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tv   WNCN Today at 11AM  CBS  February 18, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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the accident at old plank road. we have a crew headed to the scene and we will update the story throughout the day. another big story, let -- state lawmakers are meeting to discuss the states voting district maps. three judges ruled that the republican lead gen. assembly used race as a main factory were when they drew the districts and ordered the law it -- lines redrawn. gov. pat mccrory calling for the extra session after a stay on the order was refused. we're live from the general assembly with an update. >> reporter: lawmakers will have to make the most of their time. they have until tomorrow to meet the guidelines. pat mccrory signed a special proclamation calling the lawmakers here for this session after lawmakers convene, both the senate and house will go to committee lit meetings. the senate will discuss the new maps and the house will discuss
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wncn talked with both sides. democratics are unhappy with this being pushed through so quickly without public input. >> we know race is in the settlement and living battlements -- patterns of our state. you cannot be completely ignored. we may be doing a wink and a nod in not mentioning it, but it shows up in these maps.>> districts should not be drawn using race as a consideration. the committee adopted criteria maps. race was not a consideration. >> reporter: this meeting is expected to last for hours. wncn's beau minnick is inside. he is following the house and the senate. it will bring updates on and on the news at six and seven. reporting live, i'm emma wright. new developments in the republican race for president. donald trump appears to be
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gaining momentum. marco rubio gains a major endorsement leading to the south carolina primary. tracy potts has more.>> the sound you are hearing is the sound of screams coming from washington dc.>> reporter: that's ted cruz announcing his two-point lead over donald froude -- donald trump in our new poll.>> i think somebody doesn't like me.>> reporter: trump is down seven and cruises up eight and cruises up 82 days before south carolina's primary.>> republican voters are taking one more moment to take a pause and decide whether donald trump is the person they want to nominate the president or not.>> reporter: trump is threatening a lawsuit over this cruz add. he says he is now pro-life.>> please, donald, filed this
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going to invite me.>> reporter: rubio just picked up the endorsement of south carolina's governor over jeb bush.>> i'm disappointed she didn't endorse me.>> reporter: tracy potts, washington. in wake county, more testimony in the sentencing phase of the tree beyond smith murder trial. live proceedings going now inside the courtroom. he was convicted of killing prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. you can also find steve spray sure covering the trial right now for us on twitter. turn daycare remains closed indefinitely after a child was injured in a drive-by shooting. an 18-month-old was hurt after bullet struck tatum's christian ctr., tuesday afternoon. police tell us no arrests have been made. the child has been released from the hospital and is
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deeper into this daycare, wncn put in calls and checked with development. what we have learned is that tatum's christian center is actually licensed as a five- star facility. johnson county students are seeing extra security at cleveland high school after a threat was made against the school. it circulated on social media. administrators assured parents it was safe for the kids to go to school today. to the deep south, a school bus full of kids narrowly escaped a scary fire in mobile alabama. the bus went into flames moments after the bus driver ordered everyone off. workers at a nearby office caught the whole thing on camera. the bus burning. it all of a sudden went through the engine and then the whole bus engulfed in flames.>>
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buses engine. things are heating up a bit. let's check in with alyssa co- for -- alyssa corfont. >> crystal-clear screws right now, this is a live picture from shaw university. we started off our morning with cloud cover, but those clouds have moved out to central north kalyna. 44 in raleigh, 45 in durham. in the mid-40s in roxboro. rayford is at 46. here is your hour by hour forecast. 44 at noon today, climbing to 47. your afternoon high now normal for this time of year is right around 57. we are shy of that mark and shy of where we were yesterday. into the low 40s for 6:00. i 8 pm, we're back into the upper 30s. i will let you know when some milder air moves and and how
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the 30s and 20s coming up in your complete forecast.>> want to push those out of here. thanks so much. the battle of the blues will probably go down as one of the classics of the 2016 season. duke pulled off a big upset over the tar heels, 74-73. todd gibson has more from chapel hill. >> reporter: bryce johnson was unstoppable. halfway through the first half, the senior at already registered a double double. johnson on his way to another of his monster games, 29 points and 19 rebounds. duke, incredibly, found a way to hang around despite losing matt jones to an ankle injury. brandon ingram in his first duke unc game carries the devils down the stretch, hitting shots while shaking off a cold night offensively.>> there is a topless -- toughness element with adam.
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their that was incredible.>> reporter: ingram finishes with a shot off the hand of another freshman. this gave duke its first lead since midway through the first half.>> the duke-unc game, one of the best rivalries in short -- in sports. >> reporter: the car hills cannot get off a clean shot as the top -- clock ticks down. it was a real had scratcher. >> i told the kids i should have called a timeout. that is what i have always believed.>> reporter: the tar heels led almost the entire contest. but unc could not hold a late lead.>> price cannot do it all. it seems like you did tonight, but someone has to have him.>> reporter: the acc race is a dogfight.
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the top of the hill -- top of the heap. todd gibson. duke and unc will go at it again march 5. what a great game. you can feel the hype and tension among tar heel and blue devil fans long franklin street. the game german fans not just from the triangle but throughout the state. some -- some fans traveled more than two hours to see the game.>> my dad was a carolina fan ever since i was little. some of my favorite players in the nba all went to carolina. it just happened, i guess. >> despite all the trash talk leading up to the game, we actually did see a few duke and north carolina fans showing some love for each other as they walked towards the dome. i'm sure that when way as they went inside. still ahead, march madness is just about a month away. the impact the tournament will have on the triangle as teams prepared play enroll he.
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heating up between the fbi and apple. the controversy surrounding a judge's order and what this could mean in the fight against terrorism. temperatures this morning in the 30s in the mountains. along the coast, already in the 50s.
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th on air, online, where vur. wncn today starts now. one is dead, another in the hospital after an accident near clayton. it happened on in see 42 near 70 around 30 -- 7:30. a car pulled out in front of the other and then they got to joan. -- t-boned. a passenger ejected did die. that person was not wearing a seatbelt. barack obama will visit cuba next month. the president announced this morning that he will stop in
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latin american countries. the white house hopes to normalize relations between the two countries. obama will be the first to visit cuba since -- first president to visit cuba since calvin coolidge. the pope departed mexico last night after a six-day trip he took all over the country including the indigenous south and violence plagued north. turkish force members were killed in a bomb attack in kurdish talent -- territories. a remote-controlled bomb killed the soldiers while traveling in a military vehicle. it comes a day after a car bomb attack in our -- in an karro. a push to bring private list -- driverless cars to downtown raleigh. imagine them driving all of the city. the city is one number 77 to apply for the smart cities grant.
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with state university to create transportation missions that are more efficient and eco- friendly. they are suggesting sensors to communicate traffic information to drivers and pods to show for around students. >> it gave us the opportunity to work with our partners at nc state and other partners to think about these problems differently. it is let us to looking at ideas we otherwise wouldn't have considered.>> the applicants will be narrowed down to just five in the next few months. they will announced the winner in june. that will be neat. i featured some of those cars and a what's next feature that aired this past summer. i had a chance to visit the nc state lab where seth holler and marshall brain and some students are working to make that transportation system a reality. the goal is to create a lightweight vehicle that can operate at about a penny per mile, consuming less
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it was a lot of fun driving in that thing. tim cook is challenging a federal judge's order that the technology company assist the fbi with unlocking an iphone used by california mass shooter syed farook. the fbi wants apple will to engineer software to bycast -- bypasses security feature so the password can be figured out. this could endanger phone privacy for hundreds of millions of citizens around the world.>> reporter: what they are asking for is give us the ability to knock on the back door 1 million times until we can break-in.>> apple says it has already been working with the government. the company has five days to respond to that court order. toyota is recalling more than 1.1 million vehicles. the reason is seatbelt problems. it covers 2005-2014 rav4 suv's. the seatbelts could come in
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adults could be cut and they would not be restrained. thanks to technology and character licensing, the toy industry really booming. here is morgan brennan with a look at all the crazy stuff you will probably be rushing out to buy mac.>> reporter: this is the north american toy fair, the largest convention of its kind. for more than 30,000 toy makers and vendors.>> it's amazing the toys are going off the shelves fast.>> reporter: companies are unveiling their newest gadgets and playthings. us toy sales grew nearly 7% last year to over $19 billion. experts hope 2016 product lineup will keep that momentum going. >> a lot of innovation, traditional clay coming back, licensing being strong. we'll see a few years of good growth.>> reporter: star wars
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companies benefiting from the company. lego sales have searched and should carry into 2016.>> we are building our own licensing story. the same with superheroes. there is no doubt the importance of star wars in the toy industry is increasing.>> reporter: licensing up -- ticket -- accounts for 45% of the industry's sales. i know i will be buy -- buying some of those toys. >> just some, right? we have had sunshine. we had a cooler start, but the long-term is looking pretty good. >> if we could just fast forward to saturday when the do that. today it is a bit chilly. if you're inside looking out, blue skies, a live picture from the rdu airport. pretty quiet out there at this lunch hour.
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hour, take a jacket with you. it is still on the cool side. 45 right now and durham, 45 in roxboro, 42 in south hill and henderson. getting out of the 30s in lewisburg. you are at 41. 45 and clinton, mid-40s through fayetteville, rayford, and pinehurst. let me walk you through your forecast. in the triangle, right around 40 at lunchtime heading into the early afternoon. our high today, 50. we are back to 43. calm conditions at six this evening. it's really going to be a tranquil day. that's because we have high- pressure controlling our weather. is high-pressure is bringing us sunshine, but it's also bringing us the cooler air. you can see high-pressure system to the north. the flow around it means it is coming from the north and east. when that filters and to our area we see unseasonably cool temperatures. the next change actually starts to move through for this weekend.
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bring warmer conditions. we're looking at this area of low pressure traveling to the north. we will tap into a southerly breeze for the weekend. a mix of sun and clouds, but much warmer than where we should be for this time of year. here is the temperature trend. here's what i'm trying to tell you about. 50 degrees our high, 52 tomorrow. well below our average of 56. above average for saturday and sunday, mid-60s both afternoons. back to 60 monday with monday dropping back to 60 we will also see the chance for showers. no rain in our forecast today. we will continue with sunshine as we had throughout the afternoon. sunsets and we're tracking clear skies. those guys going to pave the way for a chilly start to our friday tomorrow morning. - today, 50 in raleigh, 49 in durham, 54 in fayetteville. we will fast forward to tonight. we will dip into the upper 20s. clear skies, colder temperatures, winds on the lighter side.
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days, we talked about the temperatures. sunshine still your friday. a few clouds on saturday. if we are going to see unsettled weather, it will be around sunset sunday. most of us are going to stay dry. i can't say the same for early next week a good chance for rain monday, tuesday, and wednesday. keep in mind i think the wettest day for us is probably going to be tuesday, the middle of those days. those temperatures really dropping with that rain back to 48 for a high wednesday afternoon.>> we will have to make sure we get outside this weekend.>> you're not going to have to twist my arm.
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will see how that starting this year, wncn is
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cbs comes to wncn february 29. the ncaa tournament will be at pnc arena. to years ago, 17,000 visitors spent $4 million in our area. 45% of rooms in raleigh our book. tickets are going fast with 20% left.>> it is a big event. the ncaa is in the thick of things between us and university. we have to do.>> the tournament will be be back in the area for the next two years. in 2018, charlotte gets a
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it's my carolina today with bond the callaway.>> happy thursday. it's special day.>> it's national drink wine day. let's see if it's good.>> very tasty.


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