were negative. but a ct scan showed a chip
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miller visit a hand specialist to determine the next course of action. well, one day after matt harvey was cleared by doctors to pitch, the mets ace took the mound at port st. lucie against the mets. they played their final grapefruit league game of 2016. maybe harvey should have just skipped the start and jumped straight to opening night. with two men aboard in the first, ryan zimmerman unloads a three-run shot to left, who tossed two innings the in his final tune-up before the curtain rises on the regular season. noah syndergaard went three innings of relief and suffered the same shot, surrendering a shot to jason worth. the mets leave florida on a down note after getting thumped 12-1. the nats offense may be in mid season form, but the defense is another story. in the first, daniel murphy and ryan zimmerman have all sorts of trouble on this pop fly by david wright.
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ball doesn't even reach the outfield grass. it was generously scored a single. mets fans hope it's a sign of things to come for their divisional rivals. the mets will play two games in las vegas against the cubs before opening the season sunday night in kansas city. the knicks continue to play out the string tonight in dallas. the mavs trail by one with under a minute to play. and the knicks defense falls asleep. and jj barea takes advantage with a wide open drive. he had a team high 26 as the knicks drop their third straight, 91-89. radio city music hall was absolutely jumping tonight after eight years apart, it was the mike and the mad dog reunion show. the iconic radio team of mike francesa and chris "mad dog" russo were reunited for one night before a sold-out crowd. a who's who of sports legend and
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to join the dynamic duo who were teamed for 19 years on wfan radio before break up in 2008. the sold-out event raised over a million dollars for msg's garden of dreams foundation. >> i think i'm touched by all the fans. the show is so important to so many people. and i think sometimes you have a tendency to forget that, which i think is important. >> bruce, it's awful. i can't wait until midnight. >> to think about what you guys have meant to the new york sports landscape. is that humbling? >> it sure. there are other talk show hosts before mike and i came together. >> timing is everything in life, in business, in sports. and we hit everything at the right time. we came along at the right time. we got, you know, the station came along at the right time. and that really was -- we were good together. well did a lot of good shows together. but we hit everything exactly at the right time. we were very lucky. >> and we were very lucky to have them on the airwaves together. for 19 years.
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>> so why did they break up? >> oh you want the story? >> i do. >> it took me an hour. it doesn't always work as a team. but it did for 19 years. >> 19 years. that's a long time. >> but there are other things that got in the way. and they went their own way. >> i hear music.
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that's it for "news 4 new york at 11:00." "the tonight show" is straight ahead. >> today in new york begins at 4:30. good night and we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the


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