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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 13, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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congratulations to katie ledecky. thank you for joining us in the studio. [ applause ] >> go, usa. >> so long for now, everybody. next on news 4 new york. >> five people struck by lightning. >> three are in critical condition. witnesses describe the heart stopping moments. on top of severe weather,
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yankee stadium, next. and a screen you can touch. and even write on. when you see a computer that can do all that, it might just make you wonder... hey, what else can it do?
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lightning strike. five people hit by a single bolt in a local park. the heartstopping moments. then heat emergency. power problems, thunderstorms, and now more surging temperatures ahead. plus -- >> the end of an era.
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stadium. news 4 new york at 11:00 starts now. good evening. i'm chuck scarborough. >> and i'm sibila vargas. we begin with that lightning strike. five people taken by surprise by a fast-moving thunderstorm. >> that lightning bolt hit as they were sitting under a tree in poughkeepsie's madison park. ray villeda is live at the hospital where three people are in critical condition. ray. >> reporter: chuck and sibila, family members have been coming in and out of this emergency room after lightning struck a tree and injured the five peopl that were sitting underneath it. tonight three of them are at this hospital fighting to stay alive. >> i saw the police tape, and i got worried because i know he does come here once in a while. >> reporter: patty white hoped her brother was not involved, was not the reason for the yellow tape. >> and then i saw his book bag on the officer's car. so i asked him to look in it, and sure enough it was my brother's book bag. >> reporter: white tells her brother is 46-year-old franklyn
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he says he was sitting on one of these benches in lightning struck. mekeel found unconscious. >> supposedly his heart stopped and they got him back. he's stable, but now they're going to do some kind of procedure. >> reporter: another two were also hurt, but not as seriously. the mayor describes arriving at this scene unlike any other. he says he saw signs of small fires, remnants of the powerful strike. >> the woman's handbag, which i saw, which was not too far from where we're standing had, you know, obvio it actually was on fire when the first officers got here. >> there was actually smoke coming off one of the guys, actually, he was alive though. you could see like he was smoking. >> reporter: 4 investigates pulled some numbers. according to the national weather service, there have been 25 lightning-related deaths across the country this year. two of them in upstate new york. both of those victims killed earlier this week. now a sister just hopes her brother doesn't add to that number and survives this strike.
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won't know if he's going to make it. >> reporter: fire crews say it's never safe to be outside in thunderstorms. they also say if you hear thunder, lightning is close. you should immediately find shelter. never under an isolated tree. and crews tell us you should stay away from objects that conduct electricity. the three folks that are fighting for their lives rushed her to vas ar we're told are in life-threatening condition because they suffered cardiac arrest. the other two are survive. we're live in poughkeepsie tonight. >> ray, thank you. that same line of storms that unleashed that lightning strike in poughkeepsie also whipped things up in other parts of our area. news 4's michael george is live in englewood, new jersey, with a mess being dealt with right now. michael? >> reporter: well, sibila, right now behind me crews are working to restore power to this neighborhood. strong winds brought trees onto power lines just a few hours ago, and right now tonight these homes are still left in the
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tri-state area lost power. and on a night this hot and this humid, losing your a.c. is no picnic. ominous clouds moved in over the city. just one of a series of fast-moving storms, unleashing lightning bolts as it charged east. some lost power to their homes and business i on one of the hottest, most humid days of the year. it must be hot in there? >> yeah. >> in englewood, new jersey, many were left in the dark after strong winds brought down power after the lights went out. bad news for melanie nelson. her 11-year-old daughter needs her uniform for summer camp but the dry cleaners were forced to close up shop. >> he could not find it. >> reporter: because the power is out? >> yes. and i don't have my ticket. >> reporter: dry cleaner owner kevin says the outages are costing him a lot of money. >> reporter: what can you tell your customers right now? >> i talked to my customers. i apologized, but it's not
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smoke billowed from this manhole fire on 31st street, causing power outages at nearby restaurants. this must be tough for your business. >> it is. it's so tough for now. >> reporter: you've had to turn customers away? >> yes. >> reporter: and right now, power has been restored to many but not all of those who lost it. and in queens, con ed is telling about nine communities to conserve power in the hopes of avoiding blackouts as we head into the weekend. we're live in gl jersey. michael george, news 4 new york. just how hot is it going to feel this weekend? here's storm team 4 meteorologist janice huff. >> anywhere from 100 to 110 degrees will be the feels like temperatures tomorrow. and it will be the same on sunday too. no change, no relief until possibly monday from this stifling, oppressive heat. it's still pretty warm out there right now, even in some of the shore areas. point pleasant, you're at 85 degrees right now.
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83 in the city. 75 in morristown. some areas cooled down because of showers, clouds and thunderstorms earlier this evening. look at the relative humidity. it's typically higher at night anyway, but rarely this high unless you have lots of fog around. there may be some up around monticello where the humidity is at 100%. the heat index is now around 90 in long branch. so the alerts, the warnings for the excessive heat will continue through sunday. that's how much longer it wil it should -- yesterday. it should peak on saturday with 96 for the high and then start to drop a little bit on sunday. we're still tracking a few showers and storms out there. i'll talk more about that in the forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. >> janice, thank you. a reminder, you track the heat and thunderstorms on the app. just when you thought you had seen it all, another jaw-dropping moment. that is what u.s. athletes delivered on day seven of the
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>> two more moments of high drama. michael phelps showing he's not invincible in a three-way tie for silver. and katie ledecky crushing the field and her own record. >> news 4's bruce beck joins us live from rio de janeiro. bruce? >> reporter: chuck and sibila, on day seven in rio, there was a stunner on the soccer field. there was a stunning performance in the pool by the finest female swimmer in the world. and the crowd was stunned when the most decorated all time came up short. katie ledecky won her fourth and final gold medal in rio, demol ishing the field in the 800 meter freestyle and setting a new world rorld in the process. the 19-year-old is officially a superstar. >> i have to wait another four years to have this moment again, so i'm so happy with how the whole week has gone. >> reporter: in his final individual event of the games, perhaps his career, michael phelps had to settle for silver
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and it was an incredible three-way tie for silver. phelps has one more race in rio, the medley relay tomorrow. >> it's okay. i have another race tomorrow, and we'll get ready for that. >> reporter: and it was a banner night for some other americans. 35-year-old anthony ervin won the 50 meter freestyle. he captured that event 16 years ago in sydney as a 19-year-old. and to claim gold in the women's 200 meter backstroke. yes, the americans absolutely own the swimming pool. and what a shocker in soccer, where the u.s. women's team is out. they were knocked off in the quarterfinals by sweden after losing on penalty kicks. it's the first time ever that the u.s. women have failed to reach the gold medal game. now they won't medal at all. >> it just doesn't feel real right now. it's going to hurt.
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and 2020, we're going to be back for the gold. >> reporter: the men's basketball team survived against serbia, 94-91. the women's team crushed canada, 81-51. and in fencing, brooklyn's own race imboden captured a bronze in the team foil competition. live in rio, i'm bruce beck, news 4 new york. back to you. >> let's take a look at the medal team usa continuing to domination the competition with 50 medals. china is second with 37 medals, followed by japan with 34. go to and clicking on 4 to watch. read up on the athleted, the game highlights and must see match ups ahead. alex rodriguez is now a former yankee. >> with his daughters and mother by his side, a-rod was honored before the game tonight. in his first at bat, he conjured
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an rbi double. the visibly emotional a-rod left the field for the final time to a standing ovation. >> news 4's checkey beckford is live at yankee stadium with reaction from the fans. >> reporter: sibila, fans told us they wanted a-rod to go out with a bang. well, there were cracks of lightning and thunder as dark skies loomed over yankee stadium. kind of super bo relationship a-rod has had with the yankees. the fans have gone along for the entire ride. the end of an era for yankees fans as alex rodriguez took to the plate for the last time. >> he's been an athlete of the decade. >> we came here to say good-bye to a-rod. >> reporter: it was 5-year-old dominick's first yankees game, and he wasn't very impresses. >> not very much. >> reporter: before the first pitch, a-rod was given a standing ovation. >> for me, today is about really thanking all the fans.
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nostalgic for sure. the last time i drive up broadway and through harlem and the neighborhoods that have brought so much comfort to me. >> reporter: fans braved the ominous weather to see the hometown hitter play one more time. >> after we heard about it, my parents bought tickets. so i'm really excited. >> reporter: but not everyone was feeling the love for the 14-time all-star who alienated fans with first denials, then admissions he used performance-enhancing drugs. >> he >> before it wasn't going as usual because i used to not really like him. >> this sports wear salesman says on average he only shares two a-rod jerseys a week. >> today, about 15 t-shirts for him. >> reporter: a fierce fan, sue galvin, game wearing her lucky shirt, marking a-rod's 600th homer. >> and if you're listening, you front office, you're hurting me. you're not hurting him.
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was just one thing they hoped to see tonight. a-rod hitting a home run for the road. >> i had a dream last night, and i believe in you, a-rod. so you're going to do it for us. >> reporter: well, he definitely left disappointed because we know that that did not happen. now, despite prices for the game surging after a-rod's announcement he was retiring and then dropping in recent days, there was a sell-out crowd here tonight of more than 46,000 people. we're live at tonight. checkey beckford, news 4 new york. john chandler is coming up later with what a-rod had to say tonight after the game. also coming up on news 4 new york, a cold hearted criminal. he shoved a 74-year-old man down a set of stairs. but this creep was not ready for what happened next. a major development in the case behind the documentary "making a murderer." what a federal judge has now done and why. and it's not something emergency officials would suggest, but this guy thought it
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when people ask pic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you.
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a 74-year-old man pushed down a flight of stairs and almost robbed. tonight police in the bronx are looking for his attacker. they released this security video of the incident at a you can see the man in the blue shirt turn around, shove the man, then rifle through his pockets. the suspect ran off empty handed when deleon shouted for help. >> he cried out, super, super, super. so the super came around. same guy who did the attack pointed, the old man is calling super. you know, a diversion. so the super came here. he went the other way.
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in his building because the elevator was out. he suffered some bruising on his face but is otherwise okay. in decision 2016, donald trump is backtracking on his latest controversial comment. he says he was being sarcastic when he called president obama the founder of isis. >> so i said the founder of isis. obviously i'm being sarcastic. then, then -- but not that sarcastic to be honest with terror group's co-founder. going much further than other critics who blame the obama administration. trump's poll numbers continue to slide in key states. a new nbc news, "wall street journal," marist poll show hillary clinton gaining support in colorado, north carolina, and virginia, and she still leads trump by 5% in florida. trump brings his campaign to fairfield, connecticut, tomorrow. the clinton campaign released
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kaine. clinton blasted her republican rival for not doing the same thing. >> because he refuses to do what every other presidential candidate in decades has done. >> hillary and former president bill clinton earned more than $10.5 million last year. nearly 10% of their income went to charity, and they paid 3.6 million in taxes. tim kaine and his wife made more than $300,000 last year. for those "making a murderer," a big development in the case. a federal judge in wisconsin overturned the conviction of brendan dassey. dassey confessed to helping his uncle steven avery rape and murder teresa halbach in an auto salvage yard. he was 16 years old at the time. his attorneys argue that his confession was coerced. prosecutors have 90 days to bring daszcy to trial again or he will be released. new information on the fight
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puerto rico. nearly 11,000 cases of that mosquito borne virus have been reported in puerto rico. more than 1,000 involve pregnant women, greatly increaing the chances of severe birth defects. at the current rate of infection, experts predict 25% of the island could contract zika by the end of the year. authorities believe they now know the source of contaminated drinking water in newburgh. state officials say the tom ix chemical known as stewart air national guard base. they're now declaring it a superfund site so they can speed up the cleaning process. the department of environmental conservation placed part of the blame on the department of defense for using the phone that contained pfos. back to janice for the weather. it's already saturday, janice, and this is the day, the hottest day we're going to see. >> this will be the hottest day of this four-day heat wave for us. mid-to-upper 90s. heat index towards 110. a dangerously hot day.
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sunday. remember those pop up storms are going to happen again over the weekend. we'll go outside right now and see the calm after the thunderstorm that rolled over the city earlier. the empire state building looking beautiful tonight. boy, is it hot out there still. the temperature is 84 degrees in the city right now. we've been tracking thunderstorms all afternoon and evening, and things have quieted down considerably. what's left over, over parts of the catskills and poconos and into ulster county are just a few light sprinkles. heavier showers to the north of rockland bot moving through the tri-state area right now. several storm reports. we told you about the lightning strikes earlier and the damage in englewood. city island recorded a wind gust of 54 miles an hour when the storm rolled through. and trees knocked down in lloyd harbor around 7:45 this evening. but all is quiet now. however, more will pop up tomorrow. with all this heat and intense tropical moisture, it's likely to happen. it always happens. it's like florida weather where they pop up at random in the afternoon. with all this heat, these storms
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that's what we've been seeing over the past several days. tomorrow in the hudson valley and northwestern new jersey, they'll pop up again around 1:00, 2:00, and they will continue on and off throughout about 6:00 or 7:00 in the evening. so keep an eye on the sky. when you hear thunder, move indoors in a shelter immediately away from the storm because lightning can strike from a distance. sunday evening, same thing around 6:00 we'll see some more popping up. the heat warning will remain in effect through sunday because of the intensity of the heat and city summer streets again tomorrow along park avenue. it's closed down from central park to the brooklyn bridge. the temperatures will go from 80 at 7:00 a.m. to 94 by 1:00. it's going to feel like 100 and there could be a pop up storm. just be careful out there and make sure you've got lots of water. drink lots of it. same thing at the shore. moderate risk of rip currents. there could be thunderstorms as well. but it is better on monday, tuesday. finally we'll drop below 90
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don't know, winter time. it will feel a lot better. that's for sure. maybe not winter. we'll see a few more storms on wednesday, thursday, but overall a much dryer pattern setting up after we get through the weekend. have a good time, everybody. be careful. >> thank you, janice.
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??? ??? ??? ??? ??? one journey. two teams.
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lower manhattan set to give pedestrians and cyclists a whole new experience. the first ever shared streets event is going to be held tomorrow, modeled after the popular summer streets celebrationic taing place the same day. shared streets begins where summer streets end, encompassing a 60 square block area from the brooklyn bridge to battery park. pedestrians and cyclists will share the road with a controlled amount of traffic from 11:00 it is flooding heavily in louisiana. most would head for dry land, but chalk it up to the olympics. one triathlete saw it as an opportunity to do his best michael phelps. he posted the video on social media to give his friends a laugh. despite the good natured humor, we need to point out that swimming in floodwaters, not a good idea. it's actually very dangerous. >> yes indeed. we'll be right back with john chandler live from yankee
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22 years as one of baseball's all-time greats, and he's stuck on 696 career home runs. and it faded tonight kind of like his career has. early there was a flash of that epic run producer, and then by the end, clearly alex was done. before the game, the yankees paid tribute. a-rod gathered with family, former teammate mariano rivera has storm clouds gathered overhead. there was a flash of lightning, a clap of thunder, and then abruptly it was over. perhaps appropria f rod. alex himself called it biblical. the skies cleared and then a-rod looked like a-rod. bottom of the first, alex delivers off chris archer. he takes a 2-2 pitch into the gap in right center. brett gardner comes all the way around from first to score, and an rbi double for a-rod ties the game at one. look at alex. yeah, guys, i can still play. this games with tied at three in the sixth with carlin castro provides some offense.
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for castro, taking archer deep to center, and the yankees go up 5-3. they added a sixth run and that proved to be crucial because it allowed joe girardi to send alex out to third base after all. in the ninth inning, a-rod grabbed his glove, hadn't played the field all season, and he told joe he was only comfortable with one batter. so girardi pulled him after one out. alex hugging his teammates, having his moment, and they won the last three games that alex played in. >> look, with all that i've been through and for them to show up on a night like tonight and show me that type of love, it's something that i'll never forget. it was overwhelming. >> this is the last time he
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never forgot. >> it's the only job i've had for 22 years, and i've been going at it since i was 15 years old pretty hard. with all the things that i've been through, joe, and to have an ending like tonight, i don't know what else a man can ask for. >> joe girardi said he's going to mix alex. alex was asked if this is his last big league game and he kind of s s can get a moment better than this. the yankees will release him and call up prospect tyler austin. the mets called a team meeting yesterday. terry collins peeled paint and tried to fire up his team, said they'd start fresh tonight. well, tonight against the pad raise, not so much. first inning, ryan schimpf crushing a grand slam off logan verrett. verrett served up four homers including a two-run bomb to
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lose 8-6 and dip under the .500 mark. that's a tough night for the mets at citi field. if you missed the giants preseason opener tonight, they fell to the dolphins 27-10. and that's a wrap from yankee stadium and a wrap on alex rodriguez's career. back to you, guys. >> we'll be right back. when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life.
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