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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> voting results rolling in overnight. new details on the key victories in super tuesday. good morning, everyone. thanks for watching north carolina news. >> i'm stefan chase. let's get you over to alyssa corfont with what you can expect today. a little bit of rain, right? >> yeah, and it's moving out. by 8:00 a.m., most of us should be dry. still lingering showers along the 95 corridor. temperatures continue to drop this morning. lewisburg, you are at 52. still mild south of the triangle. clinton, you are at 57. goldboro looking at the mid- 50s as we debt our wednesday started. we should be in the upper 40s by 8:00 a.m. staying through there noon and
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afternoon high of only 53. i'll let you know when you need the umbrellas again coming up. right now, i'll send it to kristin with an update on traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. let's take a live look outside at what's going on, on the roads. things are actually moving okay at this hour, but again, you'll run into wet spots on the roads with some of the rain we were seeing earlier this morning. we switch things onto your traffic map here. one note, though, rock quarry road is blocked at i-40 currently both northbound and southbound directions due to police activity. we have a crew en route right now to check out the situation. we'll have more updates throughout the morning. 6:02. that's your traffic. we'll send things back to russ
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the death of 24-year-old akiel dinkins during an a-- denkins during an arrest attempt. the investigation into what led up to the deadly incident is very active. emma wright joins us now live from the raleigh police department. she's been on the story and has details. emma? >> reporter: the raleigh police department does plan to issue a statement about what happened sometime within the next few days, and the fbi is also investigating. people in southeast raleigh say they want a transparent report from both organizations. they say they just want to know what happened. last night, dozens of people from the southeast raleigh community held a protest and marched from the scene of that shooting to the courthouse in downtown raleigh and back again to the scene of where that shooting happened on brad street. before that march happened, community leaders, including dr. reverend william barber with the naacp and mayor nancy
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they were calling for calm and peace while this investigation is under way. >> we stand here, elected officials both present and past, as leaders of this community to ask for calm, prayers, and patience. any loss of life, regardless of circumstances, is a tragedy. we offer our sincere condolences to all of those involved. >> reporter: this continues to be a very tense situation in southeast raleigh. coming up at 6:30, we're going to hear from some folks that live in that community and talk about why it's so important they come out for that march yesterday. reporting live in raleigh, i'm emma wright, north carolina news. >> we wanted to know when is a law enforcement officer allowed to use deadly force? we found out that there are several circumstances under state law first to defend him or herself or someone else, or
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escape by use of a deadly weapon or if someone presents an imminent threat of death or serious injury to others and to stop a person trying to escape while being held as a convicted felon. meanwhile, the local union is working with the officer d.c. twiddy. the raleigh police protective with an attorney. we talked with one of the armstrong. he has been in touch with twiddy since the shooting and says the officer is highly respected within the department and emotionally is doing okay. now it's up to investigators. >> the police department, the fbi will be transparent in this investigation and that it's incumbent upon everybody, citizens, police, to have an open mind looking at this investigation. >> armstrong declined to say what evidence shows the official was acting in defense but does not expect twiddy to face charges. he calls on the police and fbi
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our coverage of this case continues right now on opinion there you will find the full 911 and radio call and prior stories on the investigation. just look for the story on our home page. new this morning, was it excessive force or legal arrest? north carolina reporter lauren hash lynn has a controversial arrest. >> reporter: the spokesman says one officer delivered strikes to the man's back to get him to comply. take ape look at that nine-second video. you can see the seven officers surrounding malcolm elliott. officers say elliott resisted when they tried to put him in handcuffs. you can see one officer strike
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some at the apartment complex are outraged. >> the video makes me very upset because it's the officer repeatedly hitting this man. >> reporter: police say elliott had a small scar on his arm. they say he didn't request or require medical treatment. at this point, the police department hasn't released any of the officers names. russ, stephan, back to you. the state attorney general is weighing in on the nondiscrimination ordinance. >> it makes sure that transgender people can use the bathroom of their gender identity. the governor called for state lawmakers to overturn the ordinance. we tracked down cooper who questioned the governor's priorities. >> this is the issue that the governor wants to talk about and bring before the general assembly. i don't think so. i think we need to be working on priorities that help north carolina families.
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manager responded by saying "in supporting a radical special interest plan to open bathrooms and locker rooms to the opposite sex, wade cooper is failing families and children across north carolina." just ahead, an important day for literacy in america. why the nation's leaders want to you pick up a book today. >> plus, the biggest day on the presidential primary calendar has come and gone. we'll break down all of the results from super sus. alyssa? >> temperatures this morning are still mild. we are also tracking rain. 51 right now in chapel hill.
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find out how long you'll need welcome back to your north carolina news. it is now 6:10.
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we drop back to 51 at 7:00 a.m. still a lingering shower at 8:00 a.m. at the latest. 48, though, through 8:00 and 9:00 this morning. temperatures will be cooler than they have been the past few days. our storm team radar is scanning the skies this morning. just a lingering shower or two during the 95 corridor. i'm brig you in to a close look. this line of showers is redeveloping for us and just south of stedman towards the grays creek area as well as extreme southern portions of cumberland county. 53 right now in raleigh. 47 in roxboro. also in the upper 40s around south hill and sylers city. so in many cases, the temperatures wear at right now could be warmer than your afternoon highs. 48 at 8:00 a.m. 49, still breezy at noon. yesterday at noon we were already in the 70s. as we head into the afternoon
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highs 53 before dropping into the mid-40s by 6:00 p.m. i'll get to how long the cool temperatures will hang around. right now, back to you, stefan. nothing like getting lost in a good book. today is national read across america today. it's celebrated every year on march 2nd and marks the anniversary of the great author dr. seuss. it encourages young people to read a good book. president obama claimed it an official day last year. "oh, the places you'll go," one of my favorites. we'll look at what you can catch on our new cbs prime time programming. >> it is a dominant super tuesday for donald trump and
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good morning to you on this wednesday. our top stories right now as the fbi continues its investigation into a deadly officer-involved shooting in raleigh. monday, authorities say officer d.c. twiddy tried to arrest akiel denkins near bragg and east streets. the 24-year-old took off. at some point during the chase, the officer shot and killed denkins. the report is expected to come out in a few days. margaret spellings will tour fayetteville state university. spellings plans on visiting all 17 of the unc campuses. this morning, astronaut scott kelly is finally back on earth after nearly a year in space. the mission could help pave the way for eventual flights to mars one day. officials called the final super tuesday state just hours ago. senator ted cruz took alaska. the polls did not close until mid nature our time.
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marco rubio came in third with 15% of the vote. >> continuing super tuesday coverage, donald trump and hillary clinton each won seven states. here's the latest from washington. >> reporter: after securing key victories in several delicate- rich states, donald trump is shifting his focus to the general election. >> i am going to get along great with congress. paul rayon, i don't know him well. if i don't, he's going to have to pay a big price, okay? >> reporter: ted cruz is touting wins in oklahoma and texas. >> the strongest campaign to beat donald trump is our campaign. >> reporter: trump's wins are stoking fear in the republican establishment who question whether his nomination would keep them out of the white house. >> i think we're good to --
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dishonest politician in the country, hillary clinton. >> i am the only candidate that not only can unite the party but can grow it. if donald trump wins the nomination, it will basically, i think, split the conservative movement. >> reporter: with wins in seven states, hillary clinton widened her lead over bernie sanders. >> it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher. >> the people, when we stand together, will be victorious! >> reporter: the presidential candidates face their next major test march 15th. mark albert, cbs news, washington. keeping track of this, on march 15th, voters in five missouri, ohio and north carolina will head to the polls. donald trump will make another stop in our area very soon. he's going to be appearing in fayetteville on march 9 at the
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before north carolina's primary voting march 15th. the event is free but yes, tickets are required, but you have to get those if you are going to go. we have all of the information on how to get the tickets right now on remember now that north carolina news is a cbs affiliate, we're brig you a whole slate of great prime time shows. >> that means you've got to change your dvr. we've got messages about that so don't forget to do it. so "survivor" in its 32nd season. it has two immunity idols that can be combined to have a super idol. >> did you say 32 seasons? >> there's normally two a year. >> and you never miss it? >> i never miss it. >> we have more on when your favorite shows come on. head to our web site, with ebb web. we have a whole page set up for you and any questionsp. >> real quick, "survivor" or "amazing race" which would you do?
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>> yeah, me, too. i just don't like to get scratched and bug deaths. >> i don't think i could eat weird things, though. >> for a million bucks, though? >> oh, yeah. that's a big prize there, but here you go. a live picture at the raleigh- durham international airport this morning. we're at 53 degrees, and the rain has already tapered off and the clouds are breaking up and are shot as we start off. it is 6:19 on this wednesday morning. as we scan the skies, we're dry at the airport. the majority of our area, to be honest with you, are on the dry side. look at this band of rain into samson county. the rainfall rates are impressive this morning. look at this anywhere from about an inch to an inch and a half of rain falling in an hour. the good news is i'm not expecting this to be in that area for an hour, but if you
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look for water to quickly pond on roadways. that is a portion of cumberland and samson county. 58 in fayetteville. 57 in clinton. 55 in lillington and clayton. 53 in raleigh. the upper 40s are starting to spill in to roxboro, henderson and the cooler air will rush into the rest of central north carolina for the rest of the morning. here is your hour by hour forecast. we're at 48 through 8:00, 10:00 this morning. noon temperature 49 degrees. yesterday at noon, we're in the 70s. the 70s, though, will be a thought of the past. 53 our afternoon high today before we drop into the mid- 40s. you will notice after lunch time, i'm expecting wall to wall sunshine in the wake of the cold front that's responsible for this morning's rain. the good news is we'll see more sunshine gradually throughout the day. so i'll start your future forecast off at 8:00 a.m. this morning.
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and more sunshine for lunchtime. for the evening drive home, not expecting weather worries for you. overnature tonight, clear conditions mean colder temperatures tomorrow morning. area wide, it's below freezing to start off thursday. as we head throughout the day tomorrow, we'll see more clouds throughout the afternoon and eventually the chance for a shower or two. to sunset. you'll notice this is 6:30 tomorrow evening. for today, our high's in the fayetteville. area-wide much cooler. 29 degrees our overnight low. here's a look at the coming days. tomorrow, the chance for rain sneaks in for sunset. then the bulk of the rain comes thursday into friday. i will be watching our northern most community friday morning to see a light, wintry mix develop. the sunshine returns for the weekend ahead. it is 6:21 right now.
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kristin with a look at traffic. >> good morning, everyone. let's look live at when's going on outside right now. traffic is backing up just a bit here at i-40 and south saunders street. that's because we have police activity going on. we've got police activity being reported on rock quarry road. both northbound and southbound lanes are blocked. your alternate there will be sunny brooke road. also because of the police activity on the ham monday road exist, you are being diverted off of 40 at the i-40/440 split. a good alternate is highway 70. north carolina news has a crew en route and we'll bring you updates throughout the rest of the morning. for now, we'll send things back to russ and stefan. >> find an alternate route if you need to head to work. >> you need that to avoid the headache.
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study finds an unexpected reason for the high costs of cancer medicine. it's one that might surprise you. >> plus this. >> back on mother earth. >> happy to be home. we told about you scott kelly's overnight return.
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astronaut who just returned the devils took care of business last night when it came to wake forest. it was a tie game but played from three blue devils from a
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next up, duke hosts unc this saturday. the carolina hurricanes are back in action after an eventful trade deadline day. it was a good night for the 'canes as they topped the blue devils. 29-year-old darren ryan played his first ever nhl game. eddie had a great time in the net. the down side, though, right winger andre broke his vertebrae and will miss the rest of the season. time to talk money. jill wagner has all of the consumer stories you will be talking about today. she joins us live from the new york stock exchange. jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the debate over whether apple should help the fbi break into an iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters comairing
6:26 am
access to the phone to a vicious guard dog. apple's chief lawyer says if the company complies it will weaken security for all apple products. medicine to fight cancer could cost a fortune. now there is a new study that finds one unexpected reason for that. waste. nearly $3 billion worth of medicine is thrown away even though it's still good. let's switch gears and talk about my favorite thing cars. >> reporter: lamborghini rolled out its most powerful car ever. it's called the cente in. srio.
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there are good morning and thanks for watching north carolina news at 6:30 in the morning. i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. we have more on a police department controversyp. >> during monday's officer- involved shooting and lauren haviland has more on the local university. first, the weather. >> we're still looking at cloudy skies as we start off our wednesday. if you are headed out on the 95 corridor, you are the only ones that still need an umbrella on this wednesday. temperatures are dropping and will continue to drop. around the sand hills, still the mildest air right there.
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here's your day in detail. 48, and we'll be in the 40s at lunchtime. 53 our afternoon high. get this, after a wet start to the day, mainly sunny skies this afternoon. i'll let you know how long the cool temperatures hang around. right now, i know there's breaking news with traffic, kristin. what's the latest? >> major traffic issues going on in south raleigh. let's take a live look right now at i-40 and rock quarry road. we've got police activity going on there as you can see. we're keeping a close eye on the developing situation. we have the road blocked at i- 40. parts of 40 closed. so traffic being diverted off an the eastbound side to exit 2, 98 and 299 being completely
6:31 am
side, you are being diverted off of the 440 split and rock quarry road. your alternate is highway 70. because of this closure, we are seeing delays on the 440 split. we'll keep you updated on the developing situation. we'll have more updates throughout the morning. russ, stefan? >> thank you. we're working to uncover more about the officer-involved shooting on monday. you can hear the tense moments in radio dispatch calls. >> shots fired back of the house on east street. i've got the male. [unintelligible] >> north carolina news reporter emma wright is working the story this morning. she joins us live from the police department. emma, what are you hearing today? >> reporter: the southeast community where that officer-
6:32 am
still very much on edge. yesterday, community leaders, including the president of the north carolina naacp called for calm while this investigation is under way, however, friends and family say they very much want answers and want to find out what happened. we're going to show you video of a march that happened yesterday from southeast raleigh so downtown and with dozens of people calling on police and the fbi to tell them what happened. the protest had peaceful demonstrators walking from the scene of the shooting to the courthouse and back again. >> we understand people have very strong opinions about these types of cases, and it is important that people have places and ways that they can air their concerns. >> we're calling on a full, thorough investigation of what has happened here. there are so many questions. >> reporter: you just heard there. she says it may take some time
6:33 am
there in the public. as for the raleigh police department, they say they do plan to issue something within the next few days. we will, of course, continue to follow this story and bring you more updates online and of course on north carolina news at noon. i'm emma wright, north carolina news. >> the shooting has also call add tension to broader issues in southeast raleigh, including poverty and unemployment. they say it's time to provide more opportunities for people living there. michael phillips owns men at work car care service. he's made it a priority to hire people other businesses may not consider for jobs including people with criminal records, a struggle he's dealt with firsthand. >> it happened about 30 years ago for myself, when i got convicted of selling drugs. i found once you get convicted of something, you know the
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>> over half of the people in southeast raleigh live below the poverty line. unemployment is considerably higher than wake count yin as a whole. our coverage continues online at there you'll find the full 911 call and our prior stories on the investigation. just look for the story on the home page. right now, a man in fayetteville is lucky to be alive after a shooting in fort bragg. he was traveling around 5:15 p.m. when he heard several shots behind him. he sustained a gunshot wound to the back of his head and graze wound. raleigh and city council members are expanding what defines a dangerous dog. a newly approved ordinance says the dog is dangerous if it bites a person, either breaking a bone or sending it to the hospital or if it kills a pet that's not on its owner's property.
6:35 am
citation and the dog can be impounded or put down. the attorney general helped launch the animal welfare hot line. there are three ways to submit complaints. here they are, either online by phone or through the mail. depending on the details, law enforcement or other agencies can take action. you can take action at new this morning, nasa astronaut scott kelly returned to earth after an unprecedented year in space. the mission may soon pave the way for a trip to mars. >> scott kelly, back on mother earth. >> reporter: scott kelly gave a thumbs up moments after landing in kazakhstan. his smile and upbeat outlook, not bad for a man who hasn't been on earth for nearly a year. >> and liftoff. the year in space starts now.
6:36 am
carried out among other things countless experiments to deal with prolonged trips in space. >> physically, i feel pretty good. >> reporter: last week, kelly admitted space is a harsh environment. >> for instance, having no running water. you know it's like i've been in the woods camping for a year. >> reporter: during his mission, he flew more than 143 million miles, made more than 5400 orbits around earth, and saw 11,000 sunrises and sunsets. >> i'm hopeful. i think we'll learn a lot about longer duration space flight and how that will take to us mars some day. >> reporter: later today, he'll fly to houston for a final checkup by doctors. don champion, cbs news. >> what a record.
6:37 am
i a russian doctor in the 1990s. >> wow. >> so many stories he has to tell. >> his instagram account and twitter feed are unbelievable. >> greet photos. let's get you caught up for the early birds out there. >> first, the house was shaking real bad and the train derailed right in front of our house. >> the scary moments relived by witnesses after a train derailed in new york last night. >> plus, a heads-up if you recently shopped at whole foods, the recall you might need to know about coming up. >> kids are heading out the door this morning. take a rain check on the umbrella just to be on the safe side. we'll need the jacket into the afternoon hours as well.
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next. we've got a crane commute and a mess -- we've got a busy commute and a mess out there. >> take another route around if you are headed to work or taking the kids to school. >> it will cause a lot of delays. here we are. this is a live picture from the airport. it's 53 degrees right now. the good news is as the rain moves out, the clouds are breaking up so fast that we're already seeing a nice sunrise in portions of wake county. if you are across the southeastern portions of our viewing area, wayne county, samson county, you are waking up to fairly soggy conditions. look at those out over clinton. the band of showers extends towards indian springs this morning. if you are under those areas, rainfall rates close to an inch of rain per hour. the showers are moving out of the area fast enough that we shouldn't see a big deal with
6:41 am
as far as the testimony chores are concerned, cooler air is starting to spill in. 48 in henderson. we're still in the low 50s around durham and raleigh. 57 right now in clinton. so temperatures will continue to drop over the next to you hours. it's 48 right around 8:00, 10:00 this morning. it's going to be on the breezy side. wind gusts near 25 miles per hour. look what happens into the afternoon. we top out only in the low 50s. that means for some of you, you are warmer right now than where you'll be this afternoon. plenty of sunshine to go later today. i'll let you know when the 60s will be back for afternoon highs coming up for your complete storm team forecast. russ? >> thank you. remember now the north carolina news, if you haven't noticed is the cbs affiliate now. we're bringing you a whole new slate of prime time shows. tonight you can catch all new
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danny glover guest stars of the father of derek morgan. be sure to tune in at 9:00 tonight. if you have any questions about our switch over or when your favorite shows come on, head to we have a whole page set up with you. we sat down with the new president of the unc system. coming up, what her plans are
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job. you are looking at a live shot there of interstate 40. it is an absolute mess. that is at exit 299 at person street and hamann road. it is an absolute mess because of an incident at i-40. traffic is not moving at all if you are headed that direction.
6:45 am
with your kids, going to work, find another route to get there. >> at a standstill, russ. thanks a lot. today, margaret spellings will continue to visit state schoolsp in is part of her plan as the new unc president. lauren? >> reporter: today is margaret spellings' second day on the job, and she says she's already very busy. in a one-on-one interview with spellings, we asked her about her plan as president. spellings tells us her priorities include improving accessibility and affordability of higher education. now she's eager to visit all 17unc system presidents and learn about each university. yesterday, spellings had lunch and had a video conference with chancellors. today she plan ozen visiting unc state.
6:46 am
nation's economy that if you do not have access to higher education or post secondary credential, your options and opportunities are limited. >> reporter: of course, we will be there alongside spellings as she visits fayetteville state. you can find out more much as well as the fall contract including salary at stefan, back to you. spellings' first day on the job did not go on without a hitch. protesters staged the political and secretive way spellings was hired following the unseating of tom ross by the board of governors. organizers say they will continue to protest. breaking overnight, a freight train carrying hazardous materials derailed in new york. the conductor and engineer were hurt. two of the cars started leaking ethanol forcing the crews to
6:47 am
1,000 foot radius of the scene. >> i heard a loud -- i thought a at any time was moving now. just a loud, working, screeching noise. >> officials are still trying to figure out what caused the derailment. now to a consumer alert. whole food is recalling fay tag raw milk bleu cheese because of a possible list listeria contamination. there are no reports of anyone getting sick because of the cheese. check out this video right here. powerful storms swept through columbia, alabama yesterday lighting up the skies with lightning. the remnants of that storm brought rain to the carolinas earlier this morning. you probably saw it. what about right now, though? >> the good news is most of it is moving out. we're dealing with a decent sunrise.
6:48 am
north carolina news studio here. 53 degrees. we're looking out over the belt line and not seeing a lot going on. here is our satellite radar composite. right along the 95 corridor, you are still dealing with lingering rain, but all in all, much drier compared to where we were two hours ago. you won't need your umbrella, but watch out, the ground may be damp so kids standing at the bus stop may encounter that money let's take you through southern portions of wayne county and samson county. that's where we're seeing some of the steadiest rain. you can see the rainfall rates have really tapered off. light green being reported around the clinton area. the cooler air is starting to spill in. it hasn't reached the central portions of our area yet. it hasn't reached raleigh. we're still at 53. look north of us, 47 in roxboro. down around the sand hill, you are still at 58 in fayetteville.
6:49 am
easily be the warmest we'll be all day long. just some lingering showers 8:00 a.m. 48 still on the breezy side. wind gusts approaching 25 miles per hour. noon today, 49. our highs should top out around 53 and dropping quickly into the mid-40s by 6:00 p.m. this evening with clearing skies. here is the setup for today. the cold front responsible for the rain this morning will continue to move off the east coast. clearing skies behind it. much cooler than where we have. yesterday, we hit 74 for a high. it was perfect if you ask me. today we're going to stay about 20 degrees cooler thatten that as we head throughout the afternoon. the good news is, as many of you are getting ready to head out for your morning commute, most of you are encountering drier weather already. we're continuing to see clearing skies at noon. then you head towards the evening drive. clear skies tonight, which means tomorrow morning is going to be hands down colder than where we are right now by as much as i would say 10 to 20
6:50 am
here we are at 8:00 a.m. thursday. all of us below freezing. as we head into the afternoon, we see more cloud cover and can't rule out a shower or two. this is round number two of wet weather that we are expecting this week. 53 our high today in raleigh. then tonight, we've been talking about the colder temperatures. 29 degrees. you'll need all of the winter gear for tomorrow morning's commute and tomorrow afternoon, the shower or two possible. it's tomorrow night into friday morning. we're watching for the steadiest rain to arrive in the next system. for some of you around the virginia border, we could see a light wintry mix. the sunshine will return. it is 6:51, but we're going to get to kristin with the latest on the closure on i-40. >> reporter: 40 is still closed. traffic is being diverted. let's take a live look at i-40 at i-40 and south saunders
6:51 am
it is gridlocked right now. avoid the area at all costs. your alternate route will be highway 70. let's look at what's going on, on our traffic map here. rock quarry road at i-40, it's blocked. traffic being diverted off of 40 on the eastbound side at hamann road. on the westbound side, 70 is your alternate but 70 backed up through clayton right now and 440 backed up to pool road. we'll keep you backed up on scene with the latest coming up as soon as we get more information to you. >> we are trying to find out what happened but in the meantime, take heed. >> all right. also today. a committee tasked with making suggested changes to the outdoor city ordinance will meet. the committee is looking at
6:52 am
size and stability. community members are considering getting rid of an occupancy regulation. it's recommending changes sometime this month. take a look at the sea council members approving a new parking zone right by the state fairgrounds. the city says students from north carolina state park in the area during the day and crossing traffic to get to campus which is a safety hazard. taking a look at new york for what's coming up on "cbs this morning." good morning, nora. >> good morning. we have all of the super tuesday results. john dickerson and bob schieffer join us after donald trump and hillary clinton's big wins. plus, the u.s. world and reports best places to live in america. >> and is phil collins ready to come out of retirement?
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all right. we're going to get you another update on the breaking news coming out of raleigh. right now, traffic is being diverted off of i-40 on both east and westbound sides. as you take a look, it's nothing but a parking jam. this is a look at south saunders area due to police activity in the area. we checked with police, but they are not saying what the problem is. >> we have a crew on the scene. as you can see, it is causing all of these major backups. a lot of headaches for people heading to school, work, or coming back from dropping kids off at day care. it is a mess. you should just stay out of the area. the best alternatives rate now, even though it's backed up, is highway 70. >> the fbi continues its investigation into a deadly officer-involved shooting in raleigh. monday, authorities say officer
6:56 am
akiel denkins on a felony drug charge. at some point during the case, the officer shot denkins, and he died. dozens of hit the streets demanding answers. charlotte member len police department incertainly affairs is investigating a claim of excessive force. you can see an officer punching a man. the man is a suspect involved in hey hit and run case. investigators are interviewing witnesses and reviewing the video. waking up to a bit of rain drops, but it will move out. >> yes, already moving out across a large part of the our area. here is a live look at the satellite radar composite. it's across the eastern portions of our area. here along the triangle, already dry conditions. 51 in durham. 42 in roxboro. the chillier temperatures will
6:57 am
49 at noon and high of only 53 later today. kristin? >> reporter: we've got major issues on the road. i-40 is blocked eastbound and westbound in south raleigh right now. eastbound traffic being diverted off of hamann road. your alternate is highway 70. there is police activity in the area. unfortunately, highway 70 is backed up, too.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, march 2nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump domtsinates his super tuesday battle. donald trump turns his
7:00 am
hillary clinton after key victories in the key states. >> is phil collins ready to come out of retirement after calling music his enemy? a rare interview with the music star we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. instead of building walls we are going to break down barriers. >> when we unify, there is nobody, nobody going to beat us. >> trump and clinton dominate super tuesday. >> bernie sanders argues 35 states to go but gets more difficult after tonight. >> we are going to take our fight for a world of peace! i'll do anything it takes to keep donald trump from being our nominee. >> it will tear the party apart and provide conservatism. >> the conversations of that would be catastrophic. >> this is totally new. is the party coming apart? what is going to happen next? stay tuned is all i can say.


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