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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 8, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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as you can see from the looks on those four faces, phelps right there for the moment, whether it's your 19th or your first, the gold medal at the olympic games is an emotional experience. lauer, hoda kotb and the "today" show team from copacabana beach including interviews with michael phelps and katie ledecky. so long for tonight from rio de janeiro.
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next on news 4 new york, up in flames. >> donald trump statue set on fire. a prank or a political statement? man is gunned down by a stray bullet. how much you'll have to cough up for a. rod's final game
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right now on news 4, gold rush. liquid gold in rio for the u.s. swimming titans reclaim their titles in the pool. burned pro-trump lawn ornament goes up in flames.
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gunned down. new video just into our newsroom of a fatal shooting outside a bodega. latest on the hunt for the shooter. news 4 new york at 11:00 starts right now. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm stefan holt. >> and kerry barrett. thanks to power players in the pool and a guy you may know, michael phelps. take a look. >> michael phelps claiming his 19th olympic gold medal with his relay team, 23rd medal overall. american woman not just claiming gold tonight but smashing a world record. bruce beck joins us live from rio with all the details. >> tonight it was biles, phelps and ledecky.
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without mentioning the name michael phelps first but sim own biels was that good and lori hernandez. united states is thinking team gold in u.s. gymnastics and simone biels is the big reason why, 19-year-old sensation spearheaded the americans to first place heading into the team final. lawyerie hernandez dazzl kicking it off in style in the floor exercise and she was sensational on the balance beam as well. the team final will be held on tuesday night. >> this is incredible. it's the biggest competition i've ever been to. so i walked out a little bit nervous but then as i started getting going and moving and stuff, i felt a lot better. >> still ahead of the world record by a full second.
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the her first gold of these games cruising to victory in the 400-meter freestyle, smashing the world record in the process. and michael phelps captured another gold medal. his 19th overall in the 4 x 100 freestyle relay. united states won it in a stacked final. phelps proved to be the difference, swimming an incredible second leg. >> we wanted to bring that relay back to american soil. had somou from 2000 -- for me anyway in 2012 and i'm glad that's back on our soil. >> on the tennis court, serena williams rolled in her first round match against gabrilova but she and her sister, venus, were knocked out of the doubles competition from a team from the czech republic. venus is now both out of the singles and doubles draw. venus and serena were 15-0 in
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tonight. oh, by the way, world number one, novak djokovic was knocked out by juan martin. 19 gold for phelps, records that likely will never be broken. he's just getting started here in brazil. live in rio, i'm bruce beck. stefan and carey, back to you. >> the united states, 12, japan and china are tied with 8. logon to nbc new for the four to watch each day at the olympics. today's highlight also include michael phelps, back in the pool. no shortage of must-see action there, for sure. men's gymnastics team final airing in prime time monday night. four to watch has the preview. a chilling message from a
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you will pay forever. 30-year-old katrina vitrona was dragged off a jogging path, sexually assaulted and strangled earlier this week. one day after the aspiring writer was held to rest, her family held a news conference with a stern warning to her killer. >> you know that my daughter was a force to be reckoned with and i guarantee you -- i guarantee you, you mother [ bleep ], that you will be reckoning with that force not only for the rest of your pathetic life, but for the rest of eternity as you [ bleep ] burn in hell. >> investigators looking into dna samples that may lead to the killer. meantime there is a $10,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. new video tonight of a man accused of shooting three people in brooklyn.
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recognize him. take a look. this happened around 3:35 at bed stuy. according to investigators the man in this video shot two other men and a 17-year-old girl. we're told all of them were critically wounded. staten island, suspicious fire is now under investigation. no, not a house fire. a lawn display that went up in flames. this isn't any ordinary ornament. it is a pro donald trump lawn sign. if you thought fire ve this one seriously, think again. news 4's ray villeda joins us with the story. ray? >> the t stood for trump and is now on the ground after standing here for months. the owner found it burning and vows tonight it will be back
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>> we had a statue to support the two officers who were murdered, statues for the mets. >> i can see this huge orange glow. oh, my god, my sign is burning. >> it went up in flames around 1:00 am this morning, he woke up to his giant "t" on fire. >> what does that "t" stand for, for you? >> it is a t for trump. it also it stands to think about the information we're in. >> reporter: former republican candidate for assembly was not only outraged but concerned for his family. years ago they lost a house to fire. >> nobody has the right to do that. >> reporter: now investigators look for a cause and to see if anyone was behind it. a neighborhood comes together. >> it's disgraceful. it really is, for someone to go and do something like that, it's upsetting. >> reporter: staten island has a huge trump base.
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primary. now this homeowner's support is only going to grow just like the sign he plans to replace this one with this week. >> tuesday we put up a bigger one. >> what's your message to whoever did this? >> i can't say that on camera. >> reporter: as part of the investigation, the fire marshal, you see there, took the spotlights trained on that "t" to see if had anything to do with the fire. as far as the artist behind this working on that replacement that will be up this week. live in staten island tonight, ray villeda, news 4 new york. >> ray, thank you. concert benefit for the teenager who lost his leg in an explosion in central park. connor golden briefly addressed the crowd at a restaurant in his home state of virginia, thanking everybody to come out. the family wouldn't let cameras capture any video of connor since he was released from bellevue last month.
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with friends july 3rd when he stepped on a homemade explosive. the injuries were so severe his left leg had to be amputated just below the knee. connor's dad spoke about his son's strength. >> the way he has handled this whole situation has been inspirational to me and i'm sure to many others. his strength and composure and positivity through this is just amazing to me. he's helping me get through this as well. >> police a ended up in central park. >> what was rumored is now true. we've seen the last of alex rodriguez in a yankees uniform. at a news conference today, the team and a. rod announced he will play his last game in pinstripes on friday at yankee stadium against the rays. he will then be released as a player but will remain with the team in an advisory role. tickets for friday's game, yeah, they've gone up.
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we'll hear from a. rod coming up in sports. >> a lot more news ahead. triathlon held in long island. how did one participant wind up dead? >> we'll talk about that. and shooting death of an elderly man in westchester gunned down outside a store. newly released video. brazen crime caught on camera, how long it took for criminals to get away with tens of thousands of dollars worth of guns. i'm meteorologist can we do it again tomorrow? when does the heat and humidity
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tonight new video of a deadly shooting in westchester county. elderly man gunned down from outside the store, visiting from out of the country. >> just an innocent bystander.
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siegal. >> reporter: police tell me they're confident they're going to catch this gunman. that new video shows the moment when 79-year-old manuel aealla shot and killed here last night. surveillance images show he was sitting on a milk crate outside. he suddenly stands he was hit by a bullet. the people around him, seemingly unaware he was walking wounded. >> it was a wild shot. it was a lucky shot, would you say, from over there, over to here and a good 75 feet away. >> reporter: gun shots came from across the street. the gunman disappeared, leaving him clutching his chest and falling to the ground as the crowd surrounds him. ambulance rushed to the seen and
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but he died at the hospital. >> nice person, kind. he got along with all the family. >> reporter: ayala was here from mexico, seeing his grandchildren. his grandson, daniel, was near tears thinking about what happened to his grandfather. >> reporter: how is the family holding up right now? >> really upset. they can't find the puzzle. at >> it didn't appear to have much to do with manuel, who made quite a few friends sitting outside, telling stories about mexico. friends who are now devastated he's gone. so upsetting. >> yeah, yeah, because we see the people shooting all the way around. don't matter day, night. we got a problem. >> reporter: police commissioner telling me tonight he does not believe this is a result of gang
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they're also going over multiple pieces of surveillance video for more evidence. >> thank you so much, ida. what cause aid tri-athlete to die while competing on long island? that's what investigators want to know. and what caused an accident that shut down an entire park? ??? ??? ???
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just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. new tonight on long island, a tri-athlete is dead. investigators are still trying to figure out why. 69-year-old vincent fleck had to be pulled out of the water at the smith point tri-athlete. it's unclear if he drowned or had some other medical injury.
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it happened saturday night on the 1 train at the 110th station in morningside heights. the victim was on the train with his partner and his sister. according to witnesses they got into an argument with the attacker who then got physical. we're told the victim suffered serious puncture wounds on his upper body. fortunately he is out of the hospital tonight. if you live in brooklyn or queens shut the window tuesday night and leave them closed until wednesday morning if you live in certain neighborhoods. the department of health will be spraying pesticides to help prevent the spread of west nile virus, astoria jarksen heights, woodside in queens. the spray something starting 10:00 tuesday night and wrapping up at 6:00 am wednesday morning. >> erika grove is joining us with a look at the week's weather. probably you'll have your windows close bid then.
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chance to further dry things out. it only takes a couple of tablespoons of standing water for mosquitos to breed in. oent tonight, nice and comfortable. another great day tomorrow. humidity will be on the rise by mid week. that's when we're looking for the threat of showers and storms to return to our forecast. hatchton bay, 63. 79 now in central park. we're missing a bunch of observations and having trouble with the in clo familiar with the data, whether observation stations. keep in mind, temperatures are only going to fall into the 60s overnight tonight in the outlying suburbs, down to about 70 in midtown. not a great night to open up the windows despite the clear skies and diminishing winds. lots of sunshine tomorrow, low humidity. great one with high temperatures in the mid 80s. should be very comfortable. little bit above average this time of year.
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workweek especially, we're going to feel that heat building. high temperatures in the upper 80s once again. humidity will also be on the rise. overnight tonight, as we mentioned before, we'll dip down to 70 degrees. pleasant night with winds out of the north 5 to 10 miles an hour. tomorrow's seven-day forecast looking great. 86 for your high in madison. 85, same temperature in newburg tomorrow. bethpage will get up to 84 and 86 in central park. the shorecast is looking great. there is a low toer as the winds become a little more onshore, that will diminish that risk for rip currents. tomorrow's high temperature, 80 degrees in rockaway, sea bright, 80 degrees. uv index will be high. no lightning risk, though, tomorrow. ten-day forecast. nice weather for the next couple of days. 88 for tuesday. sounds a little on the hot side. since the humidity is still in check, we'll be a-okay.
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thunderstorm risks really returning wednesday and thursday. maybe a storm friday as well. saturday and sunday, the weekend looking a little dicey. high temperatures near 90. it will feel like it's in the 90s as we head into next weekend. back over to you. >> erika, thank you. still ahead on news 4, new tactic that disney world is using to combat alligators after a deadly attack. tens of thousands of dollars of guns are missing tonight. how thieves managed to get away with water park shut down. how a child was killed on one of
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happening now, a wall of flames out west. in the summer of nonstop wildfires, this might be one of the worst in california. and this massive inferno is still growing. it's torched now more than 1,000
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several hundred firefighters are doing everything they can, in the ground, in the air. they're trying to keep this fire from jumping to populated areas. good news so far in all of this, no injuries have been reported. four minutes, that is all it took for two men to make off with $20,000 worth of guns. look at this. this happened friday in sumter, south carolina, these guys breaking into tony's gun shop. they smash display cases, fill minutes after the alarm went off. but by then the guns and crooks long gone. 10-year-old caleb schwab died at sclitterbaun saturday afternoon. the ride and the park were closed immediately after the boy's death and will remain closed until monday. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. walt disney world resort is
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tragedy is not repeated. new rock barriers are being placed on the beaches at the florida resort. this plan was put into effect after a 2-year-old boy was snatched away by an alligator earlier this year. that new barrier should be in place by october. big night in sports, of course. big weekend in sports. >> a. rod take his fal yankees find a graceful way to show a. rod the door. you'll hear from the soon-to-be former bomber slugger next in
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wouldn't say retired but after friday, a. rod will no longer work for the yankees. he will stay on as an adviser. if it were up to a. rod, you get the sense he would still >> we all want to keep playing forever. it doesn't work that way. hopefully, remembered for someone who tripped and fell a lot but someone who kept getting up. >> about an hour later after that, indians and yankees and a. rod with his customary spot on the bench. he said he's embarrassed riding the pile as he watches the other retiring teammate mark teixeira.
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yanks. that was plenty for. watch the glove work by teixeira. shot down the line. tex smothers, scrambles and stretches to beat the speedster to the bag. indians would pull it 3-2. yankees took 5 of 7 against a mets look to avoid a sweep in detroit. got another gem of a start from jacob degrom but ends in another no decision. at least degrom is trending up the right time for the mets. michael conforto, 11th homer this year. mets only had 5 hits on the day. two of them were long balls. that was one. tied at 1 in the ninth, here comes the other.
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rodriguez out for a ride to center. mets rally for a 3-1 win. baseball's 3,000 hit club has its 30th member, ichiro tripled here in the seventh inning. first from japan to reach the milestone. over 1,200 hits in nine years of pro ball in japan. that's a lot of hits. derek jeter, congratulating his friend and former teammate, calling it an honor to alongside him. alex rodriguez has the most hits of any current player. lowest round at 59 with five others and went even lower today. lowest round ever played in pga history happened at travelers championship. furyk could do little wrong with his putter, 10 birdies and an eagle and taps in for a record
12:34 am
today, moved up 65 places to finish fifth behind winner russell knox. red bulls. nfl hall of fame game was canceled tonight. poor field conditions doomed the game, leaving the nfl in quite an embarrassing spot. in basketball, in rio, u.s. women's basketball team, anything but a contest. points, 8 assists and tina charles added eight points to get right back at it monday morning against spain. we will be right back at it
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