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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  April 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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11:00, surveillance cameras capture the moment a car slams into a c h> close s being done with the music legend's remains. and a big change for the tappan zee bridge goes into effect in one hour. ore ow
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>> reporter: flag rantly violating the law in a memo, and now the mayor is responding. the allegations are rd's chief investigator happily participate. we'll support it. >> reporter: the memo also alleges there is reasonable cause for criminal prosecution. and it recommends the case be referred to the manhattan d a.
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attorney are now investigating. we reached out to the office again. they reiterated everything they did was legal and they will fully cooperate with the investigation. news4, new york. on long island, a cab driver lost his life in a high-speed crash. that taxi w
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rchi s huncredibly non he car involved in this accident, but the driver ran off. we have surveillance video tonight from the scene where a woman was grazed b mercede
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ce t out cards and flowers right outside his home. prince's 1984 film "purple rain" hit the big screen today. amc theaters are showing it at locations nationwide. it's also been on tv. that includes several theaters here in new york city, long island and new jersey. news4 caught up with several fans who came to see the movie. they tell us how he touched their lives. >> his music and industry are color in the tapestry of my life and soundtracks of my life. >> he gave you the feeling of being creative and being your own person and also creating your own style. and he was able to be unique and enjoy himself doing it. >> officials say it will take up
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how the 57-year-old singer died. tonight "saturday night live" will pay tribute to the music legend with a special show called "good night sweet prince." special sketches and performances of prince throughout the years. a family is saying an extra prayer on this passover after a carbon monoxide leak sentd dozens of people to the hospital. this he t t
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naked in the watert l the munez held a teen at knifepoint and took about $73. then they held up a man and made off with a cell phone and wallet. police are still searching for the accomplice. in jersey city, a freight train derailed off mystery has a small ohio community on edge tonight. police still do not know who
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same family. they have intensified the manhunt for the killer or killers who shot the victims first bodies for the white house. the candidates are hitting the trail before tuesday's primaries in five states. bernie sanders right now down in the polls but not getting out of the race. in baltimore a crowd of 7,000
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waiting for him in maryland. he told voters he needs a big turnout at the voting booths in order to stay afloat. sanders admits low voter turnout has hurt him. >> because poor people don't vote. i mean, that's just a fact. that's a sad reality of american society. >> we will have more good jobs with rising incomes that will lift up people! >> clinton, meanwhile, it looking toward the general election, releasing a new anti-trump ad. in the republican race, donald trump in connecticut telling supporters he will not tone down his message to appear more presidential. >> presidential is easy. you know what presidential is?he bathrooms for the sex in which they identify.
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minister defends the decision to jail a university of virginia student. 21-year-old otto warmbeer was sentenced to 15 years hard labor after confessing to trying to steal a propaganda banner for a friend. the u.s. condemned the sentence, ac ng s ety humvees free-falling from the sky. look at that. this video getting a lot of attention. how a u.s. army training session turned into this.
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the death toll now at 646
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earthqua numbers. 26,000 people have been moved to shelters now. and right now there are still 130 people missing. damage estimated to be in the billions of dollars. a warning issued at the university of connecticut after a female student was followed and grabbed by two men. police say the victim was walking on a path near campus friday night when the men approached her from behind. they grabbed her wrists but she did manage to pull free and she ran off. students are being asked to stay alert and call police with any information. beginning at midnight, no cash tolls on the tappan zee bridge any longer. the freeway authority has been switching to cashless tolls on the span and toll-collecting booths will shut down tonight. those with an e-z pass will be billed as usual. this will keep traffic flowing
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a military mishap gone viral. that is a humvee. check out what happened during a routine u.s. army airborne exercise in germany. not one, but three, two-ton hummers slipped from their parachute rig, slammed to pieces, totally destroyed. thankfully no one was hurt. now the army wants to find out if the rigging material was faulty or if the technicians failed to properly secure the load.
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isn't this every girl's dream? not your typical rescue mission here.
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scared of much, but a proposal would shake any guy up. zyad santana decided this is how he wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him, and in case you're wondering, he didn't leave him hanging there very long. she did say yes. that's a good one. >> you can tell when the hands are like this. we knew it was going to be a proposal, right? >> you see him hanging from a window, you know something is up. that's very cool. we had the sunshine in the afternoon. guess what, we're going to get another treat tomorrow. more sunshine entering the picture. it's going to be a little bit cooler than it was today, but it's still going to be pleasant out there. kind of a cold start to the morning in comparison to the couple mornings we've had previously where we started out in the 50s and 60s. we're going to wake up to 30s and 40s tomorrow morning. right now in northport, 53, and 53 in farmingville, so temperatures are cooler on long island, but not much cooler.
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on storm tracker, you can see that clear skies are going to dominate for the next couple days with that high pressure continuing to move toward us. but you can see our next approaching storm system as well. this is the form of a warm front making its way toward us from the great lakes region. this is what we can expect. it's going to be a little bit breezy, still, overnight tonight. cool and chilly with a low of 46 midtown, 30s north and west but no freezing temperatures, no frost advisories. i'm not concerned about any of your plants outdoors having any trouble surviving overnight tonight. tomorrow it will be seasonably mild in the afternoon with a high of 65 degrees. it's just going to be a great day to spend outdoors. the wind is going to slack off. we're going to see tons of sunshine just a few clouds late in advance of our next approaching storm system. but this one isn't going to bring us much rain until monday night, it looks like. we'll stay dry through the daylight hours and those high temperatures are going to remain above average for this time of year. so tonight it will be cooler in the suburbs as mentioned before.
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it's a good night for stargazing if you're into that kind of thing. 66 degrees for the overnight low. 10 miles an hour wind, and gusts up to 15. tomorrow in a typical scenario where the winds get stronger during the day, we'll see those winds slack off. we'll see a few clouds late and 50 for the south shores because that far water influence. but in the bronx, as the yankees are taking on the rays again, 50 degrees for first pitch at 1:05, most sunl any ny. a great day to spend at the ballpark. on monday with the storm system working its way toward us, we'll get to 74 degrees. showers, i think, will hold off until after sunset, then tuesday looks like kind of an unsettle ld day with a high of 67. 65 and clear again on wednesday before another weather pattern approaches, so it's going to be a little bit unsettled, very
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chances for rain and temperatures feeling pretty comfortable. >> we could use some rain, though. we are a little short. >> a little more rain would be nice, yes. going to john now, we've been talking hockey all day and another good one tonight. >> another good one tonight. the rangers, though, not so much today. the playoffs rolling on with a good game tonight but they roll on without the rangers. the blue shirts bow out quietly. you'll hear from a frustrated lundquist and what he wasn't able to do this time around.
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match-up with the rangers and the penguins, but still, the rangers have been so good for so long in the post-season the last few years. but now it's over. no rangers rally, no hank stand og his head. ultimately no chance for the blue shirts. this stanley cup round ends with a sobering exit. the blue shirts had to beat the penguins in pittsburgh to keep their season alive. they showed life. just six seconds redirected by rick nash who definitely gets the stick on the puck here for the second of these playoffs. the rangers and penguins then traded goals, and game 5 was tied at 2 before you could even blink.
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with phil crosby assisting. a turnover leads to this. brian lutz jumping on where credit is due. pittsburgh was coming into this, they were playing real well, and they continued to play real well. they're on top of their game right now. >> obviously, you know, the results were the way they were. they played better. in me to make a difference. and that's painful. you know, that's my job, to try to make the difference there and help the team, but when you're not able to do it, it's
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>> it feels like the bar is set at perfection oftentimes for henrik lundquist. the blue shirts face an uncertain future on their chances going forward. meanwhile, in brooklyn, the islanders and panthers have delivered four one-goal, white-knuckled contest in game 5 so far. thomas price saving 47. stopped a penalty shot in overtime, and so often the overtime's unlikely candidates as thomas hickey and bringing the islanders to the brink of game 2.
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phenom brook snow. a-rod with his welcome to the big leagues moment, desmond jennings timed it perfectly. 7 strikeouts for tinaka. tied at 2, brett garner says, everybody go home! the walkoff homer on the second deck. 3 for 5, and the yankees win 3-2, their second straight over tampa bay. jacob degron is back with the mets. his baby buy doing well now after a breathing scare. as he sat tonight with a leg bruise, may sit tomorrow as well. david wright goes opposite field and delivers down the double line. the bats don't let up against
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they continue to pack a powerful punch. neil walker packing his seventh home run already. next batter, cabrera, back to back. the fourth time the mets have had back-to-back homers in the last five games. steven matt loving the run support gets his seventh of the year. he struck out eight. the mets won 8-2. they've won seven of their last nine. steph curry expected to play in game 4. the rockets did something they haven't done in four years, they won a playoff game. "saturday night live" up next with a special tribute to
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