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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  August 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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now at 5:00, avoid south beach. the new travel warning just issued. new information on the deadly bus crash in newark, the rising death toll, stories from passengers, and what may have caused it. some rough weather could be in store for your weekend. storm team 4 is tracking it all. "news 4 new york at 5:00" starts right now. let's get right to that travel warning.
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a popular getaway for families should be avoided by pregnant women. checkey beckford is at laguardia with travelers talking about new developments. >> reporter: that they are. so many people from our area travel to south florida and south beach. we talked to a couple who's boarding a plane right now. they're headed to south beach to five cases have now been linked to the miami beach area. one of the cases is a tourist who is from new york. we're told that tourist has returned home at this point, so the cdc now warning pregnant women or women hoping to become pregnant or their partners not to go to miami beach or south beach. three people infected in miami beach were tourists.
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from taiwan. two others are south florida residents. this brings the total number of local transmissions, and that means people who were bitten by mosquitos in florida, to 36. florida's governor rick scott is asking the federal government for more resources to fight the spread of infection. >> these are essential for pregnant women. i repeatedly called on the federal government for these additional test kits. today we have not received additional resources for them. >> i'm sure we'll be safe down there. can't hide. say a prayer and take off. >> i wouldn't travel to south beach. definitely a concern if i'm looking to get pregnant. i would not be traveling. >> reporter: and new york city health officials echoing those warnings to not travel to those
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you are pregnant, if you hope to become pregnant, or have a partner as well. you should also make sure not to travel to areas that were previously listed on the zika watch list like latin america and the caribbean. checkey beckford, news 4 new york. new information in a deadly bus crash in newark. here's what we know tonight. two are now confirmed dead, a passenger and one of the bus drivers. police are investigating whether one o a red light causing the crash. and the intersection where it happened is now back open. pat battle is where officials just held a news conference. >> reporter: broad street did reopen just a little while ago, but a woman who was a passenger on one of those buses did in fact die of her injuries at the hospital. her identity has not yet been
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behind the wheel and he is a 27-year veteran of the transit agency. >> this is a tragic day for new jersey transit, for our employees, and for our customers. our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of joseph, our driver who passed away, and to all those injured or affected by this tragedy. >> reporter: at this point, exactly how that tragedy was put into motion is still not clear. >> at the light in the left-han right-hand lane, ran the light, never touched his brakes, and ran into the bus. >> reporter: this is what the inside of bus number 13 looked like in the moments after impact. people pinned inside. >> it was in very, very bad condition. you had people coming out here with deep lacerations to their
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deep cuts to their face. it was like a nightmare in the daytime. >> reporter: the driver of the number 59 bus, which was empty, was coming westbound on raymond boulevard when he ran the light and t-boned number 13. the northbound bus was literally lifted off its wheeled and knocked over onto its side. there were 17 passengers on board. all of them taken to hospitals with injuriesan to critical. shaquille saw the surviving bus driver in an ambulance. >> it seemed like he was pretty conscious. he had a brace around his neck. >> reporter: now that second driver has been identified as james roberts. he has 35 years in with new jersey transit. the executive director said both men are in good standing with the transit agency. we did ask if there was some kind of medical condition that
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investigation. we'll have more on that investigation at 6:00. we're reporting live from newark. i'm pat battle, news 4 new york. >> a horrific scene. tough to imagine the sights and sounds on board. lori bordonaro picks up our coverage with firsthand accounts. >> reporter: 14 of those passengers were taken here to university hospital. one person still in critical condition. we spoke to one man who was riding on the back of the fast and he shared some of his cell phone opposite the aftermath. much of this cell phone video too graphic to show. passengers trapped under managed metal. >> people screaming, crying, getting up off the bus. >> scary, thinking they're going to die. i tried to pick up their chair because the chair was right there. >> reporter: he was sitting in
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off in downtown newark when bus 57 came barrelling toward him. the crash missing him by just a few rows. >> the second bus come just in the middle like this. when i saw that, i don't know what happened. i just saw myself in the back. that's it. >> reporter: he was the only one able to stand after the impact. he tried to help until paramedics arrived. seven patients in critical condition. one did not survive. one of the few to walk away, he has a minor injury to his hand and leg. >> wow. >> reporter: several other bus passengers have also been treated and released, but one person here tonight still in critical condition. five others in serious condition. we're live in newark. lori bordonaro, news 4 new york. rough weather could strike
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intensifies. janice huff is tracking it all. >> we need to be prepared for higher humidity. the temperatures will be in the 80s, but it will feel hotter. it's not that bad really. as we go into saturday, about the same in the afternoon. mid to upper 80s, close to 90 is what it will feel like, but sunday will feel a little bit hotter. it will feel pretty muggy and pretty stiflin and pretty uncomfortable. the other thing we have to be prepared for are the chances for rain. bigger showers are expected to pop up over the weekend, especially by sunday evening after 5:00. a line of heavy storms, possibly severe weather, could be moving into the area. right now storm ranger 4 is over oakbridge, new jersey, right now and is picking up a couple small
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those will dissipate in a few hours. bigger storms are headed our way. we'll be tracking it all weekend for you. more on the ten-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> storm ranger 4 will be out all weekend. our doppler will detect any rough weather that is in our area. for sure, we will update you on the accomplishments of athletes in rio today, but we have an update in the involving four u.s. swimmers. today ryan lochte made a public statement for the first time since news broke that the robbery, as he previously described, never happened. bruce beck is in rio with the latest. bruce? >> reporter: david and sibila, i think this bizarre story is finally coming to an end after six days. that's because ryan lochte owned
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social media. early this morning, gunner bence and jack conor arrived in brazil after meeting with police. ryan lochte spoke out. quote, i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend, for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events of that early morning and away from the many athletes fulfilling their dreams of participating in the olympics. it's traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country with a language barrier and have a stranger point a gun at you demanding money. regardless of the behavior of anyone else that night, i should have been more responsible in how i handled myself. for that, i am sorry to my
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friends, my fans, my sponsors, and the officials of the olympics. now it is time to go from sensationalism to speed, blazing speed. from a swimmer to a sprinter. three straight olympics, three straight gold medals in the 200 meters for usain bolt of jamaica. he has done the 100 meters in beijing, london, and now rio. i caught up, if that is possible, with the world's fastest man and went one on one. why in the biggest moments do you perform at your best? >> because i live for these moments. i want to be the best. to be the best, you have to prove on the biggest stage. that's what i always do. i show up when it matters the most because i want to prove to the world that i'm the greatest. >> reporter: what about the joy
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>> it is just the fans. they make it easy just to have fun. >> congratulations. where's the bolt smile? >> reporter: tonight will be the final event of bolt's career. if he wins, it will be nine gold medals in nine events over three different olympics. mind boggling stuff. live in rio, i'm bruce beck. news 4 new york. david and sibila, what do you smile? >> kind of hard. i think i like both actually. >> no doubt. >> all right. still ahead tonight, we just learned what caused a devastating fire on staten island that destroyed numerous homes there. that report at 5:30. an entire apartment complex without gas. i'm wale aliyu in east harlem with the troubles families are
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residents in an east harlem apartment building are fuming.
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and it is causing huge problems. >> this started as a tip from one of our viewers. wale aliyu went to the jefferson houses to get to the bottom of what's going on. >> reporter: residents at jefferson houses started calling meals on wheels tuesday after con edison cut gas off to hundreds of families. signs around the complex blame the problem on gas main leaks. >> a leak in the pipe. just got really difficult and a fix will take time. >> no gas. >> reporter: as you can see, none of the stoves here are working, so the families have to use a george foreman grill or hot plates that were provided. the residents say the hot plates affects the rest of the electricity in the house.
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>> reporter: an spokesperson tells news 4 nycha staff are working to restore service as quickly as possible. we apologize for the impact this is having on our residents and we appreciate their patience as we resolve the issue. repairs will take weeks because of the location of the problem, required testing, and safety precautions. >> you need three bids. they only have one bid. then to get the days. >> reporter: until then, all these residents have to continue eating out, cooking with the hot plates, or using meals on wheels. news 4 new york. storm team 4 deployed our new mobile radar storm ranger 4 to new jersey. it is out in old bridge and middlesex county right now. >> we sent it there because up
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that area was uncovered radar-wise. that's the area shaded in green over new jersey. since last night, the national weather service had this message up on its website spelling out that it was down for repairs, but working or not, storm ranger 4 has the area covered, producing realtime information and sending it back instantly to our weather center. its reach 75 miles all around wherever we take it. when storm ranger 4 works with existing radars, it can't be here's what the man who designed the technology told janice huff. >> using the storm ranger in cooperation with the weather service data, you'll be able to show your audience and viewers weather phenomena as it happens. >> let's go to janice right now and see what it's showing us. >> storm ranger 4 is over raceway park. it's parked there now in old bridge township. if you're driving out that way,
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it is sitting there and picking up a couple of small showers that are over parts of monmouth county. here they are right there showing a couple of isolated showers. anything out there will pretty much dissipate where it is when the sun goes down. storm ranger 4 is the red beam that you see here and the white beams you see circling around are the national weather service radars that we are also showing. both rs shower over seaford. now it is dissipated and moved on. we have the area covered. we have the tri-state area covered for you all around. the temperature in the city right now is at 76 degrees. those showers will start dissipating if you have one at all. partly cloudy skies the rest of the night. right now it is 86 in sheepshead
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across the rest of the area, we have low 80s, upper 80s. 81 in monticello. generally mid to upper 80s across the area. it's not that bad in terms of what it feels like. the dew points in the 50s in monticello. the feels like temperatures aren't as bad as they could be or as they will be later on into the weekend. air quality alert i southern fairfield county until 11:00 tonight. it is very stagnant. go through the evening and things start to settle down. we have temperatures in the 70s. as you plan ahead and into the weekend, the best day is saturday. although sunday is not bad. it is going to be in the mid 80s. we'll get some storms on sunday. the bigger storms are coming sunday night. we might get one or two on
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5:00 on saturday. temperatures low to mid 80s, 60s at night, 50s in some spots. we'll have another check of storm ranger and the ten-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. we have a commuter alert for path riders. what's been known as the kiss and ride dropoff zone outside the journal square station in jersey cit a section of summit avenue will be available for pickups and dropoffs. still ahead, the supplement taken by older women. could it lead to dementia? planning to check out the washington monument? just how long elevator issues are keeping it shut down for. the streets are alive with the sound of what? we investigate the number of
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it does appear the revel resort and casino in atlantic city is running out of luck. the new owner said he's ready to walk straub promised to have the revel open again in mid june. it cost nearly $2.5 billion to build. shuttered just two years later. the washington monument will remain closed for ten days. crews are working to make sure the elevator problems are fixed.
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wednesday because cables broke. over the weekend, it closed due to power problems. teenagers can sign up to be organ donors. the age of consent is now 16 in new york state. parents can still block that if the minor dies before 18. according to the health department, more than 10,000 new yorkers are currently on the waiting list for organs. taking calcium supplements could increase the risk of dementia in women who have suffered a stroke. the author says calcium from food rather than supplements appears to be safe. donald trump's campaign has another shakeup. his words today for victims' of
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. right now, after the inferno. arson investigators say they now know what sparked these intense flames. kids playing with matches. >> yeah. this is what the staten island inferno looked like just 24 hours ago.
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three homes still stand in the st. george section, but investigators are checking to see if they are in danger of collapsing. >> reporter: you have to shake your head. someone could have been killed here. fortunately no one was. you can see what's going on right now. they're building a fence around the three houses. orders of the building department. they want to keep people out. that tremendous fire displaced 55 individuals, including 20 children. most ly kids who caused the fire. heartbreak among the ashes of what used to be melinda's home. flames erupted last night at 228 bensinger avenue and quickly spread. melinda lived on the second floor with her four children, disabled mother, and fiance. >> they came and they were telling me it's really a fire.


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