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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 11, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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>> boy, that was really something, wasn't it? so we conclude here with a look at the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's supporting athletes on their journey toward olympic gold. the americans still have a sizable lead. meanwhile, kohei uchimura was part of a big day for the japanese. they won three gold medals, their most in a single day since 2004 in athens. you ow like uchimura often win overwhelmingly but sometimes what's needed is the knack for winning even when you don't have your a-game. last night we saw michael phelps swim an imperfect race in the 200-meter butterfly and yet still win by 0.004 of a second. today kohei uchimura was at less than his best today so he needed
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one here for him, uchimura still has another event remaining in rio, that's the floor exercise, but it won't end for him here as his final olympic bow will likely come four years from now in his home nation when tokyo hosts the 2020 olympics. as we say good night, the medal ceremony for uchimura, ukraine's oleg verniaiev who had gold in his sights until the final restation winds up with ? ? ? ?
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? [ cheers and applause ] and that does it for us.
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bright and early and we'll see you tomorrow night from rio. pride, glory, cultural expressions, it has more flags than the opening ceremony, only here it's all stars and stripes. scaling trump tower using suction cups. why he did it. >> streets flooded and a tornado just confirmed.
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and a screen you can touch. and even write on. when you see a computer that can do all that, it might just make you wonder... hey, what else can it do?
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a tornado gave people the fright of their hives. but first. >> you can see they dropped him in the building. >> a man scales trump tower using suction cups on the glass. tonight we're learning more about who he is.
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and shut down a stretch of manhattan's fifth avenue for hours. >> he used to make it all the way -- he made it all the way to the 21 floor. after three suspense filled hours. most of it captured on television. >> that man was headed toward the 58th floor, right? >> reporter: he certainly was. it tied up traffic. captivated 3:40 this afternoon. a climber using suction cups. >> a little too surreal to think that someone is climbing trump tower. >> i would like to know what he wants to say. and i wish that he wore brighter colors so we could get good pictures. >> crowds gathered to take those pictures on 56th street and fifth avenue and madison. watching these tense moments
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but with precision floor by floor. >> this reminds me of superman. >> reporter: the nypd services unit knocked out the panels and the windows. instead of going through the window, he climbed around it. crowds watched as the climber evaded police. on the 21st floortion police took not one but two windows out from the inside. a hook was put o two rescue inflatables were set up in case he fell. >> i could see that he is getting tired. i said at least if he gets tired. >> in a swift, safe and sudden movement, the detective snatched the climate, pulling him in through the 21st floor window. >> i reached out, took hold of his hand. sir, you need to come with me.
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mesmerized midtown, shut down a portion of 56th street, was rolled out on a stretcher. his climb up the tower ended in a trip to bellevue psychiatric ward. >> it is surprisingly engaging, watching this cops and robbers thing unfold. amazing. >> where those windows once were are panels in repair. there's still a police presence outside of trump tower. recollectly evaluated, we know police are sorting out the charges. >> thank you. so who is this guy and why did he scale that building? jonathan is live in the newsroom with the message he posted online. >> police say the 19-year-old from virginia was on a bizarre mission to try on meet donald trump. tonight he is hand cuffed in a bellevue hospital room as police dig into his past.
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steven and he was climbing trump tower carrying a flyer, a notebook which he dropped. it read, check out his youtube video. the video where he explained his strange motive. asking to meet donald trump. >> i'm an independent researcher, seeking a private audience with you to discuss an important matter. >> after his capture, he was wheeled into an ambulance. investigators say he was not injured when they put him inside. he was being hospitalized as a aide and climbing gear. no weapons. >> get out and vote. >> on tuesday he posted his youtube video and also, came to new york and stayed at this hotel in the bowery. police searching his room for evidence as secret service agents are looking for an update.
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>> he previously went by one name and now he goes by a different name. we're looking into that. >> there was this moment. he was kneeling. his belongings searched. investigators looking to see if the would be spiderman has any criminal past or history of mental illness but nothing definitive. police say during the time they were negotiating with him, he just kept saying he wanted to climb to the top and he wanted to meet donald trump. he i charges including trespassing and reckless endangerment. police have spoken to his the family and they said in the past he's been evaluated for a possible mental disability. back to you. meantime donald trump spent time campaigning in ft. lauderdale. he made no mention of the high rise drama but he did tweet out,
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>> scaling sky scrapers as an attention getting stunt. two people climbed in it times square, six people apart. the first was a dare devil who has scaled sky scrapers around the world and is known as the french spiderman. the other was a brooklyn man. both were able to use the rods outside the building and climb it without ropes or harnesses. and two years to the day, walked along the high wire strung between the twin towers. the professional stunt man gave no reason for that death defying act and later which inspired a children's book and a movie entitled man on wire. stay with us for the high rise drama. you'll find updates there. a tornado touched down
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>> now a closer look of the damage. >> reporter: chuck, even though it was a weak tornado, the national weather service says winds topped out at 70 miles an hour as the twister touched down. it didn't damage any homes but look at what did it to some of the trees in the area. and we heard from one frightened young girl who called her mother. >> she said everything will be okay. and we went over the things to do when a tornado happens. >> her mother's comforting words helped to calm cassie stevens, home alone when a tornado warning came across her home. >> the winds started to pick up and almost blew everything off the kitchen table. so i closed the window. i texted my mom and i went inside the staircase. because there are no windows. >> she could have felt the
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tornado. the national weather service says it is the first one in suffolk county since 2012. the tornado snapped several trees and left branches strewn across the roads. >> severe thunderstorms across eastern suffolk county produced plenty of alignment. the stunning 15-second video shows about 15 strikes in east hampton. so fast, they're hard to count. lightning is blamed for catching several homes on fire including his neighbor. it was under construction. now it is just charred lumber. thunderstorms left some local roads flooding. a surprise for residents who expect the rain but just not so much all at once. >> that i know there has been a chance because of the heat and the humidity. so we've been waiting for these thunderstorms to happen. i didn't realize it would be such downpour. >> even though they're not used
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seeing people leaded the warnings no, one was hurt. news4 new york. >> a tornado ripped through north haven. >> and another tornado sent people running for cover in connecticut. an ef-0 tornado with winds up to 70 miles an hour struck north haven and it moved across the long island sound. janice huff explains, the same system that spawned >> we were it this afternoon. it all started around 1:00, 1:30. that thunderstorm intensified when it got over long island sound. and then it moved into the twin forks area. here it goes. with intense lightning strikes, between 500 and 1,000. and the tornado touched down and wind damage and flooding as well. watch it as it tracks into the
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little bit but not before producing all of that damage that you saw there. there's the tornado indicator for the storm report where the touchdown happened here this afternoon. but there were other reports as well. you heard about the lightning as well as some wind damage. that happened about 4:00 this afternoon. we saw numerous lightning strikes and flooding. we've got more in store. we still have that tropical mass over us for tomorrow and the next several days. plus the heat. i'll talk about that and the forecast. >> and then there is that. >> you can track the weather and the storms on the news4 app. >> two local athletes made history on day five. >> news4's bruce beck is live
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>> the first four days in rio were dominated by michael phelps in the pool and the final five in the gym. but today, two of our local guys stole show. the u.s. men's basketball team survived their toughest test thus far, outlasting australia, 98-88. knicks star carmelo anthony was a one-man wrecking crew, pouring in 31 points including nine three-pointers. melo game all time scorer in u.s. men's olympic history. meanwhile in fencing, daryl homer put on a spectacular show in men's individual sabre. the 26-year-old sensation who grew up in the bronx and attended st. john's university reached the finals of the event before losing to hungary in a one-sided gold medal match. >> what was it like? >> it felt amazing.
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four years of hard work. just happy to kind of take jump that i wanted to and i'll be back next time for gold. >> you lost the last match but you won the silver. how do you reconcile that? >> one of the coaches came to me and said if they told you at the beginning day of the you had a silver, you would be happy, right? for now it is a little tough but for now savoring the moment. >> reporter: homer just missed hiin he still earned the u.s. medal in individual sabre for the men since 1984. also, the u.s. women's basketball team won. so did the u.s. women's field hockey team and katie ledecky did it again winning the gold medal. the i'm bruce beck. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much.
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japan has won 18 medals followed by russia with 18. we are your home for olympic coverage. read up on the athletes, the game highlights and must-see match-ups ahead. coming up, sudden gunfire. two by standers are shot on the sidewalk. now we're looking at the men police say pulled the trigger. >> and 22 dogs living inside an suv. th the animals. >> and the new push to track
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new tonight, police want to question these two men in connection with the shooting in the bronx that left two bystanders injured. it caught the gun violence. you can see the victims crawling on the ground after getting hit by a bullet. that woman and a 63-year-old man were hurt. both are >> police want to track down a group of kids who set off some sort of explosion outside a rabbi's home. it happened on terry hill drive. just before 11:00 last night. the woman in the home said she heard the boom and then saw four teens. as they ran away, they threw fireworks near a tree setting on it fire. to that vicious murder of a jogger. set up to raise the reward, had
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>> somebody knows something. somebody has to say something. with this amount of money, maybe they will. >> vetrano was sexually assaulted and strangled last week while out for a job near her home in howard beach. that go fund me page was set up yesterday seeking $100,000. it surpass that had goal in hours and it is close to reaching the new goal of $200,000. 20 new dogs, various breeds, all living tonight the shocking find and who was hoarding the animals. michael george in the bronx. >> the cutest thing ever. >> they're frail. so small they fit in the palm of your hand. and a little scared to come out in the open. but they're alive and getting stronger. >> he has come out of his shell. it's beautiful. >> these dogs were found in deplorable conditions. living in a mercedes suv. 22 dogs in one vehicle.
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lethargic and in big trouble. >> regina said the dogs were being hoarded by a woman who was also living in the vehicle. a veteran believed to be mentally ill. >> how could she fit 22 dogs in one car? >> she had the german shepherd kratd to the back. and the rest were all loose all over the place. >> now they're taking their first steps outside. and watching over them, bruno. a german shepherd with them since the beginning. >> bruno is just awesome. he cried for everyone that we were handling. he was like the papa bear to all of them. >> these pupries getting a second chance. thanks to a community of volunteers. the long island shelter has agreed to take in half the dogs. even officers from the precinct pitched in. now bruno and the pupries adjusting to life outside the
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all 22 dogs are expected to survive. now they need homes. the rescue groups are taking applications. michael george, news4 new york. >> i'm sure they'll all find homes. >> they were cute. >> yes, they were. the heat took a back seat to everything else mother nature was throwing at us. >> did it in terms of the big story. it was a big story. and he know the humidity, you felt it today. it is steam bath with the tropical moisture in place. that's going to get worse. in terms of rain, there is not much going. on we're pretty much in the clear for the rest of the night in terms of any big storms. our train of moisture will continue for several days. this pattern coming out of the gulf of mexico is not going to change very much. so more heat, more humidity and more of those tropical down pours where it could flood
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you might see a shower or thunderstorm pop up in the jersey shore. by 2:00 is when we'll see the showers and storms pop up. to near 90. these storms could become sbegs. they'll continue randomly through the evening hours. the city might even get in around 7:00 and more for the jersey shore around 1:00 a.m. friday through saturday, we have the heat advisory in effect for the five burroughs. the temperatures right now, 70s to near 80. 84 in the city. you combine that with the humidity levels. it feels like almost 90 out there. it is suffocating and stifling. the temperatures stay around 80 and to the upper 70s. continuing to the morning hours
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tomorrow the high temperatures should make to it 90 in the afternoon. stifling wheat more thunderstorms at random. a look now ahead at the ten-day forecast for you. you don't see much change dpemt temperatures get hotter. a chance for showers and thunderstorms, hot, hazy and humid, even into next week. a lot
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lawmakers are hoping a new registry to track firefighters will help save lives. >>ld cancer registry for firefighters. schumer says both full time and volunteer firefighters are exposed to harmful toxins and are at a higher risk for several types of cancer. it would help protect those on
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. the usa is not doing badly in team sports. >> it has been fun to watch. especially in the pool. as expected in these olympics, the latest version of the dream team on the court.
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and michael phelps is collecting gold medals likes they're stamps. perhaps not as expected, the feel hockey team. melissa gonzalez from new york scored once and the american squad, right back at i tomorrow when they face india. to the pool. the 4x200 meter relay. katie ledecky left the blocks. it turngs out she had the and that was that. when ledecky hit the pool, the u.s. trailed by a length. they've won by more than a body length. look at that. incredible. her third goal in the rio games. a bid to become just the third american woman to win four gold medals in a single olympics. michael phelps and ryan lochte qualified 1 and 2.
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lineup in boston. he was told, farewell tours aren't part of the job description. he had an up-hill battle right from the start. nathan last one inning before heaving with right elbow discomfort. with two on, much to the delight of the fenway faithful. a-rod summoned a pinch-hit. listen to the boos. it was a productive out. it moved the two batters later, jacoby ellsbury. later, starling castro delivered the two-run double to left capping a five-run inning. the yankees go up 6-4. how about gary sanchez capping it in emphatic fashion? this by the time it lands somewhere, this is his first career homer. what a shot. the yankees needed seven relievers but they win 9-4.
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one step forward, two steps back. since july 7 and 8, the mets' offense was nonexistent. look at this shot from kelly johnson. near flushing bay. just like that. would it stay that way until the 12th. when oscar hernandez connects on his first career home run off jerry blevins. the mets went down the bottom half xfl they are now with this loss a game over .500. the mets and yankees have the had 57 and 56 records. carmelo anthony became the leading scorer in u.s. men's olympic history. >> of course, i was conscience of it. it was, i was in my zone. i was playing basketball. my teammates found me when i was


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