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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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nypd investigators suited up for a second day in a row, prepared to enter the marsh this afternoon. they are sifting through every weed with the hope it helps them find the killer. late this afternoon, confirmation that 30-year-old karina vetrono was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted. >> she was the victim of a sexual assault. this woman put up a ferus fight right to the end. >> she was going for an early evening jog tuesday evening. she was dragged from the path on this federal parkland into the weeds. she was sexually assaulted and strangled. her hands were balled up, clutching on to the weeds. >> this is every parents' worst nightmare. this is a nightmare for this community. >> reporter: search teams are looking for one of her ear buds and one of her shoes missing at
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are few leads. security cameras have been little help. they can't see past the tall weeds. this quiet community is gripped by fear. there is concern that the weeds and the federal parkland have been allowed to grow too high. >> you never know who is in those weeds. they are very tall. you can't see. i would say it's dangerous. >> reporter: folks in the community say she was universally liked. she worked as a nearby restaurant lounge. according to her heavily followed instagram account, she loved to travel and to write and to run. the councilman met with her family yesterday. >> she was a remarkable, highly intelligent, loving, kind daughter, friend, sister, neighbor. >> reporter: police are desperate for help from the public. they received a total of three tips from their crime stoppers tip line.
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increased the reward money to $10,000. ida siegal, news 4 new york. thank you. want to update you on the breaking news in new jersey which is affecting the evening commute. a tractor trailer fire in the southbound lane of i-287. what's the latest? >> reporter: this mangled mess barely resembles a truck. this has been out here two hours this is 287 southbound at exit 58 for route 202 in oakland. happened just before 4:00. the tractor trailer lost control, hit the bridge abutment and burst into flames. luckily the driver managed to escape without injury. we can show you heavily machinery has been brought in. they are removing the contents
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competely closed down. you see northbound with a five mile delay. looking at heavy delays from exit 66 down towards this point on 287. we'll be out here for the next two to three hours as they clean up this mess. police still haven't found the man who jumped in the passaic rivero harrison after a traffic stop. he climbed into a storm drain. no one has seen him come back out. police are searching for the man. he might have gotten trapped in the drain by rising water. >> yesterday was a rescue effort. today we believe a recovery effort. there still no sightings of the individual. >> police haven't released the man's name or talked about the
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headlines. the 23-year-old grandson of the late gambino crime boss was arrested today on drug charges. it happened on the same day other alleged gangsters were indicted in an east coast crime syndicate case. >> reporter: from the precinct house to the federal courthouses, dozens of men and women with a range of crimes from racketeering to drug dealing. one suspect is john gotti. he was first in line. his girlfriend behind him as they were led out of the 113th precinct this afternoon. in all, seven busted in what the nypd called operation beach party. all accused of running a prescription pill distribution ring in howard beach and beyond.
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was the one-time boss of the gambino crime family police seized hundreds of pills. one man said he did not want us here. mob experts say the famous gotti name does not mean what it used to. in this case, the 22-year-old john gotti may have been acting as a free agent. >> that's how the gottis made their money for a long period of time. i don't know if they are capable of earning an >> reporter: while the nypd was busy writing this up alleged drug crew and seizing vehicles, the fbi was rounding up reputed members of five mafia families. at federal court, numerous suspects had nicknames like patsy, brewster and mustache pete. charges included extortion, gambling and health care fraud. this round-up comes after years of major arrests and suspected
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the mafia's reach. >> they are severely wounded. >> reporter: john gotti's lawyer says he will plead not guilty later tonight. this is gotti's second drug-related arrest this year. jonathan dienst, news 4 new york. tonight as a new jersey for rationally profiling accusations. in 2013, they benjamin fox said profiling is okay if do the correctly. the they say the town is pandering to the ultraliberal. many civil rights groups say fox should be fired. we are learning about a settlement for a whistle-blower
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martin nelson said sparta township told him to use treatment to pass lead water. one of the men killed in a hit-and-run crash was laid to rest. the two were hit and killed in brooklyn overt weekend. the driver ran before police arrived. loved ones gathered to remember deadly crash. news 4 at 6:00 continues, is the wildly popular pokemon go game luring children into danger? how many times virtual pokemon characters were found outside sex offender homes. it's been a busy week for life dpards who made rip current rescues along the jersey shore. that rip current risk will
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rip currents are a real concern in the jersey shore. in crews caught two rescues. life guards have to be ready to jump in the water at a moment's notice. >> after eight years, it's second nature, you see, you go, you don't think about it. >> if you get caught, don't try to fight it. currents tend to be narrow. swim parallel to shore until you can swim out of it. make sure there is a lifeguard
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two state senators want to create a law to keep children safe while playing pokemon go. the virtual characters were found outside sex offenders' homes 93-100 times in westchester and rockland counties. the senators want to keep offenders from playing those augmented reality games. >> there will be many more of these games. we have to make sure dangerous sexual predators are not playing these games and potentially people or even luring young people to the games. >> while most of the characters are placed randomly, one feature does let someone lure the characters nearby which would lure children in. >> the city of hoboken getting ready for a water system makeover. council voted unanimously to support a $5.2 million bond to pay for priority upgrades to the water main system.
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more than six miles of the water main needs work. nine mains are scheduled for repair. still to come, storm team 4 meteorologist janice huff will show what to expect for the
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lester holt with a look of what's ahead on "nightly news." >> this is our temporary headquarters during the olympic games. tonight trump tries to get back on message as a controversy swirls around his wife. >> what we learned about the american woman killed in a london street attack. a day before the opening ceremony here, a look at the
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headlines when we see balk here for nbc nightly news. back to you in new york. >> thanks. we turn to an i-team report on the laws new york state put in place to protect people against revenge porn. turns out if you have an angry ex who you shared intimate moments with on camera, the law may not protect you. >> reporter: revenge porn is described as the sharing of sexually graphic images of people without their content. when it has, humiliated. they can lose their jobs, alienate friends or even commit suicide. these are dire consequences. as it turns out, new york laws are not very good at dealing with this growing crime. >> it was shocking. it's a shocking feeling to see yourself out there, your private life is all of a sudden in the blink of an eye everywhere. >> reporter: this woman who only wants to be known as sheila was
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of herself over the internet. judge, they were private. it was a previous relationship. they were consensual photographs sent to the individual willingly. >> reporter: but they got into the wrong hands and posted to lewd websites in america and multiplied across the world. she gets messages from people in germany, russia to japan. >> it's an ongoing battle. when something else resurs faces. >> reporter: she found herself the victim of revenge porn done out of spite for the purpose of embarrassing her and shaming her. even though she knows who did it, there is not much she can do. the i-team learned the law doesn't protect people like sheila who consented to the photos at first, even if they turn up in places she would
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only protects a victim if the photos or video were taken without permission. he introduced a bill that would make what happened to sheila a class a misdemeanor, punishable up to a year in prison. >> it's possible people can send hundreds of pictures. >> it can destroy somebody's reputation, their family, their >> reporter: adam want has been successful getting american websites to remove the images, siting copyright laws, no such luck with international sites that don't adhere to the same rules. in america, 35 states and d.c. have revenge porn laws on the books. >> the biggest issue is a lot of my colleagues don't understand how pervasive a problem this is. >> we should be more concerned
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crimes against innocent people, rather than punishing innocent people for making mistakes. >> a federal bill to criminalize revenge porn was proposed last fall but delayed without explanation. he intends to reintroduce his bill in the upcoming session. moving to the weather now. >> readings this morning in the 50s and 60s. another nice night and day tomorrow. then changes sunday. look at that view from our top of the rock camera. slightly hazy, not too bad. humidity levels have been rather low these last few days and extremely comfortable. a lot of us had a chance to open up windows so that fresh air comes. in it is going to get muggier tomorrow. we'll see that change.
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comfortable and slightly below average. mainly low to mid 80s from central park to newark to la guardia. around 08 in islip. bridgeport, your high was 83. right now the city's at 77 with a light southerly wind. tomorrow the temperatures will be up and humidity. this evening, it's quiet and pleasant. you may do whatever you want outside. in the 60s tonight. readings right now around the city, 80 in city island. 70s across long island and jersey shore. 78 in bridgeport. 80s inland. poughkeepsie, newburgh 81. skies remain clear. high pressure system is still around. we are tracking thunderstorms to the west. cold front is moving to the
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that front is what's coming on saturday that will bring a chance of storms here. storms will move west to east. it will take all day for the line to move through. great night tonight at yankee stadium. this is game four of the subway series. temperatures starting out in the mid 70s. pleasantly cool overnight. a few 50s north and west. tomorrow in the mid 80s. if you go to the shore,at there will be a moderate risk of rip currents. make sure you see the lifeguard. if you go into the water, be careful. 84 is the high tomorrow. slightly muggy. 90 on saturday. hot and muggy with a few storms starting from west to east early in the morning and later in the evening in the coastal areas. a stretch of dry days next week. we are just over 24 hours to the opening ceremony of the rio
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olympian who racked up three gold medals in previous summer games. bruce beck is in rio and joins us now from brazil. >> kerri walsh jennings is getting ready for the opening ceremony. she will be there. the greatest women's beach volleyball player ever will march with the u.s. delegation and then continue her march to immortality. she is gunning for her fourth consecutive gold medal. this time with a new partner. april ross. after three olympic titles with misty may trainer. i ran down kerri this afternoon. are you going to win gold? >> that's the mission. that's the goal and i like to be a girl of my word, so yeah, that's the plan. >> everyone is rooting for you
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we feel prayers, the energy, the love. send it. don't be shy. april and i will feel it and use it every step of the way. >> the opening ceremony, are you participating? >> absolutely. >> what does it mean to you? >> team usa. we are a united front. this is so much bigger than me. that's a huge part why i love this. the olympic spirit is the most beautiful thing in the world. >> her new partner ispr ross. back in london, ross was on the other side of the net. she knew her partner misty may trainer was retiring and leaned over and said, "let's go for gold in rio." you know what? they decided to go for gold. for kerri, it will be number four if she wins. just a little inside story from rio. >> just between us.
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join me and natalie tonight for "the olympic zone." tonight we'll hear from carly lloyd in south jersey.
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with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. all is not well in met land. there is no time table for his return. the mets slugger was out of the starting lineup before a pinch-hit appearance where it was clear he wasn't running 100%. then this. former big leaguer kevin mollar tweeting a picture of two of
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collins defended his star outfield. >> was he running or walking? riding a cart or jogging? >> you don't have any -- >> i don't have any problem with it. >> this question seems prophetic. on his second swing last night, he clearly grabs for his leg and admits that was the swing that landed him on the dl. today, your thoughts. >> you guys all trying to draw a connection. what the [ bleep ]? golfing had nothing to do with his leg. his leg has been bothering last night bothered him more. we made the decision to put him on the dl. ideal with reality. reality is he was okay to play last night. reality is he came up after his last at-bat and said my leg's bothering me again. it didn't hurt him in the fourth inning. it didn't hurt him in the sixth inning. it hurt him in the ninth inning. that's reality. >> golf didn't matter.
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doctors don't think the golf caused an injury. >> alex rodriguez will stay out of the yankees' lineup tonight. at giants training camp, no full practice for odell beckham jr. on the defensive side, harrison is back on the field. the defense picked up player in leon hall. the 31-year-old veteran joins the secondary after spending his entire career with the bengals. >> i feel comfortable here and feel good about where this team is going. i went with my gut feelings and instincts. >> from my perspective, nothing ever good comes from a round of
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president obama on the fight against isis and $400 million payment to iran. tonight, tale of a tape. donald trump and the video he claims he saw despite no evidence that it exists. a new firestorm amid new questions about how melania trump came to america. knife attack horror. an american woman stabbed to death on a london street. professor's wife. five others wounded amid fears of terrorism. what investigators are now saying. major mob bust. dozens arrested on a laundry list of charges. and the americans to watch. some familiar faces, some new hoping to strike gold here in rio. plus matt lauer with michael phelps. why he says this olympics is so different as we reach the eve of the games.


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