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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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now at news 4 new york at 6:00, big news from a-rod. when he plans to say good-bye to the yankees and hello to being a teacher. i guarantee you, you will pay forever. plus harsh words. slain jogger breaking their silence. one mother not holding back. and a fatal shooting of an innocent senior citizen. tonight, the new pictures of the seconds that followed the bullets. news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. hi, everybody. thanks so much for being with us. i'm stefan holt. we're beginning tonight with that bombshell for the bronx bombers. >> one of the yankees most popular and most controversial players announcing he is out, but not completely leaving the
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fans are reacting to this news tonight. >> it was incredible that the yankees kept this quiet up until 11:00 a.m. when we found out the end is here for alex rodriguez. his final game is friday. then the yankees will release him but hire him as a special adviser. girardi said it. we won't see a player like alex rodriguez come around often. a-rod is the human headline, an often flawless talent and admittedly flawed character who struggled today to call it a career. >> we all forever, but it doesn't work that way. >> it was an emotional good-bye. even if it wasn't of his choosing. alex rodriguez reduced to nothing more than a $20 million a year bench warmer, announcing friday will be his last game in pinstripes. >> the last four weeks have not been fun. it has been -- it's been very painful and embarrassing to sit on the bench. it's been awkward. >> i just think it's a sad ending for him.
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>> it's always been complicated with a-rod and the yankees. he's just four home runs shy of 700, a milestone he says he'd have fun chasing. that's a mark tempered by a season long suspension for steroid use. >> i'm going to hopefully be remembered for someone who tripped and fell a lot, but someone who kept getting up. >> he'll transition to his role as special adviser to the team and mentor the next generation of yankees. a-rod, who has always considered himself a teacher at heart, embraces this new identity. >> for a guy like me that's been to hell and b mistake in the book, i think they can learn equally from all the mistakes i've made and hopefully not make them. >> alex will get the $26 million the yankees owe him. and after three games in boston, he'll get one final home game in the bronx. >> whatever happened in the past happened in the past, you know. i'm pretty sure he's not the only one that had issues. >> i'll remember him as one of the great players in yankee history. >> i'm pretty sad. but it was time for him, i guess. >> the players are always the last ones to know when it's
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yankees' idea. steinbrenner had approached him last week. his teammates were all in the room this morning. the only thing missing, the word retire, and there are 26 million reasons whie alex won't be using that word. he still wants to be paid by the team, and he will be paid in full the remainder of his contract. i suspect just listening to him, he still wants to play. this is difficult for him. >> it's a tough call. all right. thank you very much. >> you bet. you will pay forever. those are the words from the family of the -- the heart broken familyf karina vetrano. her moth speaking to her daughter's killer directly through the lens of our camera. that killer still on the loose. this mother did not hold back. the story tonight from howard beach, queens. >> reporter: karina vetrano's body was found not to far from where she lived in howard beach. her family is speaking about it for the first time, sending thanks and delivering strong words to her killer.
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a force to be reckoned with. >> reporter: through grief and anger, a message to her daughter's murderer. cathie vetrano did not hold back. >> you will be reckoning with that force not only for the rest of your pathetic life, but for the rest of eternity as you [ bleep ] burn in hell. >> reporter: 30-year-old karina vetrano went for a jog last tuesday. hours later, she was found strangled, left for dead in a marsh at the edge o bay. investigators are looking into dna samples that may lead to the killer, who has been on the run now for nearly a week. >> all the police have been tireless, courageous, kind, generous, and helpful beyond words. >> reporter: outside the family's home, flowers for karina. 11, her favorite number. inside jokes from her friends who loved her so dearly. and the final words from a mother desperate for answers.
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news 4 new york. >> vetrano's death touching more than just her queens community. she's being remembered by actor donnie wahlberg. he tweeted this photo. the caption reads, i've met thousands of amazing new yorkers while filming blue bloods. none were as kind as katrina vetrano. #rest in piece karina. in westchester tonight, a 79-year-old innocent man was shot to deh. released in this investigation. news 4's ida siegel talks with the victim's family in new rochelle. ida. >> reporter: and, stefan, the bodega where this happened is just across the street behind me here. family members tell me that victim manuel ayala would often sit outside the store on a milk crate just like he was doing last night, enjoying the weather, telling stories about his native mexico. last night he was doing just that when bullets headed in his direction. surveillance images show the
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that's the older man sitting on a milk crate outside. suddenly gunfire erupts, and he's been shot. >> two. >> two shots. >> that's what i hear from here. nobody moved. nobody, you know -- it's a guy over there, he told me, i think it was -- >> family members identified the victim as 79-year-old manuel ayala, originally from mexico. he is here in new rochelle to see his grandchildren. explaining how caring his grandfather was. >> he was a nice person, kind. he got along with all the family. >> reporter: witnesses say it's not possible ayala was the intended target here. they think the gunman was aiming for some younger men hanging around the bodega. ayala was well liked by just about everyone. >> he wanted to go back to mexico, to be in mexico and enjoy nice warm bread and coffee, he said, and all that.
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are spats of violence in this area, but it's never gone this far before, and they want it to stop. how is the family holding up right now? >> they're really upset. they can't find the puzzle, what actually happened, why it was him. >> reporter: again, at this point it doesn't appear that ayala was the intended target, but police are still investigating. they have not made any arrests just yet. rochelle, ida siegel, news 4, new york. it is day two of the olympic games. the olympic torch still burning bright. americans still holding their own in rio. the women's basketball team crushing senegal by the largest margin in u.s. history. and swimmer katie ledecky setting an olympic record before the big show tonight.
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china closely behind, also with seven, more bronze though, australia rounding out the top three with the most gold. but fewer medals overall. news 4's bruce beck joining us live from rio with the latest. bruce. >> reporter: the wind blew into rio today, and it caused all sorts of problems. the u.s. women's basketball team continues to present all sorts of problems for teams around the world, and today they took it to another no problem for me. bringing you the headlines of day two in rio. ominous clouds hovered over olympic park today where the weather wreaked havoc. the winds whipped around the grounds and caused some damage. >> it's crazy. >> these fencing areas were being blown away. >> over at lagoa stadium, the high winds caused choppy waters, enough so that the rowing events were postponed for the day. slippery conditions could have
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women's road race where the leader, annemiek van vleuten veered off the course and endured a terrifying crash. the dutch rider had been leading in the final hill stage of the race. fortunately she was okay and conscious on the way to the hospital. on the hardwood, the u.s. women opened group play with an historic rout of senegal. the team had a record 36 assists with sue bird dishing out eight of them. the team rolled victory, setting new olympic marks for points in a game and margin of victory. and on the ten isz court, serena williams rolled in her first round match against daria gavrilova of australia. >> it was really good. it's been a long time. four years ago, i was, you know, out here playing the olympics. so it's really cool to happen again. >> tonight the team competition
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hernandez of old bridge, new jersey. and say wow as michael phelps goes for his 23rd overall medal in the pool in the 4x100 freestyle relay. live in rio, i'm bruce beck, news 4 new york. stefan, carrie, 23 medals, that's mind-boggling. >> and it's just the beginning. bruce, thank you. you can stay with news 4 for all of your olympic to watch each day of the olympics. today's highlights include u.s. swimmer's katie ledecky's huge olympic record win and a preview of what's in store tonight for the u.s. women's gymnastics team. still ahead for us on news 4 at 6:00, the prison emergency that sent oscar pistorius to the hospital. plus a local correction officer shows his bloodied arm. how his attack behind bars exposed contraband at rikers.
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this just in. we're getting information about a crash into a mattress store in bay yell new jersey. the car slammed into the building this afternoon. we're making some calls to find out about how many injuries there might have been. the cause of that accident
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corrections officers recovering tonight. they say an inmate attacked them. an officer removing a food tray from an inmate's cell this morning at rikers island when he began hitting him. another officer who raced in to help was slashed on the forearm. it's a deep wound. we blurred this picture. the inmate was arrested. a scalpel wrapped in electrical type was recovered. the union demanding more be done to protect their members. convicted murderer oscar pistorius is back in jail tonight after prison officials say the double amputee hurt himself falling out of bed. he was treated for injuries to his wrist. pistorius is serving a six-year sentence for killing his girlfriend. prosecutors are appealing the sentence calling it too light. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, attacked on the subway. >> a man in morning side heights rushed to the hospital after he is attacked underground. was he targeted because of his sexual orientation?
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right now, police are on the hunt for the man who is wanted in a possible anti-gay attack in harlem. it happened in the 110th street one train station. that victim rushed to the hospital with puncture wounds to his chest. news 4 ray vee eta is following the investigation live in morningside heights tonight. >> reporter: this all started on board the one train and ended as that victim was getting off at this 110th street stop. it was then police say he was be in his chest and torso. it happened around 7:00 last night. police tell us the 28-year-old victim, his partner, and sister were on the one when they came across the attacker. words were exchanged on the train. then as it pulled up to this stop, the west 110th street stop, the attacker stabbed the victim on the platform twice, then ran off. the perp, police believe, yelled anti-gay slurs, which is why it's now being investigated as a possible hate crime. >> around here, that's pretty unusual.
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we're pretty tolerant, yeah. >> reporter: to hear that it was possibly a hate crime, is that surprising in itself? >> oh, absolutely. yeah, absolutely. i don't -- you know, like i say, we're very -- we're the upper west side. we're very tolerant. we have, you know, columbia -- well, a lot of universities right up the block. >> reporter: a lot of folks feeling surprised this evening. as far as the victim, he is out of the hospital. police are now looking for that suspect. we're live in morning side heights tonigh lester holt joining us now live from rio with a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news". >> coming up for us tonight, the entire russian team banned from next month's paralympicss here in rio because of the country's doping scandal. plus hillary clinton increases her lead over donald trump in a new poll. what many voters are saying about trump right now. also we'll go inside a war zone where they have created a place for kids to get away from the
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american face here in rio and see how she gets to compete in fencing in her own way when we see you in just a few minutes for "nbc nightly news." for now, stefan and carrie, we'll send it back to you in new york. >> thank you very much. what a lovely day today outside. >> it was beautiful, right? sunshine. >> let's see if the streak continues. erica. >> it's going to continue for tomorrow at least, and then things are going to get a little bit dicey as we head into the we have at least one more great day, possibly two more really nice, pleasant days with that sunshine and comfortable humidity. right now it's feeling great in mine hill. it's 83 degrees. same in madison. 83 right now in cal i fawn. 84 in central park and white plains. that's right around average for this time of year for a high temperature. it did get slightly warmer than average throughout much of the tri-state area today. look at these dew points, though. i wanted to show you this
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it's noticeable humidity. these are all in the 50s, which means the humidity is not much of a factor out there at all, which is such a pleasant change for august, right? on satellite and radar, we're keeping things clear and that's the way it's going to stay tomorrow as well with high pressure situated to the north and west of us. high temperatures in the mid-80s again tomorrow. then on wednesday, we'll reach into the upper 80s as heat and humidity return and so does the threat for some thunderstorms. 67 in massapequa. 65 in bridgeport and 63 degrees in fleming ton with a light north breeze at 5 to 10 miles per hour. wall to wall sunshine tomorrow. a gorgeous afternoon. again those dew points remain nice and low so no reason to stay indoors tomorrow unless of course you have to work. but you might want to bring that lunch outside if you can. and if you're lucky enough to have this week off and you get some beach time in, it's the start of a really good week at the beach. i'll tell you why in just a moment.
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a high of 80 degrees in lvi. 79 in the rockaways. 2 to 3 foot waves. there is still that moderate risk for a rip current, but we're going to reduce that risk as we head into the afternoon tomorrow. should be a great day to head down the shore. now the reason that i think it's going to be very pleasant to be at your shore locations throughout the entire week, even though you see that threat for showers and storms coming back, is because they will be mostly confined to the north and west of the tri-state area. so the you'll see a shower or thunderstorm, especially thursday through the entire weekend. the best chance for rain here in the city is going to be on wednesday as of now. i'll continue to keep an eye on that forecast for you as it develops. >> thank you, erica. john chandler joining us now with a look ahead at sports. >> when the yankees decided to turn the page on this season, you figured it would set it up for a weekend of good-byes. first it was tex. now a-rod.
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slugger. and will he play in boston before his bronx bow-out? that's the question.
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>> announcer: the fios sports desk is sponsored by fios by verizon. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. after friday, alex rodriguez will no longer play for the yankees. he'll stay on as a special adviser, and he'll collect every lasten him. he may even see some rare at bats in boston this week. if it were up to a-rod, it sounds like he'd still be playing every day. >> you always think you have one more hit, help the team win one more game for sure. that wasn't in the cards. you know, that was the yankees' decision, and i'm at peace with
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don't think any player ever wants to get to this point. you know, alex talked about it. none of us ever want to take the uniform off. >> an hour later against the indians, there's alex, finding his customary spot on the bench. he watched his other retiring teammate mark teixeira extend the yankees' lead in the fifth. ellsbury comes around to score. yankees lead it that was plenty for masahiro tanaka. he struck out eight. he allowed just a run in six solid innings. the indians threatened in the seventh. look at the glove work by teixeira. tex smothering, scrambling, and, yes, stretching to beat this speedster to the bag. what an effort by one of the
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against a legit playoff team. the mets looked to avoid a sweep in detroit. degrom is trending at the right female time. conforto's 11th homer. the mets only had five hits on the day but two of them were long balls. that was one, and then tied at one in the ninth, neil walker delivers the other. batting third, playing hero, taking francisco rodriguez out to right two-run homer. how about the mets rallying and winning 3-1. breaking 60 is sacred ground on the pga tour. jim furyk one of six to share the record round of 59 until he broke his own mark today. at the travelers championship in cromwell, connecticut. furyk could do little wrong with his putter. how about ten birdies and an eagle on the day? he parred five of his last six holes. otherwise it would have been even better. missing his birdie try on 18, he would tap in and just settle for
6:26 pm
58! finally we go to rio, alexander massial es looking for gold, settling for silver after he was upset by daniel ga ra zoe. the italian scoring gold, but massial es still winning silver. that's the first men's fencing medal in 32 years. what a sunday in sports. started early this morning. we all wondered what this announcement was goio i give the yankees credit for keeping it quiet as long as they did. we'll be right back after this. more on the action in rio
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our live coverage of the olympic games continues as 7:00 tonight. the much anticipated fab five hitting the mat for the women's gymnastics team competition. in the pool, women's butterfly gold medal final. for the men, the 100 meter breaststroke followed by the 4 x 100 meter freestyle. the women's gymnastics team this year is ridiculous. they are the dream team. they are, right? my gosh. >> we'll be watching. >> indeed we will. that's it for news 4 at 6:00. "nightly news" is next. >> we'll see you right here after the games. from all of us, have a good night.
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competition over doping while on day two here in rio wild weather spoils events must-see events ahead. he's out. the end of a tearful alex rodriguez announces his retirement. walking away with millions. in the lead, hillary clinton increases her advantage over donald trump in a new poll. how his campaign is planning to reverse the trump slump. safe haven, in the middle of a crushing war zone, a place where hundreds of kids can be kids. and hit hadding the beach. we get to the bottom of the question.


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