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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  April 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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4 new york. [ cheering ] >> feeling the burn. tens of thousands pack a city park as bernie sanders revs up for a prime time debate with hillary clinton. and the chair of the nypd's watchdog group resigns amid scandal. the sexual allegations that may have been the last straw. fast-moving flames, heavy smoke and two small children have died. good evening. i'm chuck scarborough. >> and i'm sibila vargas. firefighters raced to put out the fire, not knowing what they would find inside. the children's mother on the street below screaming for help. >> news 4's checkey beckford is live in the bronx. where was the children's mother when that fire in their apartment started? >> reporter: chuck, we've heard from several witnesses who tell us the children's mother was at the laundromat. she raced from across the street where the laundromat is located over here to the houses, butler houses, screaming for her children. take a look behind me. you can see nypd detectives are
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we know the fire marshalls have been inside the apartment, the third floor apartment is where their investigation is focused right now. that's where those children were trapped as a fire raged inside. as smoke billowed from the window of a third floor apartment, cell phone video shows paramedics working desperately to resuscitate two small children. firefighters say are just 1 and 2 years old, badly burned and clinging to life. >>t i watched them carry the two children out just lifeless. it's just horrible. >> reporter: firefighters pulled the children from the four-bedroom apartment inside the butler houses after a fire broke out around 6:30 wednesday night. >> the couches are burning. so the main fire was in the living room area. if they had burns, i would imagine they were close to that area. >> reporter: most people standing outside on webster avenue could only watch horrified and helpless. >> we heard a little bailing the glass. we don't know fit was the children that was bailing the glass.
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tried to save the children before firefighters arrived, but the smoke that filled the hallway was too intense. >> i went to the door. tried to see if i could get the door open. but eventually i couldn't breathe. i had to come back downstairs and get some air. >> reporter: witnesses telling us it appeared the children were alone inside their apartment, their mother seen here in an ambulance rushing to the building after hearing fire truck sirens. >> i seen her coming straight across from the laundromat and she was just like "my babies, my babies, y babies." once they told her, she could not come inside. she fell out there and that's when they picked her up and took her away. >> reporter: this laundromat worker says he still has the mother's laundry left behind as she raced across the street. >> then they saw the fire truck and running, running and cross the street. >> reporter: fire investigators and police now looking into what caused the fire, and if the children were in fact inside alone.
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but they was very badly burned. >> reporter: and as we learned just a few minutes ago, just before going on air, those two young children, two little girls ages 1 and 2 did not make it, dying this evening at bronx lebanon hospital. firefighters also tell us nine others suffered minor injuries in this fire. in the claremont village section, checkey beckford, news 4 new york. >> checkey, thank you so much. so heartbreaking. now to 2016. the stage is set for what could be the most crucial presidential debate. a high stakes debate between front-runner hillary clinton and rival bernie sanders. >> but tonight a different stage drew thousands to washington square park. a massive rally of supporters vying to see and hear their candidate with last-minute message. ray villeda was live and joins us from greenwich village. >> reporter: chuck, tonight the bernie sanders campaign says more than 20,000 people filled up washington square park for that rally you can see tonight.
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as you mention, both democratic hopefuls are facing off in a debate tomorrow night in brooklyn. tonight it's all about revving up support. in greenwich village, the buttons, the shirts, the crowds are all for bernie sanders. >> i think bernie is the only candidate in this election with a real message, something to say, something vital. >> he cares about the common person. i mean, i just graduated college. i have a lot of debt and i'm trying to make it in the city. >> the biggest issue for me is he is not taking corporate money. he is a candidate who has been saying the same thing for decades now. >> reporter: the vermont senator taking the stage as thousands filled washington square park. a view from chopper 4 shows the massive turn mouth the heart of the village, the rally part of sanders' tour of the state ahead of next week's primary in new york. >> it is about creating a political revolution, a government which works for all
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contributors. [ cheering ] >> reporter: front-runner hillary clinton also campaigning on her home turf here in new york. clinton picked up a big endorsement from the new york daily news. the editorial board called her a super prepared warrior realist. wednesday night she stop bade community center in co-op city. the democratic front-runner took on the republicans vying for the white house. >> one of them denigrates new yo, rk values. i think new york values are at the core of american values. one of them, mr. trump, wants to set americans against each other. you know, he wants to build walls. i want us to build bridges. >> reporter: in washington square park, the sanders supporters are feeling energized about his chances in washington, d.c. >> i think that he is exciting young people in a what they hillary isn't right now.
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for young people to go out to the polls, he'll surprise some folks in new york and he'll win new york. >> reporter: tomorrow's debate takes place in brooklyn between clinton and sanders. the new york state primary is next tuesday. 291 delegates up for grabs for the democrats. the latest poll nbc maris/wall street journal has clinton ahead of sanders by more than ten points. i'm ray villeda, news 4, new york. meantime, donald trump held a rally in pittsburgh and once again there were clashes between protesters and his supporters. police say a few people suffered minor injury, but most of the confrontations were verbal, not physical. inside the rally, trump once again accused republican party officials of rigging the nomination process. he also predicted again that he'll win new york's primary next tuesday.
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chairman says he will not cancel tomorrow's trump rally despite complaints from latino protesters. they're angry the rally will be held on the same street where ecuadoran immigrant lucero was stabbed to death eight years ago by teens targeting hispanics. protesters say it could spark more violence, but the chairman says the protesters cannot shut out the presidential candidate just because they don't like him. well, ted cruz rolled out a new radio ad today. in it he blasts mayor de blasio and claims murder is up 10% in new york city. well, murders in the city are actually down this year so far. cruz quickly edited the ad, changing that line in if copy. take a listen. >> de blasio's socialist policies are tearing this city apart. murders were up last year. >> we checked the numbers, and the murder rate in new york city was up last year over the year before. but according to the nypd, so far this year there have been 73 murders compared to 91 during
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count on news 4 new york for coverage of the new york primary contest. voters hit the polls tuesday, april 19th. you can get the latest on the candidates at a body pulled from the bronx river was identified as 34-year-old javier disappeared on march 25th after leaving a friend's apartment. authorities found his body near the new canoe launch site at starlight park. a medical examiner will determine exactly how he died. the review board has resigned a day after a lawsuit claimed claiming richard emory made sexist remarks to female staffers. details and reaction. >> reporter: the civilian complaint group investigates things like excessive force and abuse of authority in the nypd. but now the chair of the board is the one under scrutiny.
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being sued for allegedly making misogynistic comments. richard emory is out. he unexpectedly announced his resignation less than 24 hours after being hit with a lawsuit alleging sexism in the workplace. the two women suing him wouldn't go on camera, but their attorney says the goal of the lawsuit was to get emory out. >> very pleased that that happen, that the judicial system finally worked. and it sends a loud and clear message to other women who are in the workplace who may be undergoing harassment. >> reporter: the lawsuit alleges emory called malik and another female employee a derogatory word. they claim he said during an argument, quote, i don't know why everyone is acting like a bunch of blank. the lawsuit also claims emory retaliated against malik and charles for complaining. >> there was this investigation. he started to retaliate against my clients by undermining their credibility, by taking away different job responsibilities that they had and the like. >> reporter: the employees are suing for mental anguish and emotional distress. emory did not directly respond
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but in his resignation letter, he explained his decision saying, quote, the issues of inhibitions on my law practice. several of my recent public statements have created daily distractions from the success of the ccrb. emory faced controversy just two months ago when he apologized for referring to the police union as a stuck pig. the pba president responded to the resignation saying, quote, had a police officer made remarks similar to mr. emory's on two occasions, that officer would have been harshly disciplined. the next chairperson should be held to the same high standards that police officers are. and mayor de blasio released a statement thanking emery for his service and naming deborah archer as his replacement. michael george, news 4, new york. >> all right, michael, thank you. the search is on tonight for the person who smashed a 16-year-old boy in midtown. police say that teen and his friends were arguing with a street vendor at east 31st street today. that's when witness says the vendor slashed the teen's chest. he was taken to bellevue hospital and is expected to survive his injuries. tonight the man accused of
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little girl in brooklyn is spending the night in jail. police say that akaja hall grabbed the girl and exposed himself as she walked to school yesterday morning. the girl was able to get away. hall is facing several charges including attempted sexual abuse and public lewdness. a heated standoff as tens of thousands of verizon workers walked off the job. it is a strike that could impact millions of customers. strike affectser have zn's telephone, internet, and tv businesses on the east coast, including technicians and customer service reps. verizon says they have 10,000 nonunion employees trained and ready to work. the problem is there are 36,000 people on strike. at issue, contract negotiations over health care, pensions, and outsourcing. those negotiations have been at a stand still since august. verizon, which made a profit of more than $18 billion in 2015 said its proposals are both fair and necessary. but the workers are far from convinced. >> you want us to take a pay cut from the little we get.
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so we need you to give. and we did. but this time they're not at a loss, and they're still asking us to give. >> a quarter of the 36,000 on strike are from our area alone. they say they're prepared to strike for weeks, not just days. coming up on news 4 new york, an i-team exclusive. >> knocked out. and he kept hitting me. >> an informant who helped put away former top cop bernard character kerik is attacked. who investigators say did it. we keep going with this great weather. more sunshine expected tomorrow. but a chill is still in the air at night and in the morning. we'll talk more than and the warm-up coming up. >> all right, janice, thanks. the sudden collapse.
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a government in fact who helped send bernie kerik to jail years ago was assaulted and badly beaten in the lobby of a new york hotel six months ago. and now police say the man who attacked him was a friend and ally of kerr rib's. >> jonathan dienst broke the story and has the latest. >> is this revenge in the kerik case? >> reporter: construction executive frank ditomassio, a carry rick kerik friend was led away in handcuffs after he attacked this man, a government informant who helped expose the police commissioner's corruption. the alleged beating happened in the lobby of the hudson hotel on west 58th street. he says ditomasso followed him and beat him. >> i think it's revenge for the court case.
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the best man at his wedding, but soon helped to expose how kerik was a crook, taking free home renovations from the ditomasso firm worth over $150,000 at a time their construction firm was seeking city business. ditomasso himself was arrested for perjury but later cleared. legal experts say the feds will be interested in knowing more about why their one-time informant was attacked. >> prosecutors don't want to see their witnesses harmed. >> reporter: ditomasso and kerik had no comment about the alleged attack which happened back in september. police say with ray's own criminal history, it took time to review tape, speak to witnesses, and review medical records before filing the felony charges. >> he dragged me from one end of the room to the other. he just kept turning. he kept turning my head up and just hitting my temple, my left temple, repeatedly, nonstop. >> at court, ditomasso expected to deny the charges and to be
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jonathan dienst, news 4, new york. eating fast food could expose you to harmful chemicals. researchers found people who ate more fast food had higher levels of phthalates in their system, a class of chemicals used in food packaging. they've been linked to serious health problems. >> recent work in humans have shown higher exposure to be associated with pregnancy complications, such as preterm birth, as well as learning and behavioral problems in children. >> researchers at the milken institute school of public health at george washington university conducted that study. well, incredible video tonight of a roof collapse during a severe storm. this happened monday night at a prep school in jackson, mississippi. the roof suddenly gave way after relentless rain fell in the area. it was already leaking. several teachers were actually surveying the damage when it came crashing down. tons of water rushed through the hall waist and rooms, as you can see there. we're told the school's gym, theater and art gallery suffered
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thankfully, as you can see right there, nobody was seriously hurt that. >> is remarkable. >> it is. >> astounding. >> they ran out and made it. they're okay. >> thank goodness. >> well, janice, we have nothing. no moisture at all in the forecast. >> no, it's very dry here. cold at night. we're still dealing with temperatures at freezing or below during the overnight area. another freeze warning has gone into effect for counties on the outskirts of the city, mainly the north and west across much of new jersey and the hudson valley. these interest areas where the temperatures will be cold enough where plants could die if they're outside and you can't protect them or bring them indoors. so just be aware of that. otherwise, it warms up nightly in the afternoon. over the next several days, we'll don't see that warm-up. 47 right now in midtown. it's 41 in monticello. not that many areas in the 30s. morristown, danbury, long branch, but all above freezing. cold in the hamptons. in the pine barren, 27 degrees there. we go back to the west. 45 in chicago. 46 in columbus.
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way, way up north as a blocking pattern keeps it away. look at the mild air over the plains. it's 60 in des moines. we'll get a taste of that. this big blocking high pressure system is keeping the storminess away from us. we're seeing some high clouds roll through the area right now. but those will pass over the next couple of hours. no rain associated with it at all. and we'll be done with that. it's back to clear skies all over again. more sunshine is expected during the day tomorrow. temperatures are up a few degrees from where they were today. so we should break 60 in most areas tomorrow, except right along the coast. and we continue that trend. saturday, we may see some high clouds building back in from the east. it looks like we may see a few showers just offshore. but they should stay there on saturday. mix of sun and clouds. 64. by sunday, up to 73, and warmth just continues from there. so tonight 41 in the city. so not very cold at all. until you get up towards bethel, towards milford where temperatures will drop to the 30s or below.
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in some spots in the morning. in the city, 42. 53 by noon. and 58 at 5:00. so a lovely day once again. and we're up to 60. today's high was 57. so we'll add a few more degrees to that. and then we add a few more on friday. up to 63. and the warmth continues, just a degree or so on saturday, because we're expecting more clouds. but then the sundays -- the 70s are here on sunday and monday. >> okay. thank you. bruce is coming up in sports. >> the rangers may have lost more than a game in the opener of the stanley cup play-offs. coming up in sports, the king henrik lundqvist goes down with an eye injury. his status moving ahead remains in doubt. and tex finds the seats north of the border. but it is enough for the yankees to make it back-to-back wins
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the tribecca film festival kicked off with the premier of "the first monday in may." >> the film gives a look at the making of the met gal rachlt for information on tickets, film, previews and anything else you need to know go, to the festival runs through april 24th.
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in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. bruce, a lot of drama on the iclle today. >> and a lot of concern. the stanley cup play-offs have begun. game one between the rangers and penguins was marred by an injury to blue shirts' best player. rangers goalie henrik lundqvist was hurt late in the first period. his own defenseman marc staal hit him in the eye with a stick. lundquist stayed in goal.
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the period, patric hornqvist beats him to give pittsburgh a 1-0 lead. rangers' backup goalie antti raanta took over. hung tough until late in the period when sidney crosby scores late in the breakaway to make it 2-0. in the third the rangers cut it to 2-1. on the power play, penguins goalie making his first postgame start makes the save. penguins 5, rangers, 2. afterwards, all the talk was about the health of the king. >> i saw him in between the second and the third. so i'm assuming that he is still here. i don't have anything more to tell you than what i just have here. so it's the best i can do for today. i should know more tomorrow. >> the rangers and their fans can only hope. game two is saturday right here on nbc 4 new york. in baseball, the yankees
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the border against the blue jays. with the bombers trailing 3-1 in the eighth, mark teixeira cuts the lead in half, take drew storen deep to right. the blue jay tapped two, nova in the bottom half. the blue jays win it, 7-2. mets fans everywhere were on high alert. this afternoon at city field, the amazins tried to avoid a sweep against the marlins. the slumping mets offense finally delivered a big hit. in the seventh, kevin singles through the left side. wilmer flores and asdrubal. a called on for a five-out save and came through, blowing away dee gordon to secure a 2-1 victory.
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and afterwards, their manager was fired up. >> the perception is that there is no energy here. which is completely not true, that we're not, you know, we're overconfident or we're not taking things seriously. i heard that last night. and it made me sick to my stomach. i said you know what? we got to win the game. well got to show people we mean business here. >> tell them, terry. in the nba tonight, the warriors are gunning for the all-time wins record in a season, 73. and right now they lead the grizzlies 50-34. in los angeles, 37-year-old kobe bryant is playing the final game of his brilliant career. this was the scene as the black mamba arrived at staples center. quite a sendoff for the future hall of famer who leaves with five world championship rings as the number three scorer in nba history. the 18-time all star played 20 nba seasons.
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fit for a king. what a scene. staples center. l.a.
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have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call 866-news-244. or e-mail that's it for nbc news 4 at 11:00. >> good night and we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the


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