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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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right now, zika spreading within the u.s. a spike in new cases prompts an unprecedented travel warning as health officials try to figure out what to do next. until now, people were only contracting the virus when they traveled to other countries further south or in the caribbean. >> but now it is spreading within parts and that has triggered a nationwide travel warning. florida's governor said at least 14 people have contracted the zika virus from mosquitos in the miami area. he's requested an emergency response team to come and help. the centers for disease control is advising all pregnant women not to travel to that part of florida. >> reporter: of the 14 infected,
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the cdc advising certain people not to travel to this part of miami and those that do should cover up. >> he says he feels all right. he didn't feel no nothing. no fever. he didn't have nothing. >> reporter: one of the first people in the u.s. to get zika by local mosquitos says he can't even tell. 60-year-old gabriel gene and his family told the press that he found out he had the disease this weekend. >> yesterday the he said that i have the test. my test is good. my daughter's test is good, but my father, he has zika. >> reporter: the number of locally transmitted cases jumped from 4 to 14 after the death department started testing residents in wynwood, a mile north of downtown miami. >> the risk is that we have somebody that travels here from another country, they bring an
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citizen or a visitor. >> reporter: now pregnant women being told to stay away from this area. also couples considering having a baby should wait up to eight weeks. expectant mothers are urged to get tested. >> no standing water. no standing water. and no standing water and then no standing water. >> reporter: the county and state now getting more aggressive, fumigating the zika zone. the cdc dispatched an emecy problem. the county says residents must also do their part. >> we have to be protective of ourselves. we have to drain and cover, and we have to when we're going outside take measures so we don't get bitten by mosquitos. >> reporter: the state of florida has set aside $26.2 million to fight zika, but local and state officials say congress and the feds need to do more
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control. live tonight in miami, news 4 new york. at the same time, the state of connecticut gets more resources to fight zika. the cdc awarded the connecticut department of public health a grant of 5880,000. 45 people, including three pregnant women, have them contracted the virus here at home. now to brooklyn where police are looking for three people who repeatedly slashed a man all in an effort to steal his cell phone. this is in the williamsburg section. an area where neighbors say they generally feel safe. marc santia has more on the men police are looking for. >> reporter: that man is still in the hospital.
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stolen by three guys. he spotted the three guys here on the corner. he approached them. he tried to get his cell phone back and that's when they slashed the victim. >> this could have been me. this is right at my door. >> reporter: donna is overcome with emotion, trembling with fear over what happened o >> i just heard noise, but i thought it was the regular people coming out of bars. >> reporter: it was anything but regular noise. police believe three attackers robbed a 25-year-old man, taking his cell phone. then they slashed the victim in the back and chest, leaving him to die on the corner of berry and fifth. >> i see all the blood in there. they tell me there was a stabbing. >> reporter: neighbors on this quiet block hoping for a quick arrest. >> it could be you next time. it could be me next time.
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stop. they're going to continue until they get caught. >> reporter: for donna, the victim's blood is washed away from her sidewalk, but the horrific memory cannot be removed. >> i'm terrified. >> reporter: now pat and david, right now police are looking for those men. they believe they got away in a gray-colored four door possibly a ford taurus. there's a gray four-door sedan. if you have any information, you're asked to give the nypd a call immediately. governor cuomo is banning registered sex offenders from playing pokemon go. the governor is ordering the state department of corrections to restrict nearly 3,000 sex offenders from accessing and/or downloading the game.
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will be prosecuted for violating the terms of their release. this year's olympic games are just a few days away. coming up, how the games are making history with a few firsts. plus, we have some flood watches in effect for parts of our area tonight. >> that is for a few of our counies north and west o city. we're tracking showers in pennsylvania right now headed towards that region. we'll talk about that and have the ten-day forecast in just a few minutes. hi, pat and david. ahead for us, more locally transmitted zika cases in a miami neighborhood. now a very specific warning to
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we're just four days away from the start of this year's olympic games. this year you'll notice a few new sports. rugby is back after 92 years and golf returns after a 112-year
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these games. athletes from different countries they no longer call home. >> reporter: a refugee of war torn congo is one of ten athletes competing without a country. he represents the olympic refugee team in judo. others include a swimmer who swam across the mediterranean sea to get to europe and to safety. refugees who sudan. >> we're a refugee. we're human beings like other people, you see? >> reporter: they'll march in under the olympic flag along with elite athletes in three dozen sports, including rugby back as an olympic sport for the first time since 1924.
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i think america and the world will really fall in love with the game. it is fast paced and big hits and a lot of one on ones. >> reporter: the slower paced game of golf is back for the first time since 1904. more than a dozen of the world's top golfers are withdrawn from the games over fears of the zika virus. >> i'm more excited about the impact honestly that the olympics will make on versus my own self winning the medal. >> reporter: after the games, the new golf course will become a public facility. >> our very own bruce beck has just arrived in rio. he'll have live reports beginning this wednesday. the opening ceremony will area friday night right here on nbc
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call now. ask about free installation, and access to nearly 500,000 wifi hotspots with select plans. call today. mother nature unleashing an absolute fury of flash floods in maryland and now cleanup is under way. on saturday night, 6 inches of rain fell there in just two hours. that's main street there. a raging river swallowing everything in its path. that's just incredible video.
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floods killed two people. look at that. a human chain trying to keep people safe. a lot of cars, homes, and businesses were just wiped out and maryland is now seeking federal disaster aid to help rebuild. it seems the intensity is just so quick, janice. >> you're going to see more instances like this. we're seeing more and more of these. texas had big flooding this year. it happe in the atmosphere. unfortunately, we may see more of that. hopefully not anything anytime soon. in the meantime, we have the subway series going on. tonight citi field is the place. the clouds are hanging low. there are some clouds out there. there aren't any showers on radar over the city right now,
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for the city. it is for the counties north and west. temperatures in the mid 70s at the start of the game. most of the activity in terms of rain is well to our west, west of the delaware and pennsylvania. we are seeing some flash flooding and warnings in effect south of scranton right now. a few of those light showers moving into pike county. as we track it through the rest of this evening, 9:00 we've got some isolated downpours popping up over western new jersey. 1:00 in the morning, not as many, but showers scattered here and there around the city and parts of long island. into the overnight period, they're not as many either. conditions are going to improve after we get through tonight, so that's the good news. we expect a much drier and sunnier day tomorrow, even though we might get a lingering shower.
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putnam, orange county, northern and western new jersey and into monmouth county and middlesex counties, that will continue into the overnight. these are the areas where you have to watch out for the tropical downpours like we saw over the weekend. we're still seeing a deficit between 3 and 6 inches. we need a lot more rain. tomorrow there's only a slight chance we might get a shower or storm around 3:00 in the afternoon. otherwise it is pretty sunny those 70s will feel a bit stifling. we will be back to drier conditions by wednesday. less humid. 82. perfect. 84 on thursday. climbing towards 90 by the time we get to the weekend. saturday might be a bit stormy, particularly in the afternoon. we'll be tracking that for you day by day. looks like sunday is the better day for outdoor plans with a
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back to you. well, this is a distinction that some restaurants would rather not have. the center for science in the public interest announced the dishes that won this year's extreme eating awards. the awards highlights some of the least healthy items at chain restaurants across the country. some of the highlights include the cheesecake factory's fried chicken and waffles cheesy mac stack and sonic's grape slush with rainbow candy. it's got more sugar and dye in it than three 7-eleven wild cherry slurpees. >> wow. what does it mean when a cruise line recommends particular stores at its ports of call and what do you do if
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here's lynda baquero. >> cruise lines will sometimes recommend certain retailers to their passengers, retailers they believe their customers can trust. a family took that to heart. harold of riverhead, long island, enjoys cruises and was excited to board "anthem of the seas" and do some throughout the caribbean. the shop is gold mine in jamaica where they bought this ring. >> it is an alexanderite. it is supposed to be very rare. they no longer get them in brazil. we were very taken by the ring itself. it turns color with the change of light. >> reporter: the ring came with this appraisal from a european
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to 15,000. >> we thought we were getting a good buy. plus he sold it to us with an certificate, which was an appraisal of the ring. >> reporter: the couple began second guessing the value when another shopkeeper in jamaica raised questions. >> she came up with an appraisal of $5,225. >> reporter: what was your reaction at that point? >> i was >> reporter: she contacted royal caribbean. >> because it was a mark henry piece of jewelry that carries a certain amount of weight in the price. >> reporter: diane said better get baquero. >> people on vacation are very vulnerable to these kinds of things because they're in a good mood and they want to buy a memory. they come in and assure you and give you the confidence to pull the trigger and you do.
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purchase. they said their recommendation of gold mine reflects the quality of the products and their services. mark henry told us its gem stones come from mines in brazil, which are considered the highest quality than those from mines in other countries, but they added most jewelers aren't familiar with the brand and royal caribbean said this as well. other companies might provide royal caribbean suggested contacting gold mine for an appraisal performed by mark henry. they reminded the couple is purchase is a final sale. you should know the value before you make the purchase.
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>> everyone who reaches out will get a response from the team at our consumer investigative center. still to come, a local assemblyman claims nypd officers roughed him up. what he says some officers did to him. then at 6:00, why it just got easier for police to access your phone records. it all depends on where you live. we take a look at the damage still left behind from this
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nypd officers accused of using excessive force and the man making the allegations is a new york assemblyman. >> he claim he was roughed up when he tried to diffuse an argument. roseanne colletti has more. >> the only reason the situation did not get worse is because officers recognized who i was. >> reporter: the assemblyman's complaint grows out of an incident that took place here saturday afternoon during the family day barbecue. one of the cooks told us he saw the whole thing. >> the police officer grabbed mr. michael blake up and then threw him up on the fence.
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he didn't swing. he didn't touch the officers or anything. >> reporter: the assemblyman says he was trying to intervene in a confrontation when an officer placed him in a bear hug. >> there's no action that has been taken against the officer nor will there >> reporter: the controversial episode that took place here will be investigated by the civilian complaint review board. a process that is estimated to take nine months. suspect shot after a struggle with cops. new details on that breaking story in queens. life-saving surgery. a tumor threatens to suffocate a little girl. why she is now getting the surgery she so desperately needs. people in new jersey
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damaging floods. why the flood damage isn't over yet. "news 4 new york at 6:00" starts right now. good evening, everyone. i'm david ushery. >> and i'm pat battle. we begin with an update on that breaking news in queens. a heavy police presence in maspeth after a police-involved shooting. >> a suspect was shot by officers around 1:45 this afternoon on hall avenue near 68th street. it was captured in part on dramatic cell phone video. the suspect being called by cops a career burglar shot in a home after a struggle with police. >> checkey beckford is on the scene. she's got the details for us. >> reporter: what a scary scene it was here, especially for neighbors here on 66th street. take a look at this video of that resident. she actually was inside the home just moments before police opened fire.
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officer, they say, to grab her dog. she can be seen running out of the building holding her pet just seconds before a single gunshot was heard and the suspect was seen running from the building. police say he had been shot at that point in the groin area. officers responded to the building on 66th street after a call from the resident who was at work at the time. she saw an intruder inside her home from a nanny cam. she came and met pol h officers found the suspect in a back bedroom and following a struggle fired a single shot. >> i heard the gunshot and then i saw him shoot out the door and take off running. >> this was a close quarters encounter. a wall broke at one point near the rear of the apartment. the male was struck one time in the groin area. the suspect fled the building and was chased on foot by the officers and apprehended a block


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