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tv   North Carolina News at 500PM  CBS  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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especially for the strong storm, we're seeing some damaging wind and the possibility of some small i'll. so the details with this particular storm, the severe thunderstorm warning goes until 5:15 just for halifax county. it's eventually going to mosey into north hampton county. as you can see, far between. there's a heavy downpour, back here in wake county. as we come to the sand hills, they're few and far between and in moore county and around the pine hurst area. so that's the rain situation. here's the heat situation f you've got some of that rain and been close by, it's dropped you back not 80s. otherwise, you're cooking well into the 90s and with the
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temperatures above 100 degrees. as we head throughout the rest of the week we'll have to get more used to the rain. temperatures are going down. we'll talk about how cool it will get coming up in a few minutes. today is a step closer to closure for a mother. >> reporter: today greenville police were able to give a better garlette howard and her three children ages 11, 7 and 6 were killed. police responded to howard's home. they got there after getting calls from worried family members. >> they were for the actual well fare of the children and the mother. >> reporter: investigators found a stunning scene. howard and her three little girls dead inside.
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youngest girls father, dibon toone. officers arrested toone. he was driving howard's car. >> they have the person responsible for the murders and that he acted alone. >> reporter: but police are trying to pinpoint exactly when the horrific crimes were committed. >> detectives are looking not possibility that the victims the discovery of their bodieses. >> reporter: someone called police concerned howard didn't show up for work. at that point there was no indication howard and her three children were in danger but four weeks earlier police responded to the home toone shared with howard. at this time toone faces one
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the children. toone will be back in north carolina later this week. greenville, lauren haviland. breaking news right now out of durham where nc55 is shut down as police investigate a deadly accident involving a motorcycle. the closure runs from burlington to dayton treat. we'll have more as we learn more. and the death of a toddler in moore county has spurred children's lives. some are worried whether that change will actually happen. people protested this afternoon outside the social services office in moore county. michael hyland has more. >> reporter: a lot -- what brought a lot of these issues
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rylann ott. his guardian ad litem said the mother was not able to care for him. that happened in december and he died in april, a few weeks before he would have turned two. since then there have been investigations but the results have not been made public. people said there's too much concern in resolving cases and getting kids back with their parents as good forthe kids. >> his life was not disposable. i think people would rather just go away and that's not the right answer. >> we are striving very hard, and let me tell you it's not easy and i think i speak for all of our board members to not repeat things and keep things confidential. >> reporter: the mother
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involuntary manslaughter and child abuse. live in moore county, michael hyland. the durham county board of elections is working to extend the amount of vet -- gives us a closer look. >> we don't know what will happen. people don't know what the rules of the game are. >> reporter: she is with the elections group. the state is appealing the voter i.d. decision to the u.s. supreme court. >> it's possible that we will
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>> reporter: it will put together the early voting plan tonight when a federal appeals court requiring voters to have voter i.d. and return the number of days back to 17. the state's new law had established 10 very very -- early voting days. >> we think that changing the election rules is extry we think allowing the pattern so close to the election date coke disruptive in all -- could be disruptive in all 50 states. >> reporter: chief justice john roberts has given those on the other side of the legal battle next week to respond. >> these measures discriminate
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are unnecessary. >> republican leaders say proving who you are and you say you are, it helps ensure voter integrity. ahead at 6, what other counties have done and when a decision will be reached. today hillary clinton is talking about investments and taxes in the key battleground state of ohio. it is not stopping the discussion of her emails on championship where repubns it. stephen bannon now joins trum's campaign as the ceo and kellyanne conway is the campaign manager. >> he is still the same man who insults gold star families,
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with disabilities and thinks he knows more than our generals. >> stephen bannon is one of the toughest most negative operatives. that signals that trump, instead of softening his approach, will double down. >> polls show clinton with large leads in colorado and virginia but a virtual tie in iowa. today clinton's running charlotte about 3:00 but earlier she was in greensboro. she made a stop in raleigh yesterday after visiting hope mills. and donald trump visits the queen city tomorrow. he will address supporters at the charlotte convention center. doors open at 4:30 and trump is expected to take the stage three hours later.
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there and we'll have coverage tomorrow starting at 5:00. mike pence is holding a townhall meeting. he will head to new hampshire tomorrow. san doe a deamina cites his work with mothers -- with black lives matter. this resignation comes after a move by the board to set guidelines on telecommuting to meetings. you can see find the story right now on southern season, will go up for auction on friday. the deal could close as soon as money. the rapid sale, they said, is
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open. southern season filed for bankruptcy back in june. >> one american athlete ran into trouble. >> how the olympic spirit has shown through. >> another hot day today but we're also tracking some storms. the latest on where these are headed and newly formed tropical storm fiona coming up. family in need. beautiful day to be at the beach. beach. we'll she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense.
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an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. welcome. it's me! the extra crispy colonel. feeds a family of four. it's crunchy! juicy! and oh so tasty. kfc.
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a durham police officer reaches into her own pockets to
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office ore hawkins said she felt a personal connection to the mother, who has a masters degree. >> i have kids and i wouldn't want to be in that situation. if i was crying for help, i would want somebody to be there for me. >> derrick lewis talked about the act of kindness. t ordered american swirls ryan lochte, jimmy feigen and two others to stay in brazil. the problem is lochte already left. they said they were robbed after leaving a party. every two years the olympics motivate people around the world.
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they're competing for gold medals or just finishing a race. we have a perfect example of that olympic spirit. >> 24 hours of processing what happened. it does make you feel closer. >> i share that experience. >> reporter: it was one of debbie stabenow and nikki hamblin tripped and -- abbey d'agostino and nikki hamblin fell. >> it buckled. i said that's not right. i was literally praying my way through the last mile.
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torn meniscus. she ran the final mile, yes, mile, with those injuries. >> that can be managed in what's happening now and the moment that we get to be a part of is so come and i mean that. >> reporter: she got that help. >> small acts of kindness get lifted were advanced. hamblin will be able to run. an unc alum will compete saturday in the mean's 5000- meter. he ran for the spartans from 2011 to 2013. he hails from kenya originally
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so good luck for him. the coast guard said more than00 passengers were evacuated from -- 500 passengers were evacuated from a burning ship near puerto rico. most were from the dominican republic. we have avoided any severe weather so far this week but that's not the case in city. lightning lit up the sky tuesday night. the photographer was ready with his carathese electrifying photos. always fascinating when they can capture the exact moments. >> we've got some tonight. we've got storms number one. one of them was see cheered has
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there's that lightning sean was talking about. we're near the triangle. the severe storm that was in effect for halifax county has weakened some. there's a lot less lightning. so while it was cooking earlier, it's weakened some. still, some dangerous lightning for you folks along roanoke rapids. nothing severe but the potential. i mean, it was hot today. the storms for a short time. they will not last long simply because the way the atmosphe is. we have a couple in wake county moving to the northeast. most of the storms are back toward the triad. if you watch them they're in the moving stray east. they're moving more to the northeast. so some of them will clip northwestern portions of our area but most will avoid it.
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but they're not. they're once again hot. today's high of 97 here in the triangle ties the hottest day of the year so far, a mere 99 in fayetteville, not your hottest day but still dangerous heat. if you've got some rain cooled air, you may have dropped to 85. 82 in in rocky mount. we have this dangerous heat that will finally start to relax. for tonight, depending on where you are, could be 92, could be 82. we'll say 85 for this instance. we'll keep a few scattered showers around. as we go into the evening we'll lose the heat, loose the showers. we'll keep it dry where we'll
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so the weather map is going to change tomorrow. i know you're getting tired of seeing it and i'm getting tired of drawing it for you. this frontal boundary, as it gets closer, will up our rain chances and it's going to get closer starting tomorrow. so the area of high pressure backs off a little bit. so that allows this frontal boundary to get closer. temperatures will decrease a bit and rain chance also go up a bit. then as we saturday and sunday, not a lot of changes those three days. temperatures will stay around the 90s. it's not going to be as unstable but a little bit, so we'll keep scattered showers in the forecast. next week could be the real thing, a cold front that actually cools us off and lowers our humidity. it will approach us on monday. we'll feel the impact tuesday.
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ever compared to what we've had. i'll show you that on the seven- day. let's talk about newly formed free own yay. it became tropical depression 6 last night. it was upgreated to tropical storm fiona, still way out there, still 3,000 miles away. look at the storm. it's very strong. that mean last lot of there are also uncertainties with the track. as you can see, it will remain a tropical storm, kind of staying on that northwesterly track. a lot of times storms out here will curve off to the north. odds are that will happen but there's a lot of uncertainty with the computer model. i'll show you the computer models coming up in the next
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come here. still, highs in the low 90s with a 40% chance of showers and storms. we'll keep it at 40% on friday. 30% as we start the weekend. the highs staying around 90. the same deem sunday and monday. but monday night into tuesday, that's when it will approach and move through our area. i don't want you to just but look at the overnight lows wednesday morning. when is the last time you saw 60. that tells us the humidity is getting lower, too. >> that's like gold. >> we were excited about tuesday's 87. >> wednesday could be better. love hump day, right? >> well a viral challenge spreading across the internet
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to the beaches... the piedmont... to the sandhills... north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ sea gulls crying ] [ man vocalizing ] run!
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? i'm up against the sky ? ? i said i'd taken it all in ? ? to make the good life ? ? and i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? it's ours to preserve... because we're only borrowing it from our children. ?? a new viral challenge is spreading across the internet to get people active. retired marine don newen is the director of 22 kill.
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as day were committing suicide, it was unbelievable. >> recently, the department of veterans affairs lowered it to 20 veteran as day who take their own lives. 22 kills helps those struggling with suicide thoughts. the office posted this video to facebook showing workers packing book bags to be donated 600 homeless kids. the david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david.
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"she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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let's heut
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roadways. as you can see, things are moving slowly. if you're headed in that direction keep that in mind. >> uber is launching a legal bat many against new rules that require taxi drivers to learn english. the city said drivers have to be able to communicate in english to discuss fares. the company believes making drivers exam is unnecessary. delta is bringing more privacy to the friendly skies. airlines will start offering an all suite business class. flyer also have their own personal space called delta one suites. it will be available next fall. for the first time in
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mall. it opened on tuesday. more than 100 stores, a new apple store. a spanish architect designed it to look like a flying dove. the more you love money, the more money you lose. it surveyed 3,000 retail investors around the world and nearly 60% of the investors who scored high on a lo outcomes. still more to come, including a sneak peek at a new show. >> and explosive growth in wake county cop mean changes --
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out of durham. police are on the scene of a wreck involving a motorcycle and vehicle. cbs north carolina has a crew on the way right now. earlier this week we only had to worry about the heat. now we warning we had earlier has been dropped for halifax. we have heavy downpours and lots of lightning. we're looking northeast of the triangle from murphiesboro and heavy downpours. the previously warning was for
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heavy downpours. it's weakening east of i-95. so technically no severe storms. wake forest, rolesville area, storm there is. then a few showers and thunderstorms, one popping up around frt brag and a -- fort bragg and a few around moore county. the meet is still a big triangle. that ties our hottest day of the year. false you received some of that rain, you're still in the 90s and the humidity hasn't changed, so many heat index temperatures still above 100. so going into tonight a few more storms than we've had the past few nights but those will go away past 9:00, 10:00. most of us in the 80s.
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90s. we'll talk about that and newly formed tropical storm fiona. we are learning new information about the suspect in a scary child abduction case. juan guteirrez is accused of abducting three young girls. they were found safe in selma. steve sbraccia has the latest. >> reporter: that 51-year-old suspect is being held on bond right now pending his first appearance come tomorrow. we know the case involves multiple agencies including the fbi, johnston county sheriff and durham police. it began when durham police said they were called to the 1000 block of camden. the 15, 13 and 11-year-old
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me off camera that the fbi took the three girls out of the home early tuesday morning and searched this gray van. we tried to speak to somebody in the home but nobody answered the door. in this case he is charged with three counts of abduction and one count of providing a malt beverage. the johnston county sheriff said they had an outstanding warrant from one year ago in august of 2015 abducted a 14-year-old girl and brought her to this selma hotel where he provided alcohol to the child. he now faces those charges, too. the johnston county sheriff said guteirrez has been deported from this country once before but at this point nobody knows what's happening with the immigration cher vive.
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>> thank you. and wake county is growing rapidly and county leaders say there's less and less land available for schools. they're exploring new ways to make the best of that land. one of those options is sharing athletic fields. >> reporter: with more and more families moving to wake county, that means more athlete coaches said he has seen tryout numbers triple. >> it's about fitting athletes into the same space. i think it's a challenge for any municipality that grows so quickly. >> reporter: 15 years ago there was plenty of land to expand but now that's not possible. it's a challenge wake county
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out of the box to find facilities. >> reporter: one of the ideas include having several schools share athletic fields. >> i know the athletes are always wanting better facilities, so i think this is a great thing for the athletes. >> reporter: school leaders said as they seek new land, they are working out ways on city leaders are meeting to decide to bring a baseball team to the city of dogwood. if approved, it would be off hay street. the team would play 70 games a year. if you're planning to heading to wolfpack games there
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that means any bags or purses you bring with you have to be made of clear plastic and meet certain size requirements. they will need exceptions for those who need medication. cisco is going to lay off about 7% of its first. it will start during the first quarter of fiscal year 2017. they are working to make sure the state highway patrol need everything. they're providing the highway patrol with 200 individual patrol officer kits. now the kits have tourniquets, gloves, gauze and other
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been following from charlotte, a missing persons case that involves three people has been treated at a homicide. the three coworkers all disappeared at separate times last week. officials believe two of them are in mexico. police are working with the fbi to find them and they're intensifying their search for the third. flood waters in louisiana are receding but they're of property damage. more than 40,000 homes have been damaged and because many of these areas have never seen flooding, very few people have flood insurance. >> i know it's material things and you can always get them back but it crushes you because you feel like you're violated. >> 20 louisiana parishes are declared federal disaster
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putting areas with heavy damage under curfew. many are headed to the gulf coast to help. >> reporter: we have seen incredible video out of louisiana as the floodwaters continue to wipe out entire neighborhoods. now the red cross is sending some of their own volunteers here in north carolina louisiana. the flood waters have impacted thousands of homes. floodwaters are leaving thousands needing and in -- fleeting and in need rough rescue. this is the worst since super storm sandy in 2012. at least a dozen people dead.
5:39 pm
to people's wastes, they're not able to drive. so some of the hardest hit areas we're having trouble getting to. >> reporter: she said anyone can help in many small ways. that includes small donations. for more, go to hundreds of local girls are getting the chance to study science, technology, engineering and math. cisco volunteer also work with them and participate in hands- on activities in stem fields. the $50,000 donation is being given to girl scouts coastal pines. kids are recovering from injuries they received from an amusement park. still to come, what authorities
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exploding in growth. why this one could th
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we're taking you back to the breaking news in durham. >> the wreck involve as motorcycle and another vehicle. as a result nc55 is closed from burlington avenue to dayton street. take a look at this video near san bernardino,
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smoky haze from a nearby wildfire. >> the bluecut fire is one of eight active fires tanned's forcing more than 82,000 people from their homes. >> that fire is wiping out entire communities. >> reporter: the massive bluecut wildfire has exploded. the wildfire raced up and down ridges overnight, burning entire neighborhoods to the ground. i around it and i live that way and they won't let me go home. >> reporter: strong winds and dry brush fueled the flames 80 feet into the air. >> this is where the firefighters were overcome by flames. >> reporter: more than 1,000 crews were around. >> we're struggling to keep up with it.
5:44 pm
80,000 people but many are refusing to leave. >> we would hate for the fire to overrun your neighborhood and you be stuck inside and not have a way out. >> reporter: several other fires are burning across the state. the governor is calling a state of emergency. i want you to watch this video with me. you may remember this mother tonya graham. she was seen grabbing her son trying to participate in the baltimore riots. now she lost her home. the house burned down over the weekend. her son michael was frying chicken tenders. he stepped away for a moment to use the bathroom. when he came back -- >> the pot was smoking. i went to reach for it and it burst into flames.
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a grease fire, so it only made it worse. >> so far is she has raised $39,000. another group of kids were hurt and this time in connecticut. six kids were taken to the hospital after they were shocked riding a ride at the park. the kids had small injuries. one had minor burns on their hands. investor >> they're looking into all the possibilities, if there's a loose ground or frayed wire and the earlier storm that watched through. >> last time two girls were hurt at an amusement park in tennessee. the company that owns the ferris wheel is the same company cited for the north carolina accident. you can find more about the
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an overnight police chase ends with a car lying inside an iowa home. a driver was seen driving erratically. officers were called to the scene and tried to talk to the teen. that's when he sped off and ran through a stop sign and into a cul-de-sac. the neighbors heard the crash and were surprised to seat police cars already there. >> it's shock so i was surprised. the police were already on the line and yelling at someone to stop. >> the home's owner told neighbors she thought lightning hit her home. she was not hurt. so that's good news. the teen driver and his foe mail passenger both had minor injuries after the crash. major traffic delays on a virginia highway. check this out. you can see a charter bus
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driving from new york to charlotte. he was able to escape without injury. investigators believe the cause of the fire was mechanical. well, the big story this weekend has been the heat. heat is the big story. today's high of 97, the hottest day of the year tied for it in the triangle. your record still stands in the sand hill. it the hottest was 101. as we head into tomorrow, i know it's not cool but cooler with highs backing up into the low 90s. more cloud cover and more rain. we got showers. nothing severe. our severe thunderstorm warning earlier that was for this little shower, look at what it has amounted to. that has fizzled out. still heavy downpours, lots of
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shower along i-95. we jump to franklin and wake county, showers headed toward the lewisburg area. spring lake and fort bragg into west and moore county. right now it's heavy downpours, some stronger storms, much stronger back to the west. as you watch them with me, they're moving more northeast thas while it will not be completely dry, most of us will stay dry and therefore hot. hot weather across the state with the exception of the mountains again. it looks really good. 97 in fayetteville right now. 89 here in the capital. 73 thanks to some rain cooled air in roxboro and still smoking along the coast.
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8:00 as we hold or drop to the mid-80s. dry and 80 at midnight. you start your thursday morning with muggy temperatures in the mid-70s. so all week long high pressure has been in control of our weather but starting tomorrow that area of high pressure starts to scoot away a little bit. that allows this -- this then friday, saturday and sunday that boundary dispates. we'll have a few changes. yes, next monday and tuesday. this is the real deal. this one will approach us on monday. it will give laws little chance of -- us a little chance of rain. after it pass tuesday into
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in the meantime we'll continue to keep an eye on newly formed tropical storm fiona, upgraded by the national hurricane center at 5:00 tonight with 40- mile-an-hour winds moving to the northwest at 6:00 16. it's still 3,000 miles away. they analyze the high definition satellite. as you can see it doesn't look like a highly organized it's very small. it's hard to forecast. look what the computer models are doing. we look at these frequently when we're tracking the tropics. the two things i look for the trends and the cluster. well, you look for a cluster and there really isn't one. a good amount of them, want to keep it south. a good amount of them want to keep it to the northwest. because of that uncertainty,
5:51 pm
expect it to remain a tropical storm because it's going to run into dry air and strong upper level winds. so we'll have to watch it. this is going to be a wait and see storm. even in the next five days, it will be more than 1,000 miles away. we're not worried about it. in the meantime we'll worry about temperatures at 90. not as hot but higher rain chances. let guess get to those changes through monday. next tuesday and wednesday we drop our highs into the 80s and drop the humidity, so much so that you'll notice it. it's a week away but it is coming. tomorrow's 3-degree high cooler than today. today we made 97. so we slid in there with three degrees but the monthly total is now up to $1500 and if you
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more than 2 1/2 million volunteers. join them at >> later this month you'll be showing us how to get volved got a great story about a cancer fighter on two fronts. we'll bring that to you.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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it's one of the most divisive areas. they hit their 3 millionth attendee. now today we get to go behind the scenes to learn what it takes to be part of a tony award winning show. >> so these are the nickers you're going to be wearing. >> reporter: she scene for newsy. >> you'll get a vest. >> reporter: it's a job. >> the boys are physical during the show. so they break a lot of stuff. they break stuff pretty much every day, so we have to do a lot of repairs. >> reporter: with my costume on, it was time to meet some costumes for a little song and dance. i did my best with the version
5:56 pm
taught me but their version was much more entertaining. the actors trained for years to be part of the show and it's not only the dancing that's demanding. >> we're also running up and down towers. >> reporter: the company also travels to a different city nearly every week, a life-style that has its ups. >> we definitely bond. >> reporter: and down. >> things happen at home and you miss country and say oh, i want to be there. >> reporter: the motivation to keep performing. >> i think of my family's life as immigrants coming to america and having to fight for their place in society. >> reporter: inspiration to give me enough courage to try singing. >> that was our carleigh griffeth. to watch more, we have it on our facebook page. >> stay with us.
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?? from the mountains... to the beaches... the piedmont... to the sandhills... north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ sea gulls crying ] run! ?? ? i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? ? i said i'd taken it all in ? ? to make the good life ? ? and i don't feel like i'm falling ?
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because we're only borrowing it from our children. ?? she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right
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for so many americans today." an out of touch hypocrite. she'd leave you defenseless. the nra political victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. more dangerous heat with temperatures in the 90s. good evening. i'm sean maroney. >> i'm sharon tazewell. for the first time in a few days we have rain on the radar. let's go over to wes
6:00 pm
some of us. other times we had severe thunderstorm warnings, none right there. there's i-95, so kind of on both sides some scattered showers and thunderstorms. today moving off to the east northeast. in franklin, lewisburg is getting ready to get hit. these that help cool us off. a few showers from spring lake to fort bragg to moore county. 93 today in the triangle. it ties our hottest of 99. temperatures all over the place from 96 in fayetteville to 72 in roxboro making it feel like 100. well, tomorrow we start to see changes. rain chances going up,


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