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tv   WNCN Today at 500AM  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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determine whether they will provide security for the beyonce concert. >> today is looking soggy, especially for morning drive in, make sure you have the umbrella with you. the best chance of rain is falling north and west of wake county across northern portions of orange, durham, also into grandville and vance. temperatures are cooler, 43 in raleigh, 43 in durham and lewisburg, 42 in henderson. rim, yesterday, at this time we were in the 50s. remember a jacket, make it a rain jacket for today as well. 48 in fayette april clinton. 46 in goldsboro. here a look at your forecast, not only rain but a little fog making the way for low visibility, take your time, 49 at lunchtime, mainly cloudy there, and cooler throughout the afternoon, a high of only 52. rain possible for the evening drive home. won't be a wash out but it will be a gloomier day. i will have more on the storm
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right now here a look at traffic through the i-40 and lake wheeler road. you can see plenty of cars for this early hour. the good news is no slow downs to report and no slow downs on i-540. you can see we are all on the green. if you are on i-540, that's about 59 miles per hour this morning a little slower just because we are seeing a lot of waterton roadway, if you are moving eastbound at about 63 miles per hour. take your time this morning, more on your traffic and weather conditions coming up in about ten minutes. thank you so much, alyssa. today, the raleigh police union will vote whether they want officers to work security at the upcoming beyonce concert. >> she's drawing a lot of controversy after her half time show which in say had a antipolice message. >> reporter: beyonce is
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out crowd. typically off duty offersers are -- offersers are hired to work -- officers are hired to work the concert. >> not everyone is crazy in love with beyonce. she's drawing plenty of heat after this super bowl half time show. some people say the performance paid tribute to the black panthers and violence against police. now raleigh pd may be the latest department to boycott beyonce. we asked some people to weigh in on the controversy. >> i am surprised by it. it is not going hurt her any bit. it is probably just going put the spotlight on her even more. >> she doesn't say anything against the police except for treat everybody fairly. so i think for the fact police have a problem with someone saying treated us fairly is a testament to police instead of a testament to beyonce. >> raleigh police are often
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events including concerts at carter finley. a pokes person for union says members have ex-- a spokesperson for union says member versus expressed concerns over the black panther images and think it was disrespectful to the police profession. >> the police union is expected to make the vote tonight and beyonce is schedule today perform here on may 3rd. reporting live in raleigh, i'm emma wright. thank you for that up dale date the high stakes over who represent you in congress is not over. late last week, the state legislature created a new map after being order today do so by a federal court but now north carolina naacp is asking planning to ask the judges to redraw the map themselves. state republicans say race was not a factor when they redrew but they do acknowledge that partisanship was naacp argues they used partisanship as a proxy for race.
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map that is we have not seen since the 19th century in its attempt undermine the power and presence of the minority vote. they didn't have to cothat. >> it is clear that the naacp wants to reinterject race into these election map for the purpose of electing democrats and no other purpose. >> what happens from here is very significant for your vote the state is planning to hold two primaries because of what's going on with the battle over map. the first is next month for everything except the in june. less than a month away from the primary and donald trump's most comments on muslim versus hit a nerve. he raised a questionable story about a -- ordering his men to dip bullets in pigs blood -- executing dozens of muslim prisoner. >> the whole thing with swine and animals and pigs and you know the story, they don't like that.
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in the history books not a lot of history books because they don't like teaching this. >> it is a story on line for years and has been debunked but for the sister of one of the chapel hill shooting victims who were all muslim killed one year ago it insights hate against muslims. in a tweet two trump this month, she said meet me in person, tell me my brothers were deserving of the bullets. they believe her brother, his wife and sister-in-law were all shot dead by a neighbor because of their faith. so far, trump who frequently comments back on twitter to challengers has not respond today this one. we also reached out to him and his campaign for comment or clarification, but so far, we have heard nothing back. keeping nit politic, the latest poll in income -- keeping nit politic, the latest poll is looking good for trump but does not show him having
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hypothetical election against hillary clinton. a much tighter should ted cruz be the nominee. you can see the numbers here. it is a near tie among the two. today, candidates are vying for votes in nevada quay cuss. rubio spoke to a -- caucus. rubio spoke to a crowd yesterday. donald trump flew from atlanta to las vegas. trump is expected to win the state but second place is really up for grabs. >> yes, it is. 5:07 is your time on this tuesday. amazon shoppers out there. do you like your free shipping? how much you will have to spend, how much more to get that offer. >> all right. plus the panthers may have -
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brought a win to durham and to cast. >> this is a live picture from our studio. line. there's just a few cars out there but i want to let you know roads are wet. there's some fog being reported, your morning commute could easily take you a bit longer this morning. here is our radar: you can see really the steadiest rain is fall ago long the virginia border through person county, across northern portions of grandville and northern
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this is north of 8 a, north of lender -- 85 north of vance. but like i have been conventioning, doesn't matter if you are seeing the rain. a lot of you are deal being fog and mist. that's why i think it is a slow -- >> two and a half mile visibility around rocky mount. you are at 45, 46 in clay exxon goldsboro. your hour by har, best chance for rain is going to happen this morning, 47 at 10:00 a.m. it should be drier for noon through 2:00 and we could see drive home. to 49. more on the forecast and the storm threat for storm in just a little bit. all right. thank you. >> what do you do when your driveway ised -- driveway is
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this c cple in ottawa decided to pile it on the front porch and tunnel through. >> >> the danger of flooring made by lumber liquidate fors, why they now say things are worse than they first thought. >> why it was governor wearing a broncossier sue and how will when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief.
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>> welcome back. right now the raleigh police department is investigating a late night crash that sent three people including a child to the hospital. the car ran off the road and ended up on the rememberington on the green. right nestle not filed any charges but they're still -- right now they have not filed any charges put they're still investigating. >> today, people will show their support for apples decision to not come high with the judges order. a judge ordered apple to help the fbi in the san bernadino terrorism investigation, to unlock one shooters i phone. also, happening right now, the michigan man accused of going on a shooting rampage is in jail under no bonn. this man, jason dalton shot eight people. if kicked he could face life in
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-- if convicted he could face life in prison. the flooring made by lumber liquidate fors danger is three times higher than calculated early thermo. they originally found a lower risk because they used the wrong number for calculating the ceiling height when calculating expose your risks. in amazon shoppers will have to spend a little more to get the free shipping. the current minimum account for nonprime is $35. that's going to now be $49. no word on why amazon's making the change, amazon prime memberships, cost about $99 a year, are not affected. homeowners with the mortgage are feeling pretty confident these days, according to a recent survey nearly half expect an increase in homes equity this year. industry-wide reports forecast gains will range between 2% to 4%.
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the equity to fall this year, 27% expect it to remain the same. bank rate did the come says more than half after american versus more emergency savings than credit cards debt. that's good news. the bank rate financial says they have learned from their parents mistakes and are more cautious when it comes to save for rainy day. only 22% have more credit card debt than emergency savorings. that's the lowest it has been in six years. >> thinking smart. >> learning from others. >> now they have to pay off the student loans that are like a hundred million dollars. >> governor pat mcerror i have holding up to his end of the super bowl wager. >> -- mcroarie is holding up to his end of the super bowl wager. he did wear a jacket over it. he's sending a case of -- but butter ball is donating food to durham rescue mission.
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hundreds of people in our area. turns out, we lost but turned out good in end the governor did not wear the jersey very long. he pulled it off, underneath he still had on the panthers jersey. >> way to go, governor. >> we're less than a woke away from the official launch of cbs. >> that's right. arenous team will stay the same carolina. we will be -- you can catch it all right here on wncn at 10:00 ahead to have 11:00 news. >> and apts going undercover to take criminals threatening national security into custody. this is one of the in changes you will see here: other hit show, you will see survivor, criminal minds, the big bang theory and 60 minutes in addition to march maddens, we will be your new home for the
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>> this a good time to reset your dvrs, if you currently watch those programs. if you have question, we have the answers. there's a special section of wncn dedicate today the cbs transition, look for the tab on the home page and that's where you will find a list of frequently asked questioned and of course new programming line up which does does include more local news. >> we will be on at noon as well. >> there you go. you will never miss a beat here. >> that's right. >> we know you never miss a beat on the weather. you said it was going to rain, and it came. >> it is going to rain today. it can potentially storm tomorrow. we will have to pay attention the coming days. we are at 43 degrees. this is a live picture and man it is not looking like a pretty day at all. look at that. a lot of moisture on the lens out there at the airport this morning. so, here a look at the satellite, radar and you can see most of the steadiest rain is back to the west.
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portions of north carolina through northern portions of georgia, western portionsover south carolina. now here closer to home, seeing a little mist. remember we see the moisture on the lenses gut steadiest rain across person -- lenses, but the steadiest rain across person county, and virginia. this lain going to continue the next few hours. -- this rain is going to continue the next few hours, but we could see an isolated shower or two. this is your visability. it is now at two miles in raleigh and lewisburg, two and a half miles in dunn to .2 miles around ray ford. take your time. remember if you drive into foggier conditions, your low beam is say better option this morning, 43 in sanford, syler city. keep in mind we started off in the 50s. these are cooler than where we were yesterday. as you plan your day, the best
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morning, 46 at 8:00 a.m., just an isolated shower or two at lunchtime, 49 is the high today, -- at lunchtime, it is 49. for the high today it is 52. here what it looks like, again, rain this morning, especially if you are north of the triangle, scattered showers continue through lunchtime. there's an isolated showertwo two this afternoon and a few more closer to 6:00 p.m. we will continue wwh showers overnight. not a wash out but enough to keep the roadways wet for your morning drive in on wednesday. wednesday starting around lunchtime, lunchtime to 1:00, we will watch for threat of song to severe storms, those could continue throughout your evening driver home. here is the severe risk. damaging wind gusts a few tornadoes possible. all of the area under a slight risk. even an enhanced risk. this is new for this morning that includes wake county and includes 95.
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tomorrow. low 50s in raleigh and durham. 59 in fayetteville. fast forward to night. fog developing, showers possible a low around 46- degrees and here is say look at the coming days, 69 tomorrow. that's going to help fuel the storms to develop, 54 and winds di on thursday, and cool, and sunny then on friday and for start of the weekend. >> it is 5:21 on this tuesday, we will get to traffic here, this is i-540 and the u.s. 64 bypass. you can tell by the headlight that is visability is a concern in this direction, likely take your time. we will check in with drive time, on -- all in the green, which means moving close to the posted speed limits, just updating there on i-540 to u.s. 64. that's about an 18 minute drive. all right. thank you so much. here is today's pet of the
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miniature dauschaund. >> she looks great. >> i want to know her secret. >> oil of lay. if you have pictures, here is the e-mail address. >> it is 5:22 a big match up between the heels and wolf pack tomorrow. squad. a recent ruling against the nfl reveals they with held my computer's dying again. you'll need to email us so we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. it's protocol. or, you can try staples tech services next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. that's not protocol marsha. in by noon, out by 5 the next day.
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knock it out, fast. with abreva. >> it is 5:25. the wolf pack men's basket ball team is preparing for a huge one. it is the second meeting of the season for the two teams. unc won the first match 7. they will look to stay atop. for the pack a win would be a much needed ego booster: tip off is set for 8:00 on wednesday night at pnc. it should be a good one hopefully. according to a report in wall street journal, the nfl will return $120 million it with held from player it is last three year. >> they will like that one. >> an arbitrator ruled in favor of the players association.
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is 2016 salary cap will likely increase by 2 million per team fm that could be especially helpful for teams like to panthers who have players looking to resign cracking -- resign contracts during the off season. >> when steph curry is on the track you are guaranteed. he trained a three pointer late in game and immediately turned and busted out, there you go, it is a little shimmy move in front of the bench. he said it was meant for his former teammate. >> here is what is coming up in the next half an hour. >> some police departments are boycotting beyonce because of her super bowl performance. i'm wncn emma wright, what raleigh police department is talking about doing. >> thank you a lot. mike gee was just talking about how when we woke up this morning and opened his window and saw so much fog out there. take a look for yourself. it is sort of a foggy start to your tuesday morning.
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is heading this -- more rain is headed it way or if a little
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we have the new fresh step with the power of febreze.
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right now people throughout the condition industry right here in the triangle plan to rally in support of -- country and right here in raleigh plan de. all lives matter to someone including yours, theravion --travion. >> the sentence the jury handed to smith and how he reacted. >> beyonce's big super bowl half time show is prompting a vote, what police officers could decide about her upcoming concert. >> good morning. happy tuesday to you. so glad you are with us. i'm mike gonzales. >> your morning to check on traffic, but first let's check
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>> good morning, guys. well. it is not a pretty forecast. we are looking at cloudy sky, rain back to our north and west and then also back too the west it is developing now pushing into portions of chatham, orange, durham county. you have seen rounds of shower, take the bum ere umbrella and know -- take the umbrella and 43 right now in durham and raleigh. still barely in the 40s around south hill and down around sand hills, 48 in fayette april rayford as we start off this tuesday. here a look at your fast forecast, best chance of rain is throughout the morning hours. low visibility at 8:00 a.m. 49 at noon and noon could be the driest part of the day but i'm not going to promise you completely dry weather. it is just an isolated shower will be possible. high today of 52. that's cooler than yesterday. rain possible for your driver home as well. more on the storm threat for wednesday coming up right now


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