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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the video police want you to see. news 4 new york at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. i'm david ushery in for chuck tonight. >> and i'm sibila vargas. take a good look here. this is one of the three men police want to find. the group accused of breaking into the home, holding the couple at gunpoint and tying them up. news 4's stefan holt is in the bronx tonight. >> reporter: their wrists zip tied together, their eyes elderly couple was robbed at gunpoint in their own bedroom. those suspects struck before dawn on wednesday morning. they took off with cash, credit cards, and with cell phones. security cameras rolling on the suspected home invaders calmly walking towards their target. the nypd says the three suspects tied up and robbed the elderly husband and wife in their bedroom. >> it worries me because i've been on this block for too many years, and basically you don't
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and to hear that that happened, it worries me. >> reporter: this sound view neighborhood now shocked and frightened by what happened right around 3:00 a.m. on wednesday morning. some concerned for their own safety. >> before it's a safe block, but now for the summertime, it make it crazy every summertime. >> reporter: the elderly victims were okay and refused medical treatment. today they didn't want to talk to us, worried about jeopardizing the investigation. this neighbor face shown on camera, but said he's thankful the cameras got a look at the three suspects. >> make it very, very public because they need to go behind the bars. they need to be locked up. >> reporter: so maybe those guys look familiar to you. you may recognize them. police want to hear from you. that number to call, 1-877-tips. let me make sure i get that number right there. this is the crime stoppers hotline. they want you to give a call, 1-800-577-tips. the number there at the bottom of your screen. detectives still trying to
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targeted, why these suspects went to this particular home. they also want to make sure they find these guys and bring them into jail. that's the latest here from the soundview section of the bronx. new tonight, a massive house explosion in connecticut injures seven people, including a 7-year-old boy. take a look at the scene before sunset in vernon, which is about 15 minutes northeast of hartford. officials say they had to rescue four victims from the collapsed home. the other three were already arrived. >> each of these patients sustained significant but not immediately life-threatening injuries, and that's really all i can say about the injuries at this time. >> that includes the 7-year-old, who suffered the worst injuries according to officials. the other victims were 11, 12, and 15-year-old girls, plus two men and a woman. still not clear what caused the explosion, but governor malloy
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property. to the weather now. a big change is coming, david, as humidity creeps back in. storm team 4 meteorologist janice huff is tracking the heat and storms that will follow. janice, when do we need to be ready for this? >> well, the humidity will start to climb tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures won't be extremely hot, but you'll definitely feel the difference over the last several days. it gets a bit more stifling in the air. skies are clear across the area right now, but we are tracking thunderstorms across parts of the midwest now. a line towards chicago tonight, and this is along a cold front that will be moving in our direction over the weekend and should arrive on saturday afternoon with a few scattered thunderstorms around the area. but tomorrow remains rain-free. we'll have sunshine mixed with clouds. it is a bit humid in the morning, and it gets muggier as we go through the day. temperatures in the low to mid-80s. it's not too, too hot. the hotter temperatures will come on saturday. that will help to spark a few thunderstorms in the area. we'll talk more about that in the forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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we've got new information tonight on the horrific killing of a jogger in queens. we've been following this story closely. here is what is new. we now know the woman was sexually assaulted. police are also revealing details about the woman's final moments, and we're learning about whether this was a random attack or not. detectives addressing that as well. michael george is in howard beach with all of it. michael? >> reporter: david, behind me, police have their command center set up. tomorrow morning they're going to start once again. now, tonight they are giving us new details about the murder at a time when there's a growing fear in this neighborhood. fear that the killer is still on the loose. >> she went jogging. it was broad day light. she didn't come home. that's pretty much what we know at this point. >> reporter: after a massive two-day search, no strong leads. in howard beach, there's unease among neighbors and heartbreak for 30-year-old karina vetrano.
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the thought of her being in there like that, you know. it's just awful. >> reporter: karina was jogging alone in spring creek park tuesday when she was sexually assaulted, beaten, and strangled. detectives noted the brutality of the murder. >> i just honestly hope he gets caught before the people around here catch him. >> reporter: police say they've ruled out karina's boyfriend. they believe the crime was random, but they don't have any suspects. there is one thing they do know. karina didn't go quie this woman put up a ferocious fight right to the end. >> reporter: teams of investigators donned suits to avoid contaminating the crime scene. they're combing through thick brush looking for evidence, a needle in a haystack. we want to show you one of the jogging paths through the park. now, remember, this hatch happened in broad daylight. as you can see, it's pretty open but also isolated. you've got these wooded areas off to the side, and police say
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the trail. we've learned only two park officers patrol this park and the interior of the park is only checked on a weekly basis. the u.s. park police tells us that's likely to change. >> we're in discussions with nypd to figure out ways that we can beef up our patrols here. >> reporter: and one thing investigators are clear on, they need more tips. they've only gotten three tip calls so far, all anonymous, all vague, and none of them have helped themd information leading to an arrest. michael george, news 4 new york. new at 11:00, we are getting information into the newsroom about a triple shooting in east harlem. this is what we know at this hour. two men and a teenager were shot on first avenue and east 120th street in evening. all three were driven to the hospital in private cars. they're all expected to survive. police now trying to sort out what happened. no arrests to report.
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awaiting arraignment tonight following a major narcotics bust. 23-year-old john gotti was arrested today along with his girlfriend and five other people. police say they found 500 oxycodone pills at the queens home where his grandfather once lived. the defendants are accused of illegally distributing those pills and other prescription drugs in howard beach and ozone park. gotti's attorney denies those allegations. also new tonight, a teacher accuses of sexually abusing several students agrees to plea deal. christopher sha rag nagle is accused of abusing three students when he was a drama teacher at horace greeley high school in chappaqua. under the deal, he will serve probation for three years and surrender his teaching license. the town justice will review the agreement for the next two weeks before signing off on it. three other students have filed a civil case against the teacher and the school district. in decision 2016, both candidates on the campaign
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mate, especially when it came to endorsing speaker of the house paul ryan for re-election. that is something donald trump says he will not do yet. >> he said that. he said, but i like him. he's a friend of mine. would you mind if i endorsed him, and i will not do it if you say no. i say, mike, you like him? yes. go ahead and do it, 100%. and he endorsed him. >> this weekend donald trump and mike pence will be in iowa, and ryan's home state of wisconsin. trump also focused on hillary saying giving her daily security briefings would be a risk. some protesters did interrupt his rally, and his opponents as well. >> he won't say it. maybe he doesn't believe it. >> okay. here we are. >> hillary clinton was in las vegas. you saw secret service agents came up to the stage. animal rights activists got a
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stage for the rest of the speech. she focused on manufacturing jobs and told the crowd donald trump's clothing line was produced overseas. she went on to say she and her campaign want to register 3 million voters for the november election. president obama met with the media today before heading off for vacation. the press conference at the pentagon where the president and vice president met with top military and national security advisers. the commander-in-chief said that isis has not had a military victory this year, but he remain a concern, and this war cannot be won until there is a change in ideology. >> we're going to keep working with partners, including muslim countries and communities, especially online, to expose isil for what they are, murders who kill innocent people. >> the president also addressed the question of $400 million payment to iran at the start of the nuclear deal. he was adamant that ransom was not paid for american hostages. also new at 11:00, the man
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trayvon martin says he was punched at a restaurant. according to the orlando sentinel, george zimmerman was at a restaurant in florida sunday, and a man claimed zimmerman was talking about shooting trayvon martin, so he punched him in the face. but a friend of zimmerman's says he was attacked by four or five men. the restaurant is not commenting on it. still ahead, the app used by a lot of women that may be putting your personal information at risk. hidden danger. booby traps set up on some new jersey hiking paths. what you need to and danger in the water. the warning that you need to hear if you have plans at the jersey shore and what you can do to protect yourself. it is the eve of the start of the summer olympics. bruce beck will join us live from rio de janeiro, the place the world will be watching
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well, this is it. just one day -- that's right -- one day, less than 24 hours, in fact, until the start of the rio olympics. we have been counting down this moment for months now. >> news 4's bruce beck is in rio de janeiro on the eve of the opening ceremony. bruce, what is going on there tonight? >> reporter: david, the countdown is on to the opening ceremony of the 31st olympiad. 10,500 athletes from 206 nations all have goose bumps tonight. even the most experienced and successful olympians are champing at the bit. >> i'm just -- you know, my butterfly is huge, and my heart is pounding -- yeah, don't do that. i'll get in trouble. i'm ready. you know, the heart pounds, the butter fliez, all of that is part of the energy here, and i
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excitement is at a fever pitch. the olympic torch considered its journey throughout all parts of the city and even hit the beaches. how is this for a sight? brazilian surfer rico souza carrying the torch as he surfed off the coast of rio. meanwhile it was business as usual for the usa men's basketball team. the veteran of the group is knicks star carmelo anthony who is competing in the games for a record fourth time. >> it's an honor, it's blessing, that's an understatement. for me being the leader and representing, you know, all four of these teams and now here in rio one more time, you know, my goal is to help this team and lead this team to a gold medal. >> melo will have the basketball in his hands plenty here in rio, but it will be michael phelps who will have the american flag in his hands tomorrow night, leading the american delegation. among others, phelps beat out
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jersey, who will become the first muslim-american woman to compete in the olympics with the hi jab. >> michael phelps is a wonderful choice to be flag bearer at these games, and honestly it was an honor to even be in the conversation among so many phenomenal athletes. i'm very proud to walk behind michael in opening ceremonies. >> reporter: the opening ceremony will feature 2,000 light guns, 6,000 pounds of fireworks, and and feature brazil in its multi-colored glory. the great pele is the odds-on favorite to light the caldron. at the rio olympics, i'm bruce beck. david and sibila, expect some samba dancing too. >> from you? all right. we'll wait for that, bruce, thank you. nbc is your home for the summer games. you can watch the opening
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at 7:30 right here on nbc 4. police in new jersey are trying to figure out who has been leaving booby traps along a hiking path. a frequent visitor to the high mountain park notified police in wayne, new jersey, after he spotted a number of traps along walking trails at the park since june 23rd. the traps range from wooden boards with nails hidden under the trail to broken bottles, rope, and barbed wire along paths. police say that their placement appears to be intentional and deliberate. we just checked and the man who escape police has not been found. that man jumped into the river by the bridge street bridge in harrison after a traffic stop yesterday. he climbed into a storm drain and has not been seen since. officers think that that man may have gotten trapped in the drain by rising water. police haven't released the man's name or revealed the crime he's suspected of committing. a pair of hackers made headlines last year when they said they were able to hack into a jeep moving at slow speed and
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charlie miller and chris valasec say they're now able to control the brakes and steering of a jeep moving at a high rate of speed. the hackers admit what they've done is extremely difficult. chrysler issued a recall last year after the original hack was presented. governor cuomo is threatening to go to court to drop a plan to dump silt from dredging projects in long island sound. federal officials want to allow the disposal of dredge materials in the sound for the next 30 cuomo and environment lifts say that would turn long island's backyard tiny a junkyard. connecticut officials say dredging the sound is a matter of national security because the waterways around the u.s. coast guard academy and the navy submarine base need to be kept clear. if you are heading to the jersey shore for a long weekend, be forewarned the threat of dangerous rip currents continues. a news 4 crew caught two rescues on camera in just a short period
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lifeguards say they've been busy all week. >> what would have happened if you hadn't gotten there? >> they probably would have gotten sucked out another 50 yards and you would never know. they would go under and get tired. >> if you get caught in a rip current, don't try to fight it. just swim parallel to the shore until you can swim out of that current and always make sure there's a lifeguard on hand before you go in the water in case you do need help. >> that was great advice. janice, you're talking about some changes coming to our forecast. >> yes, some changes coming. one, the humidity is coming back, and there will thunderstorms in the forecast for this weekend. but it's not going to be a washout weekend, and even on saturday when we're expecting storms, it's not going to rain all day long. so you'll still be able to get some of your outdoor plans in. go outside right now and see what's happening with our weather out there. looking from our top of the rock camera, and the empire state building on this side is in blue and white. is the game over yet? i'm not even sure. the mets won. thank you very much for that update. i got it in my ear. well, john will have sports
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side, but i get the mets colors are on the opp side side. all right our weather. another pleasant night. temperatures nice and cool and comfortable out there this evening. more clouds and humidity, though, on friday. higher temperatures saturday. 80s approaching 90 in some spots, and it will feel like an august day on saturday with a few showers and storms. now, like i said earlier, we're not expecting it to rain all day long. these storms will approach from the west to the east, and so to and along the shore, you'll get them later in the evening. that looks like the forecast, and it looks like you don't have to cancel all plans. just be ready for storms at some part in the day. sunday looks fantastic. 70 degrees right now in woodbridge. it's 66 in red bank and 64 in tom's river. howl, you're at 65. it feels great out there. look at the water temperature. 70 to 77 degrees. very warm. it's going to be a great day at the shore tomorrow. we'll have that shore cast for you coming up.
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in the city will stay right around 70 until about 3:00 a.m., dipping into the 60s, and nice and clear for the most part. if you're in the outlying areas, you'll see a mix of 60s to around 70 degrees. bridgeport, 73. 66 in monticello tonight. it's still very comfortable, but that south wind will bring up the humidity tomorrow, and we'll feel the difference over the last couple of days. temperatures will be in the 70s to near 80 along the shore areas. waters warm, ocean waves are 2 to 4 as we mentioned earlier. if you go in the water, make sure you can see the lifeguard because that's always best. we'll have plenty of sunshine tomorrow. across long island sound if you're going to be spending the day there, temperatures will be in the 80s. it's a great day. waves less than a foot and water temperature in the 70s. here's our storm team 4 ten-day forecast. we've got a high of 84 degrees tomorrow, and then 88 on saturday, close to 90, with the storms coming in mainly in the afternoon and evening.
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and it's dry all the way through thursday. that's your weather. >> very nice. all right. you could probably hear all the cheers from mets fans. they are getting closer to the playoffs than you think. maybe it's all of the drama about the team that makes you think otherwise. in the bronx, it was a pitchers duel we'll wrap up yankees you, mets,
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ladies, if you use your smartphone app to track your menstrual cycle, prying eyes could be seeing your intimate information. according to a recent consumer report investigation, the glow app had a major flaw that could let anyone who knew a user's e-mail address access that person's data. information recorded on period tracker and health apps aren't covered by health information privacy laws. and, sibila, a heads up for fa with headlines like, you won't believe what happened next. well, this is called click bait, and that is an article meant to mislead readers. facebook says it will take steps to stop it. the social media site says it will use a system to identify articles with phrases commonly used in click bait and block them from your timeline. thank goodness. we'll be right back with john
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. >> announcer: the fios sports desk is sponsored by fios by verizon. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. john here now. this subway series will be known for what happened off the field as much as what happened on the field. >> simple round of 18. it's bigger than that. i mean the bigger crime is the mets probably waited more than a
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he ignited the mets playoff run last year and sparked just a little bit of controversy this year, landing on the d.l. there's no timetable for healing his quad and no denying this has turned messy for the mets. cespedes played golf yesterday morning. i i'm sewer ces wishes he never tweeted this picture. the injury goes back to july 8th. finally august 3rd, the d.l. became necessary, and this is the swing that sent him there. an mri of the quad today showed before. that's good. as for that round of golf, terry collins. >> you guys all try to draw a connection, you know, about he -- what if he went fishing? i mean what the [ bleep ]. golfing had nothing to do with his leg. his leg has been bothering him. last night it bothered him even more. we made a decision it was time to put him on the d.l. i don't care about perception. i deal with reality. reality is he was okay to play last night. the reality is he came up after
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is bothering me again. it didn't hurt in the north inning. it hurt him in the ninth inning. that's reality. >> sandy alison called the round of golf bad optics. joe girardi dismissed a rod questions as unfair. alex wasn't in the lineup tonight despite eight career homers against colon. didi gregoriushi extra bases. that is a backhanded snag. top of the fifth, kelly johnson greets him with a laser of a liner to right. that's a double into the corner just about everywhere. it's a solo homer at yankee stadium. still in the fifth, two on for jay bruce. still looking for his first hit as a met. he has his first homer here too. a three-run shot gives the mets a 4-1 lead.
11:30 pm
plate. mets win 4-1. they split the subway series and jay bruce helps everyone forget about cespedes' golf handicap, at least for the night. >> i told some guys, you know, it was good. it was good to make an impact that way. i think that, you know, the whole team is ready to step up and pick up the slack until he gets back. you know, we need him. he's going to b going to be healthy, and he's going to be the force that he always is. we just have to play good baseball until then. >> picking up bruce, all the more important there with cespedes out now. focus on the wild card. for all of the mess, they're right there. >> that was nice to watch. they were playing great.
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that does it for news 4 new yorkt >> "today in new york" begins at 430. good night. we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- miles teller.


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