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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  August 21, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> that's why i'm taking full responsibility for it. >> owning up, we are hearing -- owning up, we are hearing more from u.s. swimmer, ryan lochte on his trouble in rio on the final full day of competition. >> storm understooding, causing problems in our area. >> and first, step mom charged, new details in the case of a queens woman arrested, accused of killing her own stepdaughter. news 4 starts right now. good evening and thanking for joining us. >> a queens woman behind bars, accused of murdering her 9-year-old stepdaughter tonight, a family desperate to know why. >> they led the woman out of the 102 station house tonight in hand cuffs. they say she is behind the death of her own stepdaughter. new details as the police try to
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>> michael. >> reporter: well, family members told us they suspected this, but tonight, their worst fears were realized, the medical examiner told us the child was strangled and the personal they believe responsible, her own stepmother. the 55-year-old woman did not say a word. but investigators say she strangled her stepdaughter and left her in a bath tub in their home dplimpt got sick to my stomach when i heard the story. >> reporter: strangers are placing stories outside the home. and neighbors are wondering were their warning signs of abuse that they missed? >> we watch out for each other and to hear that it happened across the street is heartbreaking. >> reporter: family members told us that they knew she was abusing the stepdaughter.
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yeah. because when she hold her hard and she beat her, you know. >> the nine-year-old told family members she didn't want the go home. a short time later, she was found unresponsive in a locked bathroom. investigators say she was strangled. >> there's no rhyme or reason to react the way she did. >> reporter: the father collapsed on the sidewalk when he heard what happened to her. she had only come to the u.s. from india recently. her family hoped she'd have a better pray for everyone here that you know, is witnessing this. and i hope that everyone just hold their kids just a little bit longer tonight. >> reporter: now, the woman has been charged with murder and she is expected to be arraigned in the morning. we are outside the courthouse, news 4 new york. thank you, a family friend is speaking out about a grandmother killed while going
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she was a passenger on bus number 13 as it drove through town. the driver of another bus ran a red light and slammed in to the bus that garcia was riding in. she was a mother and grandmother to three grandchildren, the tammy is in shock. >> because we all saw the devastation. we all woke up to that devastation and not realizing that that was o >> the driver of the other bus died in the accident. 17 others were injured. some of them critically. >> chaos caught on camera, police hope a portion of it will help them solve a drive-by shooting. it shows a car slowing down and then shots are fired. you can see people there starting to duck for cover. now, running from the gunfire 17-year-old dante gordon was
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shooting. >> lost one son already in 2010, and now, here i lose my baby boy, and this year to a stupid drive-by shooting. that had nothing to do with him. noing to do with anybody out there. that car rolled by just shot in to a random crowd of people. >> a 21-year-old man was hit and still recovering in the hospital. >> well if you are planning to head to the beach tomorrow, listen up, a health advisory is in place a beaches. the health department is advising against bathing in 14 beaches because of heavy rainfall. heavy rainfall can pose health concerns. a park ride reopened after a woman got hurt riding a roller coaster in six flags great adventure new jersey.
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it's not clear what hit her. she went to the hospital, but the ride was later cleared to reopen. and the final full day of competition, all of brazil had reason to celebrate, silver is coming home to newark and the women's basketball juggernaut rolls on. we are live in rio, as bruce has been throughout with all of the details. bruce. >> david, ever since rio was awarded the olympics, the brazilian people were looking for the signature moment. and today, the men's soccer team looked for the first ever gold medal. standing in their way, germany, who crushed them, 7-1 just two years ago. and wouldn't you know, it came
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four kicks and then in the fifth round, brazilian keeper, comes up with the save and you can hear the roar throughout brazil. that set the stage for neymar and one of the best players in the world blows the roof off of the stadium as the five-time world champions finally win olympic gold. in the ring, stevenson came out firing in the second round, using speed and straight left medal match. it all came down to round three, where cuba's ramirez, a 2012 olympic champion was the aggressor. >> how do you digest the medal that you won the silver, onner you lost the chance for the gold? >> i'm not really too proud about winning silver.
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myself. i kind of feel better, i got a lot of tweets from people like "sugar" ray leonard and floyd mayeweather, and andre ward. i'm happy to see that. i got their respect. but, i'm kind of disappointed in myself still. >> not that there was ever any doubt, the u.s. women's basketball team won their sixth straight gold medal. rolling to a 29-point victory over an over matched spain team, it's now 49 straight olympic wins and and company. >> a fourth title. how amazing is that? a fourth gold medal. >> it's mun believable. >> for women's basketball, there's only a handful that have done it and three are on the team right now. it's unbelievable to be here. >> what does it mean to you to win olympic gold and a wnba title? >> it's the ultimate for any wnba player to have that on their resume, that is the ultimate. especially me being born and
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give the organization the first championship is everything. >> tomorrow the u.s. men's basketball team goes for its third consecutive gold medal as they take on serbia, 41-year-old guns for a medal in the marathon. and we have got the closing ceremony. as we put a bow on the games of the 31st olympiad, in rio, news 4 new york. david and natalie, one day to go. >> one more day. all right, bruce, thanks. incident involving a u.s. swimmer, ryan lochte, in an interview, lochte talked about the controversy, regretting that he exaggerated what happened after a night of drinking. >> if i had not done that, we would not be in this mess. those guys would never be in rio. or were in rio. nothing of the -- none of it would have happened.
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the victim of an armed robbery. and the video proved that he vandalized a gas station. >> still ahead on news 4. two disturbing finds on long island, one in a park and another on a bike trail. >> and a wedding ceremony tragedy overseas, 30 dead and police believe it's no accident. >> and fires continue to burn out of control in california, and we will tell you why there's a bit of >> and storm team four meteorologist, we have had heavy rain on long island today, the entire tri-state is under threat of thunderstorms.
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a horror to tell you about in an outdoor wedding in turkey. 30 weekend have been killed in
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a terrorist attack. turkey has been attacked in a wave of attacks in the past year. >> happening now, crews make progress against one of the raging wildfires. officials say fire in san bernardino county has destroyed 100 homes. a blaze in a mountain area is now 68% contained. crews have an arson fire that destroyed more than 100 homes in northern california. >> in louisiana let's update you. more than 60,000 homes have been damaged by massive flooding. fema said that more than 100,000 people have applied for federal assistance. 13 people were killed when downpours dropped more than 24 inches of rain in two days. well, still to come on news 4 at 11:00.
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while riding in the woods that sparked a investigation. >> and monitoring the threat of severe weather potentially tomorrow, and we will close out of the weekend. when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." your bronze. your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you.
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new tonight a bike ride in the woods in long island ended with a find, a man came across a
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of express drive, the police think it's been there for some time. they will try to determine the exact cause of death. also, they are calling it a homicide, near community little league field. it has families on edge. a man's body was found in green lawn memorial park, witnesses say he was stabbed several times. the police have not released the victim's name. turning to weather. pop up storms cause flash flooding on long island, this video is from huntington this afternoon. inches of w street kps caused problem force drivers there. big question here, what about tomorrow? >> let's check in with the storm team. >> we will have to deal with more rain and thunderstorms tomorrow, as i eluded to tomorrow in the news cast, it will not just be on long island, we will see that weather throughout the entire tri-state tomorrow, not just flash flooding but plenty of rain. it has been a hot summer so far, and that has been the case for basically the entire planet.
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record last month. we are get thg data just in the past week from climate central, that is why i'm sharing it with you right now and july of 2016 was the 15th consecutive month of record breaking warmth. so, temperatures have been well above average for more than a year now and july was the earth's hottest month on record and we have been keeping these records since 1880. that was a long stretch with this heat and humidity and it continues as we head from another warm and muggy one, we don't have 90s in the forecast for tomorrow, as a cold front approaches, it will turn unsettled and there's a potential for severe weather tomorrow. right now, we are down to 71 and 77 and 71 in danbury and 72 in morris town, new jersey, temperatures are starting to cool down a bit, but they are not going to drop too much tonight, because of the
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the temperatures don't drop too much in the overnight when you have a lot of humidity. this cold front will arrive just in time for any of your outdoor dinner plans. sunday night, maybe you want a barbecue, doesn't look like a great idea tomorrow. future tracker shows a few light showers early in the morning. a lot of it will not materialize. there's meant of moisture in the air. as the cold front approaches on sunday in the afternoon. we will start to fire up the front that will bring us the potential for thunderstorms. 7:00 p.m., heavy rain indicated here in the oranges and yellows and then maybe more intense rainfall in the red shading. and that will all push through. as we head in to the overnight hours. so the timing of this cold front is a bit later than some other storm systems that we have gotten. so, you may get a nice lightening show during the overnight hours, which is fun, and there's a potential for
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to the afternoon and evening tomorrow. overnight, we dip down to 74 and partly to mostly cloudy skies and here is a look at the day planner. by noon, it will be 81. and feeling more to the upper 80s, the storms are approaching at 3:00, and by 7:00, we could have a stray storm in the area and especially as you head out on to long island, those storms could linger in to the overnight hours. the shore cast is looking okay to start the day. but then the thundor hours. you may be able to get in beach time early, watch out for the risk for rip currents as well. look at the ten-day forecast. 85 for your high, and with the humidity it will feel close to 90 and then the strong storms are arriving late in the afternoon. lasting through the evening hours. then a refreshing change finally getting some lower humidity, a lot of sunshine, monday and tuesday, tuesday, especially, looks like a fantastic day.
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great. >> maybe almost feeling like a taste of fall for late august. compared to all the humidity we have been dealing with. >> thanks. >> you have mets fans feeling like fall baseball. >> all right, all right, could the return of cespedes spark the mets? that is the question. buckle up mets fans, it's getting late early again for your team, we will see what yo did in sports, next. ? ?
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phelps, ledecky, bolt, they all set records and right by them, felix, felix cruised over the finish line to capture her sixth career gold medal. that was the most of any female track and field olympian, she is tied with bolt and trailing only ca ladies won the event for the sixth straight olympics. amazing. >> terry collins said he is relieved to have cespedes back. and he said, nothing against anyone else, he is tough to replace. he had an rbi double in the first at bat and then launched this in the second. when it lands, 440 feet away. it's a straight away homer to center. number 23 for cespedes. mets, then broke this one open
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alejandro deaza, capped it off with a three-run shot off of peavy. the mets go 7-2. he put it out of reach with another moon should -- moon shot to left. mets hope he can jump start a run to the postseason. top of the first, gary sanchez, the rookie hitting the sixth home run. i'm just saying. i think he could be a gardner, speaking of keepers. catch of the year, maybe, goes back to the low fence and robs cjchrone, my goodness, he is crowd surfing. yankees lead right now, 5-0 in the ninth. we are two preseason games in to the mcadoo era. felton looks like he will score
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and a touch back. and this is why they signed vernon. to get to the qb, vernon, planting a.j. manuel, stops before half time. giants have turned over the ball nine times in the first two preseason games. victor cruz did warm up in pads. we showed you how the is how it sounded. >> neymar. neymar! goal! yeah! >> and he is still going. still going. still going. >> that was great, have a good
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when people ask me what it's like to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know." the medals you've earned are all around you. your bronze. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you.
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ryan seacrest here. one last time at copacabana beach with a few of my friends. if you missed any of today, these are the things you need to know, rio de janeiro, day 15. wen jorgensen won the u.s. a first gold medal in triathlon. in the women's basketball gold medal game, the united states continued its unprecedented run of domination. >> once again, the united states women's olympic basketball team


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