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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> now on news 4 at 6:00, ryan lochte breaks his silence following a run in with authorities in rio. what he has to say. >> fast moving storms turn roads into rivers s. more rain on the way? storm team 4 is >> first, under arrest. a queens woman facing murder charges in the murder of her 9 year old stepdaughter. news 4 at 6:00 starts now. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> after being questioned for hours at a queens police station house, a 9-year-old stepmother is charged in her death. >> moments ago, the little girl was found unresponsive in a
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hill. she only lived in the states for a few weeks. >> we go live with this new information. >> good evening. any moment now we are waying on police to walk out. police arrested the 55-year-old mother for the murder of her 9-year-old stepdaughter. police spent much of the day surrounding this home while questioning the stepmother of this 9-year-old late saturday afternoon. they murder saying the cause of death appears to be strangulation. >> i heard there was a murder of a little girl across the street. >> police found her dead-on arrival in a bathroom. the family said she was locked in there for two hours. neighbors shock and saddened by the news and some even brought
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i couldn't believe it. there is lot of kids and families and i never thought that would happen. >> a 9 year no matter what he or she did cannot be at fault. they are really innocent. >> they have seen strange activity in the home. >> just seen people coming in and out. >> family feeling the same sentiment. >> i knew he was going to do it. she always beat her up. i see her scratches on yeah. >> the family said she moved to the u.s. from india about a month ago and stayed with her cousin's family for three days and didn't want to go home to her stepmother and she reluctantly did on friday. >> i pray for the family and everyone witnessing this. i hope everyone holds their kids a little bit longer tonight.
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are charging her with second-degree murder. you are seeing the media here. we are waiting for police to walk the 55-year-old stepmom out. we will see if she will say anything to the cameras. we will bring that to you at 11:00 and on our website. for now, here's the latest here in queens, new york. >> we will turn to the weather. afternoon storms did cause issues for island. this was happening in huntington. >> here's another video from huntington. you can see water pouring out of the manhole and drivers plowing right through inches of water. showers and sunshine. we want to go over to erica grove for more on tonight and tomorrow. >> looks like the worst is over throughout the tri-state area. as we look at radar, nothing going on. clouds lingering, butt rain has gone away.
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we will look at flash flooding and this report came in at about 12:30 and later where we had a very substantial cell of rain and look at the area that was covered by at least three inches of rain. everywhere got at least three inches. about 3.1 near oyster bay and 3.7 inches here. here's what we are looking at for tonight. temperatures in the mid 70s and warm and muggy because of the rain and more rain on t for a sunday. tracking it with future tracker coming up in the ten-day forecast. >> you can track the storms in the area with the nbc 4 new york app. we will live you the latest advisories and tips on how to stay safe. >> new at 6:00, a disturbing discovery as a man is found dead near a little league field. he was stabbed several times.
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did have significant lacerations that. i have not released the man's name. >> new information in a deadly crash between two new jersey transit buses. police just identified the second victim killed. 49-year-old jesse garcia was on a passenger bus as it drove through downtown newark yesterday morning. the driver of another bus ran a red light and slamming into the bus that garcia was riding in. themp lifted the bus off its wheels and ended up on its side. >> a deadly drive-by shooting wednesday night. the nypd released the video today. at one point a child is left behind in the scramble to get away. we have more from the bronx. >> there is a growing memorial
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shot and killed. flowers and candles fill the sidewalk on the same day police released video they hope would break the case. bullets are flying and a lincoln town car slowed down near east 170th street in the bronx. then the gunshots. watch as people duck, even a child left running for cover. this 17-year-old department make it out alive. >> i had seen that move and it was a cowardly move. it was dirty. there were babies out there also. >> dante's father believes his son was shot at random. this was his second son to be taken by gun violence. >> this is senseless. i can't explain it. >> heart wrenching. >> they are not selling drugs or gang-related. >> surveillance video is a clue.
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>> i lost my son. my second son i lost. i'm not trying to lose no more. >> funeral services will be held next week. they hope now that they release the video, someone will come forward with information to leads to an arrest. news 4, new york. police released this video along one of the men grabbed him boy his neck while the other punched him in the face and took $100. that's the seventh reported attack. the men flashed a gun and in another they sprayed a sort of chemical into the victim's eyes. >> ryan lochte is opening up about the trouble he and his teammates got into in rio. a day after giving a misleading account, he sat down with matt lauer for an exclusive
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sunday afternoon, you didn't tell him the whole truth. when you spoke with me on wednesday night by phone, you didn't tell me the whole truth. >> i left details out. which that's why i'm in this mess. >> you can watch more of matt lauer's interview live from the rio olympic games after news 4 at 6:00. >> natalie, it is the competition and it was gold medal or bust while the u.s. women's basketball team looked to keep it rolling. you can see the finish line in the stretch here. how are you? >> no question, david and natalie. today was the day. a chance to capture the gold in the men's bantam weight division. shakur said all along it was gold medal. that was it.
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eloquently. but ramirez of cuba had other ideas. after a slow start in round one, shakur came out firing in the second using his speed and straight left hand effectively. it came down to round three where ramirez, a 2002 gold medalist was the aggressive. it was ramirez who earned a split decision victory and the gold medal while an eon stevenson settled for silver. >> how do you digest, that you won the silver or lost the gold? >> auto not too proud about winning silver. i'm disappointed in myself right now. i look at it as i disappointed everyone. i was supposed to stop the gold medal drought and i couldn't live up to it. i'm really, really disappointed in myself. >> not that there was ever any
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straight gold medal rolling to a 29-point victory over the spain team. it's now 49 straight olympic wins and counting for geno and company. for the first time in history, the u.s. has a gold medalist in the triathlon after a 38th finish, gwen jorgens en quit her job and revamped her medalist. her reaction alternating between a 1,000 watt smile and tears of joy. >> definitely emotions in the end there. i haven't really analyzed it. all of my tears started coming out. you are on a four-year journey and i invested so much. >> tears today for jorgens en, stevenson and many of the basketball players. tears for different reasons. at the olympics emotions are
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it's one of the things that define the games. live in rio, i'm bruce beck, news 4 new york. david and natalie, back to you. >> hang in there, buddy. thank you. a criminal unmasked literally. >> how police managed to capture the man wearing this bizarre mask and what he is accused of doing. >> half a dozen football plays arrest and what one is accused
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off field issues threaten the start of the notre dame football season. five arrested after an indiana state trooper found marijuana and a loaded hand gun in their vehicle. the other player accused of punching a police officer near campus. notre dame said they will have to make a decision about the players's eligibility. and a fugitive in connecticut accused of trying to walk past police in a very realistic get up according to the ofce gray beard, liver spots and all. this is the disfiz he was wearing when arrested on drug charges. that's what he really looks like. he was ordered out of the home and he walked out wearing the mask, but police didn't buy it and put the cuffs on him. >> that was pretty good there. up next, why cabdrivers are no longer required to learn english. >> a storm put a damper on the
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err acha is up next with the
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>> peter alexander has a look at what's coming up on nightly news. peter? >> more of matt lauer's interview with ryan lochte, the first since the scandal broke in rio. the americans going for more gold in track and field and on this final weekend of the olympics, we will show others damage control as miami beach deals with the impact on tourism after new cases of zika are found in the area and the hero in that louisiana flood who rescued a woman and her dog from a car that sanction in the floodwaters. a few minutes from now live from rio. back to you. >> communicating with your saxy driver could be a little more
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proficiency test. the test will be available in several languages. this was designed to make it easier for immigrants to pass the test was approved in april. just 4% of current drivers were born in the u.s. >> rain may have had an impact, but not much. this guy is skateboarding his way through the water. the event has run for the past three saturdays. before the rain turn on the water slide and took a virtual vacation with sand and lounge chairs. >> it's fun out there. let's go to erica for the weekend force cast. >> we had a brief burst of rain in manhattan, but the north shore is where you got the brunt of it. it was cooler today and a high of 83 degrees in central park and i wanted to point out something to you. remember how hot it was in july?
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planet. this was the 15th son connectionative month of record breaking temperatures. that's the global average, the highs and the lows throughout the world. this information coming to us from climate central. thank you for providing us. the earth's hottest month on record. july 2016 was a hot one throughout the world and august is shaping up to be another hot one. not today. it was humid and atl 79 degrees in redding and fairfield. 83 in bridge water and 82 in the ocean. nice weather for today for most of your sea locations. the shore locations. tomorrow is not going as good. we have the approaching gold front that drives in the winds and impact the rip current risk. we will talk more about that in a moment.
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sprinkle or shower. so much humidity in the atmosphere that we might be able to trigger a couple of light showers early in the morning. the main event is in the afternoon through the evening hours. you can see that cold front approaching and 3:00 p.m. making its way into the pocanos and the catskills. making its arrival around dinnertime. not a great night to have dinner outdoors. a rumble of thunder is possible around midnight and that's tomorrow night. mo low of 74 degrees and 60 in andover and might be able to open up the windows there. a light breeze out of the southeast and 5 to 10. unfortunately in the city and the suburbs, it it will be too muggy to let in refreshing air. the threat for thunderstorms arriving by about through:00 or 4:00 in the western suburbs. 5:00 or 6:00 in the city itself.
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get there early and leave early. two to four feet and you will need to make sure you are at a guarded beach. that's good advice no matter what. you need to take it easy and only swim to about ankle deep or knee deep in the guarded beaches. here's a look at the 10-day forecast. refreshing air moves in after we get past sunday's thunderstor tuesday and wednesday. a refreshing change. >> very nice. >> what's happening? >> remember when cespedes arrived and carried to the mets. the big bat returns and yo is back in a big way. the mets have missed swings like this over the last few weeks.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord?
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oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. carrying the mets and this is what they are hoping for. they will have him back doing starting pitching helped, but there would have been no october. this year the mets need more of the same thing and they fell apart and fell 5.5 games back in the wild card. got to get away. cespedes did his best. that has done its part. only to have the pitching staff
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with two on, that's the fourth run and they were done. the big blow in the game. this is a three-run shot when it lands to right off of jake peevey and the mets offense puts on the board and doing its part. they lead the game 7-2 in the seventh. they told anyone who will listen that the yankees are the wild card. >> striking out the side. tanaka looked every bit thes a. the season high over seven and
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giants. they are trailing rex ryan and 21-0 in the third. for american football to worldwide football and nycfc hosting l.a. galaxy. just seven minutes in and the home team is catching a break. in an off side position and the flag stays down. they approach the gold at 16th of the season. the closing minutes in the first half, it's the galaxy with the bicycle kick. josh saunders is able to get a mitt on it and deflect it away. >> they pick up three points. >> germany and brazil are headed to extra time and tied up at one. finally, we'll close up shop in rio. hard to believe the olympic
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simone gets the honor of leading team usa as a flag bearer. she will be the first gymnast to lead into a closing ceremony. her debut went well becoming the first american gymnast to meet zac efron. she is a big fan. she said hey, i'm going to be the flag bearer. if you are still in rio. she is not leng good job, simone.
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stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. a reminder our olympic coverage continues tonight at 8:00. the u.s. in the lead with 111 medals. the most of any country. china in second followed by great britain and russia. >> the men and women with the 4 by 400 meter meter run and platform diving and volleyball final. >> join us in about an hour for the "olympic zone." you can have a look at everything happening. the last one. we are a little bitter sweet. >> join us.
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>> have a great night. see you at 7:30. on this saturday night, nbc news exclusive. ryan lochte with matt lauer admitting his tale about being robbed in rio isn't the whole truth. golden moments. more olympic zika zone. growing worries after that virus is found in a popular destination for tourists. the measure some are taking to protect themselves in miami beach. faces of war. the symbol of an unending conflict. more on the desperate plight of so many syrian children with no way out. it's not just a vacation.


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