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tv   North Carolina News at 600PM  CBS  March 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> a man fight terminal illness could be forced to leave his home. he takes his problems to his apartment complex. thanks for joining us. a man with little time left to live is asking his apartment complex for a little compassion. >> with no luck, he came to cbs north carolina for a little help. jonathan rodriguez has that story. reporter: i sat down with jack. he's got a terminal illness. he's on hos us and has nowhere to go. they want to raise his rent which is legal, but is it the right thing to do? take a look. >> i welcome death. it would be rest for me. reporter: 70-year-old jack is facing a battle. >> i feel like i've been living in a night hair and i can't wake up. i just can't wake up. >> it's not his severe heart or lung disease or the fact he may have less than six months to live. he can handle that. he's just afraid of losing his home.
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never, ever made it a secret to the office that i -- of my health condition and i was on hos advertise and that i was on a fixed income. reporter: for 14 years, he's never missed a payment, but his lease is up in may. he came home to this note saying his rent would be jumping up $145 a month, a payment he says he can't afford. >> the only thing that i could do is just ball up in the middle of the floor in a fetal position and ask god, what am i going to do? >> he's pleading with the own tore keep his rent at the same rate with no luck. his care takers sent a letter saying an increase would be devastating. when his mom passed way, he was left with no family. he's done everything he can to get by. you pay your bills first and eat second. >> i took all of my mother's jewelry that i had given her over the years, and i put it
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bunch of junk and i took out to sell for it. i handed it over to the guy to melt the gold down. reporter: he shares his home with his best friend casey whoa tried to surrender afraid of not being able to pay his vet bill. >> allusive my dog and -- all i have is my dog and i hate to say goodbye to him. reporter: we tried to the talk with the manager to see if a resolution could be made. for now, they wait. >> it's been hard but god has given me strength and he has me here for a reason. you can't question that. i don't think he's going to be -- it's going to be very long. i'm going to be able to see my creator.
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worried anymore -- worries anymore. his rent. the same rate. we have a link to the go go fund me account. >> $145 a month is a big difference on a fixed income. >> he's fighting medical bills. one cool thing when i was talking talking with him, he has vet bill as well. he talked to his vet about it he said pay me what you can. casey needs you as much as you need him. >> that's wonderful. hopefully they come through and helps him out. >> we have reached out to them. we sent them an e-mail and stopped by to talk with them. we're waiting for a response. later on. if you have afternoon issue you want cbs north carolina team to investigate, e-mail us. family and friends are paying respect today to a man shot and killed monday by a raleigh police officer. authorities say the officer was trying to serve an arrest
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him down and then shot him four times when the officers say he pulled a gun. not everyone is confident in the preliminary reports. some of them speaking to mario boone today. he joins us from the service. what were their message today? reporter: well, it's pretty simple for the folks who were here. distrust. they do not trust the information coming from the police department and by extension, they don't trust the results of the autopsy released yesterday. [ music ] reporter: the 24-year-old man shot dead by raleigh police was laid to rest friday. but doubts remain among some about preliminary autopsy results released thursday. >> it doesn't satisfy me at all. there are key pieces missing. reporter: and questions about the police version of his killing. do you trust any information coming from the police department? >> i don't. reporter: naacp legal counsel
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different from those of investigators. >> the conflict is whether they came from the front or back. reporter: and a reversal from a previous position by the family, joiner left the door open to an independent autopsy. >> we're working on that. that's all i can say is we're working on that. reporter: so we will continue to monitor this. with the naacp. as soon as we learn whether they will go forward with the second autopsy, we will let you know. mario boone, cbs north carolina. for our full coverage of the shooting including the preliminary autopsy as well as police reports, visit our website, new information tonight in the death of a cary woman. she was found dead in her garage by her teenage son and a neighbor back on december 17th. cary police tell us the autopsy rules the death a homicide by strangulation. now, at this point, no arrests
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said the community is not in danger. one of the chapel hill bars linked to the triple fatal wrong way crash is back open tonight after serving a 21-day suspension. they agreed to pay a $5,000 fine to avoid a 30-day suspension. it came after investigators say a 20-year-old drank at the bar and other locations in chapel hill before driving the wrong way on i85 and crashing head on killing two women and a 6-year- old girl. the general manager tells cbs north carolina they have made changes in response. >> one of the things we've changed is that not only are we going to be checking ids, but we are going to check behind the bar. >> the grand opening tonight features a cornhole tournament. as for the man, his trail is -- trial is set to start october 3rd. if you plan on heading out, don't put the coats away. our chief meteorologist is here with our first look at the forecast. >> it's going to be chilly
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we are in the middle of a super sunset on this friday night. officially it sets at 6:13. that's pretty. the sun didn't do a whole lot to warm us up today. we made it to 52. we'll sit on that for another second. if you get a good shot on your camera or phone, i always love to get them. drop me an e-mail. in the meantime, i know there are clouds but no rain right now. just some chilly temperatures. as we take you hour by hour into tonight, we'll leave the radar up and have a couple clouds. we'll drop down to 46 at 7:00, 44 at 8:00, low 40s through 9:00 and 10:00 down to 39 at midnight and it gets colder tomorrow morning. we'll tell you how lowe cold and we'll talk about another chance of rain. i'll take you hour by hour through saturday and sunday in just a few minutes. more changes tonight or more charges, rather, for a teach ear accused of having a relationship with a female student. deputies say the 30-year-old
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with a second student at the cumberland international early college. she was charged last month with four counseled of -- counts of taking indecent liberties with a student. it's up to 7 counts along with several other new charges. a leak in the roof is causing a high school's fieldhouse to remain closed this evening. school officials were made aware of the issue at the high school fieldhouse about a week and a half ago. it has since been inspected and tested. the district is still awaiting the results. they're also receiving quotes for a new roof, electrical and plumbing, things that will be funded through taxpayer dollars. >> new construction is extremely expensive. that is something we do not have money for. actually, that is something that we always try to renovate because that is -- we're being good stewards of the tax money. >> baseball program uses it. they have a temporary air in the meantime.
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penalty for accepting too many out of state students, new information reveals the president attended her first meeting today in fayetteville. cbs north carolina political reporter beau minnick has more on the penalty and a recap of that meeting. reporter: while margaret spelling's address and look at the audience, some people did not look back at her. they waited until her remarks were done to yell spell check, a phrase used by those who are calling for her resignation. >> we decided to stand up when margaret spelling started speaking and turn our backs on her because we wanted to let her know that students across the state of north carolina are paying attention. >> they've been critical of her records, spellings is a form us education secretary under president george w. bush and helped oversee the launch of no child left behind. spellings told us she thought the demonstrators were respectful and had this to say
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>> i'm browed of my 30-year background in education, which is, you know, at the state and federal level all of which is focused in the public sector. reporter: getting down to business, the board made a decision to penalize unc cham he will hill $1 million for the second area in a row they exceeded the cap of out of state students which is at 18%. this year, unc was 63 students over. >> we have to keep in mind our constitutional mandate to educate the young people of this state. reporter: that $1 million goes to a system wide unc need based aid program. demonstrators plan on continuing to show up at meetings. the next meeting is scheduled in april at unc asheville. beau minnick, cbs north carolina. >> the board proved some changes to the meeting structure. now it will stream meetings online and allow a comments period.
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disruptive can be removed and possibly arrested. we're about 24 hours away from the second battle of the blues of the season. >> last time around it came down to the final seconds as duke pulled the stunning upset. still ahead at 6:00, cbs north carolina talked to the head coach about where that loss stands on his all-time list of losses. and we told you about the rain possible again this weekend. but we've also got 70s in the forecast. i'll tell you when the warm weather will return in just a
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they seem to always be on lists like this. cary, one of the best places to work in the world. now they're not alone. >> another triangle company has joined them in the top ten on the list of 100 best companies to work for. cbs north carolina's madelyn visited the workplace to see what makes them great. reporter: a big honor for two north carolina companies. horn and association and vas institution in cary are among the 100 best companies to work for. the list came out this week. >> we're excited. the timing is neat that we made the list just before we're moving to downtown raleigh. reporter: they are a civil
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the list. vas institute a business company ranks 8th just behind horn. >> most people thiasus is a great place to work because of the benefits. a lot of companies are offering great benefits now to attract great talent. what really matt says a culture of trust and flexibility. reporter: one thing they both have in common, employees say they care for them and treat them well. they offer tell commute -- commuting, job tuition and pismo ayey health care costs. the other offers paid time off and a campus fitness cent. >> it's humbling to be listed with some of the firms that are household names. reporter: both made the list many times before with you fell short of overtaking google, which holds the top spot. in raleigh, madelyn wright, cbs
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they are based on employee survey he results -- results. looking outside, the tents are out, lined up in kay villa head of the duke game. some students have been camping out for months hoping to score the tickets to the big game. those who didn't feel like spending at the -- spending the semester living in a tent are taking the chances in the walk up line. they've been sleeping outside since wednesday. >> it's been a little cold. last night it was raining and the rules are you can't have any structures. you're an loud to have anything tied to the trees. i had a trend. we put a tarp over an umbrella and tried make it work. >> i've been in a accident it's amazing what they can put in there with a futon and everything to make it comfortable. still, they pop up every year for the basketball games and it's cold at night at this time of year. >> hold up. i'm willing to forfeit my weather time if you tell us more about these tents that --
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couple of the games. >> that suit border on duke blew and not north carolina blue. am i not seeing that right? >> i'm just trying to appease people out there. >> we love this weekend. we love this supper sunset as we showed you earlier. it's still march and the sangassent -- doesn't warm us -- warm us up a lot. we need it to shift more to the northern hemisphere. so our temperature at 48 degrees on this friday night as the sunsets will get colder as we head into the evening. not as cold though as what they had in the mountains. remember they got snow overnight. so a lot colder in the mountains. 30s and 40s now and again we're in the upper 40s here in the triangle. 53 in fayetteville. 40s along the coast, too. so that cool air kind of settled in all across the state and will do so again tonight. we'll leave it dry as we go hour by hour and leave clouds in there dropping down to 44 at
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39 at midnight and if you're up early tomorrow morning, garage sales or errands or practice, 33 degrees at 6:00 a.m. this morning it was 36. a little colder tomorrow. but after that 33, we start a warm-up that will eventually take us into the 70s. the mess this morning if you were up early enough to see it is well offshore. high pressure here tonight and for parts of tomorrow. we've also got to keep an eye on this little bit of rain in iowa. iowa, you say? yes. that area of low pressure is going to race across the country and help us with some rain tomorrow night into sunday. so lets talk about how that's going to go down. we'll pick it up -- not going to be a perfectly sunny day but not overcast. we'll in this case will intersection until the -- we'll mix in the sun and clouds. even through 9:00 and 10:00, we'll stay dry. shortly after that, we're going to introduce a little bit of rain, not severe, not all that heavy. no thunder or lightning to wake you up.
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at midnight. saturday night into sunday and then by 3:00 a.m., those showers continue to move through. by 7:00 and 8:00, we should be dry and we'll leave a couple clouds around but the rest of sunday should be dry as we continue that warm-up. so your weekend, the first one of march is here and it will be cold tomorrow morning. 8:00 a.m., 35 degrees. 50 degrees at noon on our way to highs in the mid to upper 50s. a little more sunshine. a little warmer an sunday. i like that. 41 early on at 8:00 p.m. 52 by lunchtime on our way to a high which will push close to 60. if we don't hit 60 on sunday, we will on monday. again, we've got that rain coming through late saturday into early sunday. this will be the third time this week we've had overnight rain and it's mainly around midnight through 3:00 a.m. and we start to dry out very quickly after that. so there's your chance of rain over the next couple days.
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for a while as we head to 72 tuesday. 74 wednesday. 76 on thursday. those numbers have trended up. we like that. then we bring rain back into the forecast by next friday. you know what's next weekend? daylight savings time. >> i cannot wait for that. i love that. >> not this weekend. don't change them. next weekend. it's already here. >> spring forward. i know we're losing an hour, but having that sunshine. >> i agree with you. i like that. >> i like the 76. it should be nice.
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square off tomorrow. roy williams admits the buzzer beeter -- beater was hard to take. that loss to duke still haunts him. it's hard to -- as hard as this loss was to take, it doesn't rank far behind in terms of disappointment. they let that game slip away. williams said during the last five possessions, they won every juan of them and that can't happen. >> it ticks you off more than you feel like -- you have a pretty good shake at in the second half to slip by. it's annoying to get picked off and a lot of other ways i can describe it as well. >> the good news, the tar heels get a chance at redemption on saturday. what more there's plenty at stake, not just bragging rights. with a win they would grab a share of the title and as much as a win over duke means to the heels, a championship is more important.
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were playing or who. if you told us we had one game to be champs, obviously then that would be the biggest game for us in our career since we haven't won anything like that. so the fact that it is in cameron and we haven't won there, this elevates that even further. >> the tar heels played well last time. tip-off tomorrow is a by the -- notre dame has been a torn in the delves side. they knocked the devils from the tournament for the third straight year they can't get past the irish. stephens does her part in the second game back from injuries. stephens hit 4 threes. they balanced attacked five players led by marina 14 points. stephens does her part for duke, 19 points, 10 rebounds but the i rich roll. looking forward to the game
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should be a lot of fun. it will be hot in there. >> it will be. it gets crowded in there you can barely fit anyone in there. >> it's amazing how much the game means to those guys.
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it means a (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security.
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so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. the story you saw at the top of the 6:00 hour. in the last 25 mains or so, u.s. health donated more than $1,000 to help him pay for his
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>> you can find the >> pelley: a party in chaos. >> this little guy has lied so much. >> here we go! >> about my record. >> reporter: mr. chairman, is your party coming apart at the seams. >> pelley: also tonight. >> back on the record in the simpson matter. >> pelley: nearly a quarter of a century later, a new mystery surfaces in a notorious double murder. a red flag at the top of the world. the mercury's rising, the ice disappearing. >> it's completely unprecedented. >> pelley: and steve hartman with a stock tip-- beware of singing to it. who's going next in the red trailer captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, donald trump retreated from his pledge to torture terrorists and kill their families.


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