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tv   WNCN News at 6  CBS  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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temperatures is set to dip into the teams overnight and a possible winter weather event for monday. i will break down the scenarios and your forecast. thousands march in the streets of downtown raleigh. the message from this year's moral march. nc state gets a big win at home. we have highlights and reaction. good evening, i'm maggie newland. will get to your forecast in a moment but first we are following ticking news. supreme court justice antonin scalia is dead. several reports including a statement from the governor of texas indicate he was found dead of apparent natural causes on a luxury ranch resort in west texas. he was nominated to the u.s. supreme court in 1986 by president reagan.
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hardly above freezing today and will drop into the teens overnight. let's get over to meteorologist bill ray with a look at the forecast. we have a couple big things to look up. the temperatures tonight come up 30 degrees right now. it is a pretty sunset that just occurred as you look over the city of raleigh but in general, things will get cold. 30 in raleigh. 29 interim. 27 in roxboro. a little bit above freezing in the sandhills. did you feel the wind today? it felt like it was in teens and low 20s with the windchill. the winds will die down but they will be brisk tonight with very cold temperatures. it may feel like the single digits by tomorrow morning. you need to bundle up if you will be outside. or just stay inside. lows around 14 in raleigh. 14 interim. 11 roxboro. 17 in fayetteville. we have a storm system to talk about. as you look at the map you're
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there is already things that will occur, in terms of a winter storm watch. we will show the to you when a little bit. this is what i'm thinking. some snow and sleet to start monday morning. and freezing rain to make matters worse to start the rest of the central part of north carolina off. one thing that will happen, this will change to rain. we we'll need to time that out and tell me what to expect on monday. if you're heading out this evening, clear skies. temperatures will fall through the 20s into the teens by the time we join you at 11. the immigrant community is getting set for a planned official to wear awareness and help those detained and said to be deported. it is the latest effort in latest weeks. tonight's event is being held at the white plains united methodist church in carry. amy cutler is there with live information. >> reporter: the gathering is
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half hour from now. just behind us here. family, friends, advocates and more are gathering to express concerns about these rates. the focus this evening will be on to local teens. the first, edwin alvarez. he was the victim of a rate three weeks ago. he is detained in georgia. the other, santos giese -- guzman. organizers say he was picked up by ice two days ago. both they explain it could be killed if they were to return to central america. >> we hope that the people who watch this, the people who attend, all of them will acknowledge that these are children who are fleeing from violence. these are youths who need to remain in the united states with their families because they are suffering in detention and if deported, they may become the statistic again in central america of another person being killed. >> reporter: organizers say these two teens could be
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that is why they are trying to weigh -- raise awareness and put a stop. we will be at the event and have more for you coming up live at 7 pm. amy cutler, wncn news now. several thousand march through raleigh early this morning. participating in the 10th annual moral march. lauren haviland was the midst of it all and joins us with more. >> reporter: the north carolina naacp said the purpose of today's march is to hold lawmakers accountable. whether that be voting rights, immigration reform or education equality. all of us believe very strongly in what this march is about. >> we are here for one thing, that is to believe there can be changed. >> all of our issues have not been handled.
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movement time ! >> as long as there are injustices that need to be correct, there will be moral march is. i think it's my duty to be a part of these moral march is. >> i think it's a show of solidarity. i think it's a show there are people that care about those -- those who are less fortunate than we are and that we are willing to make a statement to try to make a difference. >> there are so many different issues. we're all out here together. it represents the unity of the movement. >> for me, it's about doing things to tackle poverty and racism that's so rampant still in this country. >> we are advocating for voter rights, for black rights. >> it's our time, it's our vote.
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of us in the middle talk and it's not just the voices on the fringes that are hurt. >> someone needs to take a stand. someone needs to put in their minds that i'm going to stand for what i believe in. someone has to take the plunge. we're doing that here. >> reporter: this year's theme is, get out and vote. the campaign is being called, this is our selma, our time, our vote. a reminder, north carolina primary's are on march 15. in response to today's march, the north carolina gop said, those who attended have had opportunities for change but don't always show up when it's time to vote. >> their version of a stir up the liberals to get the vote out in november -- they may have some success on that but our good policies of lower taxes, lower regulation, photo id, more freedom for the people of north carolina, that will be
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and we will be utilizing that. >> state legislative leaders have scheduled six hearings monday across north carolina to determine what new congressional maps should look like. as they await a decision on whether they must be redrawn by next week. three federal judges ruled lawmakers used race as a factor in redrawing districts 1 and 12. just 1, a wide area includes parts of wilson and john. district 12 is out toward winston-salem. lawmakers are asking the u.s. supreme court to grant a delay in the case. lawmakers may call a special session on redistricting next week for list of times and locations for hearings, visit our website, we are one week away from the south carolina republican primary. the six remaining gop candidates debate tonight. some hit the campaign trail ahead of tonight's class. crisp alone has our story. >> reporter: for the first time in the 2016 campaign, just six candidates will be on the debate stage saturday night. trying to impress voters in
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it's a state with a large percentage of voters who call themselves conservative evangelical christians. a fact not lost on ted cruz. >> and there looking for a consistent conservative. someone who has a proven record. of defending the constitution, of defending the bill of rights. of defending the free market principles and judeo-christian values that are the foundation of this great nation. >> he and donald trump have been sparring online and on the air which weeks. each claiming an election when since voting started. will they attack each other in person tonight? in a state known for its rough- and-tumble campaign's quick >> find out where he gets his money. perhaps the most pressure tonight is on marco rubio. analysts say he needs a strong debate performance. he was widely panned for his poor performance in the last debate. cruz is portraying him as a flip-flopping opportunities. >> the next democratic contest is saturday in nevada. where vermont senator, bernie sanders hopes to keep the pressure on hillary clinton.
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we surprised them in new hampshire. were gonna surprise them here in nevada. >> on the candidate searching for momentum with super tuesday and hundreds of delegates up for grabs coming in a little more than two weeks. crisp alone, nbc news, new york. >> don't miss meet the press tomorrow morning right here on wncn. senator marco rubio , donald trump in governor kasich all joined the program. it starts following wncn today. one man is in the hospital and another in jail after police say a family argument led to a shooting in clayton. police tell wncn, timothy driver shot his girlfriend's son, brandon pleasants in the face and stomach last night. pleasance is expected to survive. driver is being held in the johnston county defense detention center on bond. a woman is in critical condition after a drive-by shooting interim.
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pm on forrester street. we saw broken glass and what appeared to be a bullet hole in the door there today. investigators say the woman and other relatives were inside a house at the time. anyone with information is urged to call crime stoppers. if you're in the holly springs area, right now, at&t wireless coverage is down for 911 calls. no other carriers or land lines are affected. at&t customers in holly springs should dial 557 557-9111. that number is also on our website, expect delays if you are today, southbound traffic shifted to new lanes that have been built down the medium of the highway. work is continuing on the east the shift happens between the briggs avenue and ellis road's exit and is expected to continue until mid june. after a loss on the road against do, nc state is looking to get things back on track. stay with us. we have highlights and reaction
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great force. why the freezing cold weather could not keep some people out of the pool. that's a chilly one. i want to spend time talking about the storm this coming monday but i don't want to forget about tonight.
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looking at sports news. the blue devils looking to
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maybe back into the top 25 this afternoon. they are hosting virginia right now. currently closed, 56-55 with just over six minutes to go. ingram leads the way for duke with 25 points. a win would be the second straight for duke against a ranked opponent. duke beat louisville on tuesday. the blue devils will play carolina wednesday. before facing liddell again next saturday. is part of a four-game stretch against ranked opponents. two teams that have combined to was 13 of their last 14 games met today in raleigh. both wake forest and nc state badly needed a win. todd gibson has the story. >> reporter: despite taking a two-point halftime lead, the first 20 minutes frustrated the pack. we forced would hit 56% of their shots and state could not find the rhythm. >> we are trying to get out and run and every other time, we get fouls called a new or going back to the line. is kind of like, slowing the
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>> they were able to find another gear in the final stanza and what whether the demon deacons two-man show of codi miller-mcintyre, he had 24 points, and devin thomas, who had a monster game. 15 points and 21 rebounds. state has cat, cat barber. the accs leading scorer. he tallies a career-high, 38 points. 30 coming in the second half. >> he is the catalyst. he's the guy that's making it happen for us. i get to the end of the game and i looked at the stats sheet and i say, wow, he really did have a terrific game. >> reporter: unlike some games, barber did get help in battling the deacons. caleb martin had 18 points and maverick rowan noxon 20. it's a game the packet new they had to get and they did. scoring the most points in acc play in more than 24 years. 99-88, state overweight.
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>> the wolfpack sent third demon deacons to the 10th loss. no time to celebrate. they are back in action monday at virginia. todd gibson, wncn sports. check this out, temperatures this afternoon and raleigh were around freezing but that did not stop students from nc state from taking part in the polar plunge. >> this is my second polar plunge. the first one i've done since. my son had down syndrome. i like seeing the crowd of people that come out and participate. and acknowledge that there's people like my son, inclusion is what it's all about. >> a 5k run also took place before the plunge. this was to raise money for special olympics. >> if you run a 5k, maybe you're thinking you can do it. that is a great cause. it makes the cold just watching. we have a big weather system coming our way.
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30 degrees right now. it's a beautiful, clear sky. temperatures are in the 20s along the virginia border already. still, a little above freezing in fayetteville. as we look at temperatures overnight, teens will move in. what you don't see are the wind chills. it will feel like single digits. wind chills are below the temperatures. as we look at the hourly forecast, if you are out at 9 pm, it will be down to 22 but feel like 14. 19 at midnight. 17 at 3 am. around 6 am, cold, 15. below will be 14 as we showed you before the break. then we try to get to 32. the clouds will increase. sunday will be dry. sunday evening should be dry. our next weather maker is coming. we could see snow anytime after midnight tomorrow night.
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our next weather maker is a went to remix early monday. generally light precipitation but that does not mean we won't see something that will disrupt travel, especially northwest. this is the opposite of the winter weather advisory a couple days ago. this is from the triangle north and westward. up to 3 inches is confined from roxborough into the triad. i don't think the triangle will see much more than an inch. ice will be manageable. that is good for all day monday through the afternoon until the precipitation changes to rain. let's talk about this. the best chance for snow and sleet will be north and west of the triangle. here's the latest rapid precision snow model map. this light blue area, less than an inch. that includes the triangle. nothing really accumulating south of fayetteville. one 123 inches maybe in rock hill. the heaviest snow will be to the west. then this changes in becomes a monday night and tuesday morning all rain event.
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we could see about 1 to 1.5 inches of rain. i said up to 2 inches in the extreme. that will wash everything away but it will be a pain monday morning. snow and sleet, generally less than an inch in the triangle will accumulate monday morning. snow, sleet and freezing rain will be mixed in from sanford to smithfield and wilson and rocky mount. fayetteville and southern pines on monday morning. monday afternoon, snow, sleet and freezing rain will probably hang onto the afternoon hours around roxborough and south hill, virginia. the ice will change to freezing rain and then it will be all rain in the triangle by 3 pm. the commute home will be rain. temperatures above freezing. then, all rain by early afternoon in the sandhills. high pressure will back away, clear skies to start sunday. we will pickup clouds and then you see this area with the snow.
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overnight and as you get up monday morning, some snow around. as we head toward lunchtime it is a mix for everybody. in the afternoon, we will see the rain take over. then it is just a rainmaker into monday night and tuesday. there will be no ice. temperatures in the upper thursday's. then we will clear out. for tomorrow, increasing clouds. a little above freezing in the sandhills. 35 in fayetteville. 32 and wilson. the ground will be cold. anything that falls even though it will be light, it will stick to untreated roads. 14 tonight. 32 tumor. a wintery mix monday. changing terrain. the rain will peak monday night into tuesday morning. it may be dry tuesday afternoon. a high of 37, low of 37 and up to 56. the rest of the forecast, in the 50s with lots of sunshine
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next saturday, 62 degrees. keep remembering that. the high was 34. we forecasted 34. the american heart association will receive and other $100. >> monday sounds like a mess. president obama and the first lady exchanged love notes on ellen. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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(donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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valentines day is tomorrow. today, many couples exchanged gifts. the first couple exchanged love poems on the ellen show. >> somebody call the situation room. because things are about to get hot. >> roses are red, violets are blue, you are the president, and i am your boot. >> i obama care about you more than you even know. that's right.
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rights. michel, ice made a lot of great decisions as president, the best decision i ever made was choosing your. thanks for putting up with me. i love you. allen, happy valentine's day.'s two got to love ellen. this is a good chance to remind you that cbs programming is coming to wncn at the end of the month. when the change happens, allen will be staying on wncn. it will go from 4 pm to 3 pm to make way for the young and the restless. wncn will also add programs like the big bang theory, survivor and march madness. wncn will also add more local news as well. we will begin at 5 pm monday through friday. you can find out more on the
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on the bright side, your chocolate will not melt tomorrow. >> nothing will melt tomorrow. >> they are smiling. if you have a place to be warm tonight, please do. check on the elderly and your pets tonight. 32 tomorrow. so, sleet and freezing rain on (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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night, breaking news. antonin scalia, the longest serving justice on the u.s. supreme court is dead. he was the court's most influential conservative. tonight, we look back at his life and his legacy. deadly weather. dozens of vehicles crash in a massive pileup in pennsylvania. a large part of the country endures life-threatening cold. the showdown. tonight, republicans debate. a make or break moment for some of the six remaining candidates. will rub yoio rebound. the pop pushe pushing on the pressure to step up the fight against corruption and violence. gasoline delivered to your car on demand. night "nightly news" begins now. from nbc world headquarters in new york, this is nbc


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