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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  August 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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is newark. >> this has become a part of this everyday living. >> reporter: we asked newark's public safety director about the violent weekend. he says the crimes appear to be unrelated. >> the majority are isolated. they're disputes, domestic or drug related. there is concern with the public. i understand, but there's no madman running around doing it. >> reporter: murders are up. 63 so far this yea 59 last year, but police say overall crime is down 19% and shootings are down 20%. but for a resident, statistics don't matter much. you have kids. do you feel safe with them walking around here? >> no, we plan on moving. >> reporter: because of the crime? >> because of the crime. >> reporter: other residents told us they don't feel any safer. >> back in the day, you could sleep on a bench.
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increase in officers for the reduction of crime in newark. >> more cops like back in the day. there used to be cops doing shifts and walking the beat. that helps us protect the neighborhood. >> reporter: and regarding the latest shooting, the pregnant victim is expected to be okay, but the 26-year-old man she was with was killed. right now, police say they don't have any suspects identified. we're live in newark. michael george, news 4 new york. there is word now the tobacco, and firearms have joined the investigation of a party shooting. police say they have no description of the suspects. one of the victims was shot in the face. the other injuries considered non-life threatening. surveillance video shows the 81-year-old woman walking into
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evening. she was not aware she was being watched by a man who follows her inside and assaults and robs her. >> lori bordonaro is in the bronx where she spoke to that woman's son tonight. lori? >> reporter: and natalie and david, that 81-year-old woman was on her way home from shopping when that man followed her into her building and attacked her. the mugger made off with something more valuable than money. surveillance video shows the man lurking outside the building on he then goes inside and viciously mugs an 81-year-old woman, leaving her bruised and shaken. >> he snatched her and she turned around and said, hey, what are you doing. he knocked her down and then kicked her. >> reporter: her son tells news 4 the man swiped his mom's charm necklace. you can see him run out of the building and down the street. at one point he appears to drop the necklace, but turns around to get it.
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their birthstone. it's not much value, but it is more sentimental than anything else. >> reporter: those in this bronx neighborhood angry, but not surprised by the attack. >> i'm a superintendent in many places. there are robberies everywhere. it is like in the movies. >> they say you have to be careful near the bus stop because there's groups that hang out there. >> reporter: raymond is thankful his mom will be okay. he public to help find her attacker. >> we should watch out for each other. if you know anything, please contact the police. >> reporter: and police say that man took off running down east 188th street. unfortunately, they don't have a lot to go on. that man was wearing a white t-shirt and a black baseball cap. news 4 new york. in new jersey, protesters
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paterson city hall calling for the recall of the mayor. the group is angry about recent cuts to the city's recreation budget. summer camps and pools closed on august 12th, two weeks earlier than normal. >> we had to find out why this man is attacking the smallest portion of the budget to satisfy whatever his personal needs might be. >> today' surrounding torres. in march, the news 4 i-team uncovered evidence that appeared to show public employees working at his home when their time sheets showed they were working for the city. another sexual harassment lawsuit against roger ailes. unlike the suit filed by
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has named the channel and several of its highest ranking executives. we have andrew siff outside of fox news headquarters tonight with more on this. >> reporter: this is the lawsuit right here. it seeks more than $30 million and accuses top executives here at fox news of running the network like a, quote, playboy mansion like cult. one month after roger ailes resign sexually harassed several current and former female employees. today new complaints against ailes and top management at fox news. andrea, a former host of the show "outnumbered," filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit alleging that fox is a sex-fueled playboy mansion type
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when she complained to the current warned her that ailes is a very powerful man and she needed to let it g. >> these women are brave. >> reporter: she is a manhattan attorney who specializes in sexual harassment cases. she said the suit following earlier accusations from former anchor gretchen others adds weight. >> certainly a victim alone can prevail, but when you have one, two, three, four people coming forward, it certainly adds creditability. >> reporter: the suit accuses host bill o'reilly of inappropriate behavior. she accuses scott brown of making a number of sexually inappropriate comments and putting his hands on her waist. brown who is now a defendant in
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in fact, former senator brown tweeted that any actions attributed to him in this lawsuit were, quote, fabricated. a spokeswoman for the network tells me today that fox news channel declines comment on pending litigation. live in midtown, andrew siff. news 4 new york. a final salute today for john timoney, the nypd's former deputy police commissioner. a funeral wald patrick's cathedral this morning. he became first deputy commissioner in 1994 during bill bratton's first tenure as commissioner of the department. bratton gave the eulogy today. we heard from him after the service as well as from former commissioner ray kelly. >> his contributions to the city of new york, i think, surpass all of the other contributions of his life. >> they don't make them like john. he was tough.
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he'd speak his mind. >> timoney served as philadelphia's police commissioner and as police chief of the city of miami. coming up, a heartless crime. stealing a wheelchair from a 14-year-old boy with cerebral palsy. what happened next will warm your heart. burglars giving away their secrets in tonight's i-team exclusive. jailed career to avoid becoming victims. another beautiful day around the tri-state. a chilly morning and a warm afternoon. could there be more in the forecast?
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well, a smashing 30th birthday party for one long island woman and her guests after an alleged drunk driver did all that, totalled all those cars. car parts covering that parking lot. this happened last night just before 9:00. police say 53-year-old mark was driving drunk when he rammed his toyota tundra into a row of high-end cars. >> they parked very nice cars my sister had a bmw. it was my car, my sister's car, and my mother's car all parked in the same spots. everybody's car was hit. >> two party goers ran outside and tackled the man, holding him unless police arrived. he was charged with dwi. police believe the incident was random. a city clerk fired for calling out sick all the time is fighting for her job back. the clerk worked at the department of environmental
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time between january 2014 and april of this year. according to court documents, she took 226 days of paid and unpaid sick leave. a judge ruled her absences as excessive. she was fired. a very special gift for a new jersey teenager with cerebral palsy. quantum rehab gave him a new state-of-the-art wheelchair but authorities managed to track down the criminals and they recovered his wheelchair. here's the thing. he had outgrown that wheelchair, so the company decided to build him a new chair anyway. >> we're just thankful to everybody who helped. we are so humbled by the love. >> the new wheelchair offers the latest in power chair technology. it will improve courtney's ability to communicate in his day-to-day life.
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weather. how long will it last? janice huff has the full
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lester holt is stopping by on his way to the studio. what are you working on? >> we've got we have an investigation into bill clinton's link to a foundation. he was an honorary chancellor. he was paid over $17 million over five years. we're going to break it all down. >> natalie? now to more out of our exclusive i-team series on burglars and their secrets.
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prison. we've learned how they pick their targets and when they prefer to strike. now their number one piece of advice. sarah wallace joins us now live. >> this is all about getting expert advice on the best way to protect you and your house. our burglars universally agreed on many things. one of them is potentially critical to your safety. >> reporter: is it just that we're careless with our valuable convicted burglars like vincent told us in our survey that homeowners make it just too easy for them. where do you like first? >> the bedrooms. >> reporter: 75% headed right to the bedroom, including nicholas who told the i-team he's hit more than 100 homes in the suburbs. >> i only did one room in the house. that was the master bedroom. >> reporter: burglars check places like the freezer.
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84%. or jewelry, 81%. >> you go in there and you take the money and the jewelry you leave. that other big crap, leave it. if it don't fit in your pocket, you don't need it. >> reporter: one burglar wrote jewelry and cash are favorites, but i would steal anything i was attracted to. >> we're going to think like you think. where will i hide so a burglar wrote putting all your valuables in one place makes it easy for a thief to take all of your belongings. we asked them what would happen if they broke in and found someone inside. this was chilling video of burglars creeping through a home where four people were sleeping. fortunately, the would-be thieves left. 77% of the burglars surveyed said they would leave immediately. you don't want to confront
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that. >> one time this guy came home. i looked and i saw the guy looked me in the face. i said who are you. i'm in the wrong house. he didn't chase me. >> reporter: if somebody came in your house, would you ever confront a burglar? >> no, i wouldn't. if he wants, i would give him whatever he wants. >> reporter: would you confront him? >> yes, i would to protect myself, my family, my home, and my property. >> reporter: the burglars were contact unless it is the last resort. one wrote a person must never try to confront a burglar or anyone who breaks into your home and apartment. 40% in our survey said if someone attacked them they would fight back. >> don't try to confront the burglar. because they'll fight to get away from you. you might kill him or he might kill you.
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their advice to their mom would be the same as what would be to all of us. hide. call police. hide and be safe because we always carry weapons. medina recommended a hiding place you might not think of. >> me, i would hide in the bathtub. i would not go to the bathroom to steal. >> reporter: that's changed somewhat with the market in prescription painkillers. burglars are targeting home medicine cabinets to score and sell pills on the street. one tip that will turn burglars around for sure and it won't cost you a thing tonight at 11:00. we can't stress enough don't confront them. if it happens, your things are
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neither is your family. >> thank you, sarah. >> looking outside, it's been beautiful. it's cooling off for us out there, but changes are coming, right? not just yet. some changes are coming slowly but surely. the humidity will be the first thing you'll notice. then the temperatures start to creep up. it's been fantastic these last 24 hours. our view from the top of the rock camera looks great. temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80 in the city right now. clear visibility. looks no clouds now. it's going to be another lovely night around the tri-state. it's great again tonight and tomorrow. it is a bit more humid especially by thursday into friday. friday is the hottest day. up around 90 in the city and thunderstorms are possible then as well. in the meantime, we have another cool night in store across the tri-state area. look at the temperatures this morning. monticello, sussex, tom's river was at 49 degrees this morning.
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tomorrow morning, but it will be cool nonetheless. these were the afternoon highs. mid 70s to the low 80s. picture perfect in midtown at 82. islip, you had a bit of an onshore flow. 81 in poughkeepsie. very comfortable dew points. they're all below 60 degrees. any time you see these kinds of numbers this time of year it is a big treat because that means the humidity lighter winds today than what we saw yesterday. this time they're out of the west to southwest. then the south-facing shores is why you're seeing cooler temperatures. the land areas seeing dry conditions. it's dry all the way back across the great lakes. otherwise the weather is just quiet. that's the trend through this evening. another very mild evening in the city. 60s in the suburbs as we go into the overnight, but eventually
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69 in bridgeport. 65 degrees in belmar. it's a clear night. winds are out of the west. tomorrow we get the southwest wind. it does warm up a bit. near 90 in poughkeepsie will be one of the hotter spots. most of us will be in the 80s tomorrow. at the shore it will be a little bit cooler. our ten-day forecast shows a little warmer even on thursday. that's when we start to feel it with the humidity coming back. we're up to 90 on friday. after that, back down to the 80s. here and there. we could use the rain of course, but not a washout. >> thank you. >> thanks, janice. looking forward to the monument park ceremony for catcher gary sanchez. a rock star indeed. just when you can't miss watching gary sanchez at the plate, the kid is amazing.
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yankees record books. back to old form. o'dell beckham weighs in next on
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i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. yes, the yankees blew the lead twice last night in seattle losing a tough one to the gary sanchez, last night he homered twice. since his call up on august 23rd, he's hit eight home runs. the only two yankees to ever record at least 50 total bases in their first 19 games are gary sanchez and joe dimaggio.
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done, the way he's swung the bat, the way he's played defense, the job he's done that throws another guy out. he's been extremely impressive. >> notice the old catcher focusing on his defense. mets start a three-game set in st. louis tonight. neil walker is out on paternity leave. his wife just gave birth to baby girl. victor cruz returned to practice for the first time in nearly two weeks. a groin injury kept him sidelined. the big question is will his speed translate to game day. teammate o'dell beckham raved about what he saw from number 80. >> i saw him catch it, turn upfield and burst. it is great to see vic back out there. he's been through quite a lot.
6:29 pm
september 11th. september 11th. i know he would love to be in the preseason. in my opinion, he looked great. >> the giants open the season september 11th in dallas. josh norman says players around the nfl have a hit out on beckham. o'dell sidestepped commenting on that brandon thomas hit a grand slam for the grizzlies. he knocked it out of the park and through the windshield of a pickup truck in the park. man was he in for a surprise when he left last night. it was his truck. not joking. brandon said he had to hang out the window to drive home because it was right there in about the worst spot possible. the grizzlies say someone has offered to pick up the tab because minor leaguers don't
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>> thanks, john. coming up next on "nightly news", president obama touring the flood devastation in louisiana. >> thank you so much for joining us. see you at 11:00. developing news font. new homegrown zika, confirmed outside of south florida, in the center of the state. and pay for play to investigate the clintons as new questions arise about the clinton foundation and trump faces questions about his new controversial. and epipen cost skyrocketing 400%. and a little miracle. the little boy with a double hand transplant.


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