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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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crowd does it get? >> super disgustingly crowded. >> reporter: sarah of park slope said a surge of cyclists and tourists has jammed up her daily walk across the brooklyn bridge. >> usually i'm getting slapped in the face by tourists using selfie sticks. >> reporter: many blame the bikes which whiz by within inches of people's arm and legs. >> i think they come down here too fast sometimes. it's not necessary. this is a pedestrian walk. >> there's a lot of anecdotal ne crowded. i don't think anyone would deny otherwise. >> reporter: transportation commissioner polly trottenberg announced a seven-month pilot study to see if the city could widen the 17-foot bridge path on the 133-year-old bridge, or potentially build a new walking deck above the vehicle traffic. >> a bit crowded. >> reporter: engineer daniel sharp said it's doable -- >> anything's possible. comes to money. how much money they want to
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i think that would be premature. >> reporter: the city has committed $370,000 for the initial study. while it's ongoing, expect these shoulder-to-shoulder conditions for those eager to take in one of the city's most famous sights to continue. >> that's new york. i think it's crowded everywhere. >> reporter: it sure is crowded on the bridge, as you're looking now, a live look. if you're wondering how long it might take to decide what to do about the bridge once this study is done, well, they've already in 2019 if the study concludes it's doable. that's when they'll figure out how to widen the walkway. live outside the brooklyn bridge in manhattan, news 4 new york. >> all right. thanks for the new information there. almost a week since karina vetrano was found brutally murdered in a marsh in queens, police still have no real leads in this case. the hope is that dna samples will lead it a suspect. for now, karina's family and community are waiting for answers and depending on each
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news 4's ida seigel is in howard beach with more. >> reporter: natalie, nearly a week later, and we still have a significant crime scene out here. there are dozens and dozens of police officers working the scene. so far, few real answers about who murdered karina vetrano. nypd investigators were back at it today looking for evidence at the scene of karina vetrano's murder. today, a brief respite. lunch organized and delivered by the community. judy hence put it together on facebook. >> we're thankful for everything they've done for us. this is our way to show appreciation. what else could we do for them? >> reporter: six days later, and police still have not zeroed in on her killer. law enforcement says partial dna test results have not yet linked them to a specific person, but they are waiting for more test results. yesterday, karina's mother, kathy vetrano, could barely contain her grief and anger when
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face to the [ bleep ] piece of garbage that you are. >> reporter: the sex assault and murder of vetrano while jogging through federal parkland in broad daylight has sparked outrage in the neighborhood. so many wanting the person responsible caught. >> the whole entire world knows what a pathetic, piece of filth that you are. >> reporter: congressman jeffries has joined the chorus of people calling for more security and a long-term plan for the too-high weeds. tonight, a community meeting with local leaders to address all those concerns. >> this was a wake-up call, definitely, for the federal government. they need to get their act together. and they need to cut down these weeds. we need to figure out what the purpose of these weeds really
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all. >> reporter: councilman e-- eric ulrich will be at the meeting, the same church are vet -- where vetrano's family said good-bye to her. bail for 26-year-old deisha bartee was set at $50,000. prosecutors say she struck s several times in her back to get her to stop crying on friday. and that broke her back and caused internal bleeding. she's charged with first-degree manslaughter. prosecutors say bartee has an extensive history with child protective services. a connecticut woman was shot by police after officers say she led them on a chase in a stolen car. 26-year-old josephine supeda faces charges. bridgeport police tried to pull her over around 6:30 sunday night. instead, they said she led them on a chase into a parking lot in
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intentionally hitting two officers. one of the officers fired his weapon, hitting her once. her injuries are not life threatening, and no officers were injured. tragedy in west chester county. a stray bullet struck and killed the father of 12 visiting his family. 79-year-old manuel ayala was outside a bodega when he was struck saturday at union and 3rd street. police say the bullet came from a gunman across the stray. ayala, visiting from mexico, not the target. investigators are pouring over surveillance video from the neighborhood. tonight an i-team undercover exclusive. the raunchy plan on a public golf course when a strip club visits the tournament. a course paid for by taxpayers. we have more live from wayne with what the i-team uncovered. >> reporter: we had hidden cameras all over this golf
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from right here which is a very busy public road. and there was plenty to see on a recent weekday. the tournament sponsored by the sunrise gentlemen's club in patterson was billed as a day of golf and girls. cops had raided that strip club last year on suspicion of prostitution. the event organizer claimed that money was going to various charities, and those who signed up paid $195. our cameras caught all of the action which was in fsw later we showed our video to nearby residents who had no idea what was happening practically in their own back yards. >> this is a family neighborhood. >> exactly. it is a family neighborhood. that is a public golf course where families get to play games. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: is this an appropriate use of the golf course? >> absolutely not. >> that's shocking. >> i'm at a loss for words. shameful. >> kids and families going by. this is on public property.
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after the olympics whenever that is, we'll have more on this. we're going to "county administrator how could this happen. his answer after the olympics. live in wayne, sarah wallace, news 4 new york. >> good question. thank you. coming up, news 4 at 6:00 continues. a new decision, 2016 poll showing that change in the race between hillary clinton and donald trump. where likely voters are throwing their support. and the jy famous by drunken antics on the mtv show, fighting back to remake its image. we'll show you how. and janice hough with the workweek forecast. >> temperatures 82 degree. here come the dog days of summer. i'll explain what that means in the forecast coming up next. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives,
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the connecticut department of transportation has proposed hearings over increased fares on all metro north lines and state buses by 5%. the original schedule called for hearings from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. that's when many commuters are on the trains. there will be evening session was 7:00 states are reaching a massive settlement from barclay's bank stemming from a financial crisis. barclays has agreed to pay millions to 40 states and the district of columbia. it improperly set key interest rates affecting payments on investments. prosecutors say during the global financial crisis the british bank lowered rates to avoid appearing to be in trouble. new york's attorney general says barclays is the first of several bank under investigation.
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jewelry store. the store on west 47th. he asked to see a chain. when the male employee walked to the back of the store, the suspect held a gun to a female employee's head. there was some type of struggle. when the suspect tried to fire the gun, it fell apart. he took off empty-handed. coming up, as news 4 at 6:00 continues -- >> reporter: sex on the beach a lot more difficult on this jersey shore town along with drinking and trash police ask the council if they
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in decision 2016, a new poll shows hillary clinton has opened a double-digit lead over donald trump. the monmouth university poll released today shows clinton, the democratic nominee, with 50% of vote among likely voters. republican nominee trump has 37%, about a 13-point lead there. before the two major party candidate held their conventions
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slim two points. lester holt joins us live from rio with what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." good evening. coming up, an update of the big meltdown that stranded delta airlines' passengers around the globe today. what you need to know it your travel plans. a lot from here in rio, too, including my conversation with ryan held about his emotionally charged gold medal win with his usa teammates and the men's four-by-100 relay in the pool. those coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you. see you at 6:30. the jersey shore. that mtv show sure made an imfregz height of its popularity. it's an impression that men in the town it made famous wants to desperately erase. the town of seaside heights is cracking down on bad behavior. so brian, tell us what's happening there. >> reporter: if there is a telling statistic, if there's a
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community, it's that just a few years ago, there were as many as 3,000 disorder lie persons arrests every summer. usually drunkenness. this past summer so far, they've only are under 700. seaside heights isn't your 20-something town anymore st. this family at one bar. >> a lot mother nature families more recently than in the past. ?? >> reporter: this jersey shore considering a ban on amplified music on the beach. >> not really bothering anyone. haven't gotten complaints. >> reporter: as well as a ban on camping tents. >> we like to be able to see through the tents. we want to know what's going on this beach at all times. >> reporter: as in covert drinking and, yes, even sex. tables will also be banned. people bring food and leave behind too much trash, but perception is reality. something seaside is working to
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definitely popping at night. >> reporter: you think it's getting better or worse? >> i think it's getting worse. ?? >> reporter: with family music at least during the day, spicy's is one of many restaurant bars here toning it down. not looking for this mtv "jersey shore" atmosphere that snooki, the situation, and gang made famous here just a few years ago. >> i don't think anyone wants that anymore. i think the days of the nightc >> reporter: the police chief calls this street millionaire's row. new homes dwarfing what used to be. >> we have more of a family atmosphere. we're going to have a better clientele. >> reporter: now at this point, the council has not approved this ordinance. in a matter of a few days, it's expected to be on the table, and it would ban those overloud boom boxes and any kind of amplified music on the beach, tables, it
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yes, those sexy camp tents on the beach both during the day and overnight. live in seaside heights, brian thompson, news 4 new york. >> all right. did he sound a litle wistful? i don't know. >> i would be if i were at the shore now. cloudy out there, but no rain. not to worry. don't have to run inside. showers to the south. and eventually we'll get our chance for rain and high summer are upon us. here's a look outside now. it's been a nice day today. we had sunshine, right now mixed with high clouds. temperatures have been in the 80s today. the humidity has been comfortable. that's going to change dramatically in about 48 hours, though. we expect it to be pleasant for the rest of this evening. if you have plans outdoors, no problem. you'll start to feel a slightly higher humidity tomorrow with higher temperatures. it really kick in wednesday and continues through the weekend,
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downpours, scattered thunderstorms, we're talking about that oppressive south florida-like heat where it feels like a steambaths bath -- steambaths during the day. temperatures will feel like 100 going into the end of the week. highs today, not bad. close to average. upper 70s to mid 80s. the city at 86. 85 in bridgewaters. a comfortable 81 in long branch, where you are now. 82 in bridgeport. 84 in newburgh. 82 in humidity levels aren't bad yet. generally below 50% in spot except right along the shore. because the actual temperatures aren't that hot stock markets doesn't feel oppressive -- hot, it doesn't feel oppressive yet. feels close to where the actual temperatures are. look at the gulf coast. 100 in new orleans. 104 is what it feels like in dallas. 97 in memphis. a lot of that heat starts to spread to the east. we're going to tap into the tropical moisture that's been sitting over north florida and parts of alabama and georgia.
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here. we're seeing some showers just to the south today, and the edge of the cloud band is just right over the jersey shore right now. no rain coming from those clouds. eventually, though, we will get rain. clear skies tonight. mild, temperatures in the low 70s. very comfortable. 60s in the suburbs. tomorrow, a little warmer. up to 88 in the city. the heat starts to build, and the humidity creeps up as we get a south southwest wind. it gets worse whether we get to wednesday. then we start to get downpours on top of that. so the temtu and 90, and hit-or-miss thunderstorms going into the weekend. on top of that, it's going to feel like it's at 100 or higher. a steambath comes in. and we start talking about the three hs, hazy, hot, and humid. that time of the year want tonight's temperatures, 60s and 70s. tomorrow, we're into the 18. a few spots inland, maybe near 90. here's your ten-day forecast. then mid to upper 80s to 90, 92 going into the weekend.
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have to deal with the bad hair days, chuck and natalie. bad hair days coming up. >> you're still giggling about that from the last hour. >> yeah. little bit. >> thanks, janice. to the 2016 rio olympic summer games now. not all the amazing stories extra that come out of the games are about the athletes. tonight, a story about a special 9-year-old boy from new jersey who's really getting the experience of a lifetime. >> news 4's bruce beck is in rio for the games and joins us bruce? >> reporter: chuck, 100 children from around the world were invited to the olympics by mcdonald's. yesterday, i caught up with one of them who hails from our own back yard, a kid who lights up a room with his personality. darius zeabash is 9-year-old. he hails from vernon township, new jersey. he suffers from a rare disorder that affects several vital
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of his experience. he even went to the opening ceremony. he was a joy to interview. if you had to tell your friends back home what this experience was like in 15 seconds, where would you start? >> it was awesome. i was walking out with the flags. i saw myself on the big screen. i saw almost 80,000 people in one crowd. >> reporter: thrill of a lifetime? >> yes. >> reporter: something you'll never be able to do >> never, never. >> it's been a dream come true and an opportunity that i will forever be thankful for. the memories that we've made here aol -- will be cherished forever. >> reporter: what do you think the trip meant to darius? >> gosh, i love that he's at an age that this is going to be something that he'll remember forever. >> reporter: i'll have much more with darius tonight at 7:30 on the "olympic zone." the kid beat me in pin trading.
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me about the gentleman -- about attitude and inspiration. what a kid. i'm glad i ran into him in rio. tonight he's watching back home in new jersey. >> cute kid. >> he was adorable. what a light he had about him. he was great. thanks. and join us tonight for what bruce mentioned, "the olympic zone." an inside look at everything happening in the games in rio. "the olympic zone" airs tonight at 7:30. we'll look at one american swimmer using high-tech training equipment to try and p and then stay tuned for nbc's coverage of the summer games starting at 8:00 p.m. tonight. and john chandler up next with more on the world of sports. >> a-rod. all the time. the mini farewell tour for alex rodriguez underway. his last week with the yankees. question is, will he reach 700 home runs? will he even get in the lineup before friday? we'll try to answer some of those questions. plus, whatever you expected of eli manning this season, the
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out?
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technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. as the immortal band europe sang, "it's the final countdown." for alex resignation it starts tomorrow -- alex rodriguez it starts tomorrow in boston. we'll see him in pin stripes four more times. 's only bonds, aaron, and ruth have more. a-rod's been glued to the bench for most of the past month, and he hasn't played in any of the team's last five games. how realistic is it that he cracks joe girardi's lineup card this week? boston's in the middle of a pennant race. to think a-rod will get a farewell tour at fenway might be a stretch. it's four games to hit four homers. >> 700 or any of those type of
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it would have been fun to share with fans, with our young players watching history. something that i think is synonymous with the yankees. i would have had fun hitting home runs and helping the team win and contribute and finish the year on a strong note. >> if he wants to play in every dame, i'll find a way, you know. i mean, that's -- like i said, i need to talk to him we need sort probably through some emotions. >> reporter: if he wants to play in every -- i think he wants to play in nfl preseason games start this week. thursday, jets host jacksonville. then the giants. will we see victor cruz on the field against miami? that's the great unknown. eli manning thinks cruz looks much improved in practice. as for eli himself, general manager jerry reece applied pressure recently saying the team is on the quarterback's base. eli, your response to the challenge? >> as a quarterback, you understand you got -- you know,
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and you got to play well. you've got to take over. and you got to do -- i got to do my job, play at a high level. i understand that. i -- you know, i demand that of myself anyway. so i don't think you try to put added pressure. when we go out there and try to do my best. last night in primetime coverage, michael phelps and katy ledecky picked up more gold medals wowing the crowd in rio. they were right back in today. let's start with phelps who after spearheading the u.s. to gold in the four by 100-meter relay took part in the first individual competition. 19-time gold medalist did enough in the qualifying heats for the 2-meter butterfly, his signature event. he will race in the semifinals tonight. as for ledecky, shattering her own world record in the 400 freestyle last night, she cruised in qualifying heats in the 200 free this afternoon. semifinals in that event also set for tonight. michael phelps won that four by
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>> incredible. thanks. >> "nbc nightly news" straight ahead. >> see you tonight at 11:00. meltdown, chaos as delta suffers a worldwide crisis. terminals packed with people. tragedy, a 10-year-old boy dies on the tallest water slide in the world. a terrifying accident and growing questions tonight about what happened. sounding the alarm, 50 senior republicans warning donald trump would be, quote, the most reckless president in american history, showing his support is cratering. and gold in rio.


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