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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  March 18, 2016 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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jim: kansas the overall number one seed. the other teams wouldn't surprise you. bill: nope, not at all. this shot clock sets up their defensive scheme. you can be a gambler inside. but they're solid. they don't just turn you into the big guys. groin they're going to -- grant: they're going to have to guard the inside line and not get seduced by yogi ferrell. interesting what he does to slow down that attack. jim: the u.s.c. score is 69-68. that's over on tbs and the final 11 seconds. that's over on tbs. thrower launches up top for the key. and goes back to kentucky for final seven seconds.
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steve pikiell, terrific run. so close last year with that three by high schooly against -- by huley against a ban in. jim: going to be an 85-57 final. nope, that's it. coach cal and kentucky have an opponent with indiana on saturday. let's bring back the rivalry. and it looks like providence just hit a shot with a second to go against u.s.c. to win it. kentucky rolls on here. providence did just win at the buzzer. i'm told.
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with that three. jim: and coach cal and kentucky -- by the way that's kentucky's 22nd all-time win in school history. 2200 for the cats. and let's send it over to you with trace y with the victorious wildcats. tracy: thanks a lot. first let me ask you, jamal, 1-9 but you came without 19 points. what did this guy say to you over in the locker room? >> he said just play. don't think too much that's what i did. i missed in the first half. but i got going in the second. tracy: i think you cleaned that up a little bit. how about his performance and the way he came out after the break? >> can we talk about the first step? his first ncaa tournament game
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he's a terrific player. he does crazy stuff. half. yeah, it was. right things. you know, the first half he playing. he's been efficient. he's been making the right plays. but we'll chalked it up to the first ncaa tournament game. tracy: let's talk about the second game and that's a matchup with indiana. now, it's here. your thoughts? >> tom crean should be coach of the year nationally. he loses his best player and they win their league like they did? they won on the road. they were unbeatable at home. thank goodness we're not playing them in their building. they pass the ball. they shoot the ball. , you know, we know how hard the game. is we're just happy we're playing another game. tracy: thanks a lot. good luck. >> thank you.
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isn't it guys? bill: yes, indeed. they're both defensive-minded. gotten better, indiana. jim: the tournament continues live now on tbs and trutv. coverage begins at noon eastern. for raf and grant, i'm jim. we'll send you to the studios
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see you saturday. greg: hello, everyone. welcome back to our studios here in new york. greg gumbel along with clark, kenny and charles. kentucky rolls on 85-57. the wildcats a force to be reckonned with. kenny: without question. you look at tyler ulis and jamal murray, those are two guys regardless if they're shooting well or not, they're steady. they won't turn the basketball over. they can pressure the basketball as well. you add in the blend of everything else. perfect blend. charles: i'm not sure if they can win the tournament. but the next game against indiana, must-see tv. probably two of the best in all of college basketball. cannot wait for saturday. greg: as you say, kentucky moves on to play indiana. meanwhile in east regional play,
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providence knocking off u.s.c. clark: a terrific game all day long and providence has the ballast and scores the game-winning shot. u.s.c. played great up until that last -- really last minute and half, they had a chance to close it out and couldn't. greg: they move on to play north carolina. and over on trutv, gonzaga is leading at halftime by a score of 35-25. a reminder, coming up after your late news, don't miss "the late show with stephen colbert" as he welcomes william h. macy and melissa rauch. show"." four games in the early block tomorrow. 16 games in all. that will do it for now.
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are you ready -- kenny: they're ready to go. charles: let's find out what we can do in new york city. kenny: you ever heard "fake it until you make it"? i'm tired. i'm not faking it. [laughter] greg: for all of us, including ernie johnson, thanks for join us, everybody. kevin durant: this is for the doubters, the naysayers... -the ones who said i can't. -(grunts) that no matter how hard i try...
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north carolina news at 11 pm starts now. now at 11 pm, it took strong second-half performances, but that heels and devils are marching on. good evening, i'm sharon tazewell. >> and i am sean maroney. we have a flight from raleigh forced to make a landing in new york. this is coming from our cbs
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>> we have learned that american islands -- airlines from laguardia had to land and was struck by lightning. passenger say it was a terrifying experience. he was -- it was bad. i thought we were hit by a missile. there was a flash of light and a big explosion. the plane dipped about 100 feet. it felt like i was on a roller coaster. and then i smelled smoke. for about five minutes. after five minutes, he said everything was fine.>> no one was on -- no one on the plane the plane took off from raleigh at about 6 pm. the blue devils got passed an early scare from unc- wilmington up in rhode island. >> here in raleigh, florida beat -- it starts with aj jana bell who found a special than
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kind of spring break in chapel hill.>> -- >> reporter: thursday, it look like there were more people looking for green beers on st. patty's day then basketball. probably none came as far as leslie. >> of a license plate this said go heels. it was available. people kept thinking that i was a podiatrist. >> reporter: she says that unc games are never showed where she lives. it is more than just a game. >> it is -- it brings back more memories.>> reporter: magnuson met up with her former college roommates. they said they have not all been back in pat -- back in town since 2009. >> it is good to be back with the girls and relive the glory days.>> reporter: even though the girls do not get together
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as much as they would like to, they tell me that this is their home. >> it is not just a means to an end. it is part of your life. >> reporter: and they will be celebrating just like they were back in college after a big unc when after the first round. this was a scene in durham this afternoon. duke students also on spring break. we saw several duke fans young and older at saturday's on main street. deke -- duke squeezed by a squad looking to make history.>> they report on the road as they prepare to take on a 12 seed yield team coming off of a huge upset.>> reporter: a sigh of relief for duke fans as they came out on top despite early struggles in the first half. this unc-wilmington team was tapping in with duke all the way and taking the lead along the way.
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came out strong in the second half.>> reporter: duke is moving on after a close, nailbiting game against unc- wilmington. >> in the second half, they came out strong and made a good wish. they got a few calls which is always nice but always -- but made it through.>> reporter: they overcame a hostile crowd and those who wanted to see duke go down. the duke player say it was a familiar environment.>> they did a good job of preparing us. being in those environments help us for this moment.>> reporter: unc-wilmington said they are proud of their team as they hung with one of the top teams in the country.>> it was a good game.>> reporter: they were excited about marshall plumlee who had a great game
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at halftime. >> he told us that he got his. he was going to be the beast of that we knew that he could. and he responded. >> reporter: as duke it's ready for the next round, fans are hopeful.>> all it takes is one win to get you going. once you get started, who knows.>> we might be number one again this year. what you think?>> reporter: they play yale for the next round. yale is coming off of a when over baylor. duke in yale played each other earlier in the year. they are hoping for a similar performance. reporting improvidence, david hirst. cbs. tony bennett collapse in the first half of today's game in raleigh due to dehydration. he was walked off of the court but later returned. here's what he had to say after the game. >> i do not think it was anything too serious. it was more embarrassing. but it is what it is. i am sure that i will get
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will have much more on the games coming up in sports. you can find all of the information about match -- march madness on our website. just look for the college basketball tap on the homepage. a beautiful night to be outside. celebrating st. patrick's day. and, of course, basketball. we saw people out on the street in fayetteville downtown. big changes are on the way. we have had 10 days in a row with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. that will come to a drastic halt as we head into the weekend and as spring officially begins on sunday. remember yesterday, record- tying heat of 86. by tuesday morning, we will be all the way down to 34 degrees. almost cutting the record high in half over the next couple of days. tomorrow, pretty decent weather. high pressure keeping us in control. look at the rain. it is to our north and to our south.
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tomorrow is friday and here is how your morning commute looks. we will keep it dry. generally sunny. once it comes up at 6:46 am. 47 degrees through 6 am and 7 am. 48 degrees at 8 am. and on the way to the low 50s by 9 am. drastic changes this weekend. we will talk about how wet this weekend is going to be and how chilly the days will be coming up in a few minutes. a new reaction tonight at 11 pm after deputies make an arrest in double -- in a double murder in johnson county.>> they have been covering the case since two people were killed last week. cbs amy cutler has more reaction and more on how the suspects knew the victims.>> reporter: it has been an incredibly difficult week for the families of matt jones and jessica pyatt. i spoke with both families this evening and they say that these two arrest bring them one step closer to getting justice for their love ones.>> she was a good person.
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reporter: blair stevens and the rest of the family are trying to come to terms with the loss. jessica was a mother of three and stephen still does not understand why anyone would want to hurt her. it was last thursday that authorities say they found the bodies inside the home on unity drive. the johnson county sheriff told us they had been shot to death. also inside, jones's two-year- old son.>> this week has been horrible. call her. she cannot come to stay with me anymore. she is just not there and it is not fair.>> reporter: gerald paul accused of murder. they -- the to charge live with her a few months ago. paul is artie being held at the time of his arrest accused of
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>> it is always worth -- worse when you think that you can trust somebody in it be the person that you love as a friend and trust and then they do something horrible to your kids.>> how can you do this to someone? what was your reasoning? we do not know why. >> reporter: the johnson county sheriff's office has been tightlipped about this case. they have not returned my calls for comment this evening or said what a possible motive in the case may be. in smithfield, cbs news. another man backline ragland is already in custody. police say the to killed reyes diaz and alan rodriguez's body -- bodies were found in a car off of glenwood avenue last week. new at 11 pm, fayetteville
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father and son killing the father turned himself in today. david solis is charged with secondary murder. it happened during an argument. souls posted bond and is out of jail tonight. a story that we've been following for more than one month now, more than 700 dogs rescued from the haven in hope county are now finally available for adoption. adoption begins tomorrow morning at a temporary shelter at 2215 nash st. 2215 nash st. doors will open at 10 am. potential adopters should bring a photo id, proof of address, and a pet transfer great. lg bt to message to government today. the ordinance allows us transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender for which they identify. republican state lawmakers say they plan to address this issue at the general. assembly. someone they ordinance to be overturn before it takes effect on april 1. that will require a special session with a price
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they called on lawmakers to not get involved.>> i am tired of being told that i cannot use the women's dressing room. i am sick of getting my food >> the general. assembly does need to act to are not passing these sorts of political statements .>> reporter: opponents to the dangerous situations and restrooms. supporters dispute that. the general. assembly is expected to come back on april 25. a young man from our state in trouble with the police because of this video that is been viewed more than 1 million times. the role social media played in this case in the charges that the young man is facing. alarming statistics say
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department whe one of the most familiar faces at raleigh-durham international is moving on. mindy hamlin's equivocation strecker there also known as the face of the airport for the past 15 years. she has been a huge help to us here. she started at a very tough time, a week after 9/11. employees shared stories. on a personal note, she is always see go to whenever media is needed at the airport. she has been a pleasure to work
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we wish her the very best. any concerns of people have interim. african-american men are more likely to get pulled over during the daytime when officers can better see the driver that they are stopping. they tried to work with a research firm to determine how extensive the issue is. michael hiland reports that they made it -- made improvements to try to address it.>> reporter: the power of the police under close scrutiny. >> were trying to be as transparent as possible in this process.>> reporter: trying to find out if there is bias and how the durham police department pulls people over.>> we from the beginning of wanted and honest answer to that question. >> reporter: they have look at the last six years of data stopped and looked at evening hours. comparing when it was light out to when it was dark. they found that during daylight hours, african-american men were 20% more likely to be stop.>> to those communities who have been vocal with these concerns, we have herger.
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but we did.>> reporter: by a this is happening, it is still unclear.>> they might not be watt -- they might not be aware that they are doing this. >> reporter: they notice the greatest disparity with the team that focuses on drug and gang violence. with african-american men stopped at nearly the same rate because it the -- because they of change some of the traffic -- tactics. >> we have been concentrating on areas, and we have tried to identify problem people.>> you can do good police work without there being evidence of bias. we have to find that balance.>> they also looked at raleigh, fayetteville, and they did not find evidence of racial bias.>>


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