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tv   North Carolina News at 500AM  CBS  August 22, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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hello and good morning thanks for watching cbs north carolina i'm stefan chase. >> good morning stefan happy monday. happy monday to everyone else i'm russ bowen. justin quesinberry is live in raleigh where a man will answer to charges in a terrible deadly crash. good morning, guys, good morning to you at home, as well. we are looking at clear skies this morning that is just the first change that you are going to notice as you're waking up. the big change will beat lower humidity, the lower temperatures, as well. so as you're getting ready for this monday morning the weather, man, looks fantastic. so here we are satellite and radar composite, no rain in sight. >> let's get straight to the temperatures, we have dropped another degree here in raleigh now at 71.
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as we had southward we still have 76 in fayetteville and 74 in clinton. those cooler temperatures are working south throughout the day. 72degrees at 8:00 a.m. 82 at lunch time. a high of 86. dewpoint temperatures are in the 50s today making it very comfortable to spend any time outside. i will let you know how long these comfortable conditions last coming up in y complete storm team forecast. right now though here's ali. happy monday to you you're headed out bright and early through the raleigh area no problems to report to you there. all the green means you're able to go the speed limit. same thing through durham a nice ride. through fayetteville, for the most part things are moving well but starting at 8:00 a.m. gill less be street will be closed from then until friday for railroad track work so your detour right here southern avenue whitfield, mlk freeway eastern boulevard to get around this.
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eastbound drive times at if you're taking 540 from glenwood to u.s. 64, 17 minutes and just 10 minutes on both 440 and 40 if you're heading out the door right now. a live look outside at i-40 and fayetteville street where there are a couple cars out there at 5:02 but not enough to cause any delays. today a driver's due in a wake county courtroom for his first appearance on several charges >> 22-year-old jaciel espino- montes was driving donald trumping when he wrecked. he phase more than a half dozen charges. justin quesinberry joins us live from the wake county justice center with more of what we learned. >> reporter: russ that driver remains in jail this morning on a $750,000 bond. he's due before a judge later today. we want to show you some video now of the scene shortly after it happened. raleigh police say he was driving on highwoods boulevard in raleigh with six other
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tree, before rolling that suv that he was driving. all that while driving 50 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone. he faces three counts of aggravated felony death by motor vehicle, three counts of aggravated serious injury and dwi charges. the victims in this case, 21- year-old nelson darinel velazquez, of dudley, 18-year- old tomas rivera jr. of pau bautista of benson. two teenage girls and a 21-year- old woman were injured in that crash. i say they survived that crash. live in raleigh justin quesinberry, cbs north carolina. the man accused killing his two daughters and their mom and her other daughter in greenville will head back to court today. authorities say dibon jab toone used some type of claw hammer to kill his victims. toone was the father of the two youngest children. >> investigators have not released any information about
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with garlette howard and her three daughters at cedar hill baptist church. the funeral is open to the public. friends, family and teammates celebrated the life of a moore county teen yesterday. 16-year-old mason wagner drowned earlier this month. to honor mason hundreds gathered in pine crest high school's auditorium. he played multiple sports tore his high school. each of his coaches spoke about the impact he'll continue to >> you know, instead of using this as a downer let's try to use this as encouragement because mason would have liked us to continue on and try to, you know, win a state championship in his honor. >> the community started a gofundme page to help with funeral costs and so far it's raised $24,000. thousands of students head back to school in miami dade county where officials are dealing with a new cluster of the zika virus. five people in miami beach have
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mosquitoes. now, bringing that total number of infections to 36. brian webb has the very latest from new york. >> don't you want the repellant? >> reporter: health officials distributed mosquito repellant over the weekend to parents sending their kids to school today in the newest zika zone. >> make sure you apply the represident apt before coming to school. it should be able to last you the whole day. >> reporter: the superintendent of schools helped hand out sleeves and pants. >> better safe than sorry. i know on the way to school may be a little bit uncomfortable. once in school it's comfortable. >> reporter: the back to school push comes just days after authorities identified five new cases of the virus in miami beach apparently spread by local mosquitoes. the area is just across from the original zika zone in the winwood arts district. federal health officials now say other states in the gulf coast may be at risk.
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louisiana particularly now where you have the situation with flooding in louisiana. >> reporter: zika has been linked to devastating birth defects in pregnant women. the cdc is advising women who plan to get pregnant expect ant mothers and partners to postpone travel to the two florida areas at the center of the outbreak. brian webb, cbs north carolina. >> and officials worth the national institutes of health say it could hang around the nih started testing several types of vaccine. ard asking to new numbers -- according to two of new numbers a growing number of children in our state need permanent homes. showing more than 10,000 children are in foster care. that's almost a 25% increase from a five year low in 2011. children are staying in foster care about 15% longer. more than 500 foster children,
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permanent home each and every year leaderring to higher chance of homelessness, unemployment and incarceration. >> all children need a safe permanent and loving family. both now, as they're growing up but into adulthood, children do best when they grow up in a context of a family. and right now far too many children are not having that opportunity and when children without a family, their opportunity and outcomes are not very good. >> such an important point. the children's home sa vit of north carolina has launched a new campaign to raise $25 million to help boost adoptions and also increase the sides of the foster care to permanency program. we have more details on our website if you check it out at yesterday an event in durham aimed to bring the african-american community together and tell them they have a stake in the city of
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park. >> it had food, music and dancing. it's a big party but the goal was actually to inspire the community to assert their value in the city of durham. organizers say black august has been going in for decades building community pride. a sky dying tragedy in ohio. coming up we'll tell you how human error played a part. >> a huge crowd gathered for charlotte's lgbt pride event. how many people actually showed up and threason hi morning, 64 in siler city. also in the mid- to upper 60s around sanford and chapel hill. this week is looking fantastic. a closer look at the expected highs coming up.
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back in the swing of things from this monday morning. you know, just a lot of folks and families getting ready for the new school year and they're going to really enjoy the good weather. >> yeah, for some kids this is the last full week of summer and it's going to be fantastic to be outside. hit the pool, go on runs, bike rides. >> you can do it all this week. lower humidity has arrived and cooler temperatures are moving in. right now 71 degrees at the airport. all is quiet as we get our monday morning started. so let's go ahead and look straight at that drive time forecast. look at the sunrise. it doesn't happen until later and later. now, at 6:40 this morning. temperatures could still drop into the 60s before the sun rises and stain the upper 60s around 7:00 a.m. back to 72 by 8:00 a.m. 75 by 9:00. a few clouds this morning. that's the most cloud cover
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clearer and clearer skies this afternoon. look at this, rain off to the east coast. and that is the cold front that moved through last night. and that is the big reason for all the change into the afternoon. so, again, 71 right now in raleigh. 64 in louisburg and henderson. 63 in roxboro. forecast for the remainder of the day. 82 at lunchtime. 86 and less afternoon. 5:12 the time right now. an athlete who will represent team u.s.a. when the games begin next. >> a raging wildfire in washington state. coming up how big the fire is
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shot three children. the victims are ages 16 and two ash 11. one of the 11-year-olds are of is still in critical condition it happened saturday night on reservoir street. >> a fayetteville woman expected to make her first appearance for trying to drown and spots her 2-year-old nephew. 24-year-old regina durr told police she wanted to kilt child. the little boy is out of the hospital and doing okay. >> today a military legal hearing scheduled to take place at fort bowe bergdahl. bergdahl's charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy after walking away from his post in afghanistan. >> middle town ohio tragedy struck as an experienced skydiver fell to his death. it happened yesterday when an didn'tfied man with nearly 100 jumps died when the main chute wasn't cut fast enough and the backup chute did not pull soon enough. officials say it was poor choices and not enough -- and
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>> i like to say that poor choices can lead to tragic things pretty much. and in this case we had an experienced skydiver, 95 jumps who made some poor choices and ended up resulting in his loss of his life. >> star skydiving has had more than 500,000 sky dives in the last 10 year. this is the first time someone has died cpr. a 100 acre fi washington state. level three evacuations in place for the path of the fire. resident must leave their homes immediately. fishes e said 2-5 homes have been left. more than 30 crews are working to put out the fire using about 130 firefighters to battle the blaze. the charlotte pride festival wrapped up yesterday and organizers estimate a record number of people hit the street for the big event. they expected the total from this weekend around 200,000
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house bill 2 for the large crowd. large police presence was present. the 2016 olympics in rio de janeiro are over. the olympic flame was extinguished sunday night and the olympic flag was formally handed over to the governor of tokyo which will host the 2020 summer games. >> the united states dominated th 121 that includes 46 gold medals. china which came in second collected 70 medals overall. now that the summer games are officially over athletes from 176 countries are gearing up for the paralympics. >> the games begin in rio just two weeks from now. athletes from aloft world will gather. 27-year-old brian bell will represent the u.s. in his first paralympic games. >> just because you have some
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achieve or even compete ate high level. >> the games begin on september 7 and this is the 15th summer paralympic games. lots of people came in with one look and came out with another. all to raise money for children with brain tumors throughout the day 178 people got a trim with more than $4000 raised. all proceeds go to bob's buddies an organization that helps children worth pediatric brain tombers. they will radiothon the day before thanksgiving to help raise more money. since it was founded they raised more than $2 million. >> that's what we like to see and hear. >> what a cool story. and the woman wearing a tutuily that. >> absolutely. all for the kids, right? >> well played on a monday. look at him, he's got jokes. let's get to our forecast. we're at the top of the hill restaurant in chapel hill. looking out over franklin
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just a car or two in this direction. >> remember, the sun doesn't rise this morning until 6:00 o 40. so we have a ways to go right now before we start to see some color spread across the horizon. what we're looking at on the big picture satellite and radar composite, showers out to the atlantic. yeah, hey, there's showers out there. well, that's a cold front. that moved through last night and it's going to usher in big changes into today and the rest being felt. look at these temperatures. 64 in henderson and louisburg. 63 in roxboro. six in durham. six in sanford. these-- 67 in durham and sanford. 73 right now in clayton. 72 in lillington and fayetteville still pretty mild at 76. so hour by hour for you, right around 8:00 a.m. should beep at 72 degrees.
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we'll make tight 86 this afternoon. back into the low 80s for 6:00 this evening. so whatever you have planned outdoors today, tomorrow, for the rest of the week, for that matter, the weather should cooperate. so we're in the wake of that front you can see that off to the atlantic. high pressure building in behind it. that's bringing the sunshine around, less humidity, cooler temperatures, dry, as well. so by about friday or the upcoming weekend we could certainly start to use rain. nice. comfort index, a measure of how much moisture in the air. dewpoint temperatures drop into the 50s today putting us clearly in this comfortable category. they'll climb to 60 tomorrow and wednesday. staying really comfortable even through thursday. i think it's friday into the weekend that you start to notice hotter temperatures returning. so here's that dry forecast. no rain in sight today. into the afternoon we're staying dry. nothing changes tonight, not
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virginia, as well. if we see that isolated shower it will be along the coast shortly tomorrow morning. so your forecast, highs today, 86 in raleigh. 85 in durham and near 90 in fayetteville. overnight tonight we'll fall to near 62. clear skies and much, much cooler for the start of your tuesday. 87 our high all of this weather nice for your air conditioning units they can get a nice little break, as well. we are back into the low 90s by friday afternoon. the humidity starting to make a had into the upcoming weekend. 5:21 that's your latest 7-day forecast. here's ali. good morning, if you're traveling through raleigh roads look just as good as that forecast. so enjoy it. 440, 40, 540 moving well. no delays there. same thing with durham. take a look at the maps you want to vegan on the traffic screens that means you're not going to see any delays on your ride in. through fayetteville, for the most part things are moving
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there will be a detour posted southern avenue whitfield streets to take around it. closed throughout the week. if you're doing traveling and trying out to these major airports weather conditions good. i-40 at the freeway. not too many people out there at 5:22 this morning. so we haven't seen any days. we'll have more news, weather
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one of the highlights is always team u.s.a.'s men's basketball gym. >> i watched it, did you? >> i saw it. >> so much fun the team has dominated in the pass. this year was certainly no different. todd gibson has that story. men's basketball team was saving st. best for last. challenged several times, u.s. left no doubt on sunday in winning geld in rio. kevin durant will beat star of stars in this one. he absolutely crushed it just when u.s. needed it most. first on the defense the bad pass there durant there for the steal and the dunk. durant was just getting warmed up. u.s. began to pull away late in the first and second quarter.
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points. game phi 30 points on the day. in the second half more of the same. klay thompson find jordan for the dunk as the united states pulls away. coach k with hugs for everyone. he finishes his olympic career a perfect 24-0. 96, 66 the americans once, again, establishing dominance in men's basketball. a great performance by the united states. that's a look at your monday morning sports now back moments of yesterday's game between the marlins and pirates were off the field it happens to all of us but it seals as if this baby got a little bit of brain freeze right there when he aid little by the of ice cream but it does look like mom, dad and baby lad a very good time. >> sure did look at that cup like he wanted some more. >> this brings back a childhood memory i had a pirates t-shirt but i don't think my parents were fans so i
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somewhere i think. >> time right now 5:27. coming up in the next half hour. >> a man faces several charges more than half a dozen after a crash kills three people in raleigh. i'm justin quesinberry coming up in a live report what police say happened and how many people were inside his suv. >> we head outside there's a live look at what it looks like this morning. i tell you what when you walk out the door the humidity is so much better. >> it's gone. back with a look at what to
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there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. right now on cbs north carolina durham police are trying to find the person who shot a teenager and two 11-year-olds. >> a man expected to make his first court appearance after raleigh police say he drove drunk and caused a crash killing three. >> here's some good news to
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temperatures. so what does the week's forecast hold f alyssa will tell us. >> one thing this holds a better mood for me when the temperatures go down. >> that's a good thing. >> i testimony you good morning everyone i'm russ bowen. >> i'm stefan chase. thanks for watching. your morning news and check on traffic just around the corner first let's check in with alyssa corfont for the forecast. well, i have good news for russ because he's going to be in a good mood all week long. we are looking at he's cheering. clear skies from the satellite and radar composite and the temperatures are even better. 68 right now in durham. 71 in raleigh. 64 in louisburg and henderson. still in the low 70s south and east but know that these cooler temperatures are kind of dropping to the south. so yeah, still across portions of johnston county harnett, you could easily drop a few more degrees into the 60s. 8:00a.m. this morning we're back to starting to warm up slowly, 72.


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