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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  March 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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trump the big winners in last night's primary and digging into the results, we've discovered that where they live played a role in their selections. our political reporter is in the studio to break it down. reporter: the break down is in terms of geography it's crystal clear. some analysts tell us what we're seeing in north carolina is reflective of what we're seeing across the country. >> we're going to win, win, win, and we're not stopping. >> if we win in november, i know our future will be brighter. reporter: the winners have spoken and the candidates are moving on, but what can we learn about the way north carolina voted in the primary. >> the support for trump was across the state. reporter: this map shows how. among gop voters, the northern counties favored trump, but the triangle area went for cruz. until you reach lee who shifted back to trump.
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you would expect doing better in rural or small town counties as posed to the urban county. that kind of draws more cruz supporters. reporter: with democratic voters, the results are more consist intent -- in our area for clinton with only orange counties going slight three sanders. >> i thought the young people would show up and window win more. reporter: secretary clinton did very well. she's done very well. there's a established pattern of her doing well in the south. reporter: on a matchup between clinton and trump in the general election nc state political science professor tells us. >> north carolina needs to be won by a republican candidate if they want to be in the white house. reporter: in north carolina, trump took a little more than 40% of his party's votes. clinton, nearly had 55% of hers. north carolina is not a winner take allstate, so the delegates
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in last's -- it was a showdown between the political figures for governor in north carolina. we're talking en couple pant verses attorney general roy keep. both won big last. reporter: we will look at this run coming up at 6:00. then there were three. florida senator marco rubio suspend suspended his election. that leaves three in the running. at this point, it's not known if rubio will endorse any of the candidates. also, relearn today that a fox news scheduled debate is canceled since trump does not want to participate. meantime, while trump may be leading the race, the other two are trying to stop him from clinging the nomination before the convention. >> and them get to cleveland and then have icon venges fight. no one that strategy, he's got somebody in front of him which is touchdown cruz. >> the race rolls are rolls on
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democratic candidates. sanders remains on the campaign trail. clinton says she won't ask him to drop out. house speaker paul ryan says he will not accept the gop nomination for president. political reports former speaker john boehner made the suggestion during a conference in florida. he pointed out anyone can be nominated. ryan says the nominee should be should not who ran for office this year. president obama announced his choice for supreme court nominee. merrick garland. he'll be at the center of a battle between the white house and senate republicans to fill the vacancy. dc bureau reporter introduces you go to -- us to garland the man at the center of the fight. >> today i am nominated merrick gore land to join the supreme court. reporter: president obama announced his supreme court
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>> this is the greatest horn of my life -- honor of my life. reporter: he is the 63-year- old chief judge of the dc circuit court of appeals. he's a moderate that's been on the bench for 20 years and came to prominence while prosecuting the oklahoma city bombing case. >> fidelity to the constitution and the law has been the cornerstone of my professional life. reporter: now that the nomination is official, the standard procedure needs to happen across the street with republicans and democrats in the senate. the gop said it's not playing ball. they're not going to even meet him. >> lets let the american people decide. reporter: he's doing my job. the judge will begin walkingle halls of the senate on thursday trying to get traction for his nomination. a sign president beam is --
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there's a twitter account devoted to it. scotus nod is verified. it popped up one man after he announced a nominee. new information in raleigh. wilson says three men came into his home and tried to rob and he his girlfriend at gunshot. during the altercation, he was shot. we have learned that police conducted a search of the property and found a bullet shrug. still in arrests in the case. a traffic alert in downtown raleigh. the intersection of martin is closed due to an underground electrical incident. this is near the justice center. there is construction going non that area. i'm not sure if that's what caused the electrical issue. school bus drivers are keeping an eye on their foal owe drivers. drivers across the state took part in a one-day count today. each driver was asked to record how many times they were illegally passed by another driver. keeping kids safe while getting on and off the school bus is
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thai takes severe i couldn't see lee -- takes seriously. we raise awareness about the problem. last year's count revealed 3,000 drivers passed stopped school buss in our state. as a reminder, when you're on the road, brake for buses. you can help us spread awareness by using the hashtag break for buses on social media. a bike ride would be the perfect activity. >> for sure. soon you'll be able to rent one. the city of raul see moving forward with this bike share program. cbs north carolina shows us what it might like like and why they're excited to see it start. >> and a half indicating -- navigating downtown say lot easier by bible it's faster. reporter: ger add is part owner of oklahoma city cycling project in downtown raleigh. he's excited to see a bike share program because it will bring more awareness to those already riding on the road. >> i think it's good that the city's recognizing that cycling is a viable form of
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reporter: a bike share program is on raleigh's to do list for the plan. city leaders took action after securing a $2 million federal grant to get the program up and running. it's the second city in the state to do so behind charlotte. care inwith wake up wake county says it will be an attraction for residents and visitors. >> we're seeing more and more tourists and bike share is popular in cities who attract tourists. it's going to be good for the economy and jobs. it's going to be good for business and it's good for our health. reporter: the city will have to pay $425,000 to get bikes in locations to run the program every year, the estimated cost is more than $650,000. but with money made through rentals and help from sponsorship, they hope it will be healthy for all. >> it's beautiful weather. why be in a little steel box driving around when you can be on a bike?
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years to immaterial plement the program. some are optimistic it could happen southeastern. either way, if you're going to drive around, you should be prepared to share the road some shared bicycles. >> it will be free for the first 30 minutes of use. it will cost $4 for every half hour after that you'll be ale to buy a year membership for $840, tourists in the bull city are getting a state of the art welcome thanks to new technology. today the visitors center unveiled $600,000 in upgrades. the visitors center is located in a revamped becoming on west main street. the technology is designed to help people stay connected. the convention and visitors bureau wants to create a state of the art space for the growing tourism industry. it had more than 9 million visitors in 2014 and they expect that number to grow. >> we wanted them to have really kind of an inspiring
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expect their stay and make sure that visitors have the information that they need to have a great visit. >> the visitors bureau says their center includes phone charging stations and umbrellas for people who stop in for information. speaking of durham, the website highlighted the city. we're talking about how north carolina is one of the best southern states. north carolina ranked fourth on the list. they named durham because of its tech industry, art scene and for having as many of us know great places to eat and drink the louisiana topped the list and so did kentucky and arkansas. it's march madness and we are ready all the way to rhode island. right, david? a house divide. her son is the leading scorer fore unc but a duke supporter a little cooler in providence
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but did he tell -- get your winter coats because we will die down. i'll tell you how chilly it's going to get. free wi-fi helps you save on your data plan, but later we'll look at its dangerous down side. as we go to break, lets sigh how things are looking on
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traffic is moving just f more local news, police are looking for david souls for a monday morning shooting that left a man dead and another injured. he got into an argument with two men before i started -- he started shooting. a 66-year-old died. still no arrests in a homicide. police need your help. they tell cbs north carolina someone shot a man on seymour drive.
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multiple times. he died after paramedics rushed him to wane memorial hospital. if you have information, call crime oppers at 919-735-2255. the state's efforts to listen to people concerned about coal ash continues tonight. they started a listening tour after a duke energy plant spilled in the river. enforcement he's meeting is at the government building at 6:00. we're following duke and unc as the two teams trying to win the ncaa tournament. >> duke is in providence and carolina is playing here for the first round. today fans got to see them practice for free. >> cbs sports reporter todd gibson was there. how excited are the fans? reporter: they are very excited. march madness is a beautiful thing. practice die day is a good -- day is a good day. it's for the fans. unc fans turned in and out full force today.
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playing hook free work today. that's a good thing. being placed in the regional was a great thing. a chance to sleep in their own beds, save money especially after spending a lot in dc at the acc tournament. just how big is the ncaa tournament to fans? very big. >> march madness has to be the greatest time in all sports especially around here in these parts. i'm not tar heel born, but i'm tar heel bred. it's a great time, excitement is great. i came here as a kid. the teacher would bring tvs to school. >> growing up in high here, i've never heard about that they told me that they would watch the tournaments in school. i find that crazy. growing up in ohio, we didn't have that. good day for north carolina. beautiful outside, sunny. they just wrapped up practice. they'll be playing at 7:20 tomorrow. looking forward to it. >> looks like seven decked out
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now, lets head north to where duke is prepared to take on ancw. david joins us. you found fans who made the 11- hour car ride up there. reporter: tracy made the trip up here. her son is the leading scorer for unc wimping ton. she's a die hard duke fan making it tougher to cheer for her son's team. growing up a duke fan, she was torn had she found out her son's team was going up against her team. >> when the selection came out sunday, i said, oh, my god. it's the first time i won't be able to root for duke. reporter: it's led to trash talk leading up to the game. >> poking fun at her, talking about all the things like that. she supports uncw first and duke second, but it's definitely going to be fun. reporter: family ties to the acc are also strong. he grew up in chapel chill is has been an nc state fan. >> my high school coach has
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we hate duke and i have friends from the durham area telling me duke, watch out for them. you just try black it -- block it all out. reporter: as for tracy, school she'll be able to handle it because the pride she feels for her son always ought weighs how duck does on the court. >> it is amazing, never thought this day would come. so happy it's here and it's just phenomenal. reporter: they'll be looking to build on last year's successful tournament run. but they've also had a couple early round losses in previous years. we talked to them this afternoon about how they'll be working towards another deep run rather than an early exit. that story coming up at 6:00. north carolina news. >> we'll check with you then. cbs north carolina is your home for several of the march madness games because it begins tomorrow. your daytime shows, such as young and restless will not air. my carolina talk will be off thursday and friday.
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absolutely george us. >> don't want to be inside watching anything really. >> look at these people we saw today. >> i don't know if i'm ready for this because the water might be cold. >> mom is taking the kids out and that guy working on his tan. >> is that you in. >> i think that was him. >> let me tell you something, temperatures were in the 840s in the air, but that water temperature, 59 degrees. that is way too cold for the likes of me, but kids are immune to that whether it's at the ocean or the lakes here. so we made in to 86 today in raleigh. 87 in fayetteville. record tying heat. congratulations. we just lived through that and better to have now than in july when the records are like 106. right? so from here though, we start to dive. we have a series of cold fronts and we've got rain and we've got overnight lows in the 30s all coming on the 7 day. today, we're waiting on the cold front to come through. it's a weak cold front and you
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any clouds and no rain with it. it looks like the showers are going to stay up in virginia have so temperatures continue to stay in the 840s right now. it's 83 in henderson, 86 over in chatham county. these numbers very close to the daytime highs. but as we go into tonight that, front's going to move through later tonight after the e n goes down and it will feel a little bit different tomorrow morning and throughout the day tomorrow morning. but still 74 at 8:00. 69 at 10:00. we're going to keep tonight dry with a few clouds. we fall through the low 60s overnight and you're out the door tomorrow morning 51 degrees. this morning it was 57. so a little bit cooler both in the morning and during the daytime. so high pressure about ready to leave us warm southerly winds about ready to leave as this cold front that is just to our west will move through in the next few hours and it will be cooler tomorrow, but still well above normal for this time of year.
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tomorrow, we've got a little bit of weak high pressure building in, meaning more sunshine. going to be breezy with temperatures in the 70s. then another dry cold front comes through an friday dropping our temperatures and stirring up the wind more. still a decent day considering it's the middle of march. i don't know if i can describe this weekend's weather as decent though. an area of low pressure will come up from the gulf coast and hang off our coastline bringing us good chances of rain, higher chances of rain now both saturday and sunday, but it still looks like a second half of saturday, first half of sunday rain event, meaning dry weather early saturday and late sunday and dry weight all day tomorrow as we drop drop from the 80s to the mid-70s in the triangle. your 7-day forecast takes us from that 75 tomorrow down to 69 friday, 58 now for a high on saturday.
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in the last 24 hours and look what we got on the first day of spring. 52 for a high monday morning when you leave for work and school, it will be 38 degrees. that's about half what we were today. so from 86 to 47 by tuesday morning. that will be our coldest temperatures and we'll warm up near 70 by next wednesday. >> what aidance back. right? >> 37. do you know what your body is going to be thinking on tuesday morning? >> if you're not sick now, prepare yourself.
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free wi-fi, they're in tonight's consumer watch, free wi-fi can be found from coffee shops to shopping malls, but it can pose a security threat. it can be an inconvenience, but city lauders worked to install hotspots taking advantage of outdated pay phones. the biggest issue is security. >> we're a public network. everybody has to have their own inscription key. they're individually encrypted. it makes for a secure network. >> meaning i have time you go online, it issues a digital key only your device can use. you should never use public wi- fi for anything that involves personal information, credit cards, or banking. instagram is getting
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the photoy sharing social media app is set to test a new algorithm that will sort -- that means the topics you search for most and are relevant will show up first. pope france sis active on twitter and he's about to make hi instagram debut. the two talked about the power of images being able to bring people to his first post to instagram is expected to happen this saturday ahead of psalm sunday. the fear of the zika virus
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it the answer may be in your this is i-5 40 it looks like a little bit of traffic
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there, but everything else is moving okay. if you spend your mornings or evenings stuck in traffic, the app waze may be able to help you it has a future that will help you search or reach your destination on time by telling when you to leave. you can integrate ways with your facebook events from help you with directions. with the zika virus a global emergency, researchers are testing something found in your dealership deep from spreading. zika is carried by mosquitoes. the main ingredient for this pesticide that's being tested is oil from lemon grass leaves. scientists mix the oil with sugar, yeast, and heat to actually create a microscopic doughnut irrelevant resistable to the larvae. so far the results are impressive. they eat the particles, digest them and died. >> 100% -- 100% kill rate.
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respiratory systems killing them in three to five days. the oil is safe for people as well as the environment you unlike pesticides used to kill them in brazil. they hope to test the donuts in breeding pools in south america later this year. an toaster stop labeling of genetically modified food that's stalled. they fell short of the votes needed to move forward. the measure would bar states from requiring food labeling. industry argues their products are safe and the labels would be costly. the outer banks isn't just a beach destination. it's a place of history. at 5:30678 the steps taken to protect the coastline from ship wrecks. people said yes to spending $35 million for parks and recreation. cbs north carolina nate rogers shows us what it will be spent on and when. north carolina news at 5:30 starts now.
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trying to identifying out this man. his body was found around 2:00 this morning at an apartment complex on hardy road. cbs north carolina reports. reporter: police were called to this apartment complex behind me off hardy road and durham around 2:00 this morning after a reported shooting. when police arrived, they found 23-year-old symoud lewis dead. investigators spent several hours out here collecting evidence from the complex and this car. at this point, durham police have not said what the motive is, but for people who live nearby, it's not something they want happening in their neighborhood. >> it is depressing. it's just like another one? i mean, for me to wake up like this and take my kids could school, to see this, it's a conversation that we're going to have to have when they get home. it's just -- i don't understand it. reporter: police say they have
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point and they're urging you to call the durham police department or you can always call crime stoppers anonymously. wbc north carolina. we have been tracking the numbers of shootings in the city of durham within the month of march. john burton on ridgeway avenue and 14-year-old -- a 14-year- old was shot, followed by marcus holly on taylor street and then another on fidelity. north carolina prosecutors will seek the death penalty against an isis sympathizer for killing his neighbor. he shot and killed a 74-year- old man in 2014. clark's body was later found morganton. he is also charged with attempting to provide support
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he was planning to 1,000 americans at a concert. >> this is our son and plash backs of how he was and what could have been. >> he is being held without bond. he will go on trial in october. a man who spent 19 years in prison for a murder he did not commit appears to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the police found him dead inside hi car sunday near the wake forest campus. authorities say it appears to be a suicide, but they will continue the investigation. hunt was convicted in 1984 of killing a newspaper copy editor but dna evidence exonerated him in 2003. former mayor has pleaded guilty to voter fraud. this comes after authorities say he cast an absentee ballot as a convicted felon. jail. it will run concurrent with a 44-month sentence he is serving undercover agents.
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as -- was passed by voters and it will be used for a variety of infrastructure and facility improvements. state parks are among the areas that will see improvements. park rangers say they will see campsite renovations and this bond had bipartisan support and the next step is making decisions of how and when to spend it. >> we've decided where to spend it and what to spend on, but i want to make sure they're making the best long-term decisions which they didn't do in the '640s on many of our buildings -- '640s on many of our buildings. >> we have to get the type of support you heard the governor talk about for our educational system and parks. these are things that if we don't spend money on them now, we're going regret. >> depending on the project, it may be a year before we see them. voters gave the go ahead for a parks and recreation project.
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for supporters of the bond. nate rogers breaks down the plan. >> it's the right thing to do. reporter: the referendum passed 59-41%. that's 21,000 residents supporting the multi-million dollar projects. we did not have any recreation, enough recreation for our young people to participate in. >> the $35 million program will fund various projects, including a downtown riverfront, two skateboard parks and 7 splash pads. >> certainly these bonds represent us catching up with our other communities that we have to compete every day for business and industry for. reporter: approximately $9 million is slated for multi purpose sports complex here along i95 and field road. it would include youth and adult baseball and softball fields, socker and football fields, picnic shelters, barbecue areas and a walking trail. >> i do know we pay taxes a lot
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reporter: property taxes will increase this coming july, a home valued add $75,000 will may $10 more a year. homes valued near $200,000 will see a $27 increase in annual taxes. >> sometimes you have to pay for what you want. everything's not free. reporter: some seniors and other retirees opposed the project, but the bulk of the funds, $10 million will go to full-service senior pass it glitz it's an attraction for a community. i think it's important, and i think it will add to the beauty of the community. >> that was nate rogers rother. the city will begin looking for courters to lock down locations and explore the design stage. the mayor says they hope to break ground on the project's first phase within the next year. filing open for candidates seeking the u.s. house in the june primary back in january, the general assembly established a filing period. after a federal court ruled voting lines were
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lawmakers have put new districts in place. there will be no runoffs in the june primary. it's a front part of world war ii history on the north carolina coast. during the war, german boats sank many merchant ships. there's an toaster build a sanctuary to remember the battle of the atlanta. reporter: when you think about world war ii. star off places probably pop into your head first. noah is on a mission to change that. >> i that's a forgotten piece of our history. it's very significant. reporter: archaeologist is talking about the battle of the atlanta as well as other ship wrecks off the coast of the outer banks. he wants to expand a marine sanctuary to bring federal protection and more attention to those waters. >> if you go and you talk to school kids, they've herd of the alamo and gettysburg, but they haven't heard of this. >> more -- reporter: more than 1600 people lost their lives here in a 6-month period during the war.
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states, this is it. this is where it came the closest to our shores and we have an opportunity to understand and respect that like we haven't in the past. reporter: i spoke with chairman bob woodard of the board of commissioners will that proposal. >> we certainly have the utmost respect for the service and sacrifice of all of our military personnel. reporter: but the board is still opposed to the sank rare are wary because of fears it could affect industries like commercial fishing and diving. the proposal clearly states it could keep waters open to all activity accept removing artifacts from the wrecks. but woodard doesn't trust that. >> the county has witnessed, we've witnessed it firsthand how promises made by other well intended federal superintendents have later been set aside but those who follow after they have retired or reassigned. >> those wrecks are impressive. it will take a year before he
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the proposal. coming up this weekend, the aspca is holding an adoption event for hundreds of animals rescued from a animal shelter. it takes place friday through sunday right across from the national guard armory in sanford. look at the pictures of some of the animals currently up for adoption. back in january, deputies rescued 700 animals from the heyen and took them to a temporary shelter where they have been receiving medical care. we have a gallery of the pets up for adoption right now. look at our website, >> i can't look. >> i've been going through them and they are so cute and nice to see how much they have improved since we last saw them when it first happened. >> i can't wait for them to get their forever homes. word of warning for those who post too much information on facebook. >> why the simple act of cutting through a parking lot has a colorado man in trouble.
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with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't the spring home event is happening now.
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covering the carolinas, a grand jury has indicted a former police officer on sex crimes. braxton is charged with 6 counts of statutory rape. the sbi says the incidents involved a 13-year-old girl. it happened in 2012 and 2013. a judge lowered his bond to $250,000.
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this after a school bus driver reported possible exposure to carbon monoxide. students reported feeling sick. crews tested to buss and found no hazardous gas inside. the school system says it's investigating the incident. a warning for those planning to drink alcohol thursday, today the law enforcement agencies across north carolina kicked off -- kicked off their booze it, lose it campaign. through sunday, officers are crack down on drunk drivers. 11 people died last year during the holiday. four of the crashes involved alcohol. a university of virginia student will spend the next 15 years in a north korean prison. he tried to steal a banner as a souvenir. he was paraded through the highest court today. police arrested the 21-year-old back in january. today was the first we've seen of him since his tear-filled apology last month.
5:42 pm
government for your forgiveness. please, i have made the worst mistake of my life. >> former un embassador met with the dip mats yesterday to request his release. but said current tensions on the korean peninsula could hurt negotiations. the washington dc metro system will be closed through the night as officials conduct emergency inspections. the decision comes after a fire monday. crews spent the day going through tun tolls get a look at hundreds of electric cable $. the certain is a potential for erosion along cables which power the rail. just last year, one person died when cables generated hazardous smoke conditions. after monday's fire, officials are fearful of a repeat. >> the safety of the public in my -- and my employees is paramount. it happened twice in a year. i can't wait for the third time. >> 700,000 computers -- commuters use it every day making it the second largest in the nation. crews hope to reopen the lines
5:43 pm
hinges on what they find with today's inspections. a colorado man learned a lesson of what happened when you share too many things on facebook. he posted a video of himself cutting through a parking lot. he called it his shortcut sew didn't have to cross a major street. you uploaded this to a community page it got a lot of attention, so much so the local police gave him a ticket for reckless driving and running a stop sign. he plans to fight it. first lady obama delivered the keynote address at the southwest music festival awessen. >> because today there are 62 million young girls who are not in school around the world. adolescent girls who aren't getting an education because they are kept down. what i could do as a little girl, which is just try my best to control my own fate, i'm trying to carry that spirit over to the 62 million girls.
5:44 pm
the let girls learn initiative. it aims to bring education to girls in developing countries. the first lady joined missy elliot and diane warren for a conversation moderated by queen latifah. >> there's another reason to watch march madness. >> a local organization is helping to do that. reporter: each year more than half a million people die from various forms of cancer and this this country alone. from peed attic cancer to multiple my he will home a finding a cure for all cancer comes down to do the best research by the best doctors all year-round. the v foundation headquartered in car see vested in finding ways to get everyone involved in their mission to find a cure. the time of year college basketball fans live for march madness is finally here. triangle teams are no strangers to winning it all, but it's a special moment led by an extraordinary man and coach that clinched the 1983
5:45 pm
today his legacy leaves -- lives on through the v foundation and his quest to find a cure for cancer. the ceo says every day they work to raise money and it reaches closer and closer to the goal. >> there's a lot of what we're focusing on is this new cutting edge research in cancer that we see making huge differences in people's lives already. >> as fans in the triangle root for their favorite teams, you may be surprised to know there are cool way to -- ways to support it. >> this year 57 applebee's restaurants in the region are going to be allowing their customers to buy a basketball decal and put it up, contribute $1. great way to celebrate march madness by having a corona and really helping us raise money for the cancer research. >> so while you're out having fun cheering on your favorite team, the v foundation's ceo will be watching for any bracket busters.
5:46 pm
loud to say who they are, i am carefully dressing in non did he script colors. reporter: the money raised been hart of the millions awarded to 120 facilities for cancer resear and not other programs. the v foundation awards 100% of its cash donations. that's more than $150 million since its inception. >> we are just so blessed by the amount of support is that they get, the donations, the way people help us to raise and spend funds. reporter: after march madness is a wrap, hit the pavement and get to training. this year's marathon and half marathon will benefit the v foundation. the event is april 10th. a great a two get in shape and help us get closer to erasing cancer. >> you can watch them every morning starting at 4:30 on cbs north carolina. speaking of march madness,
5:47 pm
four pick from the white house. this year he's picking kansas to go all the way in a squeaker over unc. his final four -- this is the third time he's picked kansas to win. he says they owe him. the only time he's been right on a champion is when he picked the tar heels his first year in office back in 2009. >> we chaired that in -- shared that in 2009. >> some of vis our brackets done. >> i still haven't finished mine. >> did i mine an hour ago. we've got four teams making it to the -- >> the tar heel state well represented. the tournament kicks off to did i a snapshot of what each of the teams is going to be experiencing. did i a lot of research for the tar heels. they're playing in raleigh, north carolina. going to be cooler there tomorrow than their record high of 86. did you know we hit a record today?
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unc asheville made the tournament this year. they're playing in brooklyn. they play friday. going to be cool in the 50s there with a little bit of rain. of course our own david hurts is up in providence where the blue did he have skills seahawks are playing to a little bit of rain and a thunderstorm there with temperatures in the 640s. so i think the tar heels and the triangle have the best weather for the teams playing. remember the wolfpack, they had snow with their game either last year or the year before. so everyone's doing better than what the pack had in snow. we don't have any snow right now. we don't have any rain. just a few clouds as we wait on a cold front to come through tonight. i think a couple showers might pop up in virginia, but mostly dry here in central north carolina. mostly dry and really warm, 85 right now off our record high of 86. 87 down in fayetteville. that was record tying as well. cooler weather back up into the mountains. of course our cold front is
5:49 pm
so it will be a warm night. we'll drop down to 74 at 8:00. the front comes through as we get closer to midnight. and then by tomorrow morning, a little cooler than today. we'll start off around 51 degrees on thursday morning. so there's our cold front. it will come through, but it's one of several cold fronts that's going to help send our temperatures down into the 30s by monday and tuesday morning. can you believe that? we're going to go from close to 90 to the 30s over the next five days. so here's what we've got tomorrow. cold front number one will come through. we have another cold front on our doorstep by high pressure -- but high pressure in between. it will be a gorgeous day outside. it's cooler, yes, but when you cool from the 840s, you're still warm in the 70s. but that second cold front will stir up more wind on friday. it will come through dry and drop our temperatures even more and that's what's going to send our highs to the 60s and 50s this weekend. but the weekend isn't just all about cooler temperatures. it's also about rain.
5:50 pm
move up from the gulf coast and it will bring us better chances of rain now. they have gone up in the past 24 hours, but it's still looking like a second half of saturday, first half of sunday rain event, meaning while have some bookends with dry weather saturday and sunday. more than in a second. for tomorrow, the tournament kicks. it's st. patrick's day. 76 degrees -- 74 degrees up in durham and we'll go from 75 here in raleigh down to 69 friday. 58 on saturday. we've upped the rain chances. it will be a chilly start saturday morning. we jump up to 54 by lunchtime but the rain holding off until late in the day and, again, it will be a shock to our system because highs will only be in the 50s and that's warm compared to the high of 52 on sunday and then there are your 30s both monday and tuesday morning.
5:51 pm
so quite a roller coaster ride. our 3 degree guarantee high is 75. today record tying at 86. we had forecast 84. another $100 bringing the monthly total to $1400 for the assistance league of the triangle. one of the many things they do for our community, a need based scholarship program. this time kids finding out where they are going to college. last year, they gave 30 students more than $100,000. so that money we're raising is going to help out need based grid that's fantastic. >> love that.
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5:54 pm
putting off work for th here's a look at what you can find first on a matthews man is facing federal charges after reportedly calling and threatening to kill a u.s. senator from connecticut. court documents show 62-year- old dodge called the office of senator richard bloom en that will saying if he raises taxes, dodge would shoot him. a man accused of trying to bury a body has been charged with his uncle's death. last week, two people were caught by deputies trying to bury a body. since, investigators have said they also killed the man. the man accused says it was self defense. be careful if you call this sick or get caught filling out that bracket during march madness. employers are on to you. >> that's not work-related,
5:55 pm
>> at least for us here, we're lucky. >> cbs north carolina morning anchor reduce bowen has the amount of money companies lose. reporter: think about the fact that we have four north carolina teams in the ncaa tournament. that means there is a lot of interest from the coast to the mountains. of course right here in between. now, the american gaming association estimates that $9.2 billion will be waged on march madness this year. all that time filling out brackets or online following your team means around $4 billion in lost productivity. that's an astounding number. 50 million americans participate in office pools. >> we're going to be watching and have eyes sneaking into their phones to check the score. reporter: maybe you can score brownie points and use your lunch break to fill out that bracket going around the office.
5:56 pm
i have seen a lot of kansas and unc picks around our office. guys. >> i'm going to be spending my dinner break finishing my bracket with all the jobs. that's a plus of this. >> a lot of fun. >> stay with us, north carolina news at 6:00 is up next. >> we're going behind the scenes, what it takes to get the basketball games on air. we put one of our own through the army fitness test.
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
north carolina news at 6:00 starts now. justice will be served with jessica. i will not stop until it is. the mother of a woman killed in a double murder in johnston county speaks to cbs north carolina. new at 6:00, her plea for answers. plus an exclusive look at the army physical fitness test. how our own nate rogers fared. we get set to broadcast the tournament. the double murders stunned the community two people jessica and matt killed in a --
6:00 pm
the mother -- reporter: michelle says daughter jessica was mourned and her oldest -- more than her oldest child. >> it was my best friend. it was a senseless hang of --ability of have i lens hurting even more. reporter: the toughest thing she had to deal with was the unexpected death of her 6 month old granddaughter four years ago. we're at her memorial and now she says her daughter's death far exceeds that. >> i'm not going to let her. go i've been told get -- it. go i will not let it go. if it was their job, they would be the same way. reporter: michelle lost her home. she can ant forward gas money and pay for a funeral right now is out of the question. >> i need help to make sure she gets the proper barbecuial. >> it's $4200 to have her cremated.


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