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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  March 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we'll have right now an active scene in lee county as investigators try to determine what caused a deadly atv and deputy's car to collide, a live report just ahead. plus breaking overnight. >> like out of nowhere. >> passengers from raleigh safe on the ground but have a scary tale to tell. and march madness continues to local teams still dancing. what's next? good morning and thanks for watching. >> good morning to you. we're going to get you right over to storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont for the forecast. good morning. today will be another beautiful day and enjoy every minute of it because over the weekend i'm expecting cloudy
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rain but right now we are starting off rather cloudy. clearer skies certainly by the afternoon hours. your current temperatures we've seen those temperatures now drop here in raleigh we're at 53, durham 55 more 40s especially north of the triangle, 46 in south hill, 49 in hen der son and roanoke rapids and louisburg you're checking the at 48 degrees. here's a look at your forecast today 511 at 8 a.m. 56 at lunchtime and that's already warmer than where we should be for afternoon highs. 72 our high today but yesterday we hit 77. and speaking of dropping temperatures back into the upper 60s by 6 o'clock. now, we stay dry today. we are tracking the chance for rain head nothing the weekend. i'll have the details on the timing of the showers in your storm team forecast. right thousand i want to get to traffic. we do have an update for you. traffic is
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eastbound. this is i-440 and glenwood avenue this morning and as you can see not a lot going on in this direction. so if you are getting ready to head out the door buckle up. i was talking about that update i-40 eastbound is back open. there's still some slow moving traffic in that direction because the accident has been cleared and moved to the shoulder. drives time northbound into raleigh on u.s. 1 that's about a 16-minute drive also moving a bit slower on 401 this morning. more on traffic and weather in about ten minutes. breaking news out of sanford the highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash involving a lee county department and an atv. emma wright has been on scene for most of the morning. she joins us now live from lee county. emma, i know you're getting more and more details. what do you have now? >> highway patrol tells us this is what happened they say that
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routine checks here in lee county. they say he was outside the ward memorial church when he turned out of the driveway of the church and into the path of an atv. they say the atv wasn't exactly driving legally. he was riding the double yellow lines down the center of the road. they say the deputy and the atv collided head on here in the middle of the road by the ward memorial church out here in lee county. they say the driver of that atv his name is shelton mcclain was ejected from the atv, thrown into the ditch and has passed away. the deputy was taken to the hospital to be checked out, no word yet on how serious his injuries. the highway patrol is still out here investigating. they've got the road shut down. we will continue to be here and follow
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updates just as soon as we get them. >> thank you so much. well, you may remember these images from january hundreds and hundreds of animals were removed from a self described animal rescue. advocates have been work to go rehabilitate them for an adoption. the event kicks off today in sanford. the animals were rescued from a place called the haven which was a self described animal rescue but the aspca says instead of helping the animals they were hurting the nearly 1,000 animals on the property. two were arrested, the owners of the haven. they're facing several charges. the sheriffs office says they have gotten several complaints about them before they raided that property in january. >> cruelty is horrible regardless of the scale but to see it in this kind of numbers where it's nearly 700 animals,
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>> and the aspca says all the adoption fees have been waived. we'll hear the full details. >> it's today through sunday. all right moving onto the next story the faa is investigating after a flight from rdu had to make an emergency landing in new york city. justin quesinberry joins us from rdu with more of what happened. >> well, we're learning more about what led to that emergency landing. the american airlines flight was headed to laguardia when the plane hit turbulence and was struck by lighting. it was able to land safely. the pilot was diverted there because the airport has longer runways. >> it was a flash of light and a big explosion, the plane dipped
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it just felt like i was on a roller coaster. >> pretty terrifying i'm not going to lie sdwlfrnlts the plane was carrying 55 passengers and four peru members. all landed safely without any injuries. again the faa is investigating this. thank you. fayetteville police say the man who shot a father and son killing the father has turned himself in. 49-year old david soules is charged with second degree murder. police say it happened during an argument last monday. in fayetteville today veterans with health concerns may get some of their questions answered. veterans benefits administration employees will be available to help with filing claims and benefits issues. town hall meetings scheduled this afternoon at 4 o'clock. today's event is part of hundreds of meetings taking place all across the country. it's part of a broader plan to
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problems with the va system. and new this morning. officials concerned about the sharp spike in syphilis cases. it's at a 15-year high and more than doubled between 2001 and 2014. over 200 people were diagnosed with syphilis last year. officials say many of the cases involve teen males and adult men adding to the concern more than half of those with syphilis also have hiv, health advocates planning outreach efforts. duke university track faculty taking a step on unionizing. they're hoping to create a collective voice on campus. the durham city council showed their support for a union. coming up.
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just made history becoming the first openly gay player in the ncaa tournament. plus major changes on the way for sea world, what parts of their shows
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we're at 53 degrees temperatures continue to drop until the sunrises right around 7:21. we'll be at 51 degrees at 7 a.m. staying there at 8 o'clock and see the temperatures rise again. here's a live picture from shaw university no fog to start off our day. we are still looking at pretty cloudy skies and to see that i want to show you our satellite radar composite. the
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north ask west starting to see clearing skies that will build towards the rest of our area as we head throughout the morning. so let's talk temperatures quite chilly, 55 throw right now in durham, siler city you're at 53, while sanford you're getting ready to head out the door in the upper 40s as well. 51 at 8 a.m. 58 at 10 a.m. back into the mid-60s at lunchtime and this will be the 12th day in row of temperatures above normal. our high later 72. we drop back into the upper 60s for 6 o'clock and a quick look at your weekend ahead will show not only cooler temperatures but the chance for rain. the chance for rain increases towards saturday afternoon. i'll walk you through the changes coming up in just a little bit. well they made shamu a household name but now sea world
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animal rights activists. they will no longer breed its can't active orcas. they hold three at their parks. the company's entering into a $50 million partnership with the humane society. >> we're hoping to partner with them to help with animals in distress stranded whales, stranded dolphins. >> they'll still be on display at sea world parks but what the company calls new natural and inspiring orca he be counters. well there were quite a few upsets and bracket busters in the first day of march madness
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passengers on a flight from rdu now safe after a very scary moment. they landed safely on the ground in new york city
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air. a lightning strike reportedly struck the plane so it had to be diverted from law guard are i can't from jfk. a murder suspect is expected in a wade county courtroom this morning. detectives say ragland and a teenager shot and killed diaz and rodriguez. two people have been arrested for a double heard in johnston county. officials say paul junior and wilson were involved in last week's killings of matt jones and jessica pyatt. a texas church leader and high school english teacher face accusations of inviting teen able boys to their home for what's being described as sex parties, a 28-year old was arrested thursday. authorities believe he encouraged boys and
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and perform sexual acts and he performed some acts with the teens. 7 to 12 boys ranging in ages 15 to 17 may have been involved. one neighbor said he was shocked. >> i never seen boys running around the neighborhood or heard anything like that. >> police say the first incident was reported at a church and the church called child protective services. it was a good day for the triangle as march madness kicked off. both u it nc and duke advanced. the blue devils played a close game. a career day for plumley. in the later session unc handled florida. johnson and company say there is plenty of room for improvement. >> very disappointed. they shot 60% in the first half. we talked about how well we played
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played like that you can't help but be disappointed. >> we have one more north carolina team to go, the bull dogs play today they've got two seed villanova, duke and unc play saturday in the second round. >> yale caused a few shake ups for the brackets. well this morning the seton hall basketball team may be returning home. guard gordon became the first openly gay player to play in the tournament last night. >> reporter: four gordon it's always been what happens on the court that matter not off. >> it shouldn't an story as it is. >> so it's no wonder he's shrugging off the history on thursday night. >> he became the first openly
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before the game he was not seeking notoriety. >> i'm not out to prove anything. i know what i have to do. i know my skill level. so i mean, it's just going out there and doing what i know how to do. >> the 24-year old came out in 2014 after former nba player jason collins and nfl draft pick michael sam. he transferred this season and teammates say he quickly made an impact. >> he brings out emotion. he's -- he just picks up up when we're down. >> our guys accepted him right away. i mean, it's just -- it was such a non-factor for me. it was a non-factor for our guy. >> they fell in their game last night ending their season. afterwards gordon tweeted his appreciation for people who believed in him saying he was
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>> so will he go to the nba? that's yet to be determined, but wow what a brave guy to come out all his friends and the other players and you know what's considered a very macho sport. >> yeah, no word what he plans to do after graduation either. it will be very interesting to see if he continues to inspire folks. >> right. well, we're inspired by the sun but we better get uninspired and get out the rain jackets. >> yeah and the umbrellas. 53 right now here is a live picture from the raleigh durham international airport. we have another beautiful day on tap today and it all changes starting tomorrow. 49 right now in henderson, 46 in louisburg, we're at 52 in rocky mount. more of the mid and upper 50s as you look towards fayetteville, littleton and clinton this morning. here's what you need to know as you're planning your day 8 a.m. temperature
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jacket. expecting lots of sun glare, 66 at noon a high today of 72 degrees compare that to our normal high normal or this time of year is around 64 degrees. we drop back to 67 by 6 p.m. so still ideal for any plans you may have after work is done today. when we first started at 4:30 this morning these clouds really spread all across the state and the back edge of the clouds really moving into the area as we speak. we'll continue to see skies clear throughout the morning paving the way for a sunny afternoon for us. so we're going to breeze right through our future forecast today. things will start to change overnight tonight. you'll notice more clouds rolling in as soon as you wake up tomorrow morning. there will be a small chance for rain in the morning but chances going to pick up for us tomorrow afternoon. they're going to be scattered in nature. so if you have to do something outdoors tomorrow get it done first thing in the morning.
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74 in sanford and littleton, also 74 near dunn. 73 in wilson, 72 in rocky mount, 71 towards roanoke rapids. then here in the triangle 72 in raleigh and cary, 70 near durham. lows tonight going to be quite chilly turning cloudy 44 degrees our overnight low. now, i do want to take a minute and talk about the rain chances on saturday. look at this pretty dry at 6 a.m. slight chance for a shower at 9 a.m. we'll see the rain chances climb for 2, 3 o'clock, and then 6 o'clock best chance for rain tomorrow. rain chances begin to taper off for us on sunday. remember we welcome in the official start to the spring season with a high of 59 degrees. early next week it will feel more spring like 61 by tuesday. 70s rocking our forecast for wednesday and thursday. let's get straight to traffic. we've had an active morning but the good news is things starting clear up
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i-40 and nc 54 in cary looking pretty good this morning if you're driving around in this direction no slow downs to report. so let's go ahead and take a look at your live drive conditions. we have an accident in johnston county. it's on highway 70 near the intersection of 301. not looking like it's causing major delays. i-40 eastbound back open near the airport but we do have an accident near aired boulevard. certainly stay alert if you're driving in that direction. if you're upgrading your phone soon you may not know what you can do with your old one, we'll tell you how to get some cash back.
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if you are in the market for a new phone it may be tempting to sell your old model. make sure you're selling at the right time. the resale market gets flooded with old models as soon as the new iphone is announced. remember to shop around. there are many site that is can give you quotes on the valve your phone and of course the better condition the higher the price. and americans spent a record $60 billion on their pets last year. driving that increase was a 12% rise in spending on grooming and board and training. baby boomers help lead that surge. soccer's governing body losing money.
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from the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning. soccer's governing body reported a loss of $122 million after a year rocked by a corruption scandal. the income for 2015 was 1.15 billion. included in those was nearly $28 million in executive pay and 61 million in legal costs. there are two brands of tune in a recalls to tell you about this morning. bumblebee is recalling canned light tune knee. the specific cans were produced in 2016 and triunion seafood is recalling chicken of the sea brand tuna because it might be overcooked. >> and there's one new app that's making sure you never
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late because you're stuck in traffic. >> the road navigating app ways has a new future. you enter the time and day you need to be somewhere it will tell you when it's best to leave and the best routes to take and you can sync your calendars. coming up new research shows troubling statistics about traffic stops in durham how the chief of police says they're work to go correct things.
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hold for good morning and thanks for watching. i know if feels early to a lot of people but if you're getting up early you don't have to tomorrow because it's friday. >> that's right and tomorrow is saturday. a lot happening this morning. in fact, we continue to track breaking news in lee
6:30 am
patrol car collided in a deadly crash. we've got a live report coming up. first to alyssa corfont for the forecast. >> good morning. we're tracking cloudy skies right now. we'll see more sunshine throughout the day and then the clouds build back in for the weekend ahead. so enjoy today it will be our last one before some cloudy skies saturday. those clouds slowly drifting off to our south and east. now, as far as the temperatures concerned 53 in raleigh, 55 in durham, 51 in roxboro, 50 in henderson then louisburg mid-40s, around south hill and rocky mount checking in at 52 degrees. today cooler temperatures out the door at 51 degrees. take that light jacket with you. mix of sun and clouds at noon 56. we're not as warm as we were yesterday but still warmer than normal for the 12th day in a row. 72 degrees our high.
6:31 am
partly cloudy at 6 o'clock this evening. right now i want to switch gears the crash happened and emma
6:32 am
been there all morning long. what else is new with this one? >> i just talked with highway patrol about a half hour ago and they say this is what they know happened so far, a lee county sheriffs deputy say he was doing routine checks here in this area, they say he was checking out the ward memorial church when he went to turnout of the driveway. they say he crashed head on into an atv. they say the atv was driven by a 32-year old from sanford. they say it was kind of hugging the double yellow line so they ended up crashing head on. they say the deputy car went on one side of the road and then that atv went on the other side. she say the driver of the atv was thrown from the atv. unfortunately he has passed away from his injuries. the deputy was taken to the hospital to be checked out. highway patrol says this is still an active investigation. they say they've
6:33 am
to be checked out to be investigated especially the headlights. they say they want to make sure they were working so they know exactly how this accident happened. they say this is is still under investigation and hope to release more information as they get it. >> thank you. also breaking overnight in houston texas police shot and killed two suspected robbers and injured two others outside a furniture store. five people were robbing that store last night when the suspects pointed their weapons at officers and there was a gun battle. two suspects were arrested. no officers were hurt though. police still investigating the shooting. and breaking news overnight from korea. >> that's right south korea says north korea has fired a missile into the sea. the joint chiefs of staff says it went 500 miles before crashing off the coast. the launch comes after north
6:34 am
nuclear war head and missiles capable of carrying war heads. today a murder suspect is expected in a courtroom. ragland. police found the two's bodies last weekend. the teenage suspect is still on the run. he's considered armed and dangerous call police if you know where he is. and a week after man and women were found dead in a home in johnston county authorities announce an arrest. authorities say matt jones and jessica pyatt were shot to death inside a home on you know night at the drive. >> it's always worse when you think that you can trust
6:35 am
thaw love, it's a friend and trust and then they do something horrible. >> why would you do you this to someone? how could you do this to someone? what was your reasoning? and we -- we don't know why. paul is already being held in jail at the time of the arrest accused of possessing meth. he is expected in a johnston county courtroom monday facing the murder charges. new research showing african american men who are likely to be pulled over by police in durham. the police department asked for the study to be done to find in bias is a factor in traffic stops. it was found most pronounced when it comes to the high enforcement abatement team. the researchers looked at traffic stops in the evening then they compared the results between when it was still light out and when it was dark. they found african american males were 20% more likely to be pulled over during daylight
6:36 am
the race of the driver. >> you can do good police work without their being evidence of bias and we have to find that balance. >> the researchers did not find evidence of bias among female drivers. one of the most familiar faces at rdu international is moving on mindy hamlin spent 15 years. employees thanked her for her years of service at yesterday's board meeting. coming up. >> sort of scary because duke may have lost. >> nail biting moments for local fans no matter how young or old.
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>> and severe weather damages cars causing serious issues for those drivers. >> and no severe weather in our area today. more on the weekend forecast pepper discovers jimmy dean delights,
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excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning.
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welcome back. this is your drive time forecast remember that sun doesn't rise until 7:21 this morning so temperatures could still drop another few degrees. we'll stay in the low 50s through 8 o'clock and then we'll start to see the temperatures climb and the clouds slowly breaking up. more and more sunshine as we head
6:40 am
jacket out the door this morning and your sunglasses, a live picture from shaw university downtown raleigh. here's those clearing skies i was talking about. you can see the clear line of clouds drifting off to the southeast and east this morning. here in the raleigh area we're starting turn mostly clear. right thousand though 55 in durham, 50 in henderson, 46 in louisburg, low 50s around clayton and rocky mount. as you're planning your day here it is 51 at 8 a.m., 56 at noon, our high today 72 normal high for this time of year right around 64 degrees. we drop back into the upper 60s by 6 o'clock. right now firefighters are on the scene of a fire in california flames tore through a home. no word what started the big fire or if there were any injuries but you can see the flames there.
6:41 am
major headache for some drivers in texas. look at this, pea sized golf ball hail fell on several highways there. it caused damage to police vehicles and ambulances in one apartment there. it even killed several birds at the zoo. also thousands of residents were without power for a while. still ahead a live report at rdu after a flight from that airport was diverted last night. the cause a reportedly lightning
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stay with us. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. passengers sharing details of what happened when lightning
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justin quesinberry is live at rdu this morning with what we've learned about that emergency landing. >> well 55 passengers and four crew members were onboard when that landing took place last night. there were to injuries. that plane left rdu headed for laguardia but turbulence and lightning changed those plans. a passenger said there was a flash of light and what sounded like an explosion. the flight was being operated by republic airlines. it diverted to jfk where there are longer runways. passengers were still shaken and their minds racing. >> my last meal was going to be like the bag of peanuts and the cup of water i got on the flight. it was pretty intense.
6:45 am
>> the faa is now investigating what happened. well it was a nail biter for fans in durham watching the back and forth between uncw and duke. although duke is on spring break and there weren't many students around. the close game brought everyone together and really excited some of the younger fans. >> sort of scary because duke may have lost. >> at one point i thought duke was going to lose and i was really worried but we won in the end. >> yep, your team came through. and we also ran into a married couple who not only taught at duke or 40 years but met there as well as. >> fans were out to watch the tar heels in the first round of
6:46 am
from a lot further than the main campus to watch the came. one woman came from south dakota. it wasn't just for the game it was also a reunion with her former college roommate. they say no matter how far they get away from each other it will always be home. >> the place gets in your blood. it's not just a means to an end. it really -- it's part of your life. >> several people we spoke with also made trips from out of state to be at the game for unc's first big part of the tournament. right now four patients recovering at a greenville hospital after one of them crashed into the er. early thursday morning a car en route into the hospital crashed into a sign and then into the er lobby. investigators believe the driver had a medical emergency and lost control of the vehicle. three people in the waiting room and the driver were all injured. the er never stopped seeing patients.
6:47 am
message to state lawmakers yesterday leave the non-discrimination ordinance alone. it allows transfer againers to use the bathroom with the again at the at the identify. lawmakers say they man to address this issue at the general assembly. some want the ordinance to be overturned before it takes effect april 1st, that would require a special special. supporters of the ordinance called on lawmakers to not get involved. >> these provisions protect me, my daughter, my family, my friends. and i come mend city council for taking that go effort. >> i think the general assembly does need to act to make sure that local municipalities not passing these sort of political statements. >> opponents say it could lead to dangerous situations in rest rooms for women and children. right now the general assembly
6:48 am
take a look at what they had too deal with down in texas. record flooding. investigators say flood east texas hey not have experienced flooding like this since 1984 of the governor of texas has already issued a disaster declaration. i know we're supposed to be some rain in the forecast for this weekend. hopefully not that much. >> you have to feel sorry for those folks in texas. >> day after day after day. >> so certainly sending our thoughts of let's talk about our forecast because yes, we are tracking rain but over the weekend is when it will arrive. today still looking like a beautiful day for us. 53 degrees right now. the official sunrise doesn't happen until 7:31 this morning. so we have a ways to go still. here's a live picture at the airport. let's get to temperatures 55 right now in durham, 51 in roxboro, 50 in henderson, 44 in south hill.
6:49 am
around fayetteville and littleton but look at sanford the chilly spot seems like all week at 46 degrees right now. hour by hour on this friday 51 degrees out the door at 8 a.m., 10 a.m. temperature 58 close to 66 by noon today and that's already warmer than the normal high of 64 for this time of year. we eventually reach 72 degrees before we drop back into the upper 60s, so maybe heading home from work or maybe you're home enjoying your friday evening dry weather is going to stick around for us. now, when we went on the air at 4:30 this morning the whole state was covered in clouds. clearing skies over the top of the triangle we'll continue to see more sunshine throughout the morning and just a cloud or too. overall it's going to be another quiet day for us. enjoy it because clouds move in overnight. we have a series of cold front come through and that's going to bring us the
6:50 am
showers at lunchtime but the rain chance really goes up for us as we head into the afternoon hours of our saturday. rain continues into first thing sunday morning. so for today 74 in sanford and in littleton. fort bragg, fayetteville both around 75, along our eastern most communities goldsboro you're looking for a high of 73, 73 in wilson and smith field. low 70s around raleigh, cary and durham. 70 in south hill. overnight tonight we're going to turn cloudy, it's going to be chilly, an overnight low of 44 degrees and again today still above normal. tomorrow though those temperatures drop significantly and we're tracking that chance for rain on our saturday. i think we'll get the day started dry. i know there's easter egg hunts going on around the area. by 9 a.m. a spotty shower or two, noon tomorrow we'll start to see a better chance for rain less than look by 6 o'clock the best chance for rain is going to move through
6:51 am
that rain continues into sunday morning and don't forget spring officially starts at 12:30 sunday morning that's when the sun is directly over the equator. sunshine returns next week and it will start to feel more like spring, 61 on tuesday, 70s back in the forecast for wednesday and thursday. by next thursday we're talking about afternoon highs in the mid-70s. now, that looks good to me. we'll go ahead and change gears checking in with traffic here's i-540 and six forks road we're starting to see more cars out there. the good news is is no major accidents. let's check in with your live drive conditions there is an accident in johnston county on highway 70 near 301. stay aletter for any delays. we're looking at an accident near airport boulevard and the intersection of garden
6:52 am
that accident on i-40 eastbound has been cleared up. . >> yeah could be some backups. well the state capitol police have got a new officer >> he's cute. he's a 20-month old german shepherd you'll see him patrolling the capitol and other state buildings too. he's explained to sniff out different types of explosives. his handler has been working with him for a few weeks now and says he's a really great partner. >> the explosive dog is a very important asset something that you hope you never have to use but if you need it it's there. >> yep, there he is, officer johnson and balou were part of the team that searched the apresent that before the fans
6:53 am
also coming up at 7 o'clock cbs this morning. here's a look at what the team's working on. >> reporter: good morning, some voters leaning toward none of the above. >> given those two candidates i can't vote for either one of them. >> a new focus group. >> plus who is best for your wallet. and how detroit is trying to join new york and there's something to be said for exploring the world around you. for seeking out the new; for trying the untried; for doing the undone. why should snacking be any different? discover all nine flavors of our creamy cheese and tap into your curiosity. the laughing cow.
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some quick news we're continuing to follow breaking news out of lee county the highway patrol is on the scene of a deadly crash involving a deputy and can an atv driver. the crash happened just after 1 o'clock this morning on east forest oak drive. the atv driver was killed, the deputy is now at the hospital. and right now the faa is
6:56 am
flight from rdu had to make an emergency landing. the flight was headed to laguardia when the plane his turbulence and was struck by lightning. it did land safely it was diverted because that airport has longer runways. nearly 700 cats and dogs rescued from the haven back in january now healthy he and available for adoption. the adoptions get started this morning at a temporary shelter in sanford. now, if you plan to adopt make sure to bring a photo id, proof of an address and a pet transfer crate. >> and they've waived the fees. so that's terrific. >> it's going to be really busy. it's looking great for today but we're still tracking that chance for rain over the weekend. so 511 our temperature right now this is a live picture out at the airport. the airport kind of glowing on this friday
6:57 am
not a lot of cloud cover. we've seen the temperatures drop here in raleigh to 51. 52 in clayton. 46 in sanford, 40s around south hill, roxboro and roanoke rapids. 50 right now in rocky mount. so take the jacket with us. 66 at lunchtime today, 72 our high not as warm as where we were yesterday. yesterday we actually hit 77 for a high. we're back to 67 by 6 o'clock this evening. today marks the 12th day in a row that we will be above normal here in the raleigh area. here's i-40 and the clayton bypass something we never like to see nonetheless in this direction we're seeing flashes lights so we know that this is going to be not so pretty for the next little while. so we'll work on what's going on there. >> thanks so much for being with us this friday. it's been
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, march 18th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new threat targets donald trump's family. police swarm his son's manhattan apartment. voters say they are fed up with both presidential front runners. a new focus group reveals anger in a key swing state. >> huge hail hammers texas and millions could be hit by a spring snowstorm. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. hopefully, there is time to still, you know, prevent a trump nomination which i think would fracture the party. >> the gop works to trip up trump. >> the best alternative to


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