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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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and at his nephew's would be beer distribution business. >> you've not addressed our questions -- >> like i said, that's off topic, so now you can leave. you could leave. you could leave. out. >> the mayor did not want to talk about i-team reports about patterson workers at his house and a would be beer distribution, billing taxpayers for doing private job. now we've obtained new fellow workers identify on tape here, at the work site, linked to the mayor's nephew on saturday, december 6, 2014, he billed seven hours of overtime, saying he removed sewers between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. but they show him at beer business at 11:00 a.m. he did not return repeated calls for comment.
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there that morning, and records show he too billed overtime. he did not return calls seeking comment. previously, hanlin told the i-team he did not bill overtime for work he did for the mayor, but rather saw the private jobs as an opportunity to socialize. to date, the i-team has found eight examples where patterson employees are working for the say they're working overtime. helping the daughter move or removing construction debris, washing his scooter. city records show overtime was not build for the private jobs at those specific times. new jersey's state attorney general has launched a criminal investigation. despite the videos in overtime records, the mayor this spring denied any improper billing of taxpayers. >> no city employee on taxpayers
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work in my home. or any other place. >> patterson is facing a budget crisis, where the mayor called for closing summer programs for the city's children, angering some residents. he did take questions on the budget, but became angry when our producer tried to ask him about additional evidence that city workers were billing for private jobs. >> out! >> it is . >> out. i gave my statement. >> the attorney general is not commenting on where the investigation stands. the corporation counsel has said the city is cooperating fully with authorities. chuck. >> jonathan, thank you. and now to the hot weather, blanketing the tri-state. it is only going to get worst. the high humidity is making the steamy air feel hotter and
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miserable. the heat and humidity combined makes it feel like over 100 degrees. at 5:00 p.m., it topped 12,600 megawatts. chuck, practically every county in the tri-state area is under some type of alert for the heat, either an excessive heat watch or heat advisory. this will saturday. the temperatures are only going to get hotter from where they were today. actual temperatures. these were the numbers for today. most locations above 90. tom's river was 96. 93 in bridgeport. some areas have cooled off a bit. west hampton is 82. 90 in morristown. the key, the dew point, the measure of moisture, and when these numbers get above 70, it
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you add that to the temperature and this is what it feels like. 100 in pougiskipe, flash flood watches, these areas have seen cells come in with 2 to 4 inches of rain and flash flooding is likely. more thunderstorms we're tracking now, even close to the city. we'll show you those, coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, 19-year-old man that stopped fifth answer while scaling trump tower has been formally charged for his stunt. is there a look at that video. steven ragata faces criminal trespassing, and he is at the bellevue hospital. he could be arraigned from his hospital bed next week, chuck. all right, now to an i-team update. cell phone video taking by a fed
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aggressive agents. now local legislatures want the department of state to get involved. sarah wallace is in chestnut ridge, where she spoke exclusively with the fed up homeowner. >> reporter: just like new jersey, parts of rockland county, including chestnut ridge have passed a no knock policy. many homeowners tell us the ordinances are blatantlyng taking matters into their own hands. >> it's ridiculous. you're walking, you're being approached. if you're in your house, you're being approached to sell your house. i just got tired. >> so maggie started using her cell phone to record aggressive real estate it is not allowed in this community, and a few others in rockland without prior
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man. >> he said do you know anyone who wants to sell their house. >> i said look to see who has a for sale sign. they wants to know who is selling. >> a couple of weeks later, she videotaped another man who knocked on her neighbor's door. he started videotaping her. >> i didn't care. i said hey, fair is fair. i'm videotaping, you're videotaping. he came very close to me, i guess maybe, maybe to frighten me. i don't know. >> several months ago, a grass-roots group began encouraging residents to document things. we saw two real estate agents at her door. >> i've seen you knocking on everybody's doors. >> many homeowners are putting up these signs on their lawns. >> why do you have to feel you have to purchase houses and we have to be pushed out. that's wrong. >> that's the way you feel. >> that's the way i feel. >> are you going to keep on videotaping.
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tomorrow at 11:00, orangeburg, elected official al also have a news conference to talk about this problem. one of the proposals is for the department of state to make all of rockland county a cease and desist zone for real estate so skipping the fare, not paying up. this is according to a recent state audit, which covered 2 and a half years, it found the mta failed to collect $13 million in fines. it generally stopped trying to collect that money, after about 18 months. the mta says it makes several attempts to collect the fines. the state controller says with the crowded trains and increasing delays, the transit system needs every dollar. new york residents think a police officer should face criminal charges when firing his
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there is no plans to prosecute him. he allegedly fired into the air on june 11th during what is being reported as an alcohol related incident. a mount vernon police officials told us no crime was committed, he may still face departmental discipline. ahead at news 4 at 6:00. help the homeless, just not in my backyard. one resident is saying in the queens neighborhood, what the city plans express. two dozen homes after a fast moving fire in the bronx.
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ly fios can.
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accident with two other cars, an east harlem apartment building. chopper 4 was over the aftermath on madison avenue and 118th street. you saw the skid marks there, where the livery cab stops short of the doors. paramedics had to rush three drivers tots hospital. no word on their conditions or what sparked the crash. fire tore through a house earlier this morning in the bronx, on east after 2:00 a.m. one witness said a man jumped out of the window, which quickly spread to the second floor. seven people were hurt, one of them seriously. three firefighters were also injured and one in serious but stable condition. they say the cause was electrical. it started in a bedroom air conditioner. creating art from tragedy. the idea behind a stunning new exhibit at the 9/11 museum.
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display for the 15th anniversary. each piece was created between 2001 and 2011. they incorporate ash or debris from when it happened. it opens on september 12th. we'll have the full friday forecast. plus this. >> reporter: plans to turn this holiday inn has queens hollering. i'll tell you why they are
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after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. lester holt joins us from rio with a look on what's ahead tonight. lester. >> reporter: hey, chuck, we'll be leading off with late breaking news from the gymnastics venue here from team usa. i'll give you two words, simone biles. what an afternoon. road debris, what a new study says about the deadly and costly
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highways and yet another frightening amusement park accident. we tell you up ahead at 6:00. >> see you then, thank you. chuck, some residents up sed over de blasio's plan to shelter the homeless. roseanne colletti has the story. >> it may become a haven forhe homes. this man lives within a few blocks from the site. they plan to convert it within a homes shelter within the next 60 days. >> why so hot to open it at this present time t doesn't make no sense. >> reporter: the man sleeping on the park bench is just one reason new york city has struggled with finding ways to get the homes off the streets. an estimated 55,000 homes men, women and children. the city plans to use the 110
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mostly industrial zone to house homes adult families. queens is being picked on, says council member, elizabeth crowley. >> since mayor de blasio has become the mayor, he has been putting homes shelters in queens left and right. this community is already within walking distance of three shelters. >> reporter: the mayor's office tells news 4 there is a need in queens. approximately 250 in shelter listed their most recent address 5, representing individuals likely separated from their families. >> reporter: the residents also have a chance to make their voices heard and get answers to be held tonight, and one expect today draw hundreds here at the martin luther kill. i'm roseanne colletti, news 4 new york. wildlife experts will take a close look at the water to learn more about sharks.
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group called o search will look at the montauk coast. the waters off long island may serve as a nursery area for the great white sharks. the nursery doesn't make them sound cuter. >> no? >> not at all. >> how do you feel about the heat, janice? >> it feels like florida, and it is raining like florida out there. just a few moments ago, we had a downpour central park way. this was about 15 minutes ago near laguardia, look at what is happening now. this is how fast these things developed and move out. we are seek peeks of sun. it stopped raining, and turning a faucet on and off. the storm is still out there. we're still tracking it, and parts of nassau county, you have to watch out for it. airport delays are extensive. all major airports seeing an
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of the storms out there that we are tracking. here is that storm that moved over the gcp and lie. it is now a situation near hillside. you could see near laguardia, still heavy rain up towards saddle rock. 200 or almost 200 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes with this cell. rain coming down at the rate of 4.25 inching an hour. it moves to estates, valley stream, because that's the direction it is going in. we've got another cell in pennsylvania, near buckingham, that sort of sitting here, but you have to watch out over western new jersey for this. a wall of water, with the rain fall, the rate of 2 to 3 inches of water, already a flash flood water warning for portions of the region. intense lights anything and walker valley, 336 strikes in the last 15 minutes.
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coming up from the gulf of mexico. it actually moves all the way up to the upper great lakes. not just here. just about everywhere in the east. we'll see a few more of these storms last until about 8:00, and then most will die out. although you might get one or two near the jersey shore around midnight. still tracking them popping up later tomorrow in the afternoon. they'll be scattered, random, and they'll be tropical with heavy downpours. watch out, jersey shore, tomorrow evening. looks like you'll get in on some of that temperatures today, 95 this afternoon in newark and laguardia, and the same for tomorrow into the weekend. the city should hit 95 on saturday. the heat index will come close to 110 in some cases over the next few days. take it easy, everybody. slow down and stay cool. the heat and humidity will last. just can't wait for that. much later. well, the fifth day of
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the medal leader, 35 overall and counting now. a wrestler going for gold, bruce beck in rio for the games. bruce, you have that story for us. >> reporter: absolutely, natalie. you know, family and the olympics. we've heard so many stories over the years about wonderful relationships. but this one takes the cake. it is about a wrester who became a dad in another olympics, ready to compete at 143 pounds, but tuesday, his mind and his heart was over 4,000 miles away, in new jersey. that's where his wife, kara, gave birth to his second son, a boy named frank jr. >> how crazy has this been? >> it has been really crazy. you know, we had this baby three weeks early, and i was planning on getting back on the 24th, and
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child, so it's been, you know, really challenging me and testing me to keep my focus. >> reporter: while he showed a soft side here in rio, don't be fooled. the man is solid as a rock. much of that has to do with his roots. frank hails from the jersey shore, which adored a gut wrenching storm in october of 2012. do you have the same toughness that the jersey shore had following sandy? >> yes, you know, i think just being from jersey makes you tougher, you know. environment, the people, it is just very tough state. >> reporter: frank attended penn state, where he was an ncaa champion and four time all-america, he won the olympic trials, despite being the ninth seed. but he now emerges on the biggest stage in all of sports, where he will be the ultimate under dog. >> if you end up on the podium, will it be you or so many other people representing you?
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i think we have 15, 20 people just coming out here to watch me. now i'm going home to a second son, you know. i don't think it gets better than that. if i make it up on the podium, i know i have a lot of people to thank and a lot of people to share the moment with. >> reporter: frank told me that some day, he'll be able to tell his son the whole story. hopefully there is a gold medal in the ending. sounds good to me. live at the rio bruce beck, news 4, new york. here is a guy you've got to root for. >> we are definitely rooting for him. thanks, bruce. join david ushery and me at the games in rio. the olympic zone air airs tonig. and the games start at
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cable. we're wired differently. looking gloomy outside, pretty gloomy for the mets. >> that about sums it up right there for the mets. not the season they hoped for. a lot of injuries. that's really been a big problem. it has been a disastrous week for the mets. the week, this season might have hit rock bottom today. trying to help avoid the sweep against arizona. a last place team, fourth inning, laces one down the line, on the triple. next batter, the pitcher, braden shipley, laces an rbi single and makes it 3-0 diamondbacks and done after five innings. john niece imploded in the first. belting a solo homer to left, got out in a hurry and bases loaded, chris owings. no chance.
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so the mets get swept. 9-0, the final. falling back to .500. terry col linsz, not amused. >> your responsibility to the fans, our fans, the organization and to yourself, with respect to this game to come out and grind it out. you cannot say whoa is me at the level. cannot do it. everybody is too good here. nobody feels sorry for you, because everybody has been humbled. those who don't want to get after, i will find somebody else who does. that's all i got to say. i'm done. >> and with that, no questions. got up and left. message received. now to happier things, like a-rod, who asked to play third base in his farewell tomorrow night. he is in boston batting clean up, dhing of course. he gave a pinch-hit appearance. he had a chance for a big
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just got under the ball a little bit. but moving the runner over sparked a huge five run-inning. in the 8th, this is why they need to release him, playing this young guy. this is a bomb to center. kid looks like he could be something special, huh? nathan evovoli, met life, mel tonight. back to rio, will golf is back in the olympics for the first time since 1904. this is how to start things off. englishman, 97 yards, and into the cup for a hole in one. rose, 4 under par in round one. marcus frazier of australia, leader at 8 under. take a hole in one any where. in the olympics, that's something else. >> thank you.
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alarming rise on the road, what you into he had to watch out for. thank you for joining us. "olympic zone starts here at 7:00." breaking news tonight from rio. golden girl. simone biles wins the all-around gold for the usa and aly raisman takes silver. a dazzling display as american katie ledecky blows the competition out of the water. and tonight it's phelps versus rivalries of all time. deadly explosion. a major rescue operation after fire rages through an apartment building. dramatic escapes and a frantic search for the missing. roller coaster horror. a child plunges off a ride in pennsylvania days after shocking incidents at a water slide and a ferris wheel at other parks across the country. and dangerous debris. an alarming rise in crashes caused by


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