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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 12, 2016 5:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> and i'm darlene. >> we're watching a few showers starting out looking oppressive but weakening now and running with more stable air overhead. this batch showing a brief shower or two in the next hour or so and then it moves on through and things will quiet down for a while and then heat on up. what we han orange, these are heat advisories. excessive heat warning in the city and nassau county up through the hudson valley as well. right now, it's not bad. 74 degrees. upper 80s by noon. humidity is back. >> queens is a problem right now
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traffic. you have two lanes closed at 108th street with an accident that is the two left lanes. delays building through here and construction in the westbound lanes of the l.i.e. in this area. and then heading over to the bqe, slow ride eastbound, one to two lanes blocked. things are still moving okay through this the search is on for a man who attacked a woman in a park on the upper west side. katherine creag has more. this is one of the most popular parks for the people in the upper west side. >> reporter: right. you can almost see people here at all times of the day. a woman was walking her dog when the attack happened in riverside park. at least there is a suspect sketch that police and people
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can go on. a sketch of that suspect. in this area of 107th street in riverside park, that's when the attack happened. the suspect walking and she was 48 years old. he asked her what time it was and tried kissing her as he put her in a headlock. she kicked him below the belt and she bit him. we talked to people who say it's a back. >> i think she's pretty brave because it take as lot of a woman to even try to fight back her attacker because she's so scared. >> reporter: and news 4 investigates found out the most recent nypd numbers show violent crime in city parks is up 23% compared to this time last year. that doesn't include central park but riverside park is in the top five of parks for the
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the suspect is being described as 25 to 30 years old with a muscular build. viewers can take a look at the suspect sketch. back to you, michael. >> you should be careful as you're doing this reporting with safety in the park as they should in all parks, thanks, kat. a health alert now. a concern of spreading hepatitis a in kerry barrett has more. good morning, kerry. >> yes. there is a case of hep a being investigated in farming dale new york at trento on july 19th, 23rd, 26th and 29th.
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fatigue, poor appetite, nausea, stomach pay and jaundice. the symptoms usually appear within 28 days of exposure. preventive treatment can help prevent or lessen the severity when it is given within two weeks of exposure. so if you have been there, it's important to let your doctor know. also there's a free vaccine to people who may have been exposed. the building is located in gat information, you can, of course, head to our website at darlene? >> kerry barrett, thank you. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. you're doing your best job of what we're about to feel for the next 48 hours. >> yes. same thing happening today and the rest of the week and it may get worse in terms of
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unsettled with showers and thunderstorms popping up especially in the late afternoon to early evening. tomorrow probably feels worse because the actual air temperatures peak tomorrow in the mid-90s. still hot and bothered, so to speak. 76 in oceanside. 72 in morristown. 68 in there. breaks in the cloud cover by noon, 87. very uncomfortable for lunchtime. it's indoors, i think. thunderstorms popping up again this afternoon and this evening. let's talk about the commute right now. there's the 5 train. it's been around all week. right? it's been having a week. we have delays on the uptown 5 trains because of signal problems on and off all week. if you're getting on the buses,
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so if you ride a bus at this hour, definitely check in to make sure you're not affected by these. otherwise, things look good there. parking rules in effect. >> thank you, lauren. it's 5:06. what a night for team usa the americans continued their dominance in the pool while the best gymnast in the world gave a stunning performance in the gym. >> jay gray is as the o >> reporter: yes, just an amazing night for team usa across the board. michael, always good to talk to you. look, at this point, the team usa dominance brought some of the athletes to tears. it was a magic and emotional
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simone biles and aly raisman and simone manuel, the first african-american to win a medal in the pool. and ryan lochte and michael phelps. he earned the 22nd gold of his career in the 200 i.m. while kayla harrison was a nightmare, the best in history in judo. michael phelps and katie ledecky will be back in the pool later today. also today, another high-profile olympic event in track and field as it gets running in rio. that should be excited. really, just the medal count continues to climb for the americans, guys. great news from rio.
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the concern at the bay where they are having sailing events. is this going to bring up new concerns and the impact? >> reporter: what the officials here are saying is that the water is safe and when you talk to some of the competitors, they are locked in, michael. they say, we're not worried about it. we have to continue. we're here to win medals. is it a concern? i think so. this was so much concern about the water. the associated press even conducting an independent study that found viruses and algae and bacteria in the water from human waste. i think some are concerned but the athletes are focused on their competition. >> jay, thank you very much. appreciate that. well, here's a look at the medal counts. team usa has the most gold medals to date.
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by japan and russia. the small island nation of fiji celebrating its first major medals in any olympics. >> it is smaller than the state of delaware but they love rugby. this is not only their first medal but a gold awarded for rugby since the 1924 games in paris. congratulations to them. be sure to check out for the four watch today including michael phelps and katie ledecky vying for gold in their signature races. to read up on the athletes, get details on the must-see matchups ahead. former penn state coach jerry sandusky will take to the stand today and will argue that his conviction should be overturned. he's expected to claim that his lawyers mishandled his trial four years ago.
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trial. he's now serving a 30 to 60-year sentence. police are reviewing video of a man who robbed two businesses when he went to a smoke shop on wednesday afternoon after briefly fighting with an employee. he stole $400 from the cash register and took off and stole $2,000 from another register last month. if you recognize this man, you're asked to call police. 5:10 right now. still ahead, rejoice. the change on one airline that will keep you entertained and save you money. plus, weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. a look at the statute of liberty there. you're watching "today in new york." when you can take your hands
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long days... and late nights. for the love. ?? there are four things to know this morning. police are searching for a man who attacked a woman as she was walking her dog in riverside
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today is a-rod's last day on the field at yankees stadium. there will be a special ceremony for him before tonight's game begins. and there's still time to buy tickets for tomorrow's vet summer fest, an event that benefits operation chill out, a charity that serves homeless veterans in new jersey. we have more information on our website, and new york and surrounding until tomorrow evening. cooling centers will have extended hours throughout the weekend. pools, parks and beaches will stay open later this weekend. the heat keeps coming today, tomorrow and sunday. we have an excessive heat warning in the city which includes nassau county and westchester county. tomorrow, the advisory is in effect as well. the feels-like temperatures
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aren't too bad. nassau county, 74 degrees right now. generally speaking, it's 75 from poughkeepsie to bridgewater. we have a few showers that started out as thunderstorms across eastern p.a. but it's weakening as it bound. rain comes down in a quick little burst but that's in burden county as well. take along your umbrella if you're heading out in the next few minutes or so. you'll need it from time to time this morning but especially late in the day. 105 is what it will feel like later this afternoon in the city. look at all of these triple digits. 105 in south brunswick and tomorrow, even worse.
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tomorrow afternoon and even away from the water, 106 in northport. 103 in poughkeepsie tomorrow afternoon as well. future tracker, quiet during the afternoon hours. hazy sunshine in here, not that you want it with the humidity. showers and storms pop up. the latest trend indicating it's from the city on more north and west. even if you're watching to the south of the area, with this type of air mass, a pop-up shower or thundor leftovers in and around the city and then it quiets down overnight. clouds giving way to hazy sunshine. we'll see that repeat itself one more time on sunday. 93, that's the actual high temperatures today. low 90s for the hudson valley. here's the ten-day. mid-90s tomorrow and sunday. scattered showers and storms in the evening. chance of showers on tuesday, upper 80s.
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and friday with temperatures in the middle 80s. let's talk about the morning commute with lauren. it's rolling along nicely but not the long island expressway. there's an accident blocking two to three lanes out there. westbound rubber necking as well. there are lanes blocked with construction on the l.i.e. westbound. heading over to the bqe, disabled vehicle westbound by the morgan avenue exit. eastbound construction, that's cleared for a better ride there. heading over to the area of allamuchy, quite a slow drive. avoid it or take local streets if you can and then alternate side parking rules are in effect. weather and traffic ahead on the
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donald trump's team is going to sit down with republican party officials today. this is being described almost as an intervention for a campaign seen as being in trouble. tracie potts is in washington with the details. we've heard rumors about letters being written to the rnc saying don't send any more money to the trump campaign until they get their act in order. what's going on here, tracie? >> reporter: they've gone public with that now in terms of the meetings some of the people emergency meeting. the trump campaign says, no, this is typical. in the meantime, donald trump is doubling down on what he said about president obama and isis. >> barack obama is the founder. >> reporter: donald trump is not backing down, claiming the president is responsible for isis. >> i tell the truth. i tell the truth. actually, a lot of people like that i said it. >> reporter: as trump campaigns in pennsylvania today, his staff
5:19 am
the party's frustrated with their nominee, trump team calls today's meeting routine. what's not routine, more than 70 party insiders going public urging the gop to give up on trump and redirect their money to struggling lawmakers up for re-election. >> because he refuses to do whatever other presidential candidate in decades has done and released his tax return. >> reporter: hillary clinton released eight years wort report that one of her top aides at the state department did double-duty for the clinton foundation. >> the american people are tired of the pay to play politics in washington, d.c. >> reporter: in a statement, the clinton campaign says that aide cheryl mills volunteered for the foundation on her own time. and volunteer work involved mills coming to new york to conduct interviews for the foundation. the campaign says that she did it on her own time.
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and that any allegation that this was a conflict with the state department job, they are calling it absurd. >> tracie potts, thank you very much. happening today, city university students are registering ahead of the november election. they will go underground into the subway station for the registration blitz. the event lasts from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. new york ranks among the highest in and macy's plans to close 100 stores around the nation by early next year. that's about 15% of the macy's department stores. macy's recently reported a slump of sales and profits. it's not clear which stores will close but the move will allow them to focus on their best-performing location. finally some news to cheer about when it comes to flying. american airlines says it will now offer all movies, tv shows,
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>> all right. >> the airline will make the change this month. most programming was already free but now flyers can review new content at no charge. delta airlines made a similar change last month. >> it's a good trend, right? >> a small cost for them but makes you more content on the flight and a better experience. >> absolutely. still to come, a boogie boarder was swept out to sea.
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it's going to be extremely hot. meanwhile, a dramatic rescue. four boogie boarders were swept out to sea. a couple of good samaritans tried to help them but their canoe capsized. the coast guard was able to get
5:25 am
when the tide is going out, you keep swimming and lose your place and then you're in trouble. >> recurrent risks are pretty high, too. always pay attention to lifeguards and really before you go into the water, that's the main thing. meantime, it's understandable, 93 is the expected high. that's the actual high temperature. with tum like 105 this afternoon. could be a storm just about any time for the first half of tonight or muggy, upper 70s. tomorrow, that's where i think we really peak in terms of temperature and humidity. 95. feels like temperatures, close to 110 tomorrow afternoon. scattered showers and storms in the low 90s. not a big, dramatic change there
5:26 am
we're in this for the long haul. >> we sure are. chris, thank you. >> lauren? believe it or not, we have flooding on the roads from yesterday. in the left lane out by paramus road. use caution if you travel in that area. heading over to the trains, 5 trains with ongoing signal problems. >> lauren, thanks very if you sprawl gra graffiti, there's $13 million lost in the period of unpaid fines. state comptroller says that they are not picking up the phone to collect the money. so you don't want to send people the message, just don't answer the phone and you don't have to pay the fine. >> it would be nice if people
5:27 am
>> right. 5:26, a scare at the 3 world trade center. a crane that nearly broke one of the windows. and i'm katherine creag live on the upper west side where a woman walking her dog was attacked. we'll show you what the suspect may look like. >> download the news 4 new york app on your device and we'll be
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the search for a man who attacked a woman. what she did to fight him off. plus, it's going to feel like triple digits today. the end of an era. a-rod's final day. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> a there is a new warning. what is going on today? >> we've upgraded things to an excessive heat warning and excessive heat watch which begins later tomorrow and continuing through sunday. the areas in orange is a heat advisory. the bottom line, everywhere is uncomfortable and the humidity makes you feel like anywhere from 100 to 110 degrees. you really slow down the pace,
5:31 am
a little rain out there this morning in northeast new jersey. we zoom in closer and there is steadier rain if you're heading out the door right now and in these areas, the activity is weakening. it may start to rain at times for the next hour or so and then look forak cover. 87 and hot and sticky. watch again as the storms develop late this afternoon or this evening. lauren, what's the latest? >> we have problems on the road, some of the same ones over on 80 heading eastbound after exit 19. there is an overturned truck out there causing delays. definitely leave yourself some time. if you can avoid it, that would be a great idea.
5:32 am
exit 21. two lanes remain closed. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you. 5:32 right now. police say a man jumped a woman as she was walking her dog. kat? >> yes, that woman certainly did fight back. she bit the suspect, kicked him as well. the attack happened right police did release a sketch of the suspect, a sketch that you see right there. it happened 5:20 in the morning last friday in the area of 107th street in riverside park. the suspect came up to the 48-year-old woman and asked her casually what time was it. all of a sudden, though, he put her in a head lock and tried kissing her. the woman broke free from the suspect, kicked him in the groin and then bit him.
5:33 am
>> sh should be able to walk whenever. >> and nypd numbers for you. the most recent nypd stats show violent crime in city park is up 23% compared to this tim year. it doesn't include central park but riverside park is in the top five police are still looking for the suspect. he's described as being 20 to 30 years old, muscular build. you can see on our website more on that suspect's sketch. back to you, darlene. >> thanks so much, katherine creag. thank you. new concerns about the
5:34 am
island. a worker may have exposed customers to the virus. health officials have identified five dates when it might have happened. july 19th, 23rd, 26th, 29th and 30th. those are all dates in july. anyone who drank something at the restaurant should look for symptoms of hepatitis a which include fever, nausea and yellowing of the skin. a tree fell on in yonkers. nobody was in the car at the time but the tree took down power lines which left nearby homes in the dark service will be restored by 6:00 a.m., officials say. looking at the weather, the line neen, thunder --
5:35 am
performance. still remaining unsettled today and again on sunday. tomorrow feels even worse right now, mid-70 it's muggy. once the temperature comes up and heats things up rapidly, a morning shower in several locations and then umbrella for later in the day with showers and storms and a high of 93 degrees. ten-day forecast coming up. an update on the commute right now from lauren. >> thanks, chris. an accident on the long island expressway by 108th
5:36 am
directions there is an accident and you can head over to the lanes that are starting to build up the traffic. definitely check to see if you're affected by this and it may take you longer to get to work. we'll have your next weather and traffic update on >> lauren, thank you. we're hearing exclusively from a young bronx girl who was attacked in her own building. police say he tried to lure a girl from a stairwell. he told her he would hurt her if she didn't do what he said. news 4's ray velleda spoke with
5:37 am
parents. >> and then i started screaming and banking on the two doors, yelling for help, help, help. >> bring her into the house and asked her and told her to call her parents and then we called the cops. >> they are going through video to look for the man that they are looking for. inspectors are looking into a crane accident that caused a scare for visitors to the world trade center. the cable section was blown by last night's wind into this is at 3 world trade. there was a loud noise when the window shattered but no glass hit the ground. the building was under construction so no one was inside and no one was hurt. the man from virginia who scaled the trump tower steve rogata, is undergoing psychiatric evaluation.
5:38 am
at home. police say he ran away in 2014 after arguing with his parents about his obsession with a political blog. it's 5:38 and today is the day a-rod is getting for his good-bye in the bronx. now we've got the line-up straight. >> reporter: i would never i'd be benched all the time. please believe me. i've been on the dl list for a long time. this is his final game. it's been his mind. hours ago he took to twitter to say, "it's been a long journey." there are questions, however, about how alex rodriguez will end his career with the yankees. he was on the field last night at fenway park. he'll likely be the designated
5:39 am
the fourth leading home run hitter in history but he hasn't seen much playing time this season. he hit 696 home runs meaning going into tonight's final game, many are wondering if he has what it takes to reach the 700 club. >> you know, there are relationships here. some of the relationships are deep. so they are all pulling for him. i think we' hoping he hits four home runs. >> girardi turned down a-rod's request to play tonight but the matchup turns out to be a blowout, he may consider putting him in the field. he's only had two home runs, michael, against the pitcher for the rays.
5:40 am
which will push the start of the game back. >> since 204, right? we've seen it all right here. >> thank you so much, tracie. sim moens bils with a dominating performance. >> in fa the floor exercise, she never let up. she made the balance beam look effortless. >> we put a lot of training behind it. we kept telling each other to have fun, that it's only one
5:41 am
what we did. >> meanwhile, history was made in the 100-meter free style. simone manuel is from texas and she's the first african-american woman to ever medal in a swimming event. it was all phelps, once again. he won his fourth straight gold medal. this was the men's 200 meter in ryan lochte finished fifth. team usa has the most golds to date. 38 total. china in second followed by japan and russia. >> still to come, angry reaction over plans to turn a local hotel into a homeless shelter.
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welcome back. look at these temperatures yesterday.
5:45 am
97, laguardia. we see that happening again today and humidity stays high and because of that, we have the excessive heat warning in effect for the city. flaws saw county and suburbs of westchester county, areas of orange with a heat advisory. so the bottom line is, we're stuck with this for the next few days at 75, laurel park and jfk. you get the idea, not a big spread of temperature within the suburbs either. doesn't drop off dramatically to the north. it's 74 and all the way up to poughkeepsie.
5:46 am
green so take along the umbrella. overnight, dropping to the 80s in terms of what it feels like by tomorrow, 107, 108 during the midafternoon hours. temperatures will feel the same way on sunday before we get a little bit of a break and i mean a little bit of a break on monday. 93, expected high. upper 70s tonight. showers and storms in most cases showers and storms later on today. festivities going on and watch out for thunderstorms, though. temperatures in the upper 80s.
5:47 am
afternoon. mid-90s. more showers and storms on monday, tuesday and wednesday. upper 80s. hopefully a bit less humid. >> we have a couple of problems but we start with route 80. we still have this overturned truck out there in the eastbound lanes after exit 19. it's back here. it's a little ways away. we know the exits are far apart and then heading over to queens, long island expressway, we are having problems in both directions. it blocks two lanes. delays are expensive, this is by the grand avenue 69th street exit. when the road splits there, that's where this is.
5:48 am
information, i'll let you know. it's a very slow down in this area. the l.i.e. in queens, it's not in good shape right now. in addition to that, grand central parkway, this is the outer roadway so you have another option. that slows with an accident. you'll have to head there as the road forks. delays build through this area. parkinges >> lauren, thank you. residents are angry about the plans to open a homeless shelter in their community. at times, a city representative was shouted down. the crowd was told it would open on october 1st. homeless people will be housed in an holiday inn express. >> the homeless shelter --
5:49 am
over my dead body. >> well, the city council woman from that area says she's also fighting the plan. she says there are already three homeless shelters right near that hotel. right now security is being stepped up in island because of a series of bombings. four people were killed. dozens more injured. a series of explosions went off in a number of popular tourist areas. police say they don't know who ruling out international terrorists like isis. several people remain missing following yesterday's explosion at an apartment complex in maryland which led two people dead, 34 injured and nearly 100 without a home. they are not sure how many people are still unaccounted for. we heard from one woman who said the froor of her apartment collapsed right under her 3-year-old son and as of last
5:50 am
him. also, we should learn more about the sinking of the "el faro" ship which sank as it sailed into hurricane joaquin. 33 people were lost at sea and presumed dead. three students from arkansas state university were covered with mud as they spent more than wednesday morning, they went in to explore and ended up spending the night, periodically calling for help. finally, they heard a faint voice call back. >> we heard, help, and finally just a tiny little voice off in the distance. >> where we found these guys, they were a very, very good ways in there. >> two of the explorers say they would never go back but casey sherwood doesn't plan to let this beat him.
5:51 am
>> i think so. the big event this weekend that's going to make much of lower manhattan off limits to cars. >> don't forget to follow us on facebook and twitter. you're watching "today in new
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
tomorrow, you can explore part of manhattan in a whole new way. >> you can see historic manhattan on foot or on bike. the city will close many blocks to traffic in the area below the brooklyn bridge. wnbc is a proud sponsor of event. >> the best way to see it. >> it's a good way. >> go early and stay hydrated. and take it slow. right now, a couple of showers working through new jersey and the city as well. you may need the umbrella in a few spots but maybe later in the day with the thunderstorms, 93
5:55 am
feels-like temperatures are near 100 to 105. the feels-like temperature the next few days, saturday, 107 and 102 on sunday and back to the 90s. the actual high tomorrow, 95 and 94 on sunday and each day, again, scattered showers and thunderstorms. like i said, just think southern florida. that's what we have up here right now. >> for a good >> all right, chris. we have some problems on the road on the henry hudson parkway. that is near exit 20 and 27th street which is blocking the left lane. on the rails, delays on uptown 5 trains. we have big problems on the long island expressway in queens. details in a couple of minutes.
5:56 am
5:55 right now. nursing moms are getting support from the city hall. they will provide a private space where mothers can breast feed their babies. the lactation rooms cannot be a restroom. they have to have access to electricity, a chair and running water. the law takes effect next july. governor cuomo would you like to eat locally grown food with the assurance that it's safe. fruits and vegetables will get special farms. they have to meet food and safety standards. in addition, the governor pledges to build a new food distribution hub in the bronx. news 4 your health, the majority of american children may not be making the grade when it comes to good health. the majority don't meet the standards for cardiovascular health. 91% of children have poor diets
5:57 am
one-third of girls met the exercise standard of 60 minute as day. coming up next, a frightening flight from boston that sent two dozen people to the hospital. we'll tell you what went wrong. also ahead at 6:00, several parks being forced to close early on long island as officials warn of newest nile virus concerns. keep watching and download the news 4 app on your mobile device. we'll be back in two minutes. york."
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a rough flight sends two dozen people to the hospital. and tears in rio. members of team usa overcome with emotion on another history-making night. "today in new york" starts now.
6:00 am
darlene rodriguez. >> and i'm michael gargiulo. chris has our steamy forecast. we're approaching the triple digits. >> yes, ranging from 100 to 105. that happens this afternoon. because of that, an excessive heat advisory for the areas in orange. it's also a warning in the city, nassau county and sections of northeast new jersey. that's in effect probably throughe really. here's your feels-like temperature at 4:00 afternoon in the city. 105 in south brunswick and feels like 102 and then tomorrow even worse by the mid- to late afternoon. 107 in the city is what it will feel like. we are socked in with the heat
6:01 am
3:006:05. >> we'll start with a live look and the long island expressway shut down with an excellent, heavy delays westbound because of this. allamuchy, after exit 19, delays very heavy through here and also on route 80 westbound. this is in he path ter son area. delays building quickly through here as well. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you. a warning for women in upper mid-manhattan.
6:02 am
walking her dog in riverside park. katherine cleag has more. kat, good morning. >> reporter: darlene, good morning. people tell us that it's a good thing that the woman fought back and she fought back hard. the attack happened here in the area of 107th street in riverside park. there is a sketch released and if you've seen him before here in the park, that sketch you see there, let officials know. is when it happened in the area of 107th street in riverside park. the suspect came up to the 48-year-old woman walking her dog and asked her what time was it. all of a sudden, though, he put her in a headlock and tried kissing her. police say the woman broke free from the suspect, kicked him in the groin and bit him. he took off running and people who spent time in this park are appalled by what happened. >> i think it's disgusting and
6:03 am
crimes where we can't walk our dogs in the morning. >> reporter: and news 4 investigates found out the most recent nypd numbers show violent crime in city parks is up 23% to this time last year. and actually, riverside park, darlene, is in the top five of most dangerous parks in the city with 13 incidents in nine months last year. we've been talking with people here and they say they feel relatively safe but they are concerned about again, his sketch is on our website, back to you, darlene. >> katherine creag, thank you. kat, thank you. a jetblue flight from boston to sacramento had to be diverted out of rapid city, south dakota. some of the passengers were removed by emergency crews. people were being treated for minor injuries and released.
6:04 am
had to be taken out of service. in westchester, two people are in the hospital from a powerful head-on crash. both cars were destroyed when they rammed into each other last night in yonkers. the intersections had to be closed for hours. right now we're awaiting word on the condition of the two drivers and whether anyone will be criminally charged. in new jersey, route 94 hardyston is closed because of flames shooting two feet into the air. a lightning bolt hit a power line causing it to fall to the ground. you'll see 75 degrees on the screen but chris says don't be fooled by that. >> that's not it. >> that's not so bad, right? >> right. >> the humidity is way up there and we're heading back into the lower 90s this afternoon and
6:05 am
feels-like temperatures, easily triple digits temperatures once again this afternoon. it's 75 in floral park and clouds out there with light showers. it's 75 in newburgh. generally, 70s in long island. upper 70s down around the jersey shore. light rain still left over in northeast new jersey working through upper manhattan and northern queens. that's the steady area of rain. this is all moves off towards the east. you may run into a light shower, especially out across nassau county in queens. after that, a lull in the action. the clouds break for hazy sunshine. we start to percolate the showers and storms. 87 at noon at 90 at 5:00. let's find out about the commute with lauren. >> thanks, chris. let's talk about mass transit.
6:06 am
we only have one issue. it's delays on uptown trains for number 5. otherwise, we're doing okay. on the grand central parkway northbound, outer roadway is closed. long island expressway also has an accident at woodhaven avenue causing delays and heading over to the henry hudson northbound, exit 20 at 237th street, in the left lane, but delays are not as bad. >> lauren, thanks so much. on to rio. it's a big day for team usa. track and field finally starts. and there's been a dominant run in the pool. >> jay gray is live from olympic
6:07 am
action. jay? >> reporter: good morning, darlene and michael. the rest of the world really no answer for the american athletes so far in the games and last night it was overwhelming for some. it was magic and an emotional night for team usa. simone biles and tears. the first female african-american swimmer, simone manuel, to ever earn a medal. and michael phelps winning his 22nd gold of his career in the 200 i.m. >> it's a dream come true. >> reporter: while kayla harrison was a nightmare for her judo opponent.
6:08 am
>> reporter: looking to add on to their golds, michael phelps and katie ledecky will be back in the pool today. another high-profile sport gets under way, track and field, as we make the transition from the pool and the gym to the track. back to you two. >> looking forward to that. jay gray in rio, thanks. let's look at the latest medal count. team usa leading with 38 overall. 16 are gold. china in second. 30 total medals followed by japan and russia. >> there are highlights of katie ledecky and michael phelps. it's 6:08. inspectors are looking into another crane accident here in new york city. the latest one startled tourists
6:09 am
the cable section swung wildly. this is 3 world trade center. that building is still under construction. nobody was inside or hurt. firefighters are blaming the weather. >> caught a gust of wind and on the 12th floor it hit a window. >> sounded like a boom and i saw the crane hit that part. >> workers were trying to secure that crane when the accident happened and no glass the shattered window panel will now be replaced. the man from virginia who scaled trump tower is charged with trespassing and reckless endangerment. steve rogata is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at the hospital. he wanted to meet gop nominee trump. rogata has had a history of problems at home and he ran away
6:10 am
political blog. happening today, alex rodriguez will step into the yankees stadium for the very last time. he was the designated hitter last night in boston. a-rod will take that same role tonight despite asking the manager joe girardi to play third base. he needs four more homers to hit the 700 mark. his final game coming up up next, in long island, how you could have been exposed to hepatitis. and later, heading to the beach may be getting more pricey as you head to new jersey. how much and how you can sound off on the issue. plus, weather and traffic on the 4s coming up as we look at the lincoln tunnel. you're watching "today in new
6:11 am
6:12 am
6:13 am
6:13 right now. here's four things to know right
6:14 am
her dog in riverside park. she told officers he put her in a head lock but she managed to fight him off. and the city will close many streets below the brooklyn bridge. this new shared streets program will run from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. there's still time to buy tickets for the vets summer fest. this benefits a charity that serves homeless veter we have information on our website, cooling centers in the city will have extended hours and pools and parks and beach also stay open later as well. 6:14. as we keep the heat and humidity at high levels, dangerous levels in some cases, we have an excessive heat warning in effect in the city. the areas you see in orange here, it's a heat advisory. bottom line here, the heat
6:15 am
100 to 110 degrees on the body over the next couple of days. so we have to slow it down and stay hydrated. really just limit your time outside. upper 70s in jfk. to the north, not much cooler in poughkeepsie. monticello, 76. low 70s for new jersey. couple of light showers dying out as they w eastward. no heavy rain to worry about. brooklyn, queens, nassau county, lower end of westchester county, nothing big coming out of that, though. a break in the action for 2:00 in the afternoon, you see thick spots. showers and storms slide towards the city between 6:00 and 8:00. another band will come on through and then things quiet
6:16 am
we start out with hazy sun and clouds and then isolated showers and thunderstorms. you can see it from 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow, even through the overnight hours. not continuous rain but we'll have to keep an eye on where the thunderstorms set up. 93 is the expected high in the city. we're all in the mix here. at the shore, not much cooler with more of a l rockaway, 80s. waves 2 to 5 feet and rip current risk is high. be careful. also, small craft advisory in effect. we have to watch the skies for lightning risks, too, for the thunderstorms. a lot to watch. meantime, scattered showers and storms on monday, tuesday and wednesday. hopefully drying out on thursday, friday and next week.
6:17 am
lauren? >> you know, there are no summer fridays when it comes to the commute. we start with 80 in the allamuchy area. take your time if you can avoid this and take local streets. that's the way to go. in addition to that, further east of this on 80 westbound, a tractor-trailer leaves just one lane open between exit 58 and 57. it's causing major delays as well. one lane getting by westbound here. heading over to the boroughs, in queens, it was closed earlier at grand central westbound causing major delays and there is an accident blocking a lane there on northern boulevard. a slow ride from south of the
6:18 am
heading over to the bqe, down to one lane eastbound. >> lauren, thank you. 6:18. new this morning, a health alert in long island. officials are warning of a possible exposure to hepatitis a. good morning. >> good morning. if you have been exposed, the key is to get treatment within soon as possible. within two weeks the county health department is investigating a case of a help a of a person who worked at trento and if you were there july 19th, 23rd, 26th, 29th and 30th, you may have been exposed. the symptoms range from mild to severe including things like fever, fatigue, poor appetite, nausea, jaundice. a lot of people recover in a
6:19 am
within 28 days of exposure. the suffolk county department of health is offering a free vaccine to those who may have been exposed. head to our website at >> kerry in the newsroom, thank you. if you're caught violating mta, you face a fine. but half of the people who get summons never pay up. that was a 2 1/2 year period. city. the state comptroller faults the mta for stopping collections if the fines go unpaid for 18 months. to learn more about sharks starting this tuesday or -- or this saturday, i should say, researchers from the new york aquarium will kick off a two-week expedition. they are hoping to learn more about the sharks living in the atlantic ocean.
6:20 am
nursery area for the great white shark. they hope to tag young sharks and study their migratory patterns. >> cool stuff. up next, hitting the field and how they did. west nile concerns and officials are shutting parks early. and you're watching "today in new york."
6:21 am
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6:23, happening today in new jersey, a public hearing is being held for a proposal to raise the daily parking fee at sandy hook. national park service planning
6:24 am
it would go into effect for next season. they use that money for future project and visitor services. the hearing takes place at 11:00 a.m. tonight, the giants kick off their season against miami and the jets hosted jacksonville last night. the quarterback started two series and led one touchdown meanwhile, a touchdown pass as the jets beat the jaguars 17-13. it's not exactly football weather. that's for sure. >> can you imagine playing football in this weather? >> crazy. light-colored and loose-fitting clothes for the rest of us nonfootball players.
6:25 am
105. showers in some spots but thunderstorms later on this afternoon. be aware of lightning and heavy downpours. tomorrow starts out quiet and showers and thunderstorms pop up again in the afternoon. a high of 95 tomorrow and feels like approaching 110. sun and clouds and hot and humid with scattered afternoon showers and storms with feels-like temperatures of 100 to 105. whatever you've been doing, stay >> for sure. chris, thank you. i hope the ac is working on the 5 train because we have delays again out there on uptown 5 trains because of signal problems. we'll look at the george washington bridge where it's free and clear heading into the tolls. over at the lincoln tunnel, it's a ten-minute wait into the tolls. this is the best of the three but we have big problems in new jersey on route 80.
6:26 am
>> enjoy the summer afternoon commute. >> lauren, thanks. the end of an era in the bronx. >> a controversial career ends for alex rodriguez tonight. i'm tracie strahan with a preview of tonight's game. and i'm katherine creag. a woman how she fought back and what her suspect might look like, coming up. keep watching "today in new york." download the app on your mobile
6:27 am
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rty stands with you.
6:29 am
new this morning, a brutal attack on an elderly man in the bronx. police need your help in getting the man off the streets. more dangerous heat will likely feel over 100 degrees. plus, a-rod's final game. here what the slugger is saying
6:30 am
"today in new york" starts now. good morning. it's august 12th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> the heat and humidity is likely to carry over to the weekend. we have overnight rain that cooled down the city a little bit. the heat is coming back as late to midafternoon. light rain left over and light showers out across portions of nassau county. not much coming out of that particular shower as it dies on out. showers and thunderstorms refire up later this afternoon. tropical feel this afternoon. feels like 100 plus. isolated showers and thunderstorms into the late
6:31 am
two different problems on 80. in the patterson area, there's a jackknifed tractor-trailer. one lane gets by. delays heavy getting through here. eastbound, not a problem. that's good news. then, heading over to alamuchy, there is a problem with an overturned dumptruck out there. delays are backed up three miles at this point. up on the 4s. >> thanks so much, lauren. new this morning, police are looking for a man who assaulted an elderly man. he followed the victim up the stairs, assaulted him and tried to rob him. you can see the man shove the 74-year-old victim down the stairs. the attack happened yesterday. the victim was treated and released from st. barnabas
6:32 am
sexual predator. katherine creag is there. kat, the park is busy as people walk their dogs before heading off to work. >> reporter: they certainly are, michael. there are couple of people who are in disbelief wondering if it happened here. it sure did. it happened in the area of 107th street and police have released a sketch of the suspect. this happened early in the mornin in the area of 107th street in riverside park. >> the suspect came up to a 48-year-old woman walking her dog. he asked her what time was it. all of a sudden, though, he put her in a headlock. he also tried kissing her. the woman broke free from the suspect. she kicked him below the belt and bit him and then he took off running.
6:33 am
a woman to fight back her attacker because she's so scared. >> reporter: and news 4 investigates found out the most recent nypd numbers show violent crimes is up 23%. riverside park is in the top five of parks with the most violent crimes. 13 incidents in nine months. the suspect is described between 20 to 30 years old, also a muscular build. the sketch is on our website, back to you, michael. >> kat, thank you very much. on long island, officials say they found west nile virus in more than a dozen mosquitos. they are advising people to stop activity from 6:00 to 9:00 in the morning. that's in oakdale and girl scout
6:34 am
health officials have -- the storms that passed through our area causing a tree to fall on top of a car in yonkers on grove street. no one was hurt but the storm knocked down power lines and trees. con ed is looking to restore power to nearly 900 customers. the flash o spotted in greenwich, connecticut. 2,000 outages reported statewide at the height of the storm. the number is down to about 600. 6:34 right now. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. there is a cleanup left behind and power outages. >> the heat and humidity is building up, though. that's fuel for the atmosphere, we percolate and get more storms
6:35 am
the area shaded in pink, nassau county is included in that. up to the north of town this morning, temperatures close to 70. kingston, 72. long branch, warmer and 79. 70s, long island. northern half of new jersey, lower 70s. i think the clouds break up sunshine. by noon, it's 87. again, we have to watch the sky. late afternoon and evening, a high with a steamy 90 degrees. we have delays out there on uptown 5 trains. we have plenty of problems on the roads, though. we'll head over to the bqe where eastbound there's a problem at the metropolitan avenue and
6:36 am
long island expressway, we still have an accident at the grand avenue and 69th street exit. that's causing delays on the outer roadways and main roadways. you'll start seeing traffic there all the way back to the queens area. if you are parking your car, you need to move it because alternate side parking rules are in effect. >> lauren, thank you. police are searching for a man who tried to attack a girl from an elevator in her building in mt. hope into a stairwell. with their parents permission, our reporter spoke to the victim and another boy who helped her. >> and then i started screaming and banging on the two doors, yelling for help, help, help. >> bring her into the house and asked her and we told her to
6:37 am
called the cops. >> police are going through surveillance video in the hopes of finding a better image of the man. 20 of new jersey's most powerful politicians sent a letter to lawmakers asking for a new terminal to be built in manhattan closer to the older one. they are fighting to move it out of midtown and they say it would create a coming from the side of the hudson. will the controversial slugger get a heartfelt salute from fans or a bronx cheer? tracie strahan has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he's just about heard it all but they have pushed back the start of tonight's game by 30 minutes to make way for a special ceremony that would pay tribute to alex rodriguez.
6:38 am
and just about everything in between. last night at fenway park, when the yankees faced the red sox, he actually was the designated hitter and he's expected to assume that role tonight for his final game with the yankees despite the fact that he asked joe girardi to play third base one more time. the team announced rodriguez would assume an advisory rolled ending his stint that started in 2004. now, hours ago, the 41-year-old was asked about his thoughts going into his big finale. >> it's going to be strange and surreal. i'm so grateful for the fans of new york. they have been so good to me through thick and thin. and i'm finally graduating and it's kind of a sad day but at the same time it's a happy day. >> reporter: right now he stands
6:39 am
the 700 club. joe girardi said that they stopped playing him because they didn't think he still had it but a lot of people are suspecting that despite this is his last game as a yankee, he'll continue playing but for another team. back to you. >> tracie strahan, carli lloyd, team usa, takes to the field and track and field kicks off. >> simone manuel is back in the pool after making history last night in the 100-meter
6:40 am
campbell who did not make the podium. manuel was emotional when she took to the podium. >> i just feel blessed. >> meanwhile, michael phelps blew away ryan lochte and everyone else in the 200 medley. this is his 22nd gold medal, in case you're counting, and his fourth at rio. in gymnastics, the u.s. is bringing the individual all-around simone biles dominated. watch this vault. wow. balance beam looked effortless as well. she won by the largest margin ever for the gold. captain aly raisman had a spectacular night. she ended up next to biles. she shared a heartfelt letter
6:41 am
she found this handwritten note. madison and laurie hernandez wrote how they looked up to aly, how she inspired them and referred to her as mama aly, a nod to her role because she's a captain throughout their journey in rio. isn't that sweet? >> so sweet. >> the "today" show is live in rio. there they are, simone biles and y gold medal performances. >> so much love and affection between them. >> they are with each other and sometimes against each other. >> great sportsmanship. it's 6:41 on this friday morning coming up next, a family reunion eight years in the making. how a new jersey state police
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
welcome back. it's 6:45. we made it to friday but it's another steamy day out there the weekend. remains unsettled with showers and storms as well. tomorrow feels even worse. 95 for the actual air temperature and feels-like temperature getting close to 110. meantime, heat advisory in effect in and around the city and nassau county. excessive heat warning in effect.
6:46 am
look at this feels-like temperature of 105 by 6:00. it feels like 103 in south brunswick. and then tomorrow, repeat performance, a little warmer in some locations, feeling like 107 in the city. 105 in nanuet and poughkeepsie up to 100. 93 is the expected high in the city for tomorrow. most jersey, same thing for hudson. shorelines cool off with the southwest wind. look for clouds and sun mix today. thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening. first half tonight and up to midnight, a thunderstorm or two around. upper 70s and muggy overnight. tomorrow, once again, warmer and 95 with the southwest wind, suffocating heat out there. leads to scattered showers and thunderstorms, primarily
6:47 am
tonight, watch out for thunderstorms. scattered around the area and there could be a delay for games. new york city summer streets going on tomorrow from 7:00 to 1:00 p.m. the feels-like temperatures are close to 100 by the afternoon. same thing for saturday, sunday and monday. upper 80s. same thing for tuesday and wednesday as well and we hope to break the back of this pattern a little bit by thursday or friday next week. it's 6:47. about the commute? >> it's slow going in certain areas. we have a lot of problems but they are the same problems. allamuchy, exit 19, left lane, backed up four miles get into this area. and then on 80 westbound in the patterson, madison avenue there and delays continue to build.
6:48 am
this area. on the hutch southbound, an accident near the draw bridge. delays building through here and then over on the long island expressway, the outer roadway, the accident has yet to clear by grand avenue and 69th street and it's causing a problem on the main roadway. bqe, delays at metropolitan avenue and atlantic. go to local streets to get around it although that's not a still have delays on the uptown 5 trains. back to you, darlene. >> lauren, thank you. in queens, an auditorium full of people vented their anger. they don't want a new homeless shelter in their community. there was a lot of yelling going on in maspeth. they will be held in a holiday
6:49 am
>> this shelter will be built over my dead body. >> city council woman from that area, elizabeth prowley, says she's fighting the plan. there are already three homeless shelters near that hotel. a remarkable reunion. this picture was posted on the police facebook page. it turns out, these two were siblings and homes. they lost contact with each other eight years ago. they both happened to show up and they talked to the same recruiter and that recruiter happened to be a foster child himself and was able to put everyone together. isn't that fantastic? >> fantastic. really appreciate that. coming up next, a superstar returns to brooklyn. don't forget, facebook and twitter. you're watching "today in new
6:50 am
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welcome back. some barbara streisand fans are waking up with new memories. >> this is from her homecoming performance last night. ? memories light the corners of my mind ? >> sounding fantastic, she's going to perform tomorrow night. she's 74 that part of brooklyn and she's performing only in nine cities on this current tour. she's a legend. >> my mother played her music in the house when i was growing up. so beautiful. so beautiful. all right. 6:53. the "today" show is coming up in a few minutes. we check in with matt and hoda. >> matt was just singing streisand.
6:54 am
biles and aly raisman, they go one-two in the women's gymnastics. they will join us live. >> plus, ryan lochte stops by to talk about his time in the pool with michael phelps. and we'll explore the other side of rio where people are facing a unique set of challenges. >> that and so much more ase >> seeing ryan's hair in person, it's more impressive than on video. >> it's a strong look. >> it's got a blue tint. by the way, ryan says we don't say jaw. it's juh. >> my question about the hair, was it bleached blond and then went to that chlorine green because of being in the pool? >> ryan, she wants to know --
6:55 am
bleached blond and then do the chlorine play tricks on it? >> it was bleached blond and they put like a blue tint and then the chlorine turned it green and then i had to turn it back to the blue. >> you should go swim in the green pool and that will get it back to normal. >> there you go. >> we fixed it. >> all right. sending a hairstylist over right away. >> we'll go right into the "today" show now. chris will tell us how hot it's
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
it's 6:58. today marks alex rodriguez's last game with the yankees. >> and tracie strahan is standing by. >> reporter: he has tweeted, "it's been a long journey." they pushed the game back by 30 minutes so they can have a special ceremony for who started with the team in 2004. on sunday, they said he would become a special consultant to the team but many wonder if he will possibly play for another team. guys, back to you. >> tracie, thank you so much. we have new problems in addition to the ones we've had all morning.
6:59 am
turnpike on i-287. delays go back to route 1. over on 80, still heavy. five-mile delay now because of the dumptruck overturned and finally 80 westbound in patterson still a mess because of a jackknifed tractor-trailer. low clouds and muggy out there and hazy but the clouds will break for sunshine and that heats things up again for the afternoon. heat advisory areas all red and suburbs of new jersey as well. excessive heat warning and watch continues for the weekend. temperatures continue to climb. 93 today. watch for scattered storms late afternoon and evening. the feels-like temperature tomorrow could reach 110. back to the 80s next week. still, scattered showers and storms. try to stay cool.
7:00 am
updates throughout the morning. the "today" show is up next. that's what is happening "today in new york." good morning. tears of joy. a golden, emotional night for team usa. >> michael phelps has done it again! >> michael phelps grabs his fourth gold in rio in his final simone manual wins gold. first african-american woman to medal in an individual olympic event ever.


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