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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  April 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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outside stoney stoneybrook university hospital where detek ctives are waiting to talk to the alleged drunk driver. he underwent surgery after last night's crash, a violent two car collision that he survived but killed a husband and wife. a stead stream of mourners paid their respects at the keir home. they were killed returning from dinner at their daughter's home on sunday night. neighbor laura stepper fought back tears after hearing about the crash. the pickup truck was hit broad side at an intersection. not even the much heavier struck co, uld save the couple from an audi that ran a red light and appeared to be speeding. the audi's driver is now facing
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police say those charges could be up dprad grade upgraded. investigators are still awaiting results of a blod od alcohol test on the 23-year-old. the serious injuries he suffered in the crash could keep him hospitalized for as long as two weeks. >> you hear this all the time all too often. >> reporter: bill keir always plowed her driveway during snowstorms and these two retire ree retirees lived for their kids, grandkids and their community. >> they were so down to earth, so family oriented. they were the kind of neighbors you hope for. >> reporter: the keirs' family declined comment to us earlier today.
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remains in serious condition here at stoneybrook hospital. heading now to the weather and the winter feel. it's going to stick around for a little bit longer. >> this was the scene this morning farmington, connecticut. tomorrow morning's commute could bey dangerously slippery. janice huff is tracking it all. >> that's because all that slushy snow is going to refreeze tonight temperatures drop into the teens and 20s. these are some of the snow totals for today. quite impressive across dupgs kros cross duchess coaunty. ulster, just under six inches in willow. all that refreezing tonight with th e colder air that's moving in. just a few light snow flurries left over in portions of fairfield county. most of the heavier snow is up
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southern new england. the temperatures, the coldest air is north of the city, freezing and below, 20s from monticello. windchills dropping down to the upper 20s by 11:00 in the city tonight. wind gusts up around 30 miles per hour later tonight and into tomorrow morning. winter is back. i'll let you know for how long in the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> the search is on tonight for nethe attacker who groped a 76-year-old woman in queens. police say this man followed the victim into her apartment building in astoria and forcibly touched her leg near 44th street. authorities say the attacker ran off after the woman began to yell. an autistic boy punched so hard in the face by a public school employee that the boy
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now the parents are dmend emanding millions in damages. >> while the allegions are bad, the video is terrible. it was just recently released to the attorneys for the autistic boy's parents who are now suing the city, the department of education and the person who threw the purge. take a look over here. the grainy security video shows the boy just 11 years old at the time sitting at the lumpl nch table. he says something that causes this man to walk over to him. the man punches him scare if the quare in the face. this all happened in 2014 at ps 225 in brooklyn. the para professional who threw the punch, milton parker was arrested and immediately suspended without pay when the
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parker pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and was released. the parents are suing because of emotional. >> i saw a huge blue bruise above his eye. it was a big bump. and it was clear to me that he wasunched with force. my son now even when we pass by in his school, he runs away from me. he is afraid of the school building now since what happened to him. >> their attorney says it took a court order from a judge for the city to release this video. his son has had to double up his medication and he hasn't been able to return to school yet because he's still to traumatized. parker retired in 2014 while his criminal case was still pending. the d.o.e. says he's not
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puppies stuffed into capables capable ges in a van and left alone overnight in a freezing parking lot. they were discovered by two police officers who heard crying from the van. the owner is already facing allegations of animal cruelty. >> i was hoping please let this place be shut down, because these dogs are living in deplorable conditions here. something has to be done. >> reporter: inside this van, cages stacked floor to ceiling, 67 puppies crammed on top of each other, sometimes three or four in a single cage. police say some of them could barely stand up. despite a space heater inside, it was 38 degrees in that truck. the pups were cold and whining when police discovered them and took them to an animal hospital to be checked out.
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called in staff and veterinarians to assess each pets' condition. >> this man wouldn't talk to us. he says his father owned the business. the man owned four stores but the east brunswick location was shut down last month after he was cited for 269 counts of animal cruelty. he posted a video on facebook saying he was unfairly targeted. >> neither i nor any employ is ffguilty of any crime. >> reporter: he could not be reached for comment not at his home or at the just pups loedcation in that town. news learned teat health officials visited this store as well today in program aramus. >> there was no water. they had no food. and then later on that day there was a huge tractor hail
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pulled up and it was filled with dogs. >> our hope is they get cleared ed ed and they eventually find homes. they are illegal in the city. they could be down right dangerous. that's why the police commissioner says they will crack down on people riding dirt bikes and atj trks atvs. commissioner bratton says many are irresponsible when they ride them, popping wheelies and rudrnning red lights. >> the individuals operating these bikes, these knuckleheads, it's all about them. >> bratton says they plan to crush these bikes. a newark fire captain is in trouble tonight, accused of posing as a police officer. prosecutors say that anthony greys
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lights in his vehicle to pull over drivers. authorit s say he questioned the drivers and let them go. 60 years ago six of new york's bravest made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. today their courageous actions were remembered. firefighters and the families of those killed when a building collapsed returned to the site of that tragedy on third avenue in the bronx. they stood in the rain paying tribute to the firefighters. >> generations of firefighters have served and retired since their deaths, but no matter the amount of time that has passed, we make certain their memory lives on. >> to this day it remains the single worst loss of firefighters in the line of duty in the bronx. after the incident the fdny
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zones during fires. coming up, battleground new york. hillary clinton is in the empire state trying to steal some thunder from bernie sanders by championing a cause sanders is better better known for. new york is getting another museum. it is one of the state's most
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not everybody's on board with the plan, but some planes have started taken a new flight path to, the eterboro airport@critics al airport@ . critics say this means jets
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connecticut's cracking down on distracted driving. the stamford police department is working to stop drivers from texting while driving. authorities say there was a 23% doron drop in phone use at last year's crackdowns. if you have ever dreamed of spending time in sing sing, you may get your chance. of course you probably haven't yearned to be in prison, but some day you may be able to visit an old cell block. several top consultants have been hired to figure out how to restore the buildings and create the museum. if they they did it in philadelphia with eastern state penitentiary. they lost their secaucus
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have been saved from extinction.
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some prehistoric neighbors are moving into a new home in new jersey. nosaurs featured in the field station will be relocated from secaucus to a park. the park will open temporarily bed fore moving into its teaneck location. we'll be looking forward to the wisconsin primaay. also the merge americans who take statins for cholesterol. two new drugs are giving hope to folks. >> sounds like a real game chwaanger. >> it could be. the results in the trials have been positive. we'll tell you more about when
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about the price tag. it costs a lot. decision 2016 right now, candidates making new york their latest battleground ahead of the mid april primary. donald trump and john kasich traded barbs today. hillary clinton in new york to cheer a cause that her opponent bernie sanders is better known for. >> governor andrew cuomo pulled out his bill signing pen a little faster than california governor jerry brown, beating him to the punch in sign this can progressive legislation by about one hour. cuomo also shared some of the glory with hillary clinton at a critical moment for her. governor cuomo let hillary clinton shareathe spotlight today as he celebrated making new york the first state to
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>> new yorkers do the right thing every time. >> and i know that it's going to sweep our country. >> interestingly, clinton has not supported a national $15 wage likeuber opponent bernie sapunders has. cuomo didn't initially support it either. but both d iocrats are facing pressure from energetic left wing of their local party. and with new york's presidential primary in just two weeks, the timing was right for clinton, who's trying to ward off a sanders surge in her home state. >> if we win in new york state between you and me, i don't want to get hillary clinton more nervous than she already is. >> patricia o'hara says the high wages will be life changing for her.
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maybe i could cut down to six days a week. >> campaigning on long island today, republican john kasich continued his criticism of donald trump who's been race. >> he ought to get the hell out. >> you wonder about his hand or his thumb getting any closer to the critical button. >> trump is predicting a big victory in tomorrow's wisconsin primary, despite most polls showing him trailing ted cruz. >> if we do well here, folks, it's over. >> and after wisconsin there's a two week lull before voters here in new york head to the polls on april 19th. we're expecting to candirites to descend on the empire state beginning later this week. looks like the onion dome atop st. vladimir's church in elizabeth is going to have to come down.
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wind gusts approached 60 miles an hour. >> church crews will remove the dome before high winds pick back up again later this week. the dome can be replaced after its support is rebuilt. >> the weather is crazy. >> it was wild. we had those winds. a lot of trees came down, power outages everywhere. then we had snow after that and then we had a separate system that brought more snow last night. look at this picture behind me from orange county. it's still snowing lightly in a couple of spots and raining lightly. overall the drier air is slowly working in. this is our view from the top of the rock camera looking south. cannot see one world trade. that's inside the cloud tech there. the temperature right now is 39 degrees with light rain falling in the city. but the temperatures will
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even though the light rain will move out and the snow will too, we still have a winter weather advisory in effect for orange, putnam, northern weshester and fairfield counties because of refreeze. 'r expecting conditions to be icy and slippery on untreated roads and surface there is at least until 11:00 tonight. almost six inches of snow in willow in ulster county. where it wasn't snowing, it was raining most of the day. about a half inch in central park and la guardia. ssex, you've also seen a litt e bit of ice mixing in with your rain. a little bit of everything today. but the rain and snow is now tapering off. but the cold air pouring in. it's going to be a chilly start for the yankees home opener
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freeze warnings are in effect for coastal communities. 27 in vista right now. the 20s on the map in monticello, newburgh, danbury. down to 27 in midtown tonight. any sensitive plants that you may have put out already or that are coming up will die in this kind of cold. for the yankees tomorrow make sure you've got winter jackets and coats and layers. that 39 at the first pitch is going to feel like 29 with the wind. at least it's a sunny day. we'll have a nice day on wednesday, 49. up to 60 on thursday, but thunderstorms. mets home opener, 51. another cool weekend is coming up. >> below freezing for yankees. >> cold start. i've got the winter jacket.
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waiting is the hardest part for the yankees and their fans. coming up in sports, rain washes away the home owner in er in er in the stadium so we'll try again tomorrow. early detection is critical in fighting cancer a misdiagnosis or other errors can have serious consequences. for almost 40 years jacoby & meyers has successfully represented thousands of clients. winning them the money they need to take care of themselves and their families. you fight the cancer.
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for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. rain, rain go away. that's what the yankees and eir fans were saying this morning in advance of the season opener. but mother nature had other ideas. this was the scene at the stadium this morning as rain washed away opening day. the yankees and astros try it
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the excitement has been postpone postponed for 24 hours. >> it kind of messes up your schedule a little bit, your plans. but, again, it's part of what we go through. we do not play in controlled conditions. we don't play inside. so you know these things can ppen. but you look forward to it. you build up to it and you hope that you get to plao it. >> there was some intrigue this morning regarding the yankees starting line-up and which outfielder joe girardi would leave out. the answer, brett gardener. >> are you disappointed about t batng in the opening day line-up? >> it's disappointing. obviously i want to play, but i had good talk with joe about it and told him i understand the situation he's in. i guess nobody gets to play anyway. you know, i'll be ready to go in
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>> do you understand you're not in there? >> i understand. >> relax, mets fans. it's only one game. but it certainly didn't go the way the amaze ins drew it up. the mets had to watch the royals raise their world championship flag. tomorrow they watch kc get their rings. cespedes flat out dropped this line drive in the bottom of the first inning. it led to an unearned run against matt harvey. wade davis gets david wright looking before blowing away cespedes. 2016 begins like 2015 ended with a loss to the royals. and cover your eyes, mets fans.
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blasted his first home run as a member of the naj tionals. this is the same daniel murphy who homered in six straight games in the postseason. >> we remember that. up next on nbc nightly news the panama papers, perhaps the biggest leak of data in history. tonight, critical clash. cruz and trump making a mad dash to the finish in wisconsin. the stop trump movement hoping to score a dramatic victory. te secret bank bombshell rocking the rich and powerful. world leaders, cludong putin, royal families scrambling after the biggest leak ever exposes a shadowy web of hidden fortunes. where's spring? millions hit with another massive arctic blast, and the freeze is far from over. bizarre behavior. whery did a flight attendant allegedly open the door and deploy the evacuation


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