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tv   News 4 New York at 4  NBC  August 4, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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track who might have crossed her path. her boyfriend has been ruled out as a suspect, as well. her father found her body face down in the marsh after she didn't come home from her jog. a local councilman says her fists were balled up, clutching to the weeds. it appears she was dragged from that jogging path. police are having a hard time figuring out who might have done this. they are searching her phone for evidence. she did send one text message to a but police are desperate for help from the public. at this point, they've only gotten three tips come into their crime stoppers tip line. >> this type of incident where you have a jogger in a park in daylight hours is extraordinarily unusual. >> this is a real tragedy, and as a parent, my heart goes out to the father. i can only imagine what he's feeling and all of us have to help this family. anyone who knows something needs
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away. >> i was just updated from police in the last few seconds. she was sexually assaulted, but they tell me she was not raped. differentiating the difference between those two terms there. investigators also tell me they are still searching for one missing ear bud, a head phone and one missing shoe they have not been able to find yet. her funeral and wake have been scheduled. the wake is tomorrow afternoon and evening. her funeral mass will be here in howard beach on saturday at 12:00 noon. ida siegal, news 4 new york. >> such a disturbing story. thank you very much. also at 4:00, another disturbing story out of new jersey, someone booby-trapping a hiking trail in a park in wayne. screws and nails sticking out of the dirt this happening at high mountain park.
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>> reporter: high mountain park preserve is a huge property that spans 1,200 acres in three different towns. the university of union paterson. police were telling us earlier today and describing them to us. let's show you the rest of the pictures. this piece of board with more than a dozen screws in it under leaves and other debris. there was a piece of barbed wire strung across the trail between two trees. it was a height where whoever ran into it might have cut their face or throat. they found a rope in a similar position. then a thick broken bottle that was placed what they believe was geostrategically next to a rock, and they say all this happened between june 23rd, the last one
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all by the same person who finally came in and told police. >> they were disguised with debris on top of them. the intent was obviously to hurt a pedestrian or bicyclist, basically hurt a person. >> who uses the park? are atvs permitted up there? >> no. no horses. you have bicyclists, tons of hikers, scouting it's on the property of william paterson university, as well. there are university kids that go up there during the school year. >> anything could have happened. >> sure. it's a well-used piece of property. >> reporter: fortunately, no one has been hurt. at least to one reported an injury as a result of these booby-traps set here. police want to find out who this was and stop this before it happens again.
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information to give wayne police a call. if you are going to be hiking in these woods, biking, walking your dog, please be aware, wear thick hiking boots if you are in the woods. those nails were two inches high. they were pointed. they were deliberately set with intent to injure. pat battle, news 4 new york. now to new information on a wild chase that sounds more like a scene out of a hollywood this video, you see people searching. a man escaped police jumping into the passaic river then running into a storm drain. the man jumped in the water after a traffic stop yesterday. he climbed into a storm drain. no one has seen him come back out. today police are back out searching for the man. the man might have gotten trapped in the drain by rising water. they turned their search into a recovery mission.
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the gotti family is back in the headlines. the grandson of john gotti is under arrest accused of selling prescription drugs. jonathan dienst broke the news this morning. he is now live at the 113th precinct in queens. >> reporter: he's the namesake grandson 22-year-old john gotti arrested this morning along with several others for allegedly running a prescription drug same house where his mob boss granddad lived and ruled for years. the nypd called it operation beach party. the round-up of john gotti and six others on the drug-related charges. gotti is accused of helping to lead this alleged oxycodone selling crew. hundreds of pills and $40,000 in cash were seized this morning. >> we recovered $40,000 in cash
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this is what he was selling on five separate occasions. >> reporter: outside the gotti house, no one was interested in speaking with us about today's arrest. >> no interviews or nothing. take that camera and bring it back over there. >> or the past mafia history here. gotti is the grandson of the late john gotti. the dapper don died in prison in 2002 after having run the gambino crime family starting in the mid one son is john "junior" gotti. after a prison stint, he says he left the mob life. a movie about the gotti family starring john travolta is in production. the grandson john is peter gotti's son and stands accused of selling oxycodone along howard beach and ozone park. police seized a jeep and car as evidence. john gotti was arrested on drug possession charges. drug and cash allegedly found in his car.
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chief boyce has this message. >> we are making sure this younger generation, as you see john gotti jr, he doesn't get into the same level as his grandfather did. >> john gotti expected to emerge along with six others charged, including his girlfriend. they are expected to be led away from the 113th precinct within the hour and taken to queens court wherey arraigned on the drug conspiracy charges. his lawyer called us to say they plan to plead not guilty and they had some complaints about the raid this morning saying gotti would have surrendered. police didn't need to raid the house. police found drug and cash during this morning's raid. jonathan dienst, news 4 new york. >> thank you. >> now to the massive mob bust that landed more than 40 suspects behind bars up and down the east coast. federal authorities say several
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interstate criminal syndicate. 46 suspects from new york, massachusetts, pennsylvania and florida all went into custody today. the charges range from loan sharking, illegal gambling, health care fraud, arson, extortion and gun sales. decision 2016, now to the latest on the way to the white house. after several days of missteps and controversy, donald trump is trying to get his campaign back object support from his party. hillary clinton is stumping in nevada. >> reporter: donald trump's poll numbers have been falling and pressure from fellow republicans has been rising. tonight the trump campaign is trying to stabilize a roller coaster week for his campaign. donald trump packed an auditorium in portland, maine,
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own party, including his refusal to endorse house speaker paul ryan's re-election. today key republicans rallied behind trump, including ryan himself who said he continues to support trump's election. >> the voters, he won the delegates. he won the thing fair and square. it's that simple. >> in north carolina, vice presidential nominee mike pence defended his running mate when an 11-year-old asked if pence's job was to clean up trump's miscues. >> is this going to be your role in the stand with donald trump. we are shoulder to shoulder. >> reporter: new polls show hillary clinton stretching her lead, including several swing states. republicans say three months remain for trump to recover. >> this is a fight we still think is worth fighting. we need donald trump to get on our page to make this thing happen. >> reporter: clinton touring a nevada manufacturing plant accused trump of outsourcing jobs. >> everything he's made, he's made somewhere else.
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instead of hiring americans. >> republicans want trump to target clinton more aggressively and avoid other controversial topics. about that reported republican intervention, a spokesman calls it pure fiction and rudy giuliani who was said to be part of the intervention says it's not happening. scott macfarlane, news 4 new york. president obama is a give his final press conference before heading off to his summer vacation. the pentagon is where he is expected to address the media. he and vice president joe biden are wrapping up a meeting with the national security council. it is expected to start 4:15. we will bring that to you soon as it happens. keep it right here with news 4 new york at 4:00. new details about the london stabbing. what we are learning about the american killed. who was she? a muslim woman kicked out of
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her religious veil. tonight we have a response from the store. also dave is here. >> we've got great weather ahead. we've had a really great afternoon. what's it look like as we head into the evening and weekend? we'll tell you coming up in a couple of minutes. how about a beach day? let's go live to copa
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the 2016 summer olympics in rio. >> the women soccer team with a shutout over new zealand in their quest of a fourth gold medal. >> bruce beck in rio where all that excitement is building.
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boxing champion and he's won every major junior title. now he's stepping up big time in his first international senior competition. he has the name for it. if you are a boxing purist, this is heaven, where contenders become champions and champions become legends. shakur stevenson is one of them. first things first, the 19-year-old wanter weight is here in rio making his olympic did he by. >> one of the many challenges is, it's fighting grown men now. it's a higher level and higher age level, but honestly, i'm
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to do and bringing the gold back to newark, bringing the gold back to my city and country. >> stevenson, the oldest of nine children calls newark home. it's the lessons learned in that tough city which molded him into the man he is today. what about the fact you hail from newark? how proud are you that you're a newark guy? >> very proud. my city made me who i am. growing up with eight younger brothers and sisters, i have my mother there. she didn't have much help. i guess all that made me who i am. >> this kid is not short on confidence. he hopes to follow his idol former world champion andre ward and earn the first gold medal by a male american boxer since 2004. are you confident? >> very confident. >> do you believe it's gold in your blood? >> of course. >> you can go after a medal.
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>> i'm not here for no silver, bronze. i can't wait to win gold. he's named for rapper tupoc shakur. he started watching at age 3 with his grandfather on the couch and started throwing a few punches a few years later. now he tries to hit the copacabana beach. need i say more? >> thanks, bruce. >> the international olympic committee is looking ahead to the 2020 tokyo games that include baseball/softball, karate, skateboarding, sports climbing and surfing. >> nbc is your home for the summer olympic games.
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looking forward to it. his weather was looking fantastic. >> before we get to the weather, talk about this breaking news. chopper 4 over the scene. looks like a pretty bad trug fire. target truck on fire route 287 in new jersey near oakland and mahwah. dennis what do you know here? >> happening in the last 15 to 20 minutes, chopper 4 first on en tractor trailer accident. 287 in oakland right on exit 58. accident happening within the last 15 to 20. this tractor trailer hitting the guard rail or side divider here. luckily, no other vehicles involved. the driver did escape. no reported injuries.
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as i pull out, you can see 287 in the southbound direction. closed down. that is getting by. route 202 directly underneath this fire does get by. you can get on the highway. >> most important thing there, nobody's hurt. back to the weather. >> back to the weather. >> bruce beck trying to play "you top this." see this live shot right now. in our area, it is beautiful. a couple of clouds dotted the sky today, but it's a real nice afternoon. the evening ahead is looking fantastic. 77 outside with wind out of the south at just about five miles per hour. visibility at nine at this point. mostly sunny skies. looking at lady liberty from the
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will continue to be a nice evening. another pleasant night ahead. more clouds and humidity as we wrap up the work week. still dry until saturday. that's when we see humidity go up. temperature go up and the possibility of showers on the increase, as well. 84 in poughkeepsie. 75 in montauk. west we've got 82 in sussex. 83 in bridgewater, 81 in trenton. this is our live doppler radar picking up no moisture. we sprinkle. we don't see evidence of that. future tracker as we head into the rest of the night. maybe a couple of clouds pushing from the north and west. most areas are going to stay clear. tomorrow the humidity slightly on the increase during the afternoon. cloud cover beginning to thicken up. moving west to east. here the indications of some showers beginning to move in as we head into the late day, staying far north and west. i don't think we'll see any of that in our area.
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story changes. we do see rather strong cells potentially rolling through during saturday afternoon. not a washout of a day. if you are going to go out to the backyard beings make sure you can run to the kitchen in case the rain comes down. 68 tonight. clear winds out of the southwest 5-10 miles per hour. saturday is when thunder and lightning come our way. warm temperatures, higher humidity and 88 is where we wind up. it will be seasonable. breezy but very nice. a look at what we can expect. a nice stretch as we wrap up the weekend head into the work week next week. if this is the week you chose to be off, you're lucky. 84 monday. upper 80s but slightly so tuesday and wednesday. just inching up to about the 90 degree mark as we turn to the end of the next work week and
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next weekend. >> it's been a nice reprieve from the dog days of summer. >> we now know the identity of the american woman killed during a knife attack in london. he shies 60-year-old darlene horton, wife of psychology professor richard wagner. he was teaching summer classes in the english capital. the couple was supposed to return to the u.s. today. police are calling it a spontaneous attack carried out by a who moved to london in '02. they are not linking the attack to terror. all victims were chosen randomly during the stabbing that took place in russell square last night. five other people were hurt. the suspect's mental health is a significant factor in the attack. there is an apology from a store that kicked out a customer
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this happened at a family dollar store in indiana. they say they deeply regret the incident. the woman was wearing this traditional islamic veil as she was shopping at the store monday. she said she won't be going back. still ahead, a big recall involving hundreds of thousands of ford vehicles. is there a link between menopause and heart attacks? more on the new research when we come back. a dangerous combination at our beaches. our cameras are rolling as
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a in you study is shedding light on menopause and women's health. researchers at the university of virginia tracked heart disease risk factors and found those risks appear to increase during premenopausal years and not after, as previously thought.
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diabetes and stroke increase during that time. the risk factor is greater in african-american women. we have a consumer alert about a major ford recall. the car company is recalling 830,000 vehicles in the united states. all over concerns about a faulty latch that can break and cause doors to swing open while the car is moving. the recall is in effect for 2013 to 2015 ford c-max cars. includes lincoln suvs. there's been one injury and one crash related to the issue. car dealers can fix or replace those latches. donald trump's wife responding to questions about her own immigration status. >> how police say this group stole tens of thousands of dollars. a series of pharmacy break-ins.
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police want your help finding
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