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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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for me, ms. wallace. i'll give you an interview later on. >> reporter: wayne martin isn't allowed to go out of state for the moment, but he is free to go home for the first time since 2007 when he was charged with a vicious double murder. two men had been shot dead at a brownsville tire store ten years earlier. he was sentenced to life in prison without he spoke with me from prison after learning that information. >> when you saw this letter from the district attorney's office, what went through your mind? >> i got numb. i haven't slept in about a week. seriously. >> because you're so hopeful? >> yeah. >> reporter: what's incredible is that two witnesses had identified other suspects to detectives and yet martin and his attorney never knew any of
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critical police report. the da's office questioned the conduct of a former trial prosecutor who left in june after a personal dispute with the da himself, kent thompson. the prosecutor denied any wrongdoing in an exclusive interview with me. >> i turned over every single document i had. be clear, sarah. i handled this case the same way i've handled every case in 29 years. >> the mistakes are major. it is showing that someone else actually did this c than me. >> reporter: and martin has always maintained his innocence. he will be back here in court on september 7th. it is possible that the district attorney's office could decide to retry him, but highly unlikely under the circumstances. live from downtown brooklyn, sarah wallace. news 4 new york. >> thank you, sarah. president obama is cutting more than 200 sentences short for federal inmates. it is the largest batch of
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214 prisoners, including 8 from our area, will serve less time. some of those prisoners had been sentenced to life. the white house says almost all of them were serving time for non-violent drug offenses. many will be released on december 1st. a manhunt that's gone from land to water looks like it is back on land after a suspect jumped into the passaic river. want to go to dennis protsko in chopper 4. it looks like crews are th in? >> right now they're looking down a manhole. as you mentioned, this all began around 1:00 this afternoon. actually in harrison just across the passaic river. when the suspect was stopped in a traffic stop, he jumped into
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that person has been inside that storm drain system ever since that point. you can see crews here, fire department, police department. specialized equipment has been brought in to try to locate that person inside the sewer system right now. this is division street. you can see a lot of the activity still going on. that is the only street currently closed down. dennis protsko. back to you in the studio. we move now to new jersey to demote its top cop all because of an e-mail that he sent two years ago. wyckoff police chief benjamin fox wrote officers should be checking out suspicious black people in white neighborhoods. that led to a full investigation. brian thompson in wyckoff tonight. >> reporter: a 100-day suspension without pay.
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patrol cars behind me. the mayor says with no criminal complaint from the prosecutor the punishment does fit the charge. the bergen prosecutor gave a clean bill of health to this small town police department, but not to its chief. two years ago, he wrote to his officers racial profiling has its place when dealing with black gang members from teaneck to burglaries in his town, noting that's why we neighborhoods. >> let him be gone. >> reporter: one reaction to the move made in this township committee room last night to bust the chief to patrolman after his 40 year career here, bergen naacp president agreed some action had to be taken. >> it's kind of hard for him to be the top law enforcement officer that has to come back and deal with that and effectively lead his men and women for that matter.
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could no longer ever serve in a supervisory position in our police department, adding that racial profiling, quote, is not something that should be done or condoned. busting the chief to a patrolman? >> i don't think going down -- >> hhumiliating? >> if i were him, i would look for a job elsewhere. >> do you think he did wrong? >> yes. >> reporter: not everyone punished. >> because police are under fire from everyone lately. i don't think it's a fair fight at all. >> reporter: now there was no comment from the police chief's attorney this afternoon. we reached out to him twice, the but the bergen prosecutor who led this investigation and cleared the rest of the department, by the way, is satisfied with the action by the township committee that came
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report last night. news 4 new york. it is difficult surviving in new york on a low income. there's assistance for housing and food, but what about bus and subway fares? many new yorkers say the cost of a monthly transit pass is more than they can afford and that's why they're calling on the mayor for help. andrew siff is in the bronx tonight with more on the fight for reduced fares. >> reporter: that's right. a monthly metro card is $116 imagine if it was only $60 a month for the poorest new yorkers. some riders' advocates say it is about time people are able to pay less. among those swiping their metro cards at this station in the bronx, ms. castro, a college student who pinched pennies to afford the subway every day. >> as a student, it is very intense.
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month. >> reporter: that monthly metro card costs $116. as commuters left the station today, many were surprised to see this. >> hello. >> reporter: rebecca and the nonprofit riders' alliance gathering signatures. >> how are you doing? have you signed the petition? >> reporter: with a provocative question. have you had to choose between a meal and a metro card? >> we're fighting for fair fares for low-inco >> reporter: the appeal aimed at mayor de blasio even though the state runs the mta. the mayor's office told news 4 last year the de blasio administration committed to an unprecedented$2.5 billion
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would be more like a handout. >> we don't want our tax dollars going to someone who is not working their hardest like we are. >> reporter: but advocates for the poor, like sandy, who posed for a picture to make her case to the mayor -- >> take it from couple of angles. >> reporter: say that families need to save money with transit. back live now, the mta threw idea of reduced fares saying fares only account for $8 billion of the 15 billion needed to operate the system. a fare hike is scheduled about six months from now. it is scheduled to be 4% higher. coming up, today's controversial ruling that will make it harder to graduate from high school in new jersey. plus, new life for the
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i'm bruce beck in rio. i've got the story of a st. john's fencer born in poland now living the american dream. mother nature is on our side today be this beautiful weather, but not in the tropics. we're tracking hurricane earl and our exclusive ten-day forecast is coming up next. turn. and tag becomes, hashtag and don't miss our brand new show, the magic of art, featuring abby cadabby. that makes little hearts race. save $10 on admission and get a free 2nd visit only at sesame place dot com sesame place
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yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. new jersey students won't be able to graduate high school without passing tough standardized tests. passing the partnership for assessment for readiness for college and careers will be a requirement for students starting with the class of 2021. we have a few years here, but the board voted to change the graduation standards despite news that the majority of students failed the tests in the
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a battle is brewing over toxic waste. today the council voted to legally challenge a petition brought forward by residents who want polluted waste removed. last year the epa approved a plan that would keep the waste at the site under the barrier of the recycling plan for the treatment and research center at the nassau coliseum. nassau county sold the property to kettering last year for $6.5 million. the work will begin once architectural details and construction plans are approved. coming up, bruce beck live in rio with the story of one local athlete going for the gold. plus, testing mosquitos in the tri-state. how can we be sure they're not carrying the zika virus. the new ways that local experts
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samantha guthrie in for lester holt tonight. >> lots going on in politics. sources telling nbc some trump allies are plotting an intervention after a couple of days of unprecedented controversy. our latest look at the zika battle. florida's governor announcing free testing for all pregnant women there. >> i saw you in philly, but the zika virus also. >> pregnant in florida right now? some are wearing long sleeve shirts in scorching heat. some considering leaving the state all together. now some questions being raised about whether some of those insecticides they're spraying are safe. want to get to some breaking news about a jogger found dead in queens.
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katrina vetrano died from strangulation. her father reported her missing after she went out for a run and never came back home. her body was found facedown in a grassy inlet in jamaica bay. this version of the high-tech equipment is now in the ocean county sheriff's department. the sheriff's detectives learned how to into effect at crime scenes. it promises to give people a clearer understanding of crime scenes. authorities in our area taking extra measures to stop the spread of illnesses from mosquitos. they're collecting samples of the insects in westchester county. scientists will examine which ones could carry the west nile virus or zika. westchester health officials
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carrying either viruses. and here we go. >> we're taking a look outside behind us here. >> we just wanted you to absorb that story for a moment. >> just felt fantastic here, janice. >> it is great. it is fantastic. clear skies, no i'll give you the news on when we may see some 90s again. this is from our top of the rock camera. it is on the 70th floor here at 30 rock. it shows a beautiful sky out there. everybody, i hope you had a chance to enjoy the day because it sure was fantastic. temperatures were mainly in the 70s to right around 80. these are the type of temperatures of what you would see in the fall and and the spring.
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newark. 78 in bridgeport. right now it is 77 in the city with light winds. most of the day the winds have been coming in from the southeast. plenty of sunshine out there. hope you get to enjoy the rest of this evening. 75 at 7:00 p.m. maybe you're going to have your dinner outside this evening. mid to low 70s through midnight and 1:00 a.m., but tonight more 50s in those suburbs like what we had this morning. it is 78 in redding and stratford. danbury at 76 as well. newburgh, 81. westhampton, 83. relative humidity is in the 40% to 50% range. the temperatures are not that high. this is not a factor at all today. no heat index. no feels like temperatures. winds coming off the ocean from the east and southeast.
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right now and will be tomorrow too. it does get a little muggier when we get towards the end of the week. great night for baseball. game three of the subway series at yankee stadium this time. 76 at first pitch. we are tracking now hurricane earl. yesterday it was a tropical storm. just upgraded a couple of hours ago. it is headed towards belize. it is coming close to cancun, but it is not going to make a direct hit there. the warnings in effect are south of lot of rain from that. top winds are at 75 miles an hour. it will make landfall tonight. it is a minimal hurricane and will continue westward into central mexico. not going to effect the united states in terms of storms. 82 tomorrow. 83 on friday. a little higher humidity friday. higher temperatures on saturday,
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we have waited all summer. the rio olympics finally almost here. >> and for the athletes competing in these games it has been years in the making. bruce beck is in rio. he talked to a new jersey native. bruce? >> reporter: david, there are 306 events at this year's olympics, the most ever. there's also a million stories. we love tng especially when they involve a local athlete. this is an american fencer born in poland now living in hoboken. she suffered heartbreak in the quarter finals losing a close match by two points to a russian star who went on to win the silver medal. now at age 28 the st. john's graduate is back and talking
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for her second olympics. a bold statement by you saying, i'm going out for blood. where did this come from? >> i mean, i am a competitor and an athlete. hearing it now like that sounds a little crazy, but a lot of blood, sweat, and tears goes into training for this. a lot of dedication and a lot of sacrifice since london. i guess it's only right to go out for blood. journey as the american dream? >> my parents came over here for a reason. communism was falling apart in poland. my father chose what was best for us. who knows that i wouldn't have been an olympian and been home watching on the tv and thinking, oh, my god, i wish i was there. >> what would it mean to get an
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i have put myself through, put my family through, in terms of the complaining, the tears, the hard work. i'm just happy to be part of the olympic experience and being able to represent the country and do it in a positive way. a medal would just be the icing on top of it. >> reporter: when she lost her match in the quarterfinals in 2012 in london, i consoled her. she then asked me if i ever cried t i said twice when my two sons went to college without me in athens in 2004 and in beijing in 2008. i think the two of us are both still crying and i think that's why we share a special bond. back to you. >> we get it. we get it, bruce. >> all right. bruce is there. john chandler is here. the mets get their slugger
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yankees youth movement starts with this guy. gary sanchez just called up. we head to giants camp for a sign that big blue's offense could be in for a big year.
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et speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. the subway series moves to yankees stadium tonight and the bombers fans who have tickets will get to see the youth movement officially under way. gary he'll dh and bat eighth tonight. he will split time with brian mccann. regardless of what the standings say or the roster looks like, the white flag joe girardi says hasn't gone up in the season yet. >> part of that is we believe these guys can help us. that's part of it. we believe gary sanchez can help us. in saying that, we're still trying to win and we figure
6:28 pm
yoenis cespedes returns to the lineup for the mets. >> when i talked to him the other day, we talked about what percent we believe he is playing in, which is not even close to 100% yet, which is why we're trying to keep him off the field as far as playing outfield. >> got to keep him healthy. o'dell beckham jr. still not practicing with the gi the rest of the giants have been working with pads on for the first time. victor cruz is looking good. practicing in full pads is an exercise full and far between in camp. rashad jennings is relishing it. >> it is exciting. we have our great fans out here who come out to support. having the pads on, we know that's how you're going to win the championship.
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when you get to practice that, learn how to practice as a unit and as a team and be able to challenge each other, we know that's going to be the success movement for us. it feels good to be back in the pads. finally, the knicks fired derek fisher has head coach. he's looking to return as a player in the nba. he posted a training video to the #imnotdoneyet. he is 42 years old at the moment. that's always a qualifier. >> john, you and i might as well get out there. >> you never know. i've still got a jumper. coming up next on "nightly news," a possible trump intervention on the campaign trail. >> thank you so much for joining us.
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developing news tonight. "dateline" intervention? after a disastrous 48 hours, high level gop sources telling nbc news "dateline" allies may come together to confront the candidate himself. hoping for a dramatic turnabout as crash landing disaster. tonight the panic inside a massive passenger plane sliding on the runway and bursting into flames. the desperate rush to get out alive. ransom paid? a midnight flight loaded with $400 million sent to iran at the same time americans were finally free. did the white house make a secret deal? terror bust shocker. a d.c. transit cop accused of trying to


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