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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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good evening, thanks for joining us tonight. >>a severe thunderstorm warning
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our area peer we will get to our meteorologist. >> we have been tracking these under storm warnings all weekend long. this one is still hanging on. is until 1115 for franklin county. it is broken into 2 areas. it is moving to the east at about 30 miles per hour. some of these towns will get the storm as it moves toward redeker. hopefully the storm will not hold together and be superstrong by that time. as we take a look at what is going to happen, we have temperatures that will be in the 50s overnight it. we do have showers and storms looking like they are going to go away. there is the one warning that is going on right now. there has been some hail with it
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size hail -- hen egg sized hail. the lightning continues to strike. that one warning will expire at 11:15. even know we have a few more showers out to the west hopefully we will not see any more warnings. tomorrow morning should be quieter. mainly clout -- quiet and mild. it is going to be 6259 degrees over the morning hours -- 60 to 59 degrees over the morning hours. we will have another chance of storms tomorrow night. we will give you more details and tell you when we might just cool down in the seven-day. crews are working to clear a massive multicar pileup on i 40. the crash begin around 6 pm near burlington. it is reported that dozens of
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no word on how many people were hurt. the dot is expected to have the road clear by 11:30 tonight. >>donald trump says he will review whether to pay the legal fees of a man who punched a protester in fayetteville. police say john mcgraw punched a protester in the face as the man was being let out by police. today donald trump said he doesn't condone violence but also said he has no problem for people who decide to be effective with protesters. >>this kid was walking out and i understand he had a certain finger up in the air and this man became very angry. you know what, again, i don't condone violence but the kid shouldn't have had the finger up in the air either if that is what he did. i will take a look at the tape and i will let you know. >>he is charged with battery, communicating threats. he is out of jail.
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a man who rushed the stage yesterday. he is facing disorderly conduct charges. marco rubio had a bizarre encounter with a heckler this afternoon. just listen to what happened. >>that is the enough. marco rubio is trying to steal my girlfriend.[ laughter ]she doesn't look at me in the same way anymore. this all unfolded during a marco rubio tonight he was trying to steal anyone's girlfriend. he said he didn't even win in new hampshire . >>tuesday is going to be a make campaign. voters will head to the pole. donald trump leads the delegate count in the gop race. he leads in north carolina and hillary clinton's lead is
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sanders has a narrow lead in illinois. the campaign trail is heating up in north carolina ahead of tuesday's primary. we explain how candidates are drawing up support in the tar heel state. >> reporter: while democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders is on the campaign trail voting lifetime. >> reporter: supporters marched through downtown raleigh on saturday afternoon. the sanders campaign will host another rally monday afternoon in charlotte. this competition, hillary clinton, will also be in the city on monday. her husband, president bill clinton, spent sunday in nashville and winston-salem and will be in greenville on monday. their daughter chelsea discussed education and raleigh sunday. >> i hope that is what will really matter to voters here in north carolina and around the
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and also what she has done. >>i would rather run against hillary to be honest with you. >> reporter: donald trump is in the midwest where he spoke about people disrupting his campaign. >>the truth is, the disruptors are really disruptors. >>he will be in north carolina monday. >>if they give donald trump the nominee is a disaster. >> ted cruz is campaigning in charlotte with former presidential candidate carly fiorina. his wife will be a fayetteville tech on monday. marco rubio and john kasich are focusing on their home states before voters head to the polls there on tuesday. north carolina's primary is playing a bigger role in determining which candidate will be on the ballot come november. we will continue i will in our political coverage. >> reporter: despite tonight voters are still unhappy.
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they can get behind or have found one constantly have to defend negative attacks. it just goes along with one of the most unusual presidential races in history. >> i don't know yet. i really don't. >>are you democrat or republican ? >> i'm traditionally a democrat but this year i'm just not sure who i will vote for the primary. >>2 weeks and voters are now narrowing down a candidate mac david says it is a sign of the times. >>they are so frustrated for what is been going on in washington. they blame both parties for poor government. >>it has been really messy and i think it will turn people off . >>there have been candidates that have tried to stand out from the pack. it has led them to be more
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>>negativity seems to be the culprit of the unhappiness. the recent punch thrown at donald trump student in fayetteville not necessarily hurting his numbers -- donald trump event in fayetteville, not necessarily hurting his numbers but is a part of the unhappiness. >>the talk that donald trump is infamous for makes other republicans nervous. >>while people take their time choosing their candidate, they say they will do so wisely. >>people are pretty well in good shape to vote. >>it will come down to who i feel is telling the truth. it is hard to determine that but i think it is going to come down to that>> one good side, there were record-breaking numbers for early voting in some
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this is pruning and improving voters are getting out no matter who they are voting for. the governor has come out strongly in favor of a bond but opponents question whether some of those projects could be paid with current tax revenues. >>a man is in jail after he broke into a home and barricaded himself inside for several hours. nate rodgers explains how officers were able to lure him out of the house. >> it was very frightening to note that this could have been our house instead of the neighbors.>> reporter: it is all clear after it armed suspect broke into 2 homes overnight. police identified the suspect as jerrell hester. police say around 1:30 am he entered a home on the 2800 block of next court. he was confronted by the owner. >>the suspect ran out of the
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homeowner called us. >>he soon barricaded himself inside a 2nd home. the owners were away. for nearly 8 hours traffic was closed. dozens of offices including emergency responders and crisis negotiators were brought in to assist. around 2:30 pm the suspect surrendered. >>we went up and purchased a pack of newport -- new ports and a turkey sandwich and he came out to get those. when he did we were able to take him into custody without injuring him or any of our people being injured. >>residence called the situation frightening. a say the area is quiet. >>we have kids in they were not understanding why they couldn't go out to play. >>it appears the suspect has mental and emotional challenges. they also say this is is for time barricading himself -- 4th
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inside a home. he is now charged with first- degree burglary, breaking and entering and possessing a firearm by a felon. his bond is set at $200,000. raleigh a man is recovering after a stabbing at a nightclub . it happened after 130. police say douglas hicks stabbed a 28-year-old man he is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. no word on the victims condition. police are investigating a crash that happened this afternoon. a car traveling east went off the road and flipped over. it all happened at around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. no word on injuries or the cause of the wreck. the man exonerated in the killing of a newspaper editor was found dead this morning. officers found the body of deryl hunt. no word on how he died. he spent 19 years in prison before dna evidence exonerated him back in 2004.
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today marks 10 years as the duke lacrosse case rocked the triangle. it all started when a woman claimed to 3 players raped her at an off-campus party. the case drew national attention. dna evidence exonerated the players and authorities declared that no rape had a clerk -- kurt. in 2007 the attorney general claimed the players in his it. we could learn president obama's pick for the supreme court in a day. coming up, we will take a look at the 3 people rumored to be
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the president could name is paid to the supreme court in a day. it could change the balance of the court. we will tell you about 3 rumored finalist. >> reporter: white house insiders the president could name a new supreme court nominee any day. that means his shortlist has from to a super shortlist. [ indiscernible- name ] is still a leading candidate according to nina totenberg. he will be the first-ever hindu and asian america on the court. he was confirmed unanimously in 2013 by the senate.
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chief justice of the dc senate he's a white man with 27 years on the fence. while he is running he has several things going against him. finally, paul [ indiscernible last name ] is only 48 years old which is considered a plus, but he had a contentious confirmation process with 34 senators voting against him in the end. he will be the 3rd ever black justice on the court. mister obama is set to meet with these candidates and a few other janet -- judges. the senate they say they will much -- not meet with much less confirmed any of his choices. widespread flooding has damage thousands of homes in louisiana and mississippi. tonight, the danger may not be over. rivers are small -- swollen and more bad weather in the forecast. more than 5000 homes have been
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have died in the flooding. some stormed -- storms move through this evening. before that there were a few showers. this is a gorgeous shot of a rainbow. check the shot out in moore county. it is just a beautiful shot. we did have to deal with some of those showers and storms. there are no severe thunderstorms warning now. the one i talked about at the top of the newscast, as soon as i got off the air it expired. that is good news. look at it we can. there is still frequent -- weaken there is still frequent lightning. this little so right here, is very interesting. it was as high as 40,000 feet. it seems to be lowering down to about 20,000 feet. there is still frequent lightning with it as it continues to move off.
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through. once he clears we will get a break. this area will produce more flooding where maggie was showing you some of those pictures. that will school to the north of us -- scooped through the north -- scoot to the north of us. temperatures right now are in the 60s. 61 s. hill virginia. that follows a high today is 77 degrees. it was 82 in fayetteville. another warm day. the streak of warm weather continues. hour by hour, a 40 percent chance of showers. maybe a thunder by midnight but nothing severe. when you get up for work or school tomorrow it will be mainly dry. and around 60 degrees. as we head into the afternoon hours we will pick up a couple of scattered showers.
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pictures, we're going to go with cloudy to partly sunny skies. in the afternoon the sun will warm us up and also make the atmosphere a little more unstable. so, what i am concerned about with our next weather maker is mainly monday evening. is an upper-level disturbance. it is mainly going to go to the north of us. the southern extension is coming our way and we could see if you storms monday. the severe threat is from 5 until 11 pm. this has been added, a slight risk to our west. the green area -- we are under the marginal still . damaging winds and maybe a little hail. we are not concerned about tornadoes but an isolated one or 2 storms could pop up. that is about this time tomorrow night into about midnight. when we look on the map, this
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we have a few showers at 6 pm. this is lying over the mountains and it will come through during the evening hours and that is when we will have the gusty thunderstorms. that will we can overnight. by the time you go to work or school on tuesday it should be drive. election day will be dry or warm. look at that, mostly sunny skies. it will be warmer on wednesday. we will see temperatures in the low 80s for everyone. we will get a front eventually making its way to us and that will coolest down. look for an afternoon sour -- shower ending evening sandhill storm. the coastal plain, late in the day into the evening hours, you will see a couple showers and storms.
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a little bit to the right. we could see a shower in the afternoon but it looks more likely in the evening hours. tuesday looks sunny for election day. check this out on wednesday, a bad case of spring fever, up into the 80 spirit we will have a front coming our way -- . we will have a front coming our way. look at the high for saturday, 59. for sunday, the official first day of spring, the sun is directly over the equator is the infernal equinox. 12 hours of daylight for everyone around the world. for us it will be a little chilly, 61 degrees with rain showers. we might have to up that percentage as we get closer because it is looking more likely for sunday. look for showers and storms tomorrow evening. if you hear
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be severe but we will have a few more showers before things quiet out before work or school. here's todd gibson with a look at what is coming up in sports. north carolina will be playing from his own bed.
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winning the regular-season. as expected, north carolina receives in number one seed in we will get home cooking when the tournament kicks off this week. who they will play is yet to be determined. the winner of the next contest will make the trip to raleigh where the tar heels will await. tipoff is set for 720 0 on tbs. if they win that game, remember a number one seed has never
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face the 8 versus 9th winner. having won the acc regular- season they blasted their way through the field in dc at the tournament. saturday night, 61 - 57 win or virginia who also learned -- 1a number one seed was impressive. now, the biggest prize of all await.>> coach said you build your momentum once you get into the tournament. he has talked about each tournament individually. we have played well for the 5 years we have been in this tournament but we haven't a been able to finish it off. >> how will dukes confidence be heading into the tournament? probably still high but fatigue is most likely the biggest worry. they are the 4th seat in the west and will head to providence rhode island a
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wilmington. they will tip off at 1215 right here in cbs north carolina. the seahawks won the colonial athletic title and will carry a record into this backyard battle. the winner will face the 5 versus 12 game baylor. duke had it -- let a 60 point 2nd lead slip away and fell to notre dame. a bitter loss for the devils who were hoping for a rematch. duke must regroup, rest up and get healthy heading into march madness. finally let's finish up with racing. lay in the race, casey blows a tire with 6 laps to go. that means we're going to have issued out on the final laps kevin dominated the race at that point. but the 4 car in the 19 car were brought together. the 2 bump and grind on the final lap here it was a photo finish.
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get the win by 4 inches. this is what we will all be looking at this week, the brackets. >> you don't even have a filled out. >>we were all going to look at your bracket. >> i need to do some research. how about the forecast? >> we have a few showers but we have 40 percent chances for tomorrow evening. drivetime and the evening hours could have some gusty times. for election day, the weather will be great with a chance for shower on thursday. it will finally be chillier once we start spring.
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