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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  March 19, 2016 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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making a guy go to his left. he slips a little bit. mike brey on the sideline looking for a call. doesn't get it. verne: three-point game. jim: same look. coming this way now. verne: zak irvin. jim: oh, yes. and donnal misses from point -blank range. jim: i thought the pass was a fraction late. he still has to finish that one off. but high screens, motion without the ball. they get exactly what they wanted out of this. verne: 1:45 to go. colton, vasturia. colton was open for a moment. vasturia off-balance. air ball. got it! bonzie colson, big basket with 92 seconds to go. jim: and only three seconds on the shot clock when he buried
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verne: five-point margin. jim: start going towards the basket if you can if you're michigan. verne: walton. nope. tussle. offensive board. zak irvin, got it to fall! nearing the one-minute mark. irish, up by three. time-out notre dame. they don't get the jump tore go. but now it's time to work the glass.
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irvin with the finish. verne: if you live in the eastern time zone, welcome to saturday morning. after all the games are over,
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state head coach ron hunter have all the highlights and analysis on inside march madness presented by buick only on trutv. notre dame has lost 13 straight in the tournament when trailing at the half. they were down 41-29 at the break tonight. jim: and if they can be patient with the basketball out on the spread, what a perfect time for possibly a back-door cut. and they're going to get it imbalanced. verne: yes they do. pflueger gets it to vasturia to demetrius jackson. 55 seconds to go. nine on the shot clock. jackson turns the corner. adjusts.
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rebound. jim: once again, don't let the three-points dictate your shot attempt right here. verne: notre dame has a couple of fouls to give. 25 seconds remaining. vasturia. 10 on the shot clock. it's in the hands of zak irvin. five on the shot clock. three, no. jim: and a foul. verne: and they do. jim: i don't think that look is what john beilein was trying to pull off on the sidelines. i thought about five seconds ago that he was looking to get a time-out. and that rule has changed now where the coach from last year could have called a time-out. i think john wanted to call a time-out and not get this to be a three-point shot. and i think he wanted to go a whole lot earlier in the sequence than wait for that.
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bench reacting down, 49-29 at the half. bonzie colson at the line where he is 2-2 tonight. jim: 76% on the season. verne: nice. one more. perfect. 10 seconds to go. walton. tip. wagner. jumper. no. [whistle] pflueger is fouled. jim: it's not going to matter. verne: nope. i guess the answer is yes when we asked if notre dame could come back.
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i thought mike brey made very, very good adjustments. and obviously the gloomy side of things at the michigan end of the floor, and the adjustments were trying to attack michigan a little bit more off the dribble. and it was the first 3-4 in the second half where they made that strategy adjustment and that's the difference as the half wore on. they that outscored them 40-22 so far. that's why they outscored them 40-22 so far. verne: fighting irish against the lumberjacks on sunday.
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win it by seven. so notre dame and stephen f. austin will meet at 2:40 eastern time on cbs from brooklyn. the second round begins tomorrow at noon eastern on cbs with wichita state and miami. at 5:00, tnt that is ncaa infinti tip-off show. eight games across tnt, and cbs. the tournament coverage begins at noon. for jim spanarkel and allie laforce, verne lundquist saying so long from brooklyn. back to our studios after these messages. plenty fast. but it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast moow well you mow fast.
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we would all celebrate its tenacity. we\l, we are the roses, these are my damaged petals. don't ask me why, ask me how! clark: cha's your point guard's name. -- what's your point guard's name? tell them to step out. greg: he said that the cinnamon ice cream was his first sugar of the day. kenny: he got charged up and started talking a bunching of noise. charles: we're looking for you. greg: and the apple of his eye
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clark: yeah, for some odd reason. kenny: there was a buckeye in my eye. greg: welcome back to final four. notre dame over michigan by a score of 70-63. clarke, kenny, and charles here at the desk. what a great basketball game. it was terrific. clark: it was terrific. excellent comeback by notre dame. they're down 12. held michigan to 22 points. started playing downhill dribble driving in that second half to create opportunities for high quality shots. greg: are you a believer in the irish, chuck? charles: who do they play next? greg: they play stephen f. austin. charles: i like them against stephen f. austin. kenny: this was a good matchup. that's why they were able to stay in contention. the perimeter defense on the irish at times could be lacking but they are very good down low
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but perimeter defense is going to be a key against stephen f. austin again because those guys they shoot the three ball as well. they push the pace. so they're going to have similar problems that they had tonight against michigan if they don't come up with a different game plan. greg: all right. once again the irish on their way to a game on sunday against stephen f. austin. they win it 70-6763. -- 70-63. there was great sound from around the country. >> and syracuse advances. impressive performance. >> we didn't think about it. >> the rainbow warriors hold the first round upset as they stun cal here in spokane. >> what's it look to be the team that just busted up everybody's bracket? >> in my bracket i had us winning. all my friends and family had us winning too. i don't know about everybody else.
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75-67 win over oregon state. >> with the matchup against buddy hield, what's your thoughts at guarding him and shutting him down? >> that's on the coaches -- i mean for the most -- [laughter] >> he has 40, it's on me. >> middle tennessee, a 15 seed is going to take down the michigan state spartans. >> you know, there are three guys here that gave me every single thing they had. and i don't care about next year. i don't even care about tomorrow right now. >> when you're in this position and everybody's looking at you, you have to come through. i didn't come through today. and i'll remember that for the rest of my life. greg: winners and losers from today. games continuing on tbs and on trutv tonight. first of all, on tbs, right now west region oklahoma city. texas with a one-point lead on northern iowa.
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texas leading the panthers, 70-69. on trutv, west region in spokane, st. joe's with a four-point lead on the bearcats of cincinnati with just over two and a half minutes to play in that game. that is on trutv. a reminder for you tonight after your local news, don't miss "the late show with stephen colbert," followed by "the late late show"." but for now we're done. second round action on cbs tomorrow with wichita state and miami. we thank you for joining us. from all of us here in new york, good night, everybody. come on and dance with me come on and dance with me
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. north carolina news at 11 starts right now. breaking news at least 60 people believed to be dead after a passenger plane. >> it is a boeing 738 traveling from dubi. reports claim 60 were on board no word if any are americans. teachers, community leaders all came together in a last ditch effort to stop a teenager from being deported. students at river side high
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amy cutler has more on the efforts. it appears to be to keep wildon in this country saying this evening that a judge denied their motion to stay his deportation. >> has not been easy. through a translator, she explains what it is like to have her son picked up by immigration and customs enforcement or ice agents for two months he's been detained now facing deportationback to honduras. saying the high school senior was here illegally and the judge issued a final removal. >> the gangs are my main concern. that's what led her son to free in the first place. his life was in danger. ivan is a family friend and spoke with wildon late this afternoon.
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really happy just to know that the community is fighting for him. >> several dozen people wildon's classmates, teachers, immigration advocates all coming together from the memorial methodist church they marched to gk butterfield's office organizers say the congressman's office told him he'd be reaching out to homeland security to stop weldon from being deported. advocates saying it is scheduled for sunday. >> she is not a criminal, if in fact they are trying to focus on students or people that are coming over here doing wrong and criminals. >> the dream is to be an engineer, only here he can accomplish that dream. his family says if he is deported sunday they'll fight
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telling us they know he can have a better life here. in durham. cbs north carolina. and ice would not say exactly when wildon is scheduled to be deported it is a matter of security. he is one of six detained in the country illegally facing deportation. investigators are back on the scene of the officer involved shooting in southeast raleigh a group of volunteers assisting with the case found what they say could be a bullet hole in the side of a house. ccbi investigators were at the house for three hours attorneys say this could be vital to the case. >> given all those things the physical evidence and the different accounts we occurred and the physical evidence of the body itself has rally given us some very strong concerns about trying to match that up with a little bit of the statement that the officer has given that's made public. >> attorneys say some of the
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police report does not match their findings. the district attorney says the investigation is ongoing. investigators say one person is dead and the second person recovering after this accident outside of pinehurst. happened around 8:30, traffic was backed up the cause of the crash is still under investigation. and turning to the weather, a beautiful end to the week with some big changes in store for this weekend here is chief meteorologist tracking the cooler temps and rain headed our way. it was a tough week to put in a full 40 hours with as nice as our weather was it included 12 straight days above normal and 11 of those were in the 70s and 80s tonight we're watching clouds move into our area and 2 areas of rain both which will converge on central north carolina as we head into the weekend and it is not just the rain that's going to move into
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cold front just to our north will sweep through over night and hold our temperatures down drastically compared to where we've been. here is a snapshot of what your satellite will look like if you've got things to do early on in the morning it will be cloudy but dry as temperatures start around 50. not colder than where we were this morning the difference will come the fact we won't get out of the 50s rain starts at noon goes through the afternoon coming up elle take you hour by hour through tomorrow show you what the radar will look like not only tomorrow but sunday as we get through a very different weekend. tonight we know more about the greenville south carolina police officer killed in the line of duty. greenville police say 28-year- old allen jacobs approached a man this afternoon who was a self-proclaimed gang member. he shot officer jacobs before killing himself. jacobs was a father of two, a veteran and also had a third child on the way. >> the man charged in accessory
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$1 million bond, tara wilson along with gerald paul are charged with killing matt jones last week. they have not released a motive in that case. veterans wounded or sick for years. >> dozens took their concerns directly to the head of the va medical center in fayetteville. michael high land has more what the center is doing to try to make things better. >> what is it that you need? >> fix this today. they came up one at a time. >> how many having trouble getting prosthetics. i'm not going to survive two months in this pain. >> this is the first town hall the va is hosting in the new medical center. the goal is to bring down weight times for care. fayetteville posted some of the longest wait times in the country in recent years. our wait list is down to 20 patients because these are brand new folks that signed up
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so we are able to see the veterans quicker. some are still having trouble getting through to someone. >> the time it takes us to get an appointment over the phone. >> 55 calls waiting ahead of you. the director says she has taken steps to fix that the calls still go to the old site. we can't improve the system because the it is full. several people complemented the new facility and the people working here. >> also pointed to the improvements that still need to be made. >> there are kinks we have to work out if you use your head you go after what you want and be persistent you'll get what you want. in fayetteville, cbs north carolina. investigating looking into the problems at va facile this for years for more information look under the investigates tab on
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six how shalls to side with exprowrestler awarding him $115 million in a lawsuit against the media. posted a video of him saying it was newsworthy. hogan argued it was a violation of his privacy. and faculty members at duke will be unionized the national labor relations board made the announcement following a vote and recent election. most members voted in favor of the change. parking rates will soon change in rdu unless you use a new online system officialles say the goal is to make parking more convenient for travelers. but a.j. says some people are worried it will do the opposite. >> kim flies out of rdu twice a month for business always makes sure to come well before her flight time. last summer we went to southern europe and literally spent an
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to find a spot. it was insane. >> saying parking a problem. >> we need to improve this experience. >> andrew says that's the reason the airport is introducing online booking allows customers to assure they have a spot well before arriving. >> book online you'll be able to maintain the prices that have been recently. >> for the most part. >> says they are prepared for a bumps but it will be for the best. >> we want it to work we want our customers to understand it, to appreciate it and learn how to use it for their benefit. >> however for frequent fliers like hessa it is one more item on an already busy to do list. >> i think it will be complicated not so much fun, you know, i still have to come regularly to the airport so i'll adjust.
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new system is worth the extra effort. a.j. for cbs north carolina. four people including paris attacks are in custody follow ago raid that led to the capture. three are accused of sheltering him. they had to shoot him in the leg. the french president prosecutors will request his extradition to france for trial. a wake county investigators are looking into a vandalism case which they believe is discrimination after going out one night he returned to his home covered in racist and threatening graffiti, say it will cost $500 to repair the damages, says he has lived in the area for the last six years and never expected this in the neighborhood. >> a huge upset in ncaa


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