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tv   North Carolina News at 430AM  CBS  August 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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right now on cbs north carolina president obama will to the devastation left behind from deadly flooding in louisiana. why the governor wanted limb to postpone the trip. >> today in fort bragg attorneys for bowe bergdahl will lay out their reason for why they say the the army sergeant is tainted. >> more fallout for the lie ryan lochte told in rio. >> hello it is tuesday morning and 4:30 i'm russ bowen thanks for watching north carolina news. >> i'm stefan chase a look at morning news, check on traffic. first let's get to the forecast, storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont has that. as we start off this tuesday we are looking at just a few clouds in and around the area. this morning we starting on the dry side.
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before you head out the door this morning. raleigh's actually climbed a few degrees. we're at 70. elsewhere, though, look at the cooler temperatures. 63 in clayton. 61 in henderson and roxboro. mid-60s in durham and siler city. holding onto surveillance in sanford. a look at the forecast, sunshine from start to finish. overall a cooler morning for many of us. 64 at 8:00 a.m. near normal, high 88. sunny and dry this evening. we have more dry days ahead but there are chances for rain in the 7 day. i'll have those changes coming up. right now let's send it to ali with a check on traffic. happy tuesday we have some road work you need to know about through clayton start at 9:00 covered bridge road where construction will take place. it will have the road coup to one lane.
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covered bridge road are your best routes. take you into durham where there's nothing like that going on. roads look good. all green on the maps. and from durham through fayetteville, looks the same. raleigh area looks good and if we take you to orange county where there's road work going on. we told you yesterday, still going on today, orange grove road closed tier road to dairyland road are your detours starts at 9:00 a.m. into fayetteville, roads pretty good but another closure. gillespie closed through friday. detour details on my facebook page. heading to the airport you should be arriving on time to these major airports. if you are heading out, not a bad drive on aviation parkway. today president obama will visit southern louisiana to inspect the damage left behind from historic flooding and also evaluate the
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august 12 storm dumped as much as 2 feet of rain. 13 people died and flooding damage more than 60,000 homes. 100 temperature thousand people across louisiana have registered for federal disaster assistance and 2800 people are still in shelters. louisiana's governor says he asked the president to delay his visit. he wanted law enforcement officers to continue their focus on rebuilding efforts. today aton general expected to testify in the trial of army sergeant bowe bergdahl. >> the judge overseeing the trial said that general robert abrams must testify about burning letters from critics of bergdahl. >> reporter: general abrams is expected to testify by phone or in person at the pretrial hearing that's set to begin this morning. defense attorneys are also expected to argue a second motion that comments made by senator john mccain affect the case in a flowingtive way. according to a report bit associated press, berg call's
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may have contained leads they could have pursued. bergdahl is expected back in court. he walked off his post in afghanistan in 2009. and was held captive by the taliban until 2014. he was released after the obama administration swapped him foregone tan mow bay detainees. bergdahl faces a court martial on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy which if carries a life sentence. the judge in this case said that he doubts bergdahl's trial will begin in the early part of next year. nance said monday that defense attorneys can propose a revamp of pretrial deadlines and he may consider changing the start of it the pretrial hearing today is expected later this morning. right now law enforcement officers in union county are trying to determine whether to file charges against a home owner who shot and killed a
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east of charlotte. investigators say 17-year-old marquis walters and another teen tried to break into the house. that's when investigators say the homeowner yelled and scared them away for a time but they came back. the homeowner fired shots and called 911. a grand jury indicted the raleigh man a called of shooting and killing a man in his neighborhood. chad copley was indicted. in 911 tapes complaining about hoodlums. copely is scheduled to be back in court later this month. fayetteville police say they're still looking into the background of middle state of a woman -- of the mental state of women who killed her nephew. they say 24 reamed regina durr was baby say thing the boy. the boy is back at home in good condition. she's facing attempted first degree murder and felony child
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half million dollars. family and friends are remembering the three victims killed in a grab in raleigh. jaciel espino-montes was intoxicated and crashed near highwoods boulevard. seven people were in that vehicle along with a 22-year- old driver. two young men and a 22-year-old woman died. three others were injured. at last check all but one had been released from the hospital. the family of one other victims says their son help out his family. >> wanted to work hard to provide for his family for himself and to actually have something of his own in this country. >> police charged the driver wit three counts felony death by motor vehicle and driving while impaired. he's being held on a $750,000 bond and expected back in court next month. the raleigh teens facing animal cruelty charges after
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investigators accused 19-year- old of malicious torture and cruel treatment of a dog named eclipse. peter. [sirens] says she and her boyfriend took the dog to a swimming pool. he was roughhousing with the dog at one end while see swam at the other. >> i pop out the water the dog is on the ground and he's trying to get him to breathe. i'm screaming what's going on. he said the dog had drowned. >> peterson says they tried to rf and could not save it. they banned them from talking to each other. a teenager is expected in a moore county courtroom to face five charges after police say he accused or rather caused an evacuation at walmart. last month aberdeen police say samuel smithson set of pepper spray inside the store. all of his assault charges are misdemeanors. investigator airs trying to
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county just before 6:00 last night. the fire chief says the fire began on the back deck and spread to both floors of the home. the husband and wife, as well as their w to children lived there but were not at home. a neighbor rushed in to save the family dog, though. the fire chief says there are no hydrants nearby so they got help from other crews to haul in water. >> right now i'm just so upset that everything that we work sod hard for is just completely gone. >> the was accidental. the fire marshal came in to try to determine a specific cause. walls tough to see a story like that but at least they did get their pet out. that's the truth. still a held, campaigns for both presidential candidates will head downtown raleigh today to discuss their candidates' visions for small businesses. still to come a look at who is headed where and at what time. >> ryan lochte is feeling the financial pain of lying in rio.
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welcome back to cbs north carolina. time is now 4:41 on this tuesday morning. you made it through monday that's half the battle. right new we starting off with a temperature of 70 degrees. looking out live from the tower camera over the beltline. it is very quiet as we start of maybe a few clouds, hard to see those until the official sunshine rise and that is still about two hours away. 66 right now in durham. 65 in siler city. we're in the low 60s around sanford, roxboro and henderson. look at south hill, virginia right now reporting 60 degrees. it's 64 in portions of wayne county such as goldsboro, clinton and fayetteville are both close to 68. all in all, a cooler morning for the majority of us. especially as we head through
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64 at 8:00 a.m. 81 at lunchtime. mainly sunny skies, 87 the afternoon high. that overall is were we should be for this time of year. back to 85 as the sunny and dry weather continue for the evening drive home. more on the rest of the work week forecast and when will the 90s return coming up. . >> how about next year? that would be fine. it's currently 4:42 in the morning. later. >> i decided to make one more effort, took a ee went in. >> a sheriff's deputy risks his own life to save a dog trapped in a burning car. >> plus more controversy surrounding democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton and her personal e-mail
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president obama travels to louisiana today to survey the damage left behind by devastating floods. >> we've all seen the dramatic images. 13 died and flooding damaged more than 60,000 homes. today bergdahl attorneys will try to get the judge to drop the charges. a fayetteville woman in jail accused of trying to kill investigators say 24-year-old regina durr was babysitting when she pushed the boy under water and sat on top of him until he became unconscious. the child is home and okay. the police are still looking into the mental state of the aunt. presidential candidate hillary clinton will introduce a new tax cut for shawl businesses. it's part of a package of policies designed to encourage more americans to start and expand companies. richard moore and three local
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a news conference. the event starts at 2:30 at trophy brewing and pizza on west morgan street in raleigh. just 30 minutes before that the daughter-in-law of presidential candidate donald trump will visit another downtown raleigh small business. they'll stop on briggs hardware discussing struggles of rung a small business. clinton continues to follow her. we have more from the white house. >> reporter: donald trump rallied a crowd in akron, ohio where he delivered a more inclusive message on his push for law and order. >> i want every parent and child in this society including so importantly, every african- american and hispanic citizen
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thriving and prosperous community. >> it was also apparent when he called for a firm but fair policy to address an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants but the gop presidential nominee insists he's not shifting. >> no, i'm not flip flopping we want to come up with a really fair but firm answer. >> reporter: as for the wall. >> don't worry, we're going to build the wall. >> reporter: trump called out democratic rival hillary clinton for the feel 15,000 previously undisclosed e-mails and documents uncovered mail server. while she was secretary of state clinton campaign aides say they aren't sure what's in the document but support all her work related e- mails being released. the state department is reviewing the material. >> we still don't have a firm sense of how many of these 14,900 are new. >> reporter: at the white house, cbs north carolina. trump said as president he would appoint a special
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financial dealings other clinton foundation. bill clinton said if his wife is elected he will step down from the board and stop fundraising. federal judge in texas sided with schools. required public schools to let transgender students to use bathrooms consistent with which they identify. the judge used title ix saying gender is defined as biological and anatomical at birth. governor pat mccrory's office responded in part by saying a federal court sided with the mccrory administration. a wake county commissioner is taking her fight to federal court. incumbent caroline sullivan is asking the court for emergency action. earlier this month a district judge ordered the county to use 2011 maps for this november election after federal judges ruled the current district's unconstitutional. that ruling affected sullivan
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2011. she's asking the court to come up with a solution and even gave options. speedo and raffle lauren have dropped ryan lochte following the incident at a gas station. he initially described it as an armed robbery. >> police later confirmed that lochte admitted he made up that story. fishes say he and three others vandalized a bathroom, lochte had this to say to brazilian television last weekend. >> if i didn't overexaggerate the story and would have happened. >> u.s. olympic committee plans to further investigate. guys i just want you to know that i'm available now if speedo would like for me to be their new spokesperson. >> we would love to see that. >> try not to gouge your eyes out. >> i don't want to talk about speeds oh any more. yelled we notice aid little bit of cooling down especially in the morning, then i tell you that afternoon came and that sun came beating
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still be warm later today but the humidity is gone. that's what makes it super comfortable to be outside. let's take a look at the raleigh durham international airport. y is right now at 70 degrees here in the raleigh area. now i do expect that temperature to continue to drop throughout the morning. we have about two hours to go before the official sunrise. and id think that temperature will still drop for us. now as far as what's going on outside it's hard to see because it's so dark. so that's why we look at the satellite and radar composite. no rain showing up for us t clouds. it will be easier to see those once the sun rises. the upper 60s in lillington and fayetteville. goldsboro and rocky mount at 65. northward, 60 in henderson and south hill. also 61 in roxboro. hour by hour for you, we should be close to 73 at 10:00 a.m. this morning. 81 at lunchtime.
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drop back to 85 at 6:00 this evening. so here's the setup. we have high pressure talking about this yesterday. >> it will continue to control our weather. today, tomorrow and thursday. eventually it will slide to the east and that's when the hotter temperatures will start to return for us here in central north carolina. in the meantime, through thursday, you are looking at very comfortable conditions for us. so go ahead, spend some time outside. here's the clear skies around throughout the morning hours thro here, still pretty sunny skies for us. if any rain is going to fall across the state maybe across the mountains later today. then as we head towards tomorrow morning another dry start for us on our wednesday. let's get an update on the tropics. we have certainly a lot going on for us. so let's go ahead and zoom in for you here. we'll show you the storms that we're watching. first of all we have tropical depression fiona really not looking impress if.
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formation over the next 48 hours. we'll have to watch this closely because this threatens land and then we're looking at tropical storm gaston this developed into a tropical storm yesterday. certainly a lot. we're working on the updated tracks. 87 our high today in raleigh. 86 in durham. overnight 64. mainly clear and comfortable. i actually woke up and my air 88 our highs wednesday and thursday. sunshine is still around. then we're back into the 90s for friday and the weekend ahead. we're also now looking at a small chance for a shower or storm boast saturday and sunday. highs right around 93 saturday. back to 90 for sunday. and the start for next work week. let's check in with ali. good morning very quiet out there. see that on the maps through raleigh, cary all green
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delay free right now. we are going to see delays starting at 9:00 a.m. is in clayton. covered bridge road undergoing construction for about three months. you see that area of red, that's covered bridge road. the yellow the area you want to take north o'neil or 70. there's also few other options for you. we'll have those for you on my facebook page. take you from clayton to durham, n delays to report to you there. 40 moving well. 85 looks like a nice ride. through the fayetteville area. your westbound drive times on 540 from 64 to glenwood, 17 minutes there. 440, new bern to wade avenue, 8. if you're on the clayton bypass u.s. 1, 11 minutes there. outside i-40 at wade avenue roads look pretty good. more news, traffic and weather coming up but before we go to break here's a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning.
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new jobs and more revenue are head today our state. the reason piedmont is building a fifth aircraft hang are.
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bound breaking ceremony. expected to bring 400 new jobs. and starting today active duty military personnel get to the fayetteville regional airport quicker. the expedited screening process is open to any active duty member with a valid i.d. card. the goal to speed up and improve customer service for everyone. community members in fayetteville will have a chance to discuss a variety of issues. it's at 7:00 at the murchison road. topics include police relations and, of course, the possible baseball stadium. the mayor is also expected to attend. by early next year fayetteville city leaders plan to put up additional red light cameras apt at -- at five intersections. city officials say local schools have collected $1.3 million since the cameras first went up last summer.
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indiana. the two men got out but their dog is stuck in the car. >> a sheriff's deputy quickly arrived and ran to rescue bella. the dog he found -- he found the dog rather in the back of the car hiding on the floor. he tried to call the dog out but she would not budge after going in the car twice the deputy was able to pull her out. >> right place at the right time. this is what policemen do every day across the country. >> this is the first dog he's pulled from the flames. bella is doing well, though. no word on what caused the car to catch on fire. >> a picture perfect ending. >> yeah, really cool. the court battle surrounding army sergeant captured by the taliban continues today at fort bragg. >> coming up, why defense attorneys say the charges should be dropped and who they blame for the tainted case. >> before we head to break on your tuesday, this is 23rd day of august a look outside is it going to be
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good morning thanks for watching us on cbs north carolina as you wake up i'm stefan chase. >> good morning stefan good to see you. hello everyone i'm russ bowen. emma wright is live with a look at what will be discussed in court as the case against bowe bergdahl plays out. >> also ali warshavsky is problems this morning alyssa corfont has the forecast. good morning guys and good morning to you at home. most of us on the clear side. all of us, are starting on the dry side. this is a live picture of the satellite and radar composite. not a lot going on this morning. high pressure still in control of our weather. and will continue to dominate the forecast as we head into the next few days. so let's get a current check on your temperatures. the newest numbers just into


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