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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  August 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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three homes still stand in the st. george section, but investigators are checking to see if they are in danger of collapsing. >> reporter: you have to shake your head. someone could have been killed here. fortunately no one was. you can see what's going on right now. they're building a fence around the three houses. orders of the building department. they want to keep people out. that tremendous fire displaced 55 individuals, including 20 children. most ly kids who caused the fire. heartbreak among the ashes of what used to be melinda's home. flames erupted last night at 228 bensinger avenue and quickly spread. melinda lived on the second floor with her four children, disabled mother, and fiance. >> they came and they were telling me it's really a fire.
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falling on the floor. >> reporter: the fire raged for several hours, spanning out on both sides, damaging four other houses. the heat from the flames blistered siding on homes across the street. arson investigators now report the fire was started by children playing with matches, an accident. a costly one for children and adults alike. >> you lose your whole entire life here. th forbid. we have nine children that live in that home. >> reporter: the building department has issued a vacate order for the three houses most heavy damaged. some of the displaced families cannot go home again. patrick hopes his family can return in a few weeks. >> it is all totally turned upside down. glass all over the place, water.
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damaged. everything is water logged. >> reporter: the fire department has an education and intervention program for children 12 and under who engage in fire play and set fires. these children will have to attend that. while no one was killed, 21 people were injured. most of them were firemen. the destruction you see right here is a cautionary tale for csx railroad place have joined the investigation into a railroad accident. a teen was hit by a freight train yesterday afternoon. he was in cardiac arrest when first responders arrived at the scene. investigators are still piecing together the details of what led up to that accident. an arrest in california for a high-end jewelry heist in manhattan last year. christopher mulligan was one of
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robbed a store on madison avenue. the suspects smashed the display case and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of rolex watches. one was arrested in stockton, california. another was arrested. the third still on the run. norwalk police arrested 26-year-old joshua lucas earlier this week. security tipped them off to a shipment of one and a half pounds of mdma. lucas signed for the packages and was arrested. he had equipment like, quote, a drug factory. more than a dozen new york firefighters are heading to the west coast to help fight the devastating wildfires there. 20 employees and volunteers from the state's department of environmental conservation will spend two weeks on the job in california. the blue cut fire continues to
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loss in san bernardino county, but crews can't get a complete tally because many of the areas are still smoldering and they just can't get to them. in the race for president, there is more shuffling at the top of the trump organization. today trump's campaign chairman paul manafort resigned. the announcement came days after trump brought in two outsiders into the campaign. trump was in louisiana today visiting residents das trump toured damaged homes of what's being called the state's worst disaster since hurricane katrina. >> they need a lot of help. what's happened here is incredible. nobody understands how bad it is. it is really incredible. i'm just here to help. >> president obama will be visit louisiana on tuesday. he'll be criticized for continuing his vacation on martha's vineyard. hillary clinton is also in
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husband's 70th birthday. she has several fundraisers planned for the weekend. there's more trouble surrounding her use of private e-mail servers when she was secretary of state. a federal judge just ruled that hillary clinton must answer written questions from a conservative watchdog group suing her over that private e-mail server. a teacher fired from her job at a local school says it is a clear cut case of overgrown weeds, bugs, and rats. the chance for transformation. there's a lot of stormy weather back to the west and we're going to get some of it later this weekend. i'll have all the details in your forecast coming up next. lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. >> a newly identified zika infection zone in florida
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pregnant women. we'll have details on that. ryan lochte's apology over his false robbery story, does it close the case? we'll have the latest on the critical fire situation here in los angeles when we see you back
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every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. new at 5:00, a neighborhood eyesore that had a local community saying enough is
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cleaned up. on wednesday we showed you this stretch of land owned by the long island railroad. as rana novini explains, the zombie property is coming back to life. >> reporter: an eyesore may be an understatement. people are fed up. >> we can't enjoy our backyard. my daughter gets bit. there are so many rodents. we have to constantly hire an exterminator. something should be done about it. >> reporter: that something happened today. orange trucks filled the two-mile stretch of zombie property in levett town. neighbors like james says for years they were plagued with rats and barely a peep from the lirr about the abandoned property. this is the biggest change you've seen?
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they'll do a quick and fast job. >> the backyards have hundreds of residents here in the community. >> reporter: a town supervisor says the change is like night and day. until today, you couldn't even walk through here. >> you couldn't walk through here. you might be able to high boots on, but you wouldn't want to. >> it is just a shame. it really is a shame in this kind of weather and stuff people who border this can't really enjoy their properties and backyard. >> reporter: overall, neighbors say they are cautiously optimistic they'll never see that eyesore again. the lirr says for the most part it is done with all the clean up work here. they will be back to maintain it. neighbors say you can bet they'll be making sure that happens. news 4 new york. a woman is suing a catholic high school in new jersey claiming she was fired because she's married to a woman. kate was the dean of guidance
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paramus catholic high school. attorneys for the church say she was fired not because she's a lesbian, but because she wasn't against the catholic faith by having a same-sex marriage. the promise to cut her student debt costs. >> better get baquero for the red flags of this latest scam. cars, si an increase in noise complaints in the city. which spots are seeing the most? storm ranger 4 is on location in new jersey deploying its one-of-a-kind high powered
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storm ranger 4, our new radar on wheels. here's a behind the scenes look at engineers building this next generation vehicle. we can get you a closer view of the weather happening in our area. the radar beams closer to the ground where the severe weather happens and all of this storm trac storm team 4 weather center almost instantly. up until now, we had been dependent on the national weather service delivering information every few minutes. storm ranger making us more mobile and enhancing our picture. >> it really is a game changer. we saw it even earlier today. just the slightest bit of activity, it could pick it up. >> absolutely. those showers have dissipated
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today we really weren't expecting that much. most of it is over now. mid to upper 80s to 90-degree temperatures this afternoon. central park was at 88. newark, 90. you probably felt a little bit of a surge in the humidity levels. that's the difference going into this weekend. montgomery, 84. 88 in hope well junction. bridgewate along the shore areas, you're pretty comfortable too. the relative humidity is up in the 60% range along the shore areas, but your temperatures aren't really all that warm anyway. in most cases it is below 50%, so it feels pretty comfortable to the north and west. in cases like the city and morristown and farmingdale, long branch, it feels like close to 90. and it feels like 90 in trenton. back to the west, we're seeing showers and thunderstorms and a
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sunday evening. for tonight though, just a few scattered clouds. temperatures drop off into the 60s and 70s. we get an onshore push from the shore tomorrow. thunderstorms start to show up around 4:00, 5:00 on sunday afternoon and continue into the evening until about midnight. that's when we're expecting most of the stormy weather coming up. early should be quiet. then we get into early next week. we get that break we've been waiting for. for a stretch of days, it is dry and cooler. we'll really feel it at night where the temperatures starting monday night will drop into the mid 60s in midtown to the mid 50s north and west. that's going to feel great. this weekend not a washout. mid 80s, feeling like close to
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night. have a great weekend, everybody. it was a rough morning for chase the german shepard. ruff, r-u-f-f, but thanks to some help from the nypd, the story turns out quite nicely. chase was spotted battling in the water in grayson bay in brooklyn. police turned to social media to try to find the dog's owner. a facebook post tipped them off and chase was all smiles. yeah, that's a smiling chase. college students now graduate with an average of $35,000 in outstanding loans. that's why a staten island woman jumped at the chance to cut her debt by more than 3/4, then she said better get baquero. what happened? >> who wouldn't want a way to cut that you are interest rate or drop their principal on a student loan?
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gabrielle and her boyfriend are starting to bear the fruits of their education. gabrielle has been studying dentistry. >> i wanted to get a dental hygiene career, treat patients and improve their oral health. >> reporter: she took out student loans to pay for all of our classes. right after her pinning ceremony at school and with $55,000 phone call. >> approximately one day after i graduated, i received a phone call from a gentleman saying he could reduce my student loan. he claimed he was under the obama act, the william ford act, which does reduce your student loan debt. that sounded very promising. >> reporter: gabrielle says the caller was armed with lots of information about her, including the amount of all her loans.
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to consolidate her loan. >> i gave it right to him. he had told me that he can reduce my student debt by 80%, giving me a total from $55,000 down to about $10,500, so i was ecstatic. >> reporter: but she had second thoughts. >> i did my research. i found out in fact this is a >> reporter: gabrielle cancelled that credit card and requested an alert from the major credit bureaus. she is now trying to warn others. >> i'm just going to take it one day at a time, find my job in my career choice, and i have to pay in installments, but the government now, not a con artist. >> going to the right place now.
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information, don't give it out. get the correct phone number for that business and you call them to make sure you're speaking with the right place. the government does maintain a website with all of your student loan repayment options. it is >> to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, log on to or call us it is often cited as one of new york's biggest quality of life issues and it is getting worse. up next, 4 investigates new york's noise frustration. chuck is here with a look at what's coming up new tonight at 6:00. sounds a bit like the plot of "the producers," but the manhattan district attorney is dead serious.
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living in the city that never sleeps many of us have become accustomed to the sounds that never stop. >> sirens, horns, heavy-footed neighbors upstairs, but the noise pollution may be getting
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>> reporter: no matter where you turn, it's hard to escape the sounds of the city that never sleeps. >> i mean, new york is the noisiest city ever. >> car horns, a lot of ambulances. >> it seems like there's construction. it's unending. >> reporter: many new yorkers just live with it -- >> you kind of get used to it as a new yorker. >> reporter: 4 investigates found more people are speaking up. we tracked an increase in noise complaints to january through july of 2016 to the same time period last year. complaints are up 13%. 4 investigates dug deeper to show you the types of complaints and how much they have increased. here are the top five. number one, loud music and partying. you see pounding, loud talking, construction. number five, music from cars and trucks. that type of complaint saw the highest increase year to year, 28%. >> it's changed.
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uptown for 14 years. how about your neighborhood? >> it's very noisy. i think the city is getting so crowded at this point. there is so much traffic. >> reporter: while many new yorkers would think midtown would be the noisiest part of the city, but the area that had the most noise complaints so far is in a spot far from here. in harlem, the hamilton heights section. >> i noisier than any other place in new york. >> reporter: while heather is a bit surprised, she remembers seeing police here just a month ago. >> a police officer was here and she was knocking on doors. she asked me if there were any noise complaints. she had gotten a lot of requests to investigate. >> reporter: here's a look at the top zip codes for noise complaints. hamilton heights number one for 2016.
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list last year. do you feel like this is one of the noisiest spots? >> most of the people who live here, they're from the dominican republic. our culture is different. >> reporter: most everyone i talked to said for new yorkers, all the noise just fades into the background. >> it's kind of weird if there wasn't any noise. i would be >> reporter: natalie pasquarella, news 4 new york. >> that does it for us. thank you for watching. now at 6:00, deadly crash. the latest in the investigation on how two new jersey transit buses crashed into each other. the producer just charged with tricking people into investing in a fake broadway show. 25 years ago today, the crown heights riot struck the
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"news 4 new york at 6:00" starts now. good evening, i'm chuck scarborough. >> and i'm natalie pasquarella. two people are dead this evening, 16 injured. two new jersey transit buses collided. >> it happened this morning at 6:00. an empty bus traveling at high speed t-boned another bus filled with passengers. the impact nearly split it in half, leaving people trapped in the twisted metal. investigators are trying to figure out whyt still fighting for their lives. >> reporter: chuck, this crash involved two veteran bus drivers, one of whom was already on his route here along broad street. the other just left the iron bound garage and was traveling down raymond boulevard at speeds of which witnesses say over 50 miles an hour. >> reporter: was it a medical
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one? >> he flew by me like he was driving on the highway. >> reporter: just after 6:00 a.m., the number 59 bus t-boned the number 13 as it ran northbound on broad street with 17 passengers on board. they all went to the hospital with a variety of injuries. the driver later released. one passenger later died. >> there are many witnesses, much evidence to be looked at, so at this moment we'll not speculate as to the cause >> reporter: the impact sent bus into the air. it landed on its side. this cell phone taken by a passenger shows the chaos and confusion inside. >> people were screaming, crying, getting up off the bus. >> reporter: new jersey transit officials say both drivers have clean records. >> it strikes at the heart of our top priority, which is safety. >> reporter: it shattered the post-dawn quiet of this busy new


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