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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 16, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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breaking news, a man now charged with murder in the fatal shootings of queens imam and his associate. humidity and showers make a comeback -- the mystery after a missing boater is found dead next. good is in every blue diamond almond.
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growing anger tonight over a plan to convert a hotel into a homeless shelter. but first. >> oscar, what do you have to say about the charges? >> breaking news. our first look tonight about the man charged in the cold blooded murders of an imam and his associate. >> police had a suspect in custody, they could not charge him until tonight. they found evidence lin h >> ray villeda is on the scene. >> reporter: police now have a suspect, they now have an arrest. take a look at this video from a short time ago, it's our first look at oscar morrell, he was escorted into a car. this as two families, a community say good-bye to their
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oscar, what do you have to say about the charges. >> police narrowed in on oscar morrell, thanks to surveillance video. his dark suv was seen leaving the scene. crashing into a cyclist, detectives traced back the car and the plate to this home on miller avenue in east new york news 4 burst on the scene. this mom wanted to remain anonymous. police have been at her next night that's when officers approached morrell, he allegedly tried to flee. ramming into police cars. he was arrested, first charged with hitting the bicyclist. >> we found the witness, and he was picked out of a photo -- >> during the search tonight. detectives recovered a weapon. they believe it's the same gun used in the murders of imam and his assistant. police found clothing at the
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surveillance cameras captured the heinous crime take place. >> we believe because of the evidence we have acquired thus far, we believe this is the individual. the investigation unraveling as families say good-bye to two spiritual leaders. a funeral prayerer arrest. >> all we want is justice. >> we want justice. >> that family may now have justice. morrell is facing murder and weapons charges. police don't know the motive, why did they do it. a hate crime has not been ruled out. live in flushing tonight, ray villeda, news 4 new york. the mystery surrounding the
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was he hit and killed by another boat? he was last scene saturday. his body turned up this morning. ida siegal reports. >> the great south bay was quiet this evening. the urgency was gone. they found the body of 48-year-old andrew weiss. >> i was on my boat when the helicopters came down here looking for him. >> police say he was headed to the anchorage yacht club in lindenhurst saturday. he never made it. they found his boat not far from the club yesterday. initially they couldn't find him. they found his body near the harbor. it's unclear what exactly happened, his dingy was damaged. and it appears to have been in an accident. >> nowadays, people think they're strict about drinking
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maybe somebody didn't see him. >> i turned myself if i was there. >> you're convinced he was hit by another boater? >> yes. >> warren kessler saw detectives eyeing the security camera for potential information. this man who identified himself as john. said the boat traffic on saturday evening was heavy, and the water was rough. it would have been easy for a larger motorboat to ram into a small dingy, ci >> they have small boats, that guy didn't even see him. >> ida siegal, news 4 new york. mother nature is not quite ready to turn the thermostat down just yet. temperatures are going to feel
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today, we're expecting it to shoot right back up, as the south wind kicks in. a heat advisory starting at noon until 10:00 in the evening from bergen county, all the way down to the jersey shore, and does include the five borrows. right now temperatures 70s to right around 80s, it's relatively comfortable. in jamaica, the city. 66 in monticello. not bad. 78 long branch. mainly 70s, with a few 60s spring elled in. the humidity not a factor tonight. outside of town, not too bad at all. here comes the south wind, later today. temperatures in the upper 80s, also a chance for thunderstorms. here's what it will feel like around 6:00 in the evening today
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and evening. we'll track the possibility of that in the 10-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. back to you. people opposed to a plan to convert a queens hotel to a homeless shelter are not backing down. hundreds took their fight to the street. news 4's check can i beck forward is in the area where anger is building tonight. >> reporter: the group 110 room hotel, located in the industrial zone. officials plan to convert the hotel into a shelter for adult families come november. >> they want to put 200 people who have no jobs and nowhere to go, sitting here all day. >> i got arrested the other day at this rally. >> michael was arrested after
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i own two houses in the area, we have about five homeless shelters already, someone else can step up and take a little bit of the burden. >> drivers honked their horns to show support. including this truck, plastered with a sign equating the homeless to lazy. organizers say the protest is not based on discrimination. >> we have nothing against the homeless. we just have a problem with the location. are already too many shelters in the borrow. there are no shelters in community district five. there is a clear need for a shelter there, with 250 people currently staying in shelters, listing their last address in that district. despite promises from city officials, full time security will be patrolling the area. residents say they don't feel safe having the shelter just blocks from parks and schools.
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day. >> the city plans to look at alternative locations that the community can provide. the protesters that were here tonight, say they plan to be here every night until plans for that homeless shelter are dashed. checky beckford nbc 4 new york. there was no shooter last night at the airport, but tonight we're getting a the height of the scare. >> get down on the ground. >> you can hear passengers screaming, dropping their bags, making a mad dash through the hallways. heavily armed police swept in and cleared the terminal. one passenger described the panic. >> 1,000 people coming down on me and all were screaming and screaming. a handicapped woman was just next to me.
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that was devastating. >> one law enforcement official tells us the people cheering for usain bolt may have triggered this panic. day ten of the olympic games. a gymnast dubbed the human emoji. >> bruce beck sat down with her, and is live from rio de janeiro. bruce? >>or biles has been brilliant. one of the games biggest stars continued her quest to be the first female gymnast to win five gold medals in a single olympics. unfortunately, now the dream is over. >> it was the first time she fell short of perfection in rio. she slipped during the balance beam competition, steadying
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gold medal. she settled for bronze. the miscue opened the door for lori hernandez. and the old bridge new jersey native delivered. claiming a silver medal. what an olympic debut for lori. >> how exciting was it to win an individual medal? >> it feels amazing, we got the team gold a couple days ago, and that was amazing. >> i'd love to describe you as someone who has infectious joy when you're performing. >> thank you. >> well, i feel like my emotions come out through my face, i feel like that's why they call me the human emoji. >> allyson felix was bested at the finish line by a diving
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and 17-year-old sydney mclaughlin made her olympic debut. the track star from scorch plains new jersey placed fifth in her qualifying heat in the 400 meter hurdles, but did sneak into the semifinals. mcglocklin knows she needs to run better tomorrow. >> these people aren't here to play. everyone's trying to earn their spot. if i want to earn mine, very to work a little harder. >> cindy is considered one of the best high school runners in the her coach and father believe she can become the best ever in this event. her more immediate concern, tomorrow, qualify for the final on thursday in rio, i'm bruce beck news 4 new york. chuck and sibila back to you. >> here's a look at the updated medal count for you. the u.s. continues to dominate with 75 medals overall.
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medals, followed by great britain with 41 and russia with 35. we are your home for all the olympic coverage click on 4 to watch, read up on the athletes, the game highlights and the must see matchups ahead. >> extreme vetting, donald trump's new test for immigrants. what he wants them to do entering the u.s. one walmart's parking lot run in, and where the monkey came from.
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terrorism and immigration hot topics today on the presidential campaign trail. two small blue collar cities. in youngstown, ohio today. donald trump proposed an ideological litmus test for anyone who wants to come to america. immigrants would have to believe in religious freedom, gender equality g this country those who share our values and respect our people. campaigning in scranton, pennsylvania today, hillary clinton took aim at his call to ban all muslims from the united states. that sort of talk plays into the hands of the terrorist propaganda machine. >> trump's ideas are not only wrong, they're dangerous and very unamerican.
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of our constitution. >> he called instead for a temporary suspension of immigration that have a history of exporting terrorism. hold on to your wallets, the world trade shopping center is set to open its doors. west field world trade is a massive, 365,000 square feet with 125 stores. and and italian another milestone for the site. hundreds of thousands of commuters can enter from greenwich and church streets. you can find just about anything at walmart these days. >> oh, no. >> let it go, let it go. >> even a monkey. this was outside a walmart, obviously the monkey's owner did not want to leave it in a hot car. he got rambunctious and jumped
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we're told that ohio state officials are trying to track the woman down and find out if the monkey is properly registered. >> a texas family is recovering after getting rocked by lightning. watch as tim powell -- a bolt of lightning strikes the patio, falls to the ground. ears. they reportedly suffered some burns and bruises, but otherwise they're doing okay. >> lucky that child wasn't hurt. >> that was close. >> i'm sure the storms were all around them. they thought they were safe under the overhang, but not so much. speaking of lightning, big storms right now, moving across
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shore area. big storms with a lot of lightning. it's been quiet here across the tristate area. however, it won't be so much so later today, there is a front back here that's been producing some rain, all that moisture coming up from the gulf of mexico, where they see the flooding in louisiana. we're seeing a bit of that here, just not the way of rain and humidity. we're expecting a few showers to pop up the jersey shore in the morning. mainly in the afternoon. storm tracker for tuesday morning is relatively quiet. jersey shore, maybe the east end of long island may get an isolated shower or storm. as the day goes by, we'll see more or similar conditions we saw the last few days, with all that humidity building, the storms pop up, this starts around 4:00. starts to move toward the city around 8:00. down toward philadelphia and the
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of long island by 10:00 tonight. and then things start to taper off. it weakens a bit. temperatures are pretty tolerable this time around. blairstown is at 70. 64 at monticello, 70s across long island. 81 in the city seems to be the warm spot. now, later today, we're not expecting as many 90s on the map. 92 in trenton, b the south wind kicks in, different than what we saw on monday. we'll have more humidity in the area, it will feel like it's above 100. it's not quite as bad thursday, friday and into saturday, mid-80s next week is where we'll see a big break, the temperatures are in the 80s during the day.
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another mishap in rio. seven people were injured today when a camera plunged in olympic park. organizers said two of the
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forces it to plummet to a concourse outside the basketball arena. two women were taken to the hospital, none of their injuries were considered serious. new details about the arm robbery involving ryan lochte. police in rio are looking into the possibility that the group may have been set up by their taxi driver. lochte and his roommates were riding back to their room 3:00 a.m. sunday when they were robbed by a group of men posing as pol gun to his head. they took their wallets and cell
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career. he struck out the side of the sixth, he struck out 11 in all. he was brilliant. the yankees clinging to a 1-0 lead when toronto put runners on the corners in the ninth. rbi leader, edwin encarnacion grounds to third, it goes around the horn, that will do it. yankees win for a fifth time in six games. they're 4 1/2 back in the wild card, 5 in the a.l. east. alex rodrigez is now free to sign with any team he would like. the marlins were interested. but not a. rod, it turns out. not this year at least. i want to put all this talk to rest about alex playing this season. it's not happening about he's happy and going to take some time to relax and hang with his family and friends. the mets hope to get
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list friday. and cabrera sometime this weekend. the diamondbacks, the only team bartolo colon doesn't have a win against. arizona would score twice and make it thrice. the damage was done, and the mets they would try to scrape that golden opportunity in the third. down 4-1. bartolo colon went a record 281 plate appearances without drawing a walk until this one tonight. the mets would mount a small comeback here, they trail this game now 8-5 in the 7th inning. victor cruz missed giants practice today. the last in training camp. he's dealing with a groin
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opened pool play well consecutive upsets. already leading 1-0 in the first quarter. they never trailed enroute to the 2-1 victory. still after finishing in last place four years ago in london, you have to appreciate team usa here. the future looks bright for the u.s. and tokyo. men's hoops will play argentina. we'll have our highs on that
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that's it for news 4 new york. >> today in new york begins at 4:30.
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tomorrow. ryan seacrest here at copacabana beach. if you missed any of today's actions, these are the three things you need to know. rio day ten. let's go. >> here we go. >> this afternoon in gymnastics, simone bil fourth gold but did collect bronze on balance beam while her u.s. teammate laurie hernandez took silver. >> new jersey is up and roaring at the possibilities here for laurie hernandez. >> tonight at olympic stadium, david rudisha defended his gold.


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