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tv   North Carolina News at 700AM  CBS  March 6, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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we'll check out who came out on top and who donald trump is now race. plus, the duke, unc rivalry lives up to the hype again. see how this round of the battle of the blues wrapped up in durham. but first let's take you outside because, yeah, there's something to talk about there. sunday, march 6,2016. good morning and thank you for making cbs north carolina part of your morning. >> and as you just saw from our tower camera there, some of us off to a pretty foggy start in some spots this morning. >> but the sun is going to come out. >> it is. it is going to make a come back today. we're looking at a beautiful afternoon. a live look from raleigh durham intergnarl airport where you can see we do have clouds. we do have the fog in some other spots. it is because the ground is very wet from some of the showers that we had move through. but we're drying out now. as you can see on our satellite
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moving out, too. we will see sunshine later in the day. visibility down to a quarter of a mile in sanford. about a half mile in ray food and near zero in henderson and south hill, virginia. we have the thick fog in some spots, but not in others. you may run into it over the next couple of hours, so keep that in mind. it is 39 degrees outside now in raleigh. it is 41 degrees in fay vetville and temperature also be warming up today and we will see the sunshine thanks to the area of hay pressure building in from the west and we will see that trend continue. expect some clouds and fog through this morning. 51 degrees with peeks of sunshine by lunchtime. we'll hit a high before falling to clearing skies at 6:00. i'll let you know when the warmer weather will arrive coming up in just a few minutes. we have breaking news to get to now. at least 31 people are dead after an attack in iraq. the officials say a fuel truck covered with explosives blew up
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at least 24 of the victims were civilians. the others were members of the security forces. right now no one is taking responsibility for the attack. today is a big day for the candidate notice the race for the white house. there is a democratic caucus in maine today as well as a democratic debate tonight in flint, michigan. this all comes on the hills of super saturday. we have the results from the primaries and caucuses in l. l.a., kansas, kentucky and nebraska. >> i was headed to another direction. i told the pilot we other going to kansas. just get here. >> reporter: but donald trump ice last-minute detour to kansas didn't help as senator ted cruz won the sun flower state on this super saturday. >> let me say god bless kansas. >> reporter: the texas senator also won maine. >> today has been a very good day. >> reporter: but trump's winning streak continued as he came out on top in kentucky and louisiana. >> thank you to louisiana and thank you to kentucky. and i want to congratulate ted on maine and on kansas and he
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it is very close to canada, let's face it. >> reporter: meanwhile in the democratic race, senator bernie sanders won kansas and the caucuses in nebraska. and the way to the white house is to win democrats and to win independents and to make sure trump does not win independents. >> reporter: hillary clinton won louisiana putting her closer to winning the deep south. now she is looking ahead to winning the mississippi primary on tuesday. >> i am a progressive who likes to get things done! [ applause ] new this morning, after the results came in, trump gave his victory speech in florida. in it he said he believes rubio should drop out at this point making ate one-on-one race between trump and ted cruz. and in fayetteville, preparations are underway for the gop front runner donald trump's visit there. wednesday night he will address is up porters at the crown coliseum. his office opened in
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this is the second campaign visit for trump in north carolina. he held a rally in raleigh in december. the clinton also be making stops in our state next week. bill clinton will campaign here tomorrow. details of that trip have not yet been announced. the former secretary of state, hillary clinton, will be in north carolina on thursday. she will take the opportunity to encourage people to take advantage of early voting ahead of the march 15th primary. the latest elon poll shows hillary clinton with a 10-point lead over bernie sanders here in north carolina. hear from the head of the republican party on "face the nation" this morning. the show now airs here on cbs north carolina sunday morning at 10:30, and i'll be talking live with moderator john dickerson. an egyptian student arrested after he wrote on his facebook page that he would be willing to serve a life sentence for killing trump has -- donald trump has agreed to
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h e is in orange county's jail there. this comes after the owner of an a. flight school reported the student to federal investigators and revoked his student visa last month. and he is an attorney and the director of the center for hate and extremism at cal state san bernardino. >> the u.s. has held the genuine threats against the president and others can be punished. >> reporter: no criminal charges have been filed. the man's attorney is not sure when he will be able to leave jail for egypt. donations are pouring in for a dying durham man who could be losing his apartment. the 70-year-old jack bankston could have fewer than six months to live. his lease on his apartment is up in may and his rent will jump $1 ha a month that is a payment he says he just can't afford. >> the only thing that i could do is just ball up in the middle of the floor in the
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what am i going to do? >> he is pleading with the owner to keep his rent the same with no luck so far. jo a go fund me page to help pay for his expenses has raised more than $10,000. if you would like to donate, we put a link on a shoot-out outside an atlanta recording studio left aspiring rapper bankroll fresh dead. the police collected more than 50 shell casings from the scene so far no arrests have been made. the studio is home to many well chains. the jury in the erin andrews case will begin deliberating on monday. they will have to decide whether two hotel companies and a convicted stalker should be forced to pay the sportscaster millions of dollarsment an attorney says the two hotel companies that owned and operated the nashville marriott in vanderbilt enabled a stalker who took nude videos of her and posted them online.
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tomorrow in the former prowrestler hulk hogan's $100 million trial against the news web site gawker. it stems from them publishing 41 seconds from one of hogan's sex tapes in 2012. hogan is suing for invasion of privacy, however, gawker claims since hogan is a public figure, the sex tape is news worthy. the second round of the battle of the blows went to unc. the score 76-7 #, and as soon as the game was over, the tar heel fans immediately flooded franklin street. 15,000 fans packed into the intersection of franklin and columbia streets in chapel hill for the victory celebration. there were fires in the street and fans in the trees. >> chaos. it is crazy. everyone just cheering on the 'heels, and it is just amazing. the atmosphere like nothing else. >> and duke, and we just beat them at their own stadium. >> the fans we spoke with were
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last night's match. early this morning chapel hill police announced they did in the make any arrests and there were no injuries after the celebrations. time now is 7:08. a local woman is making waves in the fashion industry. still to come in our what's next segment, what pushed her to come up with her lynn of clothing that helps people with disabilities dress themselves. j and outside this morning, it is still a little cool in some spots, waking up to temperatures around freezing in sanford. we're below freezing, and the
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i'll let you know how good sunday morning. and many of us did have a few showers roll through last night and early this morning. now we're waking up to some fog and some low clouds in some spots. you can see that here from our tower camera looking toward the raleigh skyline. you can see the buildings and eventually we will see the ing in and those clouds exiting the area later this emergency and into this afternoon. for now, we still have some clouds around. they will be pushing off to the east. we had showers last night that are now completely out of the picture and eventually we are going to see that sunshine today. visibility down to still around zero in henderson and south hill, so very thick fog around the virginia border now. we have visibility improving in sanfordville.
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so fog is thicker in some spots than in others, but the everywhere this morning. it is 40 in durham. 41 degrees in fayetteville. thanks to an area of high pressure building in from the west today, we will see skies clearing and temperature as little warmer. expect clouds and fog through this emergency and peeks of sunshine this afternoon. clearing skies around 6:00. our temperature, 52. our high today about 56. warmer weather is in your forecast. coming up. >> thank you. 7:12 now. when a former n.c. state assistant football coach could not simply button his own shirt bus of his parkinson's disease, his wife knew she had to help. still to come, we'll tell you
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good morning. here is a look at some of today's top stories. the white house hopefuls are not slowing down the weekend. there is a democratic caucus in maine as well as the democratic debate tonight in flint, michigan. this all follows super saturday primaries and caucuses that took place in louisiana, kansas, kentucky and nebraska. durham and wake county naacp chapters will participate in the morale march campaign to the polls today them ear in conjunction with the statewide our time, our vote campaign focused on education, mobilation and protection. right now the search continues for a gunman in friday night's shooting in raleigh.
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timothy robertson on brag street. the shooting was one street away from the scene of a deadly officer-involved shooting last monday. and nearly throw years ago we first introduced you to mora horton. at that time she was simply trying to help her husband with his morning routine and now her mag that ready clothing is being sold internationally and she just inked a deal with tommy hilfiger and major retailers. we have more on the growth in this morning's what's next. and it is a hidden magnet technology. it is hidden into a plaque et. i just simplely closes. >> reporter: an invention born of necessity and mora horton's desire to help her husband. >> one day in a locker room he was stuck, unable to button his shirt and a player by the name of russell wilson, he was a college football coach, went over and helped him button his shirt. >> reporter: after don horton was diagnosed with parkinson's, his wife launched mag that ready in 2014 with one shirt
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>> it is great. now there are 28 different styles and colors, all indistinguishable. >> we partner with the largest shirt manufacturer in the world, which is really exciting. they're going to be rolling it out in 2016 and it will be in major retailer this is year. >> reporter: and it has already partnered with a non-profit called runway of dreams to create an adaptive clothing line for children. the clothes for kids with special needs, dexterity issues or who use wheelchairs are web site. >> it is humbling and also a large social responsibility to dignified manner. >> humbling for a wife just trying to help her husband, now helping people all around the world. for what is next, north carolina news. horton tells us that she'd like to tackle sleep ware next.
7:18 am and look under the what's next tab. happening right now, some people in california will be experiencing a severe storm. it has moved into the northern part of the state and forecasters expect it to dump more than three feet of new snow in the sierra nevada mountains a winter storm warning is in effect until monday afternoon. kristin, you said this is not necessarily bad thing for them. >> it is actually a great thing for california because northern california especially has been dealing with a major drought here. if they get snow and rain, they're actually in better shape for the coming summer months when things get drier there. good news for california. things not looking too bad for us here in central north carolina. it is 39 degrees. you're taking a live look. we have some clouds out there. we have a little bit of fog in some spots as well. ventally the sun is making a comeback today. we had a few showers roll through last night. the showers are out of here now. we have the clouds still
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be pushing out as well with a return of sunny skies by later in the day today. visibility is still sitting at about four miles in raleigh. still at zero, though, in henderson. improved to about three quarters of a mile in south hill, virginia. the thickest spot is along the north carolina and virginia border. keep that in mind. we are seeing the visibility improving, a sign the fog is actually lifting a bit and the temperatures are warming up, too. 39 degrees in raleigh. 39 degrees in goldsboro. 39 degrees also in syler city. those temperature also continue to warm into the mid 50s today. we'll hit a high temperature of about 56 degrees by 4:00 this afternoon. although we are seeing some clouds outside this morning, the clouds are going to be moving out and we've got that sunshine back in the forecast for later today. the reason for the return of sun is a new area of high pressure building in. so that's going to push in from
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any of the clouds out of here. decreasing clouds. still cool. high pressure centers, they rotate clockwise. as you can see here, we have some of that colder air flowing out of the northwest, which means temperatures not getting out of the 50s once again. tomorrow, a different story. the high slides to our south. we get this flow of air more out of the south and southwest, so we have mostly sunny skies in the forecast for your monday with temperatures back in the low 60s, which is pretty close to average for this time of year. our normal high temperature is about 60 degrees. we will be close to that for tomorrow. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, the high slides furtherer offshore here. we get this push of air from the south. sunshine still in the forecast with high temperatures all the way into the 70s. and i won't be surprised if by thursday we're talking about some spots, especially across the southern portions of our viewing area here, getting pretty close the that 80-degree mark. we're looking at a high today in raleigh of 56 degrees. 55 degrees in durham.
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tonight, expect a cold one. mainly clear skies. temperatures falling into the mid 30s. 35 degrees. calm winds a cold start to our monday. so keep that in mind. the kids at the bus stop, you need a jacket for tomorrow morningment we're looking at a high today of 64 degrees. layers a good idea. you can peel them off and wear short sleeves by the afternoon. 7 # greece on tuesday. full-on sunshine a beautiful day. we're up all the way to 74 on wednesday. 76, our high temperature on thursday. thursday is going to be our warmest day of the week, and then we see the pattern turn a bit more unsettled for friday and saturday. the temperatures are still warm. 72 degrees with a chance of a few passing showers. 68 degrees on saturday with maybe an afternoon shower as well. convenient the overnight low temperatures warming up too. instead of temperatures during the early morning hours in the 30s and 40s, by the end of the week, we're talking about temperatures in the mornings in the 50s and even upper 50s. so i think this week is a
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we won't need the heat. you can enjoy the warm temperatures in the afternoons and the more mild temperatures overnight. >> it seems like spring is here. >> finally. we have been waiting. >> finally. thank you. still ahead on cbs north carolina, this season's battle of the blues' match-ups are now split with last night's going to the tar heels. we'll tell you where (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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this morning both unc and do you think now have their sights set on the acc tournament, this after the blue devils hosted the tar heels last night at duke. the devils struggled early in the gym and the 'heels outrebounded duke 64-29. in the end unc win this is one 76-72 with. with the w., the tar heels clinch the regular season acc title. >> man, it mean as lot, just through. it mean as lot to us. we have been through it all. >> it feels great. it into words. and how tough it has been and not living up to the expectations of a traditional carolina team. and our expectations, it could be a spring board. >> and we didn't fight and go
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we need to come back and grab some. >> before last night's win, the tar heels had four straight losses to the blue devils. and tuesday in the first acc game, n.c. state will take on wake forest. last night the wolfpack faced notre dame in indiana. they trailed at the half and just could not get the momentum they needed to beat the fighting irish. notre dame wins this one 89-75. j tuesday the carolina hurricanes faced the senators at home. the game comes after a tough battle for the kanes last night in tampa bay. in the third period, the game was tied 2-2, and then the kanes scored again making it 3- 2. but the lightning scores a late goal and wins 4-3 in overtime. new this morning, mischa tate is the new ufc champ i don't know. she beat holly holm with a fifth round submission. tate beat holly holl until the final two minutes of the fifth and final round with a choke hold. you may remember holm beat rhonda rowsey in november.
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night in las vegas, many are wondering what this means for the highly anticipated rematch fall. 7:27 now. imagine walking through a store and a huge piece of metal crashing through the roof. well, that happened. coming up in our next half
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wake county
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this morning for the gunman in a raleigh shooting. and this morning a man is in a cumberland jail facing a list of charges accused of kidnapping a former n.c. state player who went pro. what investigators say happened the night of that crime. plus, today is the 51st anniversary top selma rights voting movement. we'll show you how leaders in our state are marking that event. first, let's take a live look outside. i promise you that is a lave look outside. you can barely see the skyscrapers in raleigh a very foggy start. about 40 degrees now in raleigh on this sixth day of march, 2016. we're glad you're starting it with us. no and obviously some fog out there, some low clouds in some spots. kind of a gray start to the morning. >> but all of that is going to change eventually. >> it is. even this afternoon we should see more sunshine. so outside we're not going to be dealing with the fog and the clouds for much longer. we do have cloud cover at the raleigh durham international airport. we are going to see them
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and by this afternoon, i do think we are going to see more sunshine. we had some showers roll through late last night and into very early this morning. because of it, the ground is very wet. we had some fog form overnight, and we have these clouds out there, too. as i mentioned, the clouds will be moving out. this afternoon showing a lot of promise. and henderson, that is an improvement over a half hour ago. three quarters of a mile in south hill and also in sanford. so we are seeing thick, patchy fog in some spots, but it is not an issue everywhere. temperatures are cold, too. 40 in durham. 41 degrees in fayetteville. a big area of high pressure is going to build in that will kick the rest of the clouds out of here and it will also set the stage for a die and warmer week ahead. expect decreasing clouds today. 51 degrees at lunchtime. our high temperature, 56 this afternoon. thermometers continuing to rise for your week ahead. i'll have a complete update on
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justin? today is a big day for the candidates in the race for the white house. there's a democratic caucus in maine today as well as a democratic debate tonight in flint, michigan. this comes on the heels of super saturday. primaries and caucuses took place in louisiana, kansas, kentucky and nebraska. donald trump won the louisiana primary and the kentucky caucuses. cruz won caucuses in kansas and maine. this morning trump is calling for marco rubio to drop out of the race, but rubio says he will not. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is on track to increase her substantial delegate lead sees spite losing two of the three presidential contests to bernie sanders. clinton had won big in louisiana. looking ahead to later this afternoon, local naacp branches in wake and durham counties will be participating in the morale march to the polls campaign. in wake county, marcher also gather at shaw university's campus at 3:00. in durham county, marcher will
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the marcher also represent local participation in a statewide our time, our vote campaign vow fussed on education, mobilation and protection. these marches also honor the anniversary of bloody sunday, the pivotal confrontation on the bridge in selma, alabama, 51 years ago. that event would ultimately pave the way to the passing of the federal voting rights act in 1965. right now the search continue force a gunman in the shooting in raleigh that sent one man the a hospital. we first brought you this story as breaking news yesterday morning. the police found the victim, timothy robertson, on brag street. the 41-year-old victim was shot in the leg. friday night's shooting was one street away from the scene of a deadly officer-involved shooting that happened on monday. later this month, a man is expected in court accused of kidnapping a former n.c. state-turn-pro football player. the police say earl wolf was
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23rd in rayford when several gunmen captured wolf. he was later released unharmed. wolf played for the wolfpack from 2008 to 2012 and currently plays for the jacksonville jaguars. the police charged 21-year-old bobby bailey in this case. he is being held in the detention center under a $15 6,000 bond. he is set to face a list of charges on march 23. a second person has died following a parking lot shooting earlier this week in hickory. it happened wednesday outside a mcdonald's. the police say eric yont opened fire killing row shell scott a second person wounded in the shooting, cody watts, died from his injuries friday night. the police say the killings appear to stem from a domestic ebb related incident. the troopers say the driver was thrown from the car shortly before 11:00 yesterday morning. authority says the vehicle went off the road and hit a ditch
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the troopers have not released the driver's name but say he was from canada. a scary incident for shop everies at a target -- shoppers at a target store after a piece of metal came crashing through the roof. investigators finally figured out where it came from and what it was. >> reporter: it came crashing through the roof of the target with such a terrifying sound witnesses reported hearing an explosion. >> what we actually found was this one -- probably five to eight-pound piece of metal that had come through the ceiling literally in the center of the store. >> reporter: at first the fire department didn't know where it had come from. >> once we eliminated it being something from twn store, one of the thoughts was had a plane passed over and, you know, was it flying now without a piece that it should have. >> reporter: but that wasn't it. the fire chief says the crews
7:35 am
from a piece of construction material. >> they had a woodchipper and it threw one of its teeth and the tooth went literally 800, 900 feet and went through the center of the target. >> that is amazing for it to come crashing through roof. that is crazy. >> reporter: the chief says the flying metal did damage a beam and leave a hole in thester's roof. fortunately, thoughno one was hurt. >> as heavy as this is, if someone had been standing where it fell, it would have been a really bad day for them. >> and we tried to reach out to the company running the woodchipper but did not receive a reply judgement and seattle -- a rely. a seattle lawyer is spearheading the investigation to find the missing malaysia plane. h se organizing the search for the aircraft missing for two years. is disappeared in 2014 with 239 people on board. it is believed to have crashed in the southern indian ocean. >> i originally got interested
7:36 am
the family home, the news was breaking. >> earlier this week a piece of wreck washed ashore and it is testing. just months after the confederate flag controversy in south carolina, the confederate state's capitol. it does not have the more well known blue cross of the confederate battle flag. yesterday it flew in honor of confederate flag day. it also flies in january on robert e. lee's birthday. vietnam veterans gathered on the capital grounds to remember people missing from the war in southeast asia. they're part of north carolina vietnam veterans' incorporated. they met on the first saturday of every month for the past 28 years. they call out the names of those unaccounted for. they say they started 28 years ago with 65 names and are now down to 39. raleigh's mayor will give the state of the city tomorrow. it will take place at the
7:37 am
it will start at 12:30. the doors open at 11:30. the event is open to the public and is free. we'll have more on what mcfarland discusses tomorrow night on cbs north carolina news. still ahead in this newscast, it is a reunion seven decades in the making. still to come, we'll show you how cooling reconnected two families. plus, it is not jurassic park, but dinosaurs are invading raleigh. we'll tell you where you need to head to get this unique experience. >> and outside this morning, temperatures are pretty close to 40 degrees in southern pines and fayetteville. on our way up into the 50s this afternoon with warmer weather
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i'll b welcome back to cbs north carolina. >> and off to a dry start to our day, but a cloudy start. >> very foggy out there. >> a little fog, too, we're still dealing with that, too, but eventually the fog lifting, and so a lot of good news in the forecast for your sunday. right now we are taking a life look from raleigh-durham international airport. the temperature is 39 degrees. you can see we do have the overcast skies right outside. now, we are going to see those clouds moving out later this emergency and into this
7:41 am
we had a few showers roll through last night. those are out of the picture right now. eventually the cloud also work their way out of the area as well. at least through this morning, we're going to be dealing with the clouds and the fog. visibility is still sitting at a quarter of a mile in henderson. three quarter0s of a mile in san fords, but we have been seeing -- sanford, but we have been seeing these numbers improving. we are going to see the fog move quickly here in the next hour. 40 outside in durham. 41 degrees the fayetteville. an area of high pressure is going to build in today and also keep us drink and sunny for the next several days. so expect decreasing clouds. 43 degrees at 8:00. 51 degrees at lunchtime. up to 56, our high temperature today. i'll let you know what you can expect for the week ahead, which does cru some warmer weather. that is coming up in a few minutes. and the concern for leafed contamination in flint, michigan's water supply is
7:42 am
health officials and residents. the latest on residents to deal with that crises.
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make as long good morning. 7:44. today is a big day for some of the candidates in the race for the white house. there's a democratic caucus in maine ted as well as the democratic debate tonight in flint, michigan. this all comes on the heels of super saturday. the primaries and caucuses took
7:45 am
kentucky and nebraska. and campaign 2016 heads to north carolina next week. bill clinton will visit tomorrow. democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton will be here thursday. and republican presidential front runner donald trump will speak in fayetteville on wednesday. the tar heels clinched the regular season acc title after beating duke 76-72. the police say 15,000 tar heel fans flooded franklin street after the win. they did not make any arrests. people who live in flint, michigan are being asked to have their water tested for lead. the health officials want the kids tested for lead. we have more on what the loment health departments are doing to help. >> i'm here to get my granddaughter tested for lead. >> reporter: her granddaughter is getting screened for lead. she says this is so she can prevent any future problems with her health. nurses and doctors teamed up to give flint resident as place to get tested. robinson is using her nursing
7:46 am
>> as you know, there is a great need for lead screening here in the flint area. >> reporter: robinson tells us there are more lead dangers around us and some of it isn't coming from the water stoo. because of the old housing that we have here in the flint area, they have an increased probability of contacting lead dust from their houses because of the paint. >> reporter: the health department is stepping up to the plate as well. western says they're trying to do everything they can to make a difference. >> our mission is to keep any permanent damage from happening to that child or families that live in the home. >> reporter: and anyone that gets screened and tests positive for lead, they do offer help and counseling here at the health department. warren says getting screened for lead is free, and it only take as few minutes, and you can get your results back in less than 10. she also says the health department will be setting up more screening centers in the coming days. she says if her granddaughter does have lead in her system,
7:47 am
get her what it needs. >> i'm hoping we can do what we can do. >> reporter: reporting in flint. british sailors found themselveses far from home and far from sea when they stayed right here in our area during world war ii. it is a little known history take two families are now digging into as they uncover their roots allowing a past -- the past and the present to link together. once crisp, blank and white memories blurred as years turn to decades. >> that's jeff palmer there. >> richard eagles learned of his uncle jeff's photos in 2011. >> i think these were all kept in a drawer. >> the faces and places were in carey snapped when jeff was on leave for a few weeks from the royal navy in the early 1940s. >> here are system of the sailors here. >> staying at a camp where the park is today. >> they refer to it as crabtree. >> among the photos, a family named fox. armed with a name and a town, richard tracked down an address
7:48 am
>> when we got here and saw that there was a big hole in the ground, we thought that is the end of that, you know. that's where the story ends, and it all ends. >> but richard kept trying finding a remedy to his riddle by showing his pictures at a local drugstore. >> one at a time we hentgen through them and he came to the very last one and he looked at me and said that's charlie fox. so i said i'm in the right place, then. and he said, yes, nodded. >> one phone call and one hour later, val fox walked in. >> well, we were in awe. he kept bringing these pictures out. >> val was just 3 years old. >> and jeff. >> and when she met that 18- year-old british sailor jeff. >> we come to one of the photographs and val said i have that photograph. at that point my jaw dropped. >> i remember that picture very well in our family album. >> all of a sudden those connections, blurred by the
7:49 am
>> this is as though somebody has come out of a mist and a fog from the past and they have met. it mean as lot more because it is actually -- these are no longer just photographs of people. they are real people. >> real people, jeff and val, separated by generations and continents, bonned through black and white photos. >> such a long time ago [and reconnected through video chat technology more than seven decades later >> that man that i was looking at 18 years old and here i am 77, we were looking at each other all across the world. i mean, is that incred ?bl. >> i never -- incredible? >> i never really expected to see her again. you don't after all of those years, and it was very nice to see her anyway. >> and in an instant, val and a now 92-year-old jeff, were taken back in time and began forming a new bond in the
7:50 am
>> destiny is real. we're all interconnected. >> no one quite remembers exactly how jeff and the foxes met all of those years ago, but he says they took on a parental role with him the few times they spent together in the weeks that he was here. richard eagles providing copies of his uncle's photos to the town's history center to help preserve for generations to come. i love telling that story. yes. unfortunate news to pass along now a woman died after driving under an overpass in floodwaters in sacramento, california. the woman was trapped under water inside the vehicle for about 15 minutes. once firefighters were able to get to her, she had unfortunately already passed away a passenger was able to get out of the vehicle and was taken to the hospital. no word on their condition. so an unfortunate situation and just one more reminder not the drive through flood waters. luckily we have no wet weather to worry about for the next several days. right now you're taking a live look from the biltmore in asheville. and this goes back to our west.
7:51 am
at least weatherwise. you see the sunshine bouncing off the biltmore. we have sunshine in the forecast for us as well today. we had few showers roll through last night into early tho morning. they are out of the picture moving off to the east. eventually the clouds are going to move out of here as well a lot of sunshine returns later today. for this morning, we're still dealing with some fog and some low clouds. visibility at about a quarter of a mile. we have improved the a mile and a half in south hill, virginia and we're about three quarters of a mile in sanford so the fog is thicker in some spots than in others, and we'll get rid of that fog later this morning and sunshine will make a come back in a big way this afternoon. it is 39 degrees in rail row. 37 in lewisburg. 38 in row neck rapids and henderson. 41 in rayford and fayetteville. this afternoon the temperature also be warming up into the mid 50s. so after a cool start to the day, we're steadily marching up to about 56 degrees this afternoon.
7:52 am
so the cloudy skies give way to sunshine today, and although temperature also be a little high today. it is still cooler than average for this time of year. we have this big err why of high pressure building in from the west that will lead to decreasing clouds, but still a cool day. as you can see here, we've got this cooler air flowing out of the north and the northwest, which is why those temperatures today are not going to get out of the 50s. as we head into tomorrow, that high slides off to our south. we've got a push of warmer air from the south and southwest so we have mostly sunny skies still in the forecast as we start the week. temperatures getting warmer, though. high temperatures tomorrow afternoon in the low 60s. by tuesday, wednesday and thursday, that high pushes further offshore. we are well into that southerly flow. we can expect sunshine with high temperatures for the middle portion of this week well into the 70s. for today, though, we're
7:53 am
55 in durham. 58 degrees the fayetteville. the temperatures fall to 35. mainly clear and cold during the overnight hours. calm winds, but a chilly start to our day tomorrow. luckily the afternoon is going to be an improvement over the morning and even over today. 64 degrees will be our high temperature as we kick off the week. 72 on tuesday. and sunny skies. a beautiful day tuesday. wednesday, we're up to 74 in the afternoon. that's not the end of our warm stretch either. 76 degrees on thursday. thursday is going to be our warmest day of the week. i won't be spritessed if some folks deal with temperature -- surprised if some folks deal with temperatures close to 80 degrees thursday afternoon, especially if you're south of the triangle. a chance for an afternoon shower or two friday and saturday as well. temperatures still staying on the warm side. 68 for a high on saturday is. a beautiful week on the way. today, really not looking too bad, but it is going to be the
7:54 am
>> what more can you ask for? >> a great forecast on the way. sunshine, we love it. we have been waiting for it. it is finally here. >> thank you. if you're looking for something to do with the kids today that is pretty fun, we'll tell you all about the discover the dinosaurs event up (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
7:55 am
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two then jail in ireland. they're accused of break ing into a fire station and stealing a fire truck. they took it on a joy ride with lights and sirens blearing. they managed to crash into several cars and buildings before being caught. >> the great, great grandson of a slave who come deered a federal ship h is the new president and ceo of the african-american museum in charleston. the museum officials announced the atlanta businessman will head up the museum. moore is a direct descendant of robert smalls who made history by come deering the steam boat planter in 1862. the museum is planned for a site of a former war where tens of thousands of slaves first set foot in north america. >> and into this harbor, 44% of all enslaved africans who were brought to north america came.
7:57 am
>> the museum is expected to cost about $75 million. orals hope the museum will open in late 2018. the discovery of the prehistoric past in downtown raleigh continues today. kids and their family cans enjoy the dinosaurs and special effects at the raleigh convention center. it is all part of the discover dinosaurs event designed to make learning fun. discover the dinosaurs runs from 10:00 to 7:00 today. i was down there yesterday doing that story. it is already cool to see these. the kids are just in complete wonderment. >> it is a lot of fun, too, if you're looking for fun things to do where the cloudy skies, in the a great day to be outside, especially this morning. 60s for testimony and then 70s as we head through the rest of this week ahead.
7:58 am
7:59 am
and we've got a lot more news the numbers are in after americans voted across five
8:00 am
nominee. we'll check out who came out on top and who donald trump is calling to drop out of the race. plus, the duke, unc rivalry lives up to the hype yet again. see how this round of the battle of the blues wrapped up in durham. first, let's take you outside where we're battling fog this morning. it is about 41 degrees in raleigh on this sunday, march 6, 2016. good morning and thanks for choosing cbs north carolina as your way to start your day. >> and i'm your meteorologist and as you just saw from our tower camera there, it is a little foggy a little cloudy. but it is going to be sunny this afternoon. >> i can't wait. >> great news in the forecast. >> you're taking a live look from our raleigh-durham international camera. we have some of the thick clouds outside, and what you will notice, a few breaks in some of those clouds. so some sunshine in the forecast for later today. we had had a few showers roll through as a weak disturbance pushed through last night into


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