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tv   News 4 New York at 430  NBC  August 3, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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right now at 4:00, a fair fight. the proposal today that would make it cheaper to get around for some riders. today the path to a high school diploma became a little more difficult for millions of students. we have an i-team update. right now a man wrongfully
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getting his first taste of freedom in more than a decade. you're watching "news 4 new york at 4:00." i'm stefan holtz. >> and i'm natalie pasquarella. the i-team exposed this case in a bombshell story last month. prosecutors admitted a man convicted of murder did not receive a fair trial. >> this is the exact moment that wayne martin waited 11 years for. he had been serving a life sentence for a double murder, but today martin walked sarah wallace first exposed problems in the prosecution last month. she's live for us in downtown brooklyn. >> reporter: stefan and natalie, talk about an incredible turnaround. this case has virtually unravelled in the past six weeks amid revelations of missing evidence and allegations of prosecutorial misconduct. 44-year-old wayne martin didn't know what would happen in court
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maintained his innocence in the tire store murder of two men in brownsville 11 years ago. he spoke to me an exclusive interview. >> i wasn't there. i have nothing to do with this crime. i don't know who did it. >> reporter: days before that interview, the brooklyn da's office had revealed to the court that critical evidence, including a police report, was never turned over to the defense when martin was tried. two witness suspects as the gunmen. the da pointed fingers at the trial prosecutor who denied he did anything wrong. >> i turned over every single document i had. i handled this case the same way i have handled every case in 29 years. >> reporter: last month a judge vacated martin's conviction and this afternoon he was released without bail while the da considers its next move. martin rushed out of court telling us he just wants to go home. >> right now, i have to go to my
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that. >> reporter: and martin has six children all together. more on what he said outside of court tonight at 6:00. by the way, he will be back in court in downtown brooklyn on september 7th. at that time, the da will announce whether or not it will retry him. but frankly this case is so tainted that would be an uphill battle. live from downtown brooklyn, sarah wallace. news 4 new york. >> thank you. the white house is denying a $400 million payment ton earlier this year, that it was a ransom for the release of four american prisoners. the state department had announced the settlement terms on january 17th. that was one day after the americans were freed, but it says the money was part of a larger sum owed to iran over a failed arms deal dating back to 1979. >> the military equipment as it relates to this $400 million was
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1979 because the shah of iran was overthrown. >> secretary of state had said while the two were not directly related, he believed the diplomatic process was eased cue to the nuclear talks. the cdc expanded its travel warnings into the caribbean today. kerry sanders in miami where people are taking ext kerry? >> reporter: natalie, it's all about making sure that you are vigilant. that means using bug spray. and we have seen lots of people out here using repellant, wearing long sleeves, and it is 91 degrees. they're also doing what we have seen now for day in and day out. it continues anew every morning and that is the spraying. as they're spraying, we have one little piece of good news today and that is that there are no
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forward. it stands at 15. number 15 may have been acquired outside of that one square mile known as wynwood just north of downtown miami. the authorities are unsure, however, where this person may have acquired it. that's why they're not announcing another area. they're planning on putting a plane up. it looks like it is going to go up tomorrow morning just before sunrise. the plane will be spraying about 50 years. it's recommended that you go inside your house, but it is proven effective against mosquitos and generally does not cause a problem for people with their health or even their pets outside. stefan? >> kerry sanders in florida, thank you very much. now to the battle that is brewing over a toxic waste area in new jersey. today the council voted to legally challenge a petition
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want tons of polluted material hauled out of the site of a proposed recycle center. last year the epa approved a plan that would keep the waste at the super fund site under a barrier with the recycling center placed on top of that. new jersey students won't be able to graduate high school without passing tough standardized test. passing the partnership for assessment for readiness for college and careers will be a requirement for students starting the board voted to change the graduation students despite the news the majority of students failed the test in the past two years. a plea from a local cupcake shop. one that was victimized three times. a medical emergency on the road turned into a life and death situation in the lake. what a nice day we had. let's do it again tomorrow. how about that?
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police want to know if you recognize that man right there. it is a pretty clear picture. police believe he's broken into the same cupcake shop three times since july. you can see the crates there behind him. he got away with 100 bucks during one of the break-ins. the fed up owner posted that facebook page. a tennessee lawmaker was caught on camera stealing his opponent's campaign signs. curry todd admits that he's the man seen right there in the video. off he goes. he faces misdemeanor theft or property charges. todd says he had permission from the property owner to remove the opponent's signs and place his own there on the lawn.
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the driver whose car took a plunge into a lake is making a full recovery thanks to good samaritans. it was all captured on cell phone video. a man had suffered a medical condition just moments before driving his cadillac into st. clair lake in michigan, but the group worked together and used an ax to smash out the windows and to get that man out of the car. now to news for your health. confirmation on gaining weight here over the years. the cdc released a report on the weight of the average man and woman compared to 20 years ago. today the average man weighs 15 pounds more. the average woman weighs 168 pounds. that's a 16-pound increase. what is old is new again at
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plus, a new push that would make getting around less expensive. and a surprise shakeup in connecticut. we'll tell you about the
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a once powerful lobbyist faced a judge. he is accused of helping shake down a major airline so one of his friends could apply to his vacation home easily. brian thompson was there in court. >> reporter: jamie foxx one of the most powerful behind the scenes power brokers in new jersey now facing up to five years in federal prison on a charge of conspiracy to commit bribery. the former chief of staff to governor mcgreavy arrived federal court in newark with nothing to say to the media, nothing to say in court. two years ago, he was a lobbyist for united airlines and a friend of the port authority chairman sampson. united got the expansion, sampson got what was called the chairman's flight, a money loser for united that ended when
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of the bridgegate scandal. e-mails released by the government purport to show fox intimately involved in the deal. expansion for united in return for that flight to south carolina. his attorney says fox is not guilty. bail set at 100,000. fox did tell me, quote, i never thought i would be in this position. i got caught in a vortex. he also now has health issues, but the earliest he would g of the year according to his attorney. in newark, brian thompson. news 4 new york. in connecticut, a staffing shake up is on the way for governor dannel malloy. his communications director and senior policy director are leaving. malloy praised them as outstanding members of his team. well, the latest tool for
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version of the high-tech equipment is now in the ocean county sheriff's deputy. we got the exclusive look at a training class in toms river as sheriff's detectives learn how to put into use what surveyors use at crime scenes. >> the scanner sees everything that it captures as it spins through that scene. we can map out a crime scene within under a minute and we have captured millions of data can also show crime scene photos as reference points and in fact ocean detectives used this laser scanner earlier this week. the town board approved a site plan for the research and treatment center. nassau county sold it last year
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we all need an escape from the dog days of summer and for a few bears that meant cooling off at a california beach. momma bear and her two cubs took a dip at lake tahoe beach. they played around in the water before heading back home into the forest. they're awfully close to everybody there. just hanging out. >> >> we're used to seeing shark sightings now. certainly not bear sightings in the water, but it is compelling video. nice to see you guys. what a great day to be outside regardless if you're in the water or on terra firma. it is beautiful. as we head from the afternoon into the evening hours, 4:48 is the time and we're happy you're with us. we have 77 degrees on the thermometer. we have winds out of the south at just about 5 miles per hour.
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of sunshine out there. really just beautiful no matter where you are in the tri-state area. it's going to be a gorgeous evening ahead. tomorrow and friday great too. then as we head into the weekend saturday we see a little bit of a chance of thundershower activity and we see that humidity and the thermometer really skyrocket up, especially when you compare it to where we are right now. 78 in white plains. 78 in bridgeport. as we take a look at long branch, 76 degrees. 73 in monticello now as far as the heat goes, this is a lovely reprieve we've gotten. let's compare the first couple of weeks of july when our arch temperature was just over 76 degrees. end of july the last two weeks of the month we skyrocketed up to 81.5 degrees and now we are comfortably sitting at about 74.5 degrees. that's our average temperature so far as we've headed through this first week or so of august.
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we have a couple of clouds dotting the sky. nothing which is problematic. the temperature drops into the 60s in the evening hours. cool and crisp in some areas to the north and west. we're going to get into the 50s. sunny tomorrow to start. sunny all day in fact. as we head through tonight, 66 degrees. tomorrow up to 82. lots of sunshine and an onshore breeze making things very, very pleasant. looking at thursday and friday, we stay temperature from tomorrow into friday, up by a degree or two. this weekend the temperature goes into the 80s and upper 80s. now, as we head through the weekend, sunday is clearly the better day, the beach day. 86 degrees. our ten-day forecast stretches out rather nicely with the exception of that saturday heat and humidity. we could see temperatures next week pretty much where they are supposed to be at this time of
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high heat added in for good measure towards the end of the end. not bad. >> no complaints. the new york public library is welcoming back some visitors from the 100 acre wood. the original stuffed doll of winnie the pooh, there's piglet, eeyore, the latest harry potter story is disappearing from bookshelves, but it is not magic. >> this new play has sold more than 2 million copies in north america in its first two days in stores. it doesn't match the 8.3 million
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just ahead, protesting the cost of your commute. >> today the plan put forth to save a lot of people some money. why they want to make it cheaper for some to buy a metro card. david ushery joining us. safety tips that could save your life. think an ultrasonic gadget, a from the zika virus? you don't want to miss today's warning from the attorney general about these products. what every driver does that is responsible for a staggering number of traffic deaths and the simple life-saving fix.
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well, it should be smooth sailing for the team usa hoops when they get off the court in
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luxury cruise boat. the 514-foot boat is in rio de janeiro. each player will have plenty of space. the boat offers an outdoor pool, indoor spa, a bar, a cigar lounge. i don't have video of that, but security will be tight. there's reportedly only one entrance to the boat that will have 24-hour security. bruce beck will have a look at one of the city's famous fight and a protest to lower the cost of a metro card, but not for everyone. >> there's a call to make it less expensive in lower income communities. andrew siff is in grand concourse with this proposal. andrew? >> reporter: well, first we should consider the main headline, which is for the vast majority of commuters your fares are about to go up in just about six months from now. but in the meantime a riders' advocacy group is focusing new attention on trying to lower the
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for the poorest new yorkers. the riders' alliance was gathering signatures to hand to mayor de blasio. these advocates think the city and the mayor can help to afford thousands and thousands of new yorkers pay less money for their metro cards. >> we're here today to show mayor de blasio the faces of new yorkers, the stories of new yorkers, for whom a discount metro card would make all t >> it's almost $200 that i spend on my children, my wife, and myself every month. >> reporter: it is not just your own metro card. you're paying for your family? >> yes. >> reporter: a spokeswoman told news 4 last year the de blasio administration committed to an unprecedented $2.5 billion
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the mayor's office, but not an outright rejection either. san francisco has been doing it for years. seattle just started phasing it in last year to pretty good success. the requirement would be a certain income threshold. could it happen in new york? not without the mayor or the governor championing it. >> stay tuned. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. now the new crackdown on products claiming to keep you safe from zika. the enemy at home. the first police officer in the nation charged with supporting isis. how police say he tried to help the terror group. and hunting for clues. a jogger found dead, strangled, and possibly sexually assaulted. tonight the search for a
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right now. good evening, everyone. i'm david ushery. >> and i'm sibila vargas. this is katrina vetrano, a bright woman and avid runner. >> her body was found last night facedown in a grassy inlet off jamaica bay. >> ida siegal is at the scene of this heinous crime in howard beach. >> reporter: sibila and david, detectives are still combing through the marshland behind me. this is called the spring creek u.s. federal parkland. there is a path. it is for bikers and joggers. police say it is where carina often went running and it is also where her body was discovered. in the weed-filled marsh off the belt parkway, police conducting a grid search, looking for any evidence that could lead them to
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30-year-old carina vetrano. still no solid leads. >> right now, we're investigating anybody who used this park. there's a lot of digital evidence and home video. >> reporter: vetrano was an avid jogger. she was going for a run around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. her father begged her not to go alone, but she went anyway. when she didn't come home a couple hours later, her dad called the police and they went first they found her cell phone and then around 11:00 last night they found her body facedown. >> the father went into the woods and then found the body with our detectives right after him. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: police say vetrano was strangled and possibly sexually assaulted, but the who and why are


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