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tv   Today in New York  NBC  August 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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in harlem. and ryan lochte, not in the clear just yet. the organization that's promising punishment this morning. "today in new york" starts now. good morning. 4:30 a.m. on this monday, it's august 22nd. i'm michael garguilo. >> and i'm kerry barry in for door darlene rodriguez. notice the winds out of the northwest. that's a dry refreshing breeze. taking away all of that humidity we have partly cloudy skies right now and it's going to be a beautiful day ahead. sunshine through the morning right through the afternoon. temperatures are still warm, back to the mid-80s. again, with that low humidity and pleasant breeze, it feels absolutely fantastic as we head out. gusty with winds in the afternoon. we'll take a look at the ten-day
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lauren, good morning. >> good morning. no accidents to report. we'll take a live look at the grand central parkway out by laguardia airport where you'll see things block. a very slow ride through here, then if you're headed toward the queens midtown tunnel, we have overnight work there. right now the south tube is closed and the north tube is taking on the traffic. we'll have more coming up. on long island. investigators say a subaru slammed into two vehicles on the long island expressway over the weekend and now five people are dead, several others are in the hospital this morning. "today in new york's" andrew siff has the story. >> reporter: in an instant the driver of the subaru was airborne. the driver and his 10-year-old son killed, his sister patricia also killed.
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spoke about their paint his girlfriend was in the car in front of theirs. >> all i saw was the car flow to the other side, to the other side of the byway, and that's when i stopped and run away to see if everybody was okay. >> reporter: doctors say it was so shocking many of the paramedics were shaking. >> police say it was the they ever saw. >> reporter: it flew into the packet of two other cars. a bmw with four seniors from west hampton who survived and a honda whose driver was 29-year-old scott martella, communications director for suffolk county executive steve balon and former aide to the governor. he was known across long island as a leader and great man.
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strong work ethic, candor, and surviing spirit. his fiancee survived the crash. neighbors say he was a big fan of truffle fries by his house. when they got engaged last year, shelby had posted on her facebook page, sometimes 14-year-old girls are silly, but sometimes they know just how their happily ever after is going to scott martella and i met in the smithtown high school auditorium. that's where we got engaged. i'm so lucky i get to spend the rest of my life smiling alongside him. this morning we also learned this heartbreaking detail, that that little 10-year-old boy who was headed to splish splash, his aunt in the car had sent friends and family a video on snapchat just a few minutes before the crash.
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it's 4:33. police are searching for a gunman who killed a 61-year-old woman right where she sat in harlem. >> reporter: flowers and candles are part of this growing memorial as well as signs posted on trees with a photo of odessa sims that says, we will love you forever. over the phone police say they still don't have any concrete evidence of her killer. this is the spot where the 61-year-olom killed caught in the crossfire here of 144th and lennox. she was playing game around 11:45 saturday night when shots rang out. a bullet pierced her neck killing her. her loved ones say she was a fixture in this neighborhood. >> she was a wonderful mother and a wulff assistant. she helped me a whole lot. >> reporter: there were four
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they don't have any links. she was an innocent bystander in all of this. they still don't have any description on two the two people who were involved in that shooting. back to you. we want to check with storm team 4. raphael miranda. a little cooler than we had last week at this time. >> much less muggy. still on the mild side. 71 in elmhurst. we have 72re as we head north and west out of town, temperatures have fallen back into the low 50s. bridgewater, 63, and it's still mild across long island. 71 at this hour across west hampton. we've been tracking rain overnight. now it's tracking east. it's dry in the city. we have a couple of leftover showers in the hamptons and montauk. just a beautiful day ahead.
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delightly low humidity and temperatures back into the 80s. we'll take a look at the ten-day and explain coming up in a few. right now it's time for your morning commute with lauren scala. >> the 1, 2, 3, 5, a, e, d, f, l, r, and s shuttle trains are all affected. major commuter lines look good. no bus detours or unplanned bus detours. in effect. police are looking for the gunman who wounded 13 people at a connecticut house party. one of the victims sfieting for her life and bridgeport police say at least 100 party guests were in the backyard saturday night when gunshots erupted from the hedges. ambulances rushed people to the area hospitals. police say it was difficult to see any of the suspects. >> it was dark back there.
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witnesses who have come forward to say they saw. >> so far no clear motive. the victims range in age from 18 to 24. most of them shot in the leg. a suit filed by the conservative legal advocacy group judicial watch. last friday a federal judge issued an order requiring clinton toancehe question about e-mails. the judge is giving the group until october 14th to submit the questions in writing and then clinton will have 30 days toance them. hillary clinton's campaign coffers about a million dollar richer. that's after she appeared with cher at a campaign fund-raiser. we're told cher did not perform.
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trump plan as big speech on the immigration issue coming up on thursday. he has called for the creation of the deportation force. it would seek out undocumented immigrants but now his campaign manager said that issue is, quote, to be determined. meanwhile the u.s. olympic committee is promising further action against ryan lochte and three fellow swimmers. he apologized to the hosts in rio for an incident that involved all four of them. lochte gas station while traveling. now he's telling nbc news that he, quote, overexaggerated that story. you can actually see matt lauer's entire exclusive interview. that's coming up today at 10:00. colorful fashion.
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atmosphere. the final five teammates. there they are for the celebration. during the ceremony the olympic flag was lowered. it was transferred to tokyo. that will be the site coming up of the 2020 summer games. now, in the final day competition, it was the star-studded u.s. basketball team taking on serbia in the gold medal game. >> the u.s. rolling over serbia, golden state warriors star kevin durant leading the way with 30 points for team usa. they win, of course, their third straight gold medal. meanwhile the knicks' carmelo anthony became emotional knowing this was his final olympics. >> why was this one special for you? >> i know this was the end. this is it for me. i'm here today, three gold medals later. i'm excited.
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representing our country on the biggest stage that you can be on. >> with his three gold medals and a bronze, carmelo anthony is the most decorated man in olympic basketball history. here's a look at the final medal count. team usa dominated, 121 medals, 46 of them gold. china coming in a distant second followed by great brittain and russia. in a year and a half we'll pyeongchang in south korea. they're making it. they're promising to make lots of snow if the weather doesn't cooperate. there's bill neely reporting there. i'm sure they'll do fantastic. >> of course, they will. it's 4:40. disturbing new information about
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of music legend prince. investigators say it was disguised as something else. and then a daring rescue when a mother and child end up dangling over and overpass. and, of course, your "weather and traffic on the 4s" coming up as well. we'll be right back. award winning interface. award winning design. the volvo xc90.
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4:43 right now. here's four things to know. six people are in the hospital. they're trying to recover from a crash that killed five people. a subaru slammed into a honda on the l.i.e. over the weekend. they're looking at whether speed was a factor.
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washington will be closed for repairs. the lower level lanes will be shut down every night this week at 5:00 until 5:00 in the morning. this is the first day metro riders can buy tickets on their phone. riders heading from new haven, new canaan, and waterbury can do that. you just show your them. today is the 100th anniversary of the park. the event runs from 1:00 until 10:00 tonight. we have beautiful weather for a party outside or anything outside today. we're already off to a great start on the plaza. you can see nice and dry, no rain in the city. all the rain has moved away and there's a view from the top of the rock enjoying temperatures that have been dropping. great visibility and breezy.
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we've been waiting for all weekend long and now it's finally here. let's take a look at some of the temperatures in the cooler spots, now down to the mid-60s. it's 64 in vails gate. 63, bridgewater, still a little milder across long island. 71 in west hampton and 70 in bridgeport. notice the wind direction out of the north. that's a major change. it's a it's dry. the rain is also moving away. you see on the satellite and radar picture starting to dry things up from new york city north and west. a couple of showers are going to linger for you in montauk. here's a look at your future wind gusts. the winds will be breezy, gusting over 20, 25 miles per hour at times. this is the middle of the afternoon. so, yeah, it's definitely going
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it's not until tomorrow as high pressure really settles in. the winds are diminishing and they stay much lighter tuesday into wednesday. here's a look at future tracker. not much to see here. loads of sunshine all day long. bring your shades as you're heading outside. your evening commute is weather-free. tomorrow is more of the same, tuesday, heading out the door. sunshine as you start your day. that's the theme this look at the ten-day forecast. a very quiet ten-day stretch. lots of sun right throughout wednesday and thursday. temperatures get milder day by day. near 90 with higher humidity. that's a look at your forecast. it's time for a check on your morning commute with lauren scala. >> good morning. we'll take a live look at the roads. we'll start with the brooklyn bridge where things are moving along quite nicely. then heading over to the george washington bridge, free and
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your way into the toll booths. lincoln tunnel and holland tunnel in great shape. heading north, also a smooth wide into westchester and rockland county. nothing getting in your way at the moment. don't forget to move your car and we'll have your next weather and traffic update on the 4s. >> thank you very much. we're learning more about the woman killed in friday's collision between two n.j. transitrkin mother and grandmother to her three children. >> we had spoken. she was like, you know, after work, i'll see you, see the kids. and then she never came. >> joseph borthelis was the driver of the other bus. he was also killed in the crash. the cause of this accident still
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u.n. are condemning the terror bombing attack on a wedding party in turkey. funerals for the victims were held yesterday. 51 people were killed in saturday's attack near the syrian border and another 69 were hurt. he says the terrorists used a young suicide bomber who was between 10 and 14 years old. people in california are going home after a fast moving fire. standing. this is san bernardino county. in northern california crews gain ground on an arson fire. it's burning in lower lake and right now it is 95% contained. in texas record-breaking rain bringing flash flooding to areas in the central part of that state. in austin, roads are turned into rivers. cars had to wade through the streets.
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in the south there were reports of several water rescues especially in san antonio. some areas saw nearly a foot of rain late saturday night into sunday morning. and today in baton rouge, the city beginning collecting debris from the 60,000 homes damaged by massive flooding this morning. 3,200 people are waking up in shelters. more than $30 million in federal funding is approved. president obama will be visiting that flood ravaged area this flooding responsible for the deaths of at least 13 people. in a few hours jerry sandusky's appeal of his conviction will return to the kourtdroom. the judge will hold the case of the former penn state assistant coach. he's arguing his lawyerdy not proper will i defend him at his trial. right now he's spend 30g to 60 years behind bars a convicted predator. according to the "associated
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counterfeit drugs were found at his estate in minnesota. the mislabeled pills. they were stuffed into suitcases and duffel bags. an autopsy found that prince died of an accidental fentanyl overdose back in april. >> 4:50. eight people hit by a car that plowed into an outdoor dance in ohio. two people seriously hurt in that crash. it happened in cleveland. officers say was backing out of a parking spot at a community concert yesterday when she accidentally hit the gas and drove into the dance floor. no charges were filed. a dramatic rescue caught on camera. firefighters had to work carefully to rescue a woman and her 6-year-old friend after a crash left her car hanging off of an overpass. that car would have drop 20d feet onto another road below. fortunately these rescuers were
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and get them out. that's astonishing. she's now charged with careless driving. >> it's 4:51. still to come. think back to your first big job out of college. experts say that all important job -- carry, you're still carrying that. >> i think so. plus an what the he wants in order to go
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan.
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i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. 4:53 as we look at the bridge and the statue of liberty. a massive wall of dust blew into phoenix at 30 to 40 miles per hour.
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mile or less. look at these scenes here. several flights out of the airport there, sky harbor, were delayed. this is amazing because phoenix is such a horizontal city. >> the whole area, one side to the other. >> at least you can see it. anyway, no dust storms for us today. it's going to be much dryer. the humidity, the mugginess we've had all weekend long has finally got. we had a cold front move through. east ham tan toward montauk, rain showers, those will be gone in about an hour or so. these are your high temperature, 83, but it's a dry pleasant 83. look at the winds, 10 to 20 miles per hour. fantastic weather in the hudson valley. near 80 in poughkeepsie. 83 down the shore with loads of sunshine and bellemare is going to be a great beach day. overnight, down to the 50s. yes, turn off the ac in places like newburgh and madison.
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54. that will feel a little chilly tomorrow morning for some of you at this desk. i know some of you will be saying, oh, my god, it's cold outside. >> i like the rainforest heat, i really do. it's embarrassing. >> is that right? >> i'll look forward to the humidity on friday, right? >> humidity, that's for you. >> we'll talk about traffic. no weather. we have a downed tree in your town that's closed near hunter brooke otherwise things look good on the roadways and the bridge. everything running on a close to schedule at 5:00 a.m. thank you very much, lauren. small uptick in gases means we could be seeing increases. the average, $2.17, prices could rise at least 10 cents, that's because of a spike in crude oil
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here in new york, a gallon of gas costing on average $2.30. we could see a record amount of people traveling this way. this is where i'll be going. i'll be right here, but not because of gas prices. experts say bargains like affordable airfare make it a good time for travelers. also plan on earning the frequent flyer miles instead of redeeming them. experts say to use them up constantly changing the rules on these frequent flyer miles. >> when you book a flight, it's canceled. it's a pain in the rear. just in time for the winter holidays, you can fly nonstop. united airlines says it will begin seasonal service from liberty airport. it begins december 16th, rubs through may 4th. tickets actually went on sale on saturday. we're told that this is the only nonstop service from key west to
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zika virus could spread beyond florida. louisiana and texas residents are at risk, especially where there was flooding. dr. anthony fauci says the zika virus could remain in the united states for a year or two. right now it's showing up in two miami neighborhoods. 4:57. there are new concerns about teen drug abuse including heroine addiction which has le is why the american academy of pediatrics is now recommending that doctors consider treating young patients with medications to build long-term sobriety. 4:57 now. pleasant or even happy memories of your first job can be a boost to your health later in life. researchers in ohio state university found job satisfaction played a role in both the physical and mental well being. new study looked aet data of
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researchers found that those who weren't happy and dissatisfied with their employment early in their careers were more worried, more depression, trouble sleeping by the time they reached their 40s. kerry, you said you enjoyed your first job? >> i actually did. wichita, texas, a small market. i thought i was going to hate it. i loved it. >> i did too. >> $17,000. >> up to $19. the make-a-wish foundation is sending a young boy to new york that he's been dreaming about since he was 9 years old. >> he didn't ask to go to disney world. instead he's asking to for a trip to the vatican for a blessing by pope frances. he has a rare cancer that causes noncancerous tumors. >> it was a very hard decision
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blessed by the pope. >> we see how moved he was as he was making that announcement. they're expected to travel to the vatican within the next two weeks. what a wonderful gift by the make-a-wish foundation. >> we wish him the very, very best and his family. if you're about to head out the door, keep watching. download the news 4 app. our next hour starts right now. one horrific crashnd we're at the hospital where nearly a dozen people are struggle to survive. plus what authorities are doing to keep children from setting more fires like this one. and it's an olympic level tantrum. the team that threw a fit and then threw their clothes. "today in new york" starts now. >> you do that every day. >> only if i'm running a little late. good morning, everybody. 5:00 a.m.
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>> you're not running late today. you're fabulous. darlene is off this week. i'm kerry barrett. >> beautiful change coming our way. the lower humidity we've been waiting for. still dropping. now 70 degrees. i want you to notice this, the wind direction out of the northwest. it's bringing dryer more mf rain-free. temperatures back to the mid-80s. because of the low humidity, it just feels delightful. it will be breezy, especially during the afternoon. we'll take a look at your ten-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. lauren scala. good morning. >> good morning. we don't have any problems to report. take a live look outside at the grand central parkway. out by laguardia airport where earlier this was backed one construction. you can see cones have moved


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