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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  August 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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richmond university hospital. at the same time being questioned very carefully about what happened here. let's show you some video now from chopper 4 that was over the scene of the investigation here near the staten island ferry early this morning. detectives photographed the bench where the 30-year-old man was discovered unconscious and unresponsive around 1:45 this morning. after receiving a 911 call officers discovered the victim in the torso. he was pronounced dead at the scene. so far his identity has not been released. the victim's body was found in an area between the baseball park of the staten island yankees and the ferry that's under construction. detectives walked up and down the ramp looking for any evidence trying to pinpoint any surveillance cameras that may have captured the moments before this attack. as you bring it back live, you can see this area is still
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access the terminal as the investigation continues here. the 49-year-old man, person of interest in police custody. also, recovering from puncture wound to his own arm. all new at noon, the nypd has arrested john gotti, the 23-year-old grandson of the late gotti. >> the grandson of john gotti arrested in betweens today for helping to run a pill ring. he's expected to appear in queens criminal court later this afternoon. john gotti accused of selling
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beach area of queens. he's expected to appear in queens criminal court this afternoon. all this comes as the fbi was doing a separate mafia bust stretching from new york to boston down to florida. more than 40 reputed mobsters rounded up this morning on health care fraud and construction and racketeering crimes. those suspects are expected to appear in federal court here in new york and up and dow east coast so two significant mafia related round ups this morning. one involving the grandson of the late john gotti. the other, dozens of reputed mobsters arrested up and down the east coast. this afternoon we have new information on the search for a man who fled from police by jumping into the river.
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they are looking for the man who ended up swimming into a storm drain. he hasn't been seen since. they did look for him but they couldn't find him. they are transitioning to a possible recovery effort. >> every manhole you see behind me was opened and checked. also with the robot we checked the entire tunnel going all the way up. >> it's still unclear why the man ran from police during a routine traffic stop. firefighters still on the scene of a factory fire in queens. this is it started around 7:00 a last night and fueled by the wood and paint thinners. how is it looking out there now. >> natalie, firefighters are still monitoring this fire here. you can see the streets around 37th street remain closed with all this activity. frustrating for those who work
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>> you can't get to work? >> no. >> turned away by police as he a arrived to his job. >> i'm assuming the inside is destroyed from the water. >> hundreds of firefighters spent the night dousing water on the factory. flames raging out of control for hours fueled by heat thinners and wood materials. >> it was horrible. >> reporter: several briefly inside. the fire chief issuing a may day ordering everyone out. he later commended firefighters for saving businesses. >> they did a bang up job. they saved three large businesses that they saved. unfortunately, that business was lost. >> some still waiting to assess the damage. >> my workers went to buy some material. i'm waiting for them to come.
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>> reporter: four firefighters suffered minor injuries. it's still not clear what caused this fire. it remained under investigation. >> thanks for the update. now to new information in those stabbings in london. they happened last night near the british museum. the only person who died is an person woman. the suspect is said to be mentally disturbed with no ties to any terror group. let's head to matt bradley. corn confirmed the woman killed here was an american citizen. they are not releasing any additional information about that or her identity. we know from scotland yard that the attacker was a norweigan national. he came here back when he was
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we're talking to a bunch of eyewitness who is happened to see the event that took place last night around 10:30 right here in the heart of central london. >> more police arrived. it was intense. >> there's a lot more anxiety running through london right now. >> u.s. embassy has not released have come out around this is speculation this may have had some terrorism tie in. just today scotland yard said there's no indication that the perpetrator was radicalized in any way. they're saying there was no motivation behind this attack. president obama is visiting the pentagon. he will meet with military and national security advisors to discuss the fight against isis
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afterwards the president will give a news conference before leaving for his summer vacation. we go to decision 2016. a rally is under way in portland, maine. he's playing down reports there's a rift in his campaign. during an event yesterday trump said his campaign has quote, never been this clinton campaign officials have confirmed to nbc thauz the campaign has set up a transition team. today clinton is in las vegas. she will tour a manufacturing plant later this afternoon. in just about 15 minutes, rally is set to get under way there. the washington, d.c. metro police officer accused och helping isis is back in court today. he was under federal surveillance for years. officers arrested him yesterday
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that he thought would go to help with isis recruiting. services back to normal on a the j and n lanes after a train hit a person on the tracks this morning. the mta started rerouting the trains around 8:00 a.m. that led to extensive delays. right now there's no word of the condition of the person who was struck by that train. still a lot ahead on news 4 at noon. t minus one day and counting. ready to quick off the slagss. officials take to the skies in order to take the mosquito born out break. did you like yesterday? do you love today? well, you're going to really love tomorrow, but the question is how will the weekend be. we'll talk about it and tell you what you can expect all come can go up moments away right here on
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just one more day until the world samba's into the 2016 olympic games. team usa is there in full effect. we have more from park. >> reporter: rio is for the most part, ready. crews are putting a few finishing touching on the venues while the olympic celebration has already started in the city. team usa is on the ground in rio and getting settled in to athletes village joining 18,000 competitors from around the globe. >> i think overall the team is so strong right now. it's incredible to be part of this team. >> reporter: even before the
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work outs, the american athletes can feel the intensity of the olympics. >> the energy almost punches you in face and working hard. >> reporter: all working toward the game goal, olympic gold. >> bruce beck is in rio for the games. his live reports begin today. the opening ceremony is tomorrow night at 7:30 here on nbc 4, new york. against zika here in the states. this after florida's first flight against the dangerous virus. the first plate carrying insecticide left this morning. advising pregnant women and their partners to just stay away. airlines are now allowing
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warnings. jet blue said passengers could be eligible for refunds if traveling to zika infected areas. american airlines said pregnant women can request refunds with a doctors's note. delta and spirit are asking concerned passengers to contact them as well. officers managed to track them down where the stand off took place. they took the suspects into custody. the trump taj mahal will close after labor day. they are depending health and pension benefits following a
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now to today's money report, another vehicle recall. this time from an american company plus nike steps off the green. sue joins us from cnbc global headquarters and a look at our markets. >> good to see you today. it's kind of a quiet day on wall street, at least so far. we've got to majority of earnings behind us. we still have a few that will trickle in over the next couple of weeks. it's kind of a quiet summer day the dow jones. we'll see whether or not it picks up a little momentum later in the afternoon. you mentioned that recall. this time it's ford. ford is recalling 830,0002012 to 2016 lincoln vehicles and all other ford vehicles. this is because the side door latches might come open.
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as the result of this. that's prompting the recall. if you have a ford between 2012 and 2016 model years or a lincoln between 2012 and 2016, take it in and have it checked. that was the worst performing division this latest quarter. they are going to focus on basically shoes and apparel. they will stop making s, golf balls and golf bags. they will focus on the golf shoes and also the apparel. tiger words was sponsored by nike and that was one of the reasons they were so popular in the beginning but because least been injured and hasn't played all that much, they have lost a bit of momentum there. now, the competitor to nike is calway golf. that stock is soaring today. it's up about 8% on the trading session so far.
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the equipment business, people will come to us. i do have it on good authority that a lot of nike clubs and balls are on sale. >> you think with that happening there would be a lot of big sales. >> absolutely. check it out if your a golfer. >> thanks. strong wind, heavy rain slamming earl has been categorized as a hurricane but had been down traded. it's expected to weaken. heavy rains can pose a danger to southern mexico through the weekend. the good news it's now weakened. we still do have clouds out there at this hour. we are good all in all.
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afternoon. a couple of sprinkles. one could pop up here or there. for the most part we'll be comfortable. looks look at the numbers now. we got a fair amount of cloud cover overcast at this hour. we'll see plenty of sunshine before the afternoon ends. calm winds. headline, it's another perfect day. weekend heat and humidity going to return. we'll spike up on saturday. i think sunday looks like a much better day. the t storm threat is for as we wrap things the up on sunday, we should return to dry weather. we have 78 in long branch. 78 in sussex. 75 in monticello. this is that live doppler picture. we're not picking anything up on the radar now. spoke to a couple of people outside who thought they felt a drop of something coming down. that's going to be it.
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clouds a as we advance and head through tend of the week, we keep most of the moisture at bay. the clouds begin to move in and the humidity will tick up friday in the evening. saturday, again, this is where we see those storms. some of which could be lev at times and could involve thunder and lightning are out to the west and pushing towards the east. again, we could see some rain pushing through to the city, out to the island across the connecticut shoreline and even into jersey. we'll keep an eye on it and continue to track it. have a we head into the afternoon hours when we see you at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. tonight we'll see these 82 degree temperatures begin to drop on down. they will roll to 67 degrees. the winds out of south, 5 to 10 miles an hour. as we roll into the weekend, again, that's when we will see the numbers go up into the upper 80s.
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as we head into next week, the sun returns. temperatures in the mid-80s. just where we should be this time of year. let's look at the ten-day forecast together and see what we can expect as we move on through. as we move to tomorrow, numbers go up by a couple of degrees. a couple more on saturday. sunday at 84. look at that nice stretch to work through the midweek next week. finally winding up in the upper 80s to close to 90 degrees on thursday. then into the weekend next weekend looks like we could see thunder showers temperatures. that's a look at your weather picture. we'll see you again at 4:00. we'll sebds it back to you at the desk. >> we have new york live next at 12:30. let's head over to sarah and jackie. >> we have a taste of the city's tastiest most authentic
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>> it's puppy adoption day. get ready for some cuteness. >> they're cute. that and more right here. still ahead, some young leaders break out into song for
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a lot of folks wishing president obama happy birthday. he turns 55 today. he got an early birthday jam. ? happy birthday to you ? >> nearly 1,000 men and women who came to washington, d.c. for the young african leaders summit sang happy birthday to the president yesterday. he hasn't said how he plans to celebrate yet.
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their summer vacation at
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coming up this afternoon, bruce beck is talking to a new jersey olympian hoping to do
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a summer ritual for a lot of talks, what sasha obama is doing. donald trump's wife responding about her own immigration status. what she is saying ahead at 4:00. that does it this afternoon. we'll see you later on nbc new york at 4:00.
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hi everybody. welcome to "new york live." it's a gorgeous day. show including some pupies up for adoption. >> you'll definitely want a dog after this. also, want a taste of brazil? lauren is checking out three places serving up olympic inspired treats. you can eat brazilian food while you watch. >> what's better? probably being in rio, but if you can't be there, this is it.


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