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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we hear any new information. >> i will be receiving my seen body today. >> reporter: words no mother should have to say. >> i needed prayer. me and my family. >> reporter: plenty of prayers and tears today. roland'a byrd is asking for help with her son's burial on a go fund me page. the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting continues wet asked police ifs off -- if the officer was was serving a drug related warrant alone and they won't tell mow and say there's no specific policy we have stopped by the home today of the officer and talked to someone lieu the door who -- door who said they didn't want to comment and we pulled more than a thousand different case he was involved with to see if he had run-in was denkins and we couldn't find any. asked about sus speanings from the police department and -- suspensions from the police department and they say there were none in his past. also we got off the phone with the mom about 30 minutes ago who again got the body today. they say they will not be doing their own independent autopsybut we will cope you
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in a raleigh jonathan rodriguez. >> a local church held a prayer vigil for the family of denkins his mother rolanda byrd spoke briefly after the vigil and said she was able to view her sod's body and -- her son's body yesterday and she is disappointed and frustrated with the lack of communication from raleigh pd. >> the raleigh police department has not contacted mow at all since they left crime scene. there are other people that abcs that are my lawyer has been in contact with, and most of those contacts were made by us. >> dekins families what not -- denkins family has not said when the few rail will be held. >> they asked naac -- funeral will be held. >> they asked the naacp to joinen this they will. william barber spoke today on the radio he echoing calls for
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>> be vigilant for justice. don't be violent toward one another. >> nccu law professor attorneyjoyner is handel the -- handling the legal portion of the case in monday marks the first time an officer shot and killed someone in the line of duty in more than 7 years in the city. back in august of 20 a -- 2008 a office aer shot a man downtown the butler car jacked a taxi and led police on a chase that ended when he hit a van downtown. the 34-year-old then threatened police with a straight razor before being shot twice. butler toyed a week later -- toyed a week later. -- died a week later. three been a total of 8 officer- involved shootings in the city the past decade. document shows a plan for body cameras poe posed by the raleigh police chief before the officer-involved shooting i'm cord together power point presentation -- according to
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set to be sent to raleigh leaders they wanted a 3 year implementation it estimates the cost to be around 5 million dollars through the first five years. for a full coverage of the deadly officer-involved shooting including the full presentation visit domed trum and hillary cline -- donald trump and hillary clinton is are closing to securing their party's nominations but it's not over yet. north carolina are part the next primaries and ahead of it trum will visit fayetteville. nate rodgers -- trump will visit fayetteville nate rodgers breaks down what you need to know. >> reporter: tickets are free and they are in high demand. >> we have received you know a ton of phone calls since the news broke yesterday. people asking what time to get here how early they can get here. >> reporter: donald trump's rally will usher in thousands
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others looking to learn more about his views. the crowne complex holds close to 10,000 people and they expect a full house. need jobs. >> reporter: a long time fayetteville resident campaigns for trump-y -- every day -- trump every day and look at his truck and trailer decorated in trump's signature golden letters he. >> a lot of thumbs up a lot of honking you know. they are are a lot of people behind him. >> reporter: the announcement of the rally is less than week after the headquarters opened in downtown. so far more than 150 people stopped in and signed up to volunteer. >> a lot of sidewalk traffic and some phone calls. we are doing phone calls from here through the call center basically. >> reporter: next wednesday doors open at 5 p.m. rally begins at 7. the event will last about 2 hours and there's a long list of things that won't abe loud in -- allowed in including weapons signs food and cameras.
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checks at the gates. lines will be long. >> reporter: city and state officials expect to speak on the program but the campaign is tightlipped on specific details. but not everyone is anxious to attend. some choose to devote their attention elsewhere. >> i don't support mr. trump because i think america is a great nation and i don't see in his speeches and for various reasons i just don't think that he is the one. >> reporter: to get a ticket you must register on trump's website day of when the have been you reaches full compass -- when the venue reaches full capacity the doors will be closed. nate rodgers north carolina news fayetteville. >> for the democrats senator sanders has an office in durham while hillary clinton has an office in raleigh. north carolinians head to the polls in less than two weeks. there's a number of other states holding primaries the same day. >> both are winner take all states for delegates unlike
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believe the tar heel state will play a important role. >> we have got delegates and so neither trump nor clinton is close to capturing enough delegates to win the nomination so as long as the nominations isin balance yes. are whoa the focus of attention for democrats and republicansprobably not. >> many believe the state of the republican party nationally is row flecked in north carolina where they support trump or looking to stop him. there's possibly a big break in a multi million dollar heist from the area. still ahead at 6, where the f. arrested a second -- fbi arrested a second person. >> and if you slept through the rain last night, we have got another round later this week. i will tell you when that gets here and we will talk about how cold these temperatures will be by tomorrow morning. >> plus, after nearly 25 years in prison, a kinston man is walking free.
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right now at papa john's, get one of our best deals ever.... ....for just $9.99 you can get any large pizza with up to five toppings pile on your favorites with up to five toppings for just $9.99 better ingredients. better pizza. in the first few months on the job margaret spellings want to tour all 17 of the unc campuses. and that tour started today at fayetteville state. cbs north carolina political reporter beau minnick was there for the tour and beau what are some of the things that spellings said she learned today? >> reporter: sharon spellings talked about fayetteville state and how she learn the community
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course, with family, name is important and there's been a lot of talk about potentially changing the name to unc fayetteville. >> i got a big job and lots to do and i want to listen to every single person with a point of view. >> reporter: on her second day on the job, it took margaret spellings to fayetteville. new unc system president towered fayetteville state listening to students and faculty members. fayetteville state is among the historically black alcohol exand universities. >> -- college and universities. >> it's interesting how the students an affection and affinity. >> reporter: for many it's tied to the name. there's been talk of changing the name from fayetteville state to unc fayetteville. >> why would you change a tradition like that after it has been established for so many years. that name has a historic significance to the school. >> where do you stand. >> any changes change to a name
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organically from the community they ought to decide if it's got good for them and their future. >> reporter: students we spoke with told us lower tuition is on their minds. >> this is one of the lowest schools around in tuition. some people still can't afford it. so, i think lowering it would even open more opportunities. >> reporter: and spellings has talked affordable at college campuses being an issue. her hires has been -- hire has -- hiring has been controversially the unc board of governor also meet today and tomorrow. beau menic -- minimum motorcycle and spellings saturday down -- sat down for a menic. >> and spellings sat down with conversation. u.s. news analyzed 100 cities in the u.s. ranked on quality of life and jock market
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there and people's desire to live there. raleigh durham came in number 4 with a score of 7.5 out of 10. and according to the report the area is luring motherly 08 now residents a day. >> part of the -- nearly 08 new residents a day. >> and part of that growth can be seen here. this kelton of the holy name of gees out cathedral is up along with the bell tower. 90 stain glass windows will fill up the building and it's going to be beautiful. the next step on-site is raising the dome and they are hoping to have it up by the end of the week. the entire project should be finnered by fall. that's -- finished by fall 2017. another clue in one of the more mind-boggling cases in our area. fbi made a second arrest in the heist of nearly 5 million dollars worth of gold bars from a truck along i-95. >> it happened last year in wilson county in march. when the truck was on its way from miami to massachusetts. and today, the fbi announced 46- year-old adalb-erto pere
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a miami man attempted to sell a gold bar and pleaded guilty to extortion. for nearly 24 years, a kinston man denied claims he molested his daughter. he refused to take a plea and remained a model inmate and years later, his daughter even recanted her story. today, howard dudley walked free. cbs north carolina reporter steve sbraccia has the story. >> i am so happy because you know he has been in this situation for so long so many years. >> reporter: today, a judge ended dud lei situation -- dudley's situation saying the system fail him and he deserved to be set free because evidence was withheld. his original lawyer didn't know what he was doing and his then 9-year-old daughter lied about being rapid by him. >> thank god. raped by him. >> thank god i give praise to
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freedom has been restored. there's no malice or angerism just want to live my life. >> we can shout -- anger i just want to live my life. >> we can shout and pray because it's wonderful day. >> oh man. oh man. oh. i never met. >> reporter: but when dudley comes home, he's got important things he first needs to do. >> he lost mama and we lost mama and he lost his wife. so he said that he wanted to get closure and he going to visit their graves but for the first time ever. >> reporter: his family says they know it's going to be a difficult adjustment for him to get back into society once gone but they say they will be with him every step of the way as he learns once again what it's like to be a free man. in kinston steve sbraccia north carolina news. >> visiting his mom and wife's graves. that's the first thing that's incredible. dudley was set for parole in april but said he would not consider that as a chance for
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parole for a crime he didn't commit. >> i am in the weather stormer with chief meteorologist wes hohenstein and this is something we always see but what a beautiful sunset. >> just went down so sunsetting about 6:12. can you believe not this weekend but next weekend, we change our clocks for daylight saving time. >> we just changed them. >> it seems like it. >> it feels like it. >> daylight sake time is longer these days so here is the super sunset. try to ignore the 47 degrees there in the top left. the 70s we had yesterday lopping gone and it's going to get colder now that the sun is down. and that cold front that came with the rain overnight, it worked. look at the 24-hour temperature change here. 26 degrees colder right now in roxboro than 24 hours ago. it's 20 degrees colder in sanford than it was last night at 6:00 and again these numbers are going to continue to drop as we head into tonight. so let's go hour by hour through a dry night and dry morning commute with generally
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so we will go down to 42 at 8, 38 at 10. and 36 at mid night and we continue to fall all the way down to 29 degrees by early thursday morning. so that's when it will be when you walk out the door tomorrow morning for work and school. this morning, it was about 50 or 55. so we are going to be about 20 degrees colder. so make sure to have your coat ready. reason don't became me. blame this cold front. again it came through overnight with some rain. thankfully not severe. high pressure in control but even that is not going to hang around long. we have got another round of mainly overnight rain on the way. so let's talk about how that's going to get. first tomorrow morning, i mentioned it will be cold. but sunny and then throughout the day, we will slowly increase the cloud cover. so we will stop it here at 5 tomorrow night and we have got cloud but still dry weather. the rain and snow back to the west. but this time around, it's a mainly cold rain event for us. mainly cold. got one exception that could happen so here we are at 8 you
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so we get through the day with dry weather. and it's the overnight hours that once again have rain and here we are at 6 a.m. you can see stale little bit of rain and then look at that rain snow line. it's just to the north. and because it's getting later in the season and more importantly because we don't have a strong flow of cold air from the north. it can't make it all the way down to our area to turn the rain to snow. now what we might see for you guys say in person county maybe up by the virginia border north of greensboro they might have a little bit of wet snow mixing in with the rain. and it would have no impact on our roads but a cold rain is not really that much better. the cold rain will be out of here by 10 or 11 a.m. and then we commence getting ready for the weekend which will be sunny and eventually warmer. but warm is not a word i will use to describe tomorrow morning. these are the numbers you willhave when you walk out. 28 in louisburg and 28 in durham a colder start tomorrow morning.
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have increasing clouds that will have rain moving in after 7 and 8 p.m. so you're through the day with dry weather and 51 in raleigh and 50 up in the bull city and 54 in fayetteville and your 7- day forecast takes us from the mid-50s low 50s today to about 51 tomorrow. and same thing on friday. and we start a warmup to 54 saturday. but remember, it's not only tomorrow morning but friday morning and saturday morning that temperatures will start off very cold. sunday morning too many so bundle up as you get rade for church sunday -- ready for church sunday morning. 58 on sunday. sunny and dry monday and tuesday as we go from 62 to 70 and then the next chance of rain comes in next wednesday so the 3 degree guarantee high tomorrow 51 and today that's what we made it to this afternoon. we had forecast 52 3* so we are on the board with $1 had00 -- 53 so we are on the board with the 100 dollars with our new charity from the month.
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chapter here and they help children and women in crisis including an operation school bell program that helps over 1500 elementary school children in town. if you want to learn more al try >> big im-- triangle -- al we are a -- al the women tournament tipped
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unc in (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. it's within a tough year fornorth carolina women.
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tar heels know nothing but success and this year heading to the tournament with a 4-12 league mark. new season begins today. north car linea and pittsburgh in -- north carolina and pittsburgh. back and forth and check out the move by jamie that was pretty. and pitt lead most of the first half thanks to the freshman who has game high 25 points. late drama heels down by 3 but she hits the buzzer beating 3 sending the game off to overtime. but pitt dominates scoring the first 7 points. 82, 72 pitt knocks them from the tournament and end their season at 14-18. the nc state women hit greensboro floor to practice. they await the winner earth boston college game played tomorrow night at 8. the season 10-6 and one victory away from a 20-win season.
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thee spots ahead of where they were picked. a win on thursday might be enough to secure an ncaa bid. nc state men back in action tonight pack playing host to boston college at 9. and state will avoid being the first acc team to lose to the eagles. boston college is 0-16 and in the pack wins they need one having lost three other past 4 gamesp defending state champions are alive and kicking. barely. trojans took the best shot and survived 92-# 8 in a hot steamy garner gym. the trojans opened up a big lead 19 points and held on for the 4 point win and victory that send them off to the regional finals in fayetteville where they await. familiar ending. they were knocked out last year and on the way to a state championship. we have got really good basketball teams in our area. that game was last night was fantastic.
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>> people at game last night they can't -- -- i can't believe how many people were there. >> fun to watch. >> thank you. it's new level of scamming taking churches in the state. and e-mail asking for money. appearing to come from a colleague or supervisor. >> one church almost fell victim.
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at 11 the last-minute c and today is national read across america day celebrated every march 2nd to honor children's author dr. seuss. today i got to stop by and read to the 5th graders at davis drive elementary school in cary and it's not only me but people acrosses community celebrating this day. so, shout out to all the kids there. and get ready for a cold morning tomorrow. kid and adults -- kids and adults.
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>> oh >> what a super tuesday! >> pelley: the front-runners look like a cinch to clinch. >> if winner took all, this thing is over. >> pelley: some republicans fear it is over. >> here's what i'm going to say in november when we lose-- i told you so. >> pelley: also tonight, down a justice, the supreme court takes up the biggest abortion case in decades. a gang invades a gun store and steals dozens of weapons. an energy tycoonidize at the
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and the most super of the super tuesday returns. >> scottie kelly, back on mother captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: their taillights are getting smaller as front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton race down an open road toward a nomination in the summer and a faceoffer in the fall. trump has won 10 states, seven on super tuesday. he now has more than a quarter of the delegates he needs. today, republican candidate ben carson said he no longer sees a path forward for his campaign. and there is only an obstacle course left for ted cruz, marco rubio, and john kasich, a nearly insurmountable course because of the delegate math and the nature of the states remaining. here's major garrett. >> reporter: marco rubio voted early today in florida, state that could be his last stand against donald trump.


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